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The Depreciated Legacy of Cervantes
At the beginning of the depreciated legacy of Cervantes, the writer makes the idea that the entire History of Europe extending as much as America has plunged right into a crisis with the development of technological know-how and technology.

As a novelist Kundera states that the founding father of Modern Europe is Cervantes the writer of Don Quixote.

The European novelist’s awareness on numerous subject matters. With Cervantes, it turned into the journey. With Balzac, it became guy’s rootedness in History. With Flaubert, it was the incognita of the day. With Tolstoy, it turned into intrusions into the irrationality of human behavior.
The subject of the European Novel lay inside the passion to recognize that is the concrete character of existence.

The novel started out to have a very own phase of lifestyles which changed into renegade with Nietzsche’s topic: Death of God. With Cervantes, the truth became baptized as a useless fossil and there emerged a plethora of truths; the man or woman have become an imaginary self. The understanding of suitable and evil attains a relativistic individual, one in all ambiguity. Kundera fees Kafka’s novel, The Trial in which an innocent man K turns into the victim of an unjust court.

Don Quixote is a novel in which time exists as a juxtaposition among magic and reality. The angle of time adjustments whilst History enters into the world of being. With the approaching of Balzac, the institutions of the society like money, crime, police and law and order input as epic proportions in the novel.

The current novel is a paradox where characters are flavored with disaster, but there’s the triumph of the individual. Art

Even even though Modern Europe characterizes the upward thrust of rationality-the identification of the self-breaks aside. Europe is entangled in the horror of battle. Destiny, purposelessness, and angst catch directly to the person’s existence. Values wreck down. There is the as fantastic deal of intolerance and fanaticism.

The novel will become a paradoxical organization. The writer comments on the demise of the Novel by the Dadaists and the surrealists. He paints a bleak photograph of the unconventional in communist totalitarian societies. The novel in the course of the Communist regime had to face censorship and bans.

Milan Kundera classifies the radical into 4 express issues-the enchantment of play, the appeal of a dream, the appeal of concept and the attraction of time.
Now, what is the enchantment of play? Does it mean to say that the unconventional is a fanciful organization? Let’s study the enchantment of play from the angle of postmodernism. The postmodern novel is an invasion of person. Texts are a collection of metaphors. There is a bent to import severe irony and parody. There is likewise an inherent tendency to lampoon novels of the past and to write in the fashion of the pastiche.

Now let’s study the attraction of idea. The creator desires to say that the unconventional attains a texture of a philosophical entity. The interiority of time becomes an elevated aircraft of thought. An instance of the appeal of notion lies inside the streams of cognizance of Joyce.

What is the enchantment of dream? The enchantment of dream is a juxtaposition of dream and reality. Bach recites magic realism and mouths electric powered sandwiches. Dream allows the manifestation of the unconscious.
What is the appeal of time? Time is ironically located in interiority. Time will become an enormous enigma of irrationality, an oasis of intimacy, narcissism of the soul, an eclectic mutiny of the thoughts.

Here the author comments on the quest for the unconventional. The novel factors out to the elusiveness of fact.

Dialogue on the Art of the Novel
Here Kundera dialogues that his novel isn’t a dictum of psychological aesthetics. I would love to dispute with him on this point. Aesthetics is the futurism of the unconventional-the avant-garde novel of writing. The novel needs to be a resemblance to Picasso’s Cubist work, an explication of Camus philosophical work: The Myth of the Sisyphus, a piece of baroque tune.Milan Kundera

Looking at the novel from a mental framework we must confront the futility of existential destiny. Disaster marks the triumph of individuality. There will be a bent of the novel to exorcise the demons of catastrophe and subvert the individual’s identity right into a pathos of sympathetic irony.

In the passage Kundera questions the capacity of the unconventional to grasp the self. For Sartre, the self is an entity of nothingness. Postmodernism wants to subvert the self. Gratify the ID, deify the Ego and subvert the Super Ego.

During the age of Cervantes, the self-changed into deconstructed from the piety of chivalry. In Kafka, we see the disintegration of the self. The self-becomes a victim of tyrannical bureaucratic edifices. In Joyce, the self-swims in a sea of streams of cognizance.
The creator constructs dialogues about the self and History. The self inside the novel is a manner of revelation. The self is a confessional symptom. The self is an artwork of lyrical intimacy.

A novelist cannot break out the regularly occurring nature of History. History defined in the novel is one in all bringing out the voices of dissent and the aroma of despair. History undergoes the subjectivity of castrated characterization.

