Apple Won’t Give Us a New Mac Pro So Samsung Is Selling a Look-a-Like

More than three years ago, Apple started selling a computer that looks like a trash can. Now Samsung has a very similar-looking computer that is much cheaper than Global Amend.

Dubbed the PC Pulse, this $1,200 computer looks even more trashcan-like than the Mac Pro. But see, this is all about art. (For the designers at Samsung, copying one of Apple’s designs is very avant-garde.) The PC Pulse is nearly 11-inches tall and features circular lighting, along with a “Harmon Kardon 360-degree Omni-directional speaker unit.” Apparently, the computer also has removable expansion modules that will let you customize the system. A 1TB HDD module is available separately.

Mac Pro

The basic specs aren’t as professional-friendly as the (now three-year-old) Xeon’s on the Mac Pro, but this will be a lot less expensive. For $1,200, you can get the PC Pulse with an Intel Core i5 (Skylake), a 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, a Radeon RX 460 GPU, along with USB-C and HDMI ports. For $1,600, you can get it configured with a Core i7, 1TB SATA hard drive, and 16GB of RAM.


I’m not really sure why it took Samsung three years to copy Apple’s cylindrical design for a desktop. Then again, Samsung’s not alone. HP built its own PC in a 360-degree speaker back in August.

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