Bringing Cheap Bongs Home From Vacation

Sometimes you might find yourself on vacation wondering what souvenir you’d like to bring home. Then you see it. A whole shelf dedicated to cheap bongs with creative and funky designs, reminiscent of wherever it is you happen to be. What could help you soak up all the memories you made on vacation more than a brand new bong to remind you of it with every fat rip of herb you take out of it? This or something similar to a little bubbler or a nice wooden pipe can make an excellent souvenir, but you’ll want to be careful about bringing it home.

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Mainly, you need to make sure that you don’t use it with any herb you somehow manage to find wherever you’re vacationing. In most places where you stay in a resort and not so much near the local communities, you wouldn’t be able to find any unless you tried hard, but in Thailand, I could find some good old mary-jane a couple of times. If you go somewhere similar and do the same, absolutely refrain from using any new cheap bongs or pipes you pick up there and intend to bring home.

Airport security can’t generally stop and trouble you in most places of the world for a simple pipe or bong unless it is contaminated by even a speck of residue on the inside or outside. The only thing that makes an object like this illegal is if it was used to smoke illicit drugs like cannabis. When you make sure that your souvenir stays clean before you go home with it, it means that nobody can argue the intention to use it for tobacco, which is exactly what makes these sorts of things legal in North America. If you do find some green and spark up that brand new cheap bong made with local love, do be sure to clean it thoroughly before returning home with it. You’d likely only get it confiscated and embarrass yourself a bit, but depending on where you’re going and coming from, you could certainly land yourself in some more trouble.

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