The writer classifies the radical as considered one of being a poly-historical luminosity. What does the time period poly-historical mean? It consists of the merger of numerous subjects into the novel like art, aphorism, tropes, a pathological characterization of the self.

Dialogue at the artwork of composition
Here he writes the time period-Kafkan after Kafka. He uses an example to demonstrate the time period. An engineer from a Communist Country goes to London and returns and finds the clicking has slandered him via saying that he has badly spoken of the united states of America. He techniques the editor who says he was given the story from the ministry of the interior and while he is going to the ministry of the indoors, they make an apology by saying that it became a mistake. The warfare between the private and the general public is defined with the aid of the writer because of the Kafkan. ‘

The remaining section of the e-book is a compilation a dictionary of phrases, he has used for his novels.

An aphorism is very clear which means a concise statement.

Beauty and Knowledge
What is the term stunning in the novel? For Cervantes, it changed into an adventure. For Kafka, it becomes existential angst, protest towards totalitarian bureaucracies. For Joyce, it turned into the looking of artwork in mundane studies. What is information? Kundera does not offer a nice clarification of it.

Betrayal  Novel
He describes betrayal as one of breaking ranks. The notion of betrayal poses a problem in the novel. Let me illustrate by giving an instance. Judas betrayed Christ for thirty portions of silver. Why did the need for stating Christ emerge considering he turned into a famous parent? The trouble of betrayal inside the novel is a complex one.

A border is signified with emotional phrases: like hate, love, and angst. The border in a unique has no definable limit.

Comic for the novelist isn’t what makes us chortle however a revelation of the unknown.

Destiny is the conflict of the self. Destiny is absurd and we should creatively authenticate a destiny.

Excitation for the writer is erotic.

Forgetting is a term used to bringing to memory a scenario in ironic phrases.

The dream lies in exploiting the ID to create weird enigmatic phantasmagorias.

An irony for the author is an edification of man or woman. It makes the person distraught. As a novelistic technique irony is sublime in literature.

Kitsch for the author is a sentimental flaw. Kitsch is a time period in which the sentiment, vulgar and offensive is melodiously gratified in narcissism

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Viking Haircuts 2018: A Must Wear Hairstyles.

It is with no doubt that Viking haircuts have stolen many men’s hearts. They are commonly worn haircuts in 2018. The style of these haircuts is inspired by Nordic warriors and it incorporates different trendy hairstyles and cuts including a Mohawk, ponytails, epic beard, braids, shaped back and sides and an undercut.

Viking hairstyles are normally characterised by a long, thick hair at the crown with short or trimmed sides. When matched with full beard, this Viking warrior haircut appear masculine and more powerful. Whether you want to rock Viking haircut for long or short hair, these Norse and Scandinavian men’s haircuts are worth trying in 2018.

  1. Viking Braids for Men.

Cute Viking braids for men give you a sassy and stylish way to come up with a standout look. Men can choose the length they want to braid their hair. They can choose either to intertwine some few strands or the entire hair into one big braid.

The way you choose to braid your hair determines the style you are going to get. It is braiding style that makes all the difference.

For instance, the braided part can work perfectly for modern guys sporting slicked back undercut, comb over, quiff or pompadour fade.

  1. Viking Mohawk.

This is another standard Nordic warrior haircut that was primarily utilise to instil fear into enemies. It incorporates shaved sides and back. The long Mohawk is unique and accentuates a stripe of hair at the centre.

If you want a more dramatic finish, style a long braided beards or elongated ponytail at the back and you will rock a savage look yet trendy style.

  1. Viking Undercut.

If you want a common yet famous hairstyle, that exudes both hipster and Viking look, this is the best haircut to go for. This Viking haircut matches perfectly with almost all styles and cuts, and it is some part of a short side, long haircut trend of modern days. For example, you can pair a top knot, slicked back and ponytail with an undercut.

Besides being effortless to style, the undercut haircut offers a gradual contrast. If you are not planning to shave your head, the best option left for you is this Viking undercut or the fade.

  1. Shaved Head and Beard.

This is ridiculously timeless Viking look. A bald head and long beard can prove helpful for the men who have retreating hairline and need a jagged style. You only need balding clippers and determination to grow long beard.

  1. Long Hair and Beard.

You can opt for a Viking haircut by making use of your long lustrous hair in good ways. While long hair is not usually so manly, keeping a thick beard style can give you a rugged, manly look. It is also a great way of adding shaggy textured finish using clay or sea salt.

