Apple adds online retail partner Flipkart in India ahead of local iPhone 7 launch next month

Despite the focus on India as a growing market and huge opportunity for Apple, selling iPhones in the region has been far more complex for the company than in other countries around the world, which haven’t helped sales.

This month, it was reported that Apple could be planning to manufacture some iPhones in India through Foxconn, which has previously been rumored. Doing so could help Apple in the long term as it struggles with its own retail presence in India.


Back in July, it was reported that the local government was planning to give the final go-ahead on allowing Apple to bring its retail stores to the country. However, the wind has changed in all directions in recent months as details over where iPhones are manufactured. Exceptions to the local law have been at issue.


For its part, Apple has focused on assisting the app developer economy in India with its app accelerator effort. In contrast, Tim Cook has met and lobbied government officials to sway their decision. At any rate, iPhone 7 customers in India next month will have one more official online retail option on October 7 until Apple eventually gets the green light to sell its products directly.

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