10 Interesting Facts About the NHL

The National Hockey League has been exciting for many years, and we’ve seen top-notch players come around to give us incredible moments over the years. Some of these players have set impressive records, putting the league on a unique trajectory. Therefore, the excitement never stops. 

With the NHL’s popularity growing, we can always tell there are more incredible things to enjoy. It never ends, and the growth is exponential. You can even place bets on NHL picks at different sports betting sites. If you’re lucky, you can win plenty of money, which you can use to do other things. 

With the NHL around for many years, many exciting records have made the league incredible. In that case, we’ve compiled some interesting facts about the company. You can check out our ten interesting facts about the NHL below.  

Date Created

The National Hockey League was created in 1917 on the 22nd of November. Since then, the league has been one of the biggest in sports history, featuring teams from the US and Canada. We expect it to keep growing with the introduction and innovations of various technologies present and still to come. 

The team with the Most Titles

Throughout the history of the National Hockey League, the Montreal Canadiens has been the best team with the most titles. They’ve won 23 titles in their history. However, the most recent one of their titles came in 1993, showing how far back their dominance ended. Other teams are still playing catch-up. 

Fastest Slapshot Record

Bobby Hull holds the fastest slapshot in the history of the league. His slapshot record is 118 miles per hour. Many players have come close to this record, but it remains. The record remains one of the best in the company, and we expect more players to challenge the record in the future. 

The player With the Most NHL Records.

Even if you’re not a fan of the NHL, you would have heard the name Wayne Gretzky. He is one of the greatest players to play in the league. In addition, Gretzky holds the most NHL records at 61. No player comes close to the Canadian. He led his team to multiple Stanley Cup titles and other divisional majors. 

Pro Hockey Rink Layer

Ice hockey is played on a rink made of ice. The layer of ice in the professional National Hockey League rink is about ¾ of an inch thick and kept at a freezing temperature of about -9 degrees Celsius. The pro hockey rink layer is wide enough to handle the pressure from the players. 

First NHL Goal Scored

After the league started in 1917, the first goal scored in the competition was on the 19th of December 1917. Dave Ritchie was the first player to score in the NHL. His dream came for the Montreal Wanderers against the Toronto Arenas. His name will remain a big part of the league’s history. 

First Hockey Puck Used

One of the fun facts about this incredible sport was that the first hockey puck used for an outdoor hockey game was made from frozen cow dung. Believe it or not, it did the job well and was fun while it lasted. You can always read more about this story to learn about the fascinating first hockey puck used. 

Most Points in a Single Game

Many records have come and gone, but Darryl Sittler’s single-game record is one of the oldest-standing records in the NHL. He holds the record for the most points scored in one game when he got 10 points for the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Boston Bruins in 1976. During the game, he scored five and assisted five. 

The First Player to Get 100 Points in One Season

Before 1969, since the first match, players have been setting various records, but Phil Esposito was the first player to reach a century of points in the NHL. He’d remain in the league’s history as the first player to earn 100 points in one season. He was so immense in the company that he got the Boston Bruins a chance to push for the title. 

First Woman to Play in the NHL

The NHL is a progressive league, and in 1992, it got its first woman to play in the company as Goalie Manon Rheaume got in goal for Tampa Bay Lighting for an exhibition match. She had a good game in the plan as well. 

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