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Gandikota’s infamous gorgeGandikota is known as the Reality Crazy  Grand Canyon of India and it was definitely one of the best treks I’ve been on in south India. This one was organized by Root Walk. I chose to go for it as I had always wanted to go on a non-waterfall trek, and this seemed to be the perfect choice as the trek leads you to a canyon. The walk is usually accompanied by a visit to the Belum caves, which is supposedly the largest tourist cave in the Indian subcontinent. Besides, it was a great opportunity to meet and network with people.
For anyone who has a chance to visit Gandikota, a visit to the archaeology museum, Belum caves, and Madhava Perumal Temple is a must. Don’t miss a visit to the granary, jail and the Mylavaram dam either. There are a number of temples in Gandikota that have intricate beautiful architecture and are awe-inspiring.
The most memorable experience on the trip was making new friends. Everyone had a story to tell and reasons of their own for traveling. It was great to learn so many things from people accompanying me on the trip. Being a photographer gave me the opportunity to share some expertise with the fellow photographers during the trip. There was a part of the trek where my friend and I set out to take on a completely new passage to the highest point of the trek. The entire experience was adventurous (considering the fact that it was actually drizzling when we trekked and the rocks were slippery) Try Updates.
The locals are just like any other people you find across south India — interactive and helpful. They are fascinated by the presence of tourists. There are only a few small grocery shops for refreshments here. But it’s hard to find a restaurant here — though, a restaurant makes great business sense in this tourist hotspot.
It takes eight hours from Chennai to Gandikota, and although the trek is doable in a day, it is bound to be extremely intensive. I suggest you visit the tourist attractions around the area as well, which would take probably a weekend, and appreciate the place in its entirety.
If you enjoy trekking and photography, this is a must visit destination. Apart from clicking pictures, you can take plenty of time out to observe and absorb nature’s beauty. Gandikota gives you the opportunity to understand the importance and supremacy of nature. Also, carry plenty of water, and of course, wear suitable footwear for the trek.
Monsoon would make for a slippery journey, so it’s avoidable in the rains, although this is the only time you can see the river passing through the gorge. December to February is the best time to experience the beauty of Gandikota.



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karwa-chauthNew Delhi, Oct 19 : Use baby oil, rose Robottip water and milk masks to get your skin glowing for the festival of Karva Chauth, which will be celebrating today says an expert. Naresh Arora, a founder of Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics and Chase Skin Care Institute, has listed some easy skincare tips.

* Increase the intake of water. Drink around 6-8 glasses of water to stay fully hydrated. This will help in releasing all the toxins from the body increasing skin illumination.
* Use rose water for washing and cleaning the face. Keep the rose water refrigerated and spray it all over the face after regular intervals so that no dirt stays on.
* Instead of taking caffeine in the form of tea or coffee, take green tea. Generally, ladies think consuming caffeine will help them stay active and energetic during the day. This is not the healthy option. It might strip off the body’s moisture leaving you dehydrated. Green tea is not only good for your skin but rejuvenates stomach also.
* Massage your face with baby oil. Massaging helps in tissue and muscle relaxation and baby oils are the best suited for all kinds of skin. They treat the skin with great tenderness Best News Mag.
* Take care of your eyes specially. They are biggest contributors to face’s expression. Keep them moisturised. Try and take full rest. Use eye cream before going to the bed for best results.
* Do not experiment with your facials and other skin treatments around these days. The new skin treatments may or may not suit you. There are major chances of getting adversely effected.
* Try honey and milk mask. Take two teaspoons of milk with one teaspoon of honey and add one teaspoon of besan (gram flour) and mix together to form a homogeneous paste. Apply all over the face and leave it for 20 minutes, allowing the pack to dry. Rinse off with warm water.



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It’s that time of the year when married Sci Burg  women brace up to fast for their husbands and to make sure you look your beautiful best on the auspicious occasion, we got in touch with beauty expert Shahnaz Husain to share some home beauty tips for the big day. Here you go.
1. Mix a mask at home with two teaspoons wheat bran (choker), one teaspoon each of ground almonds (badaam), curd, honey and rose water. Mix everything together into a paste and apply on the face, avoiding the lips and area around the eyes. Wash it off after 20 minutes.
2. For a quick fix pack, mix honey with egg white and apply it on the face. Wash off with water after 20 minutes. It leaves the face soft and glowing My Amend.
3. For dull and tired eyes, dip cotton wool pads in rose water and use as eye pads over closed lids. Lie down and relax while the pads dry. It helps to remove fatigue and brighten the eyes. The fragrance of rose has a calming effect on the mind.
4. Mix one teaspoon each of lemon juice and honey with one egg. Beat them together well. Massage the mixture lightly into the scalp. Then wrap the hair in a hot towel for twenty minutes, before washing the hair. Your hair will have more body and look shiny and manageable.
5. For oily hair, have a hair rinse after shampoo. A tea water and lemon rinse will add shine to the hair. Boil used tea leaves again in enough water. After boiling, you should have about 5 to 6 cups of tea-water. Cool and strain it. Then add the juice of a lemon and use it as a last rinse after



