6 Stylish Brown Hair with Highlights for Every Lady

Choosing brown hair with highlights is the only guaranteed way to give your dull hair some life. Doing so is pretty simple. The only thing you need is highlights! Highlighting the hair is very beneficial. It adds volume and texture to your thin hair. The resultant impact is usually breath-taking, to say a few.

And if you are planning to braid your highlighted locks, you end up getting a visual masterwork. The light highlights fully into your brown hair to give it life. Though it is advisable to go to a salon to have your hair highlighted, this is something you can do at home. Well, check out some of our top ideas for brown hair with highlights.


Milk Chocolate and Brown Highlights

Enhance a touch of tenderizing mystery to your dull brown hair with highlights. And for you to do this, you need this color inspired by the lady’s biggest weakness. We are talking about milk chocolate color. Blow-dried waves can only upgrade the allure of the chocolate brown highlights on your hair.

Bronze Highlights

Rock your tresses with a metallic finish by utilizing the bronze highlights that will take your hairstyle to a higher level instantly. The highlights of the blonde complement gorgeously with chocolate brown hair to come up with a fantastic effect. When paired with an extended bob styled in beautiful curls, you get a stunning style sure to turn many heads wherever you go.


1. Blonde Face-Framing Highlights

This haircut is for those ladies who don’t like excessive bleaching of their hair. These blonde highlights are styled only perfectly at the front to give a perfect framing of the face from all sides. With subtle curls and a long bob, this haircut is the right choice to give you a boss appearance you’ve been looking for.


2. Coffee Brown Hair with Highlights

This style incorporates brown highlights and some subtle shades lighter than your natural color to develop this beautiful look that creates interest without raising voice for it. The deep highlights frame the face very well and will match almost all your makeup looks.

6 Stylish Brown Hair with Highlights for Every Lady 1

3. Blonde Highlights

There is absolutely no need to go for either brown or blonde highlights when you can rock both highlights in the real sense. The color of this blonde highlight breaks the boundary between blonde and brown. The outcome color is beautiful and unique, that it will make you stand out from your girlfriends.


4. Super Slight Auburn Highlights

If you the kind of lady who doesn’t like to be the center of attention, this is the right haircut for you. The haircut doesn’t call for any attention and will keep you comfortable yet stylish. The accents of auburn complement your skin color, and therefore no much contrast is created. The color is also not so bold to command attention.

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