4 Ways That Will Help You Improve Your Vocabulary

Being born and brought up in an English-speaking country will mean that you know how to speak the basic language that’ll help you do almost all the required work. But this does not mean you will have a great hand at the language. To get your tongue attractive, you would have to work hard on your vocabulary.

Many institutions and classes can help you, but you can do something on your own with a little effort. If you do the 4 things mentioned below, then in no time, you will be able to talk like a pro, and yes, this will help you stand out from the crowd. Language is an essential part of a person’s personality, and it is mandatory to keep it shinning.


1. Watch a good movie

Watching sitcoms and regular romantic love stories are great when you want to be entertained. But when you wish to learn out of movies or from videos, for that matter, you must look into the genre of the movie first. Humans tend to learn faster when they observe and experience things, and a video or a movie is a great way to experience something virtually. Thus, when people (Characters in the movie or video) will speak and use good terms, you will be able to catch them faster rather than learning them out of a dictionary.

2. Read books

Books can be great when it comes to vocabulary. Not all books focus on great vocabulary usage, but most of them do. Writers are a stereotypical group that is believed to be sharper at recognizing and using different terms. Thus, when you read textbooks, you get to receive more and better. Be it fiction or nonfiction, and you can choose any depending on your choice. You don’t have to buy a book every time for this. You can borrow from a friend or easily rent it from sites like booksrun.com.

3. Online platforms

The internet is a vast space that has a collection of everything. Take some time out and search for speeches of the great men and literary speakers. Their words have great power and motivation too. Even if you don’t get to learn many words out of them, you will definitely get motivated for life and the struggles.

4. Use synonyms

While you are writing or speaking for the matter, keep a check that you pick out an attractive synonym rather than just speaking the basic word; for example, you can use artistic instinct in place of extreme self-obsession. This makes the text look attractive and definitely gives you more power and the context you are speaking out on. Also, constant use of such words will develop a habit of using these words, again and again, ultimately resulting in upliftment in your vocabulary.

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