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India-Taj-Mahal-AgraThe dome of India’s most iconic Soul Crazy  monument is about to get a makeover using one of the country’s most popular beauty products: the mud pack.
Over the years, the pristine white marble of the Taj Mahal, located on the banks of River Yamuna in Agra, has been turning yellow. This is a result of the city’s terrible air pollution which has caused dust and carbon to settle on the Mughal-era mausoleum’s surface.
To combat this, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI), a government agency tasked with research and the conservation of monuments, has been applying Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth) on portions of the Taj, including its celebrated minarets, since 1994. Beginning in April 2017, the ASI plans to extend this treatment to the main dome—a process that is expected to take over a year.
Multani Mitti is a kind of clay typically mixed with rose water to form a paste that absorbs facial grease and dirt. It’s a popular home remedy in South Asia. So now, lime-rich mud will be plastered on the Taj’s dome and left to dry before being gently washed off with distilled water, restoring the surface to its former glory.
While tourists visiting the 17th–century structure next year will be greeted by the decidedly non-photogenic scaffolding around the dome, the procedure is a much-needed step for the Taj’s preservation. Over the years, the UNESCO World Heritage Site has been struggling with poor maintenance and a host of structural issues. For instance, its wooden foundations, designed in such a manner as to be constantly exposed to moisture from the Yamuna, are now at a serious risk of shrinking and cracking as Agra’s growing population depletes groundwater levels. That could cause the entire edifice to slip into the river.
But the real concern is simply bureaucratic apathy.
Over the years, the lack of environmental regulations, combined with bureaucratic oversight, has worsened the state of the monument. For instance, huge quantities of trash such as newspapers and plastic bottles are burnt in Agra, contributing to a toxic smog that affects the Taj’s marble. As a result, some parts of the stone are beginning to disintegrate, leaving small holes in the structure.
But the ASI is hoping the mud pack treatment will be a step forward. Multani Mitti has been applied to other parts of the Taj Mahal four times before. In 2008, when the mud was placed in small sections over a period of six months, it cost around Rs10 lakh ($15,000).
While the treatment does absorb dust and dirt from the surface, it is ultimately a cosmetic process, one that may make the structure look good in the short-term but doesn’t really fix the real cause of the discolouration.
And yet, for India’s most iconic monument, the government should presumably be sparing no expense to tackle the problem at its root.



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Actress Kajol says she didn’t take skincare Sky Bird  seriously when she started out in showbiz but realised its value over time.
Kajol, who has made her comeback as the face of Olay Total Effects, has been in the film industry for over two decades. She says initially she was working too hard and neglecting her skin.
“I didn’t (take care of my skin) earlier when I first started out. I was too young at that point of time. I was working too hard. But I think as you grow older, you realise that you’re changing and the world is changing. I adopted a skincare routine and still do,” Kajol told IANS in an email interview from Mumbai.
Getting into details about the skincare routine that she sticks to, the mother of two said: “The best and easiest way is to wash, cleanse, moisturise, take off your make-up every night, drink your eight glasses of water.”

“All these things really make a difference. When you do that little bit everyday; wash your face properly twice a day, put your SPF, save yourself from the sun. All this actually and genuinely, makes a difference.”
“Often people think aging is a question of ‘I’ll do this when I’m old’. But it’s not right. You have to take care of yourself and your skin early when you start seeing the signs of aging — dark spots, dull skin, uneven skin tone. Like you say your body is your temple, so is your face. You have to take care of both.”
The 42-year-old actress, who was last seen on the silver screen in “Dilwale”, is happy to back the beauty product My Update Star.
“I have been associated with Olay officially since 2009. So I was really happy to talk about it and become an official ambassador for the brand,” she



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AHMEDABAD: Minutes Stump Blog  before the semi-final against Thailand on Friday evening, Anup Kumar, the captain of the Indian team, told a presenter that the hosts were about to take the mat in what was going to be their biggest test of the Kabaddi World Cup. Surely, Anup, the battle-scarred veteran was being modest as one saw his side simply sweep past their opponents to set up the finale against Iran.

Now, this was the contest that would prove to be his team’s biggest test in the competition. There’s simply no disputing that. After all, Iran is