About 96% Indian travellers tip at hotel: Survey

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MUMBAI: Around 96 percent of Indian travelers give tips at a hotel, more so because of the room service and good housekeeping, a recent survey has found.

“About 96 percent Indians usually tip at a hotel, 79 percent tip because of the room service and 51 percent tip after being impressed by the housekeeping,” according to ‘2016 Hotel Etiquette Report’ by full-service online travel company Expedia.

Tip at hotel

About 39 percent of Indians tip the porter at the hotel, whereas 24 percent tip the valet, it found.
The survey, which analyzes the behavior and preferences of Indians while booking hotels, was conducted online in August by GFK Custom Research, North America, among 1,014 randomly selected adults, both men, and women, who have stayed overnight in a hotel in the past two years.

When it comes to facilities, 75 percent of Indians want in-room features like Jacuzzi, tub, or balcony, it said.
Location and price are the most critical for 96 percent of Indians, and for 95 percent of family friends, food, beverages, room size is a major consideration.

Things like complimentary Wi-Fi (93 percent), reviews (89 percent), and hotel brands (86 percent) are also major attracting factors for Indians, it added.


“The survey highlights some interesting facts about preferences of Indian travelers while booking a hotel. According to the survey, the most preferred medium of booking a hotel amongst 35 percent is a desktop or laptop, followed by the smartphone’s mobile app. In comparison, 14 percent of travelers book through the mobile web using the smartphone,” Expedia Marketing Head, in India, Manmeet Ahluwalia, said.

“It is interesting to note that 89 percent of Indians consider hotel reviews as very important while choosing a hotel,” Ahluwalia added.

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