Best face forward

It’s time to bring out the war paint for facing the festive onslaught ahead. Start the skincare. Begin with some TLC towards your skin to prep it for the cold months ahead. Rethink your skincare as the weather is changing. Switch to oil-based scrubs, bring in the lip balm and start using a water-based moisturizer at night. Don’t give up on the sunblocks, but add a heavy face cream to your arsenal. Looking for some extra glow? Then sign up for treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peeling, only after consulting your skin specialist, though.

Best face forward 1

Get the look

The look is classic and traditional with a bit of (toned-down) Goth thrown in. Dark lips and nails are the accents to watch out for. Stick to colors like deep maroon, brown, burgundy, and black. Makeup must-haves: black felt tip liner, highlighter, and under-eye brightener. In makeup, copper is the color of the season. A nice thin and extended black or dark brown liner to enhance the eye is recommended. Red is hot for the mouth. For hair, go for put-up styles and tied hair. Hair accessories are big – use one small but eye-catching accessory.

Men point

Men, too, can check in for some beauty treatments before the season starts. The hairstyle for the season is neat, combed, and wet look styles. Messy is out. Tame or trim the beards. (With inputs from Yatan Ahluwalia, stylist; Jojo, makeup expert, hairstylist and beauty consultant; Dr. Sapna V Roshni, cosmetic surgeon, and skin specialist; Vidya Tikari, makeup expert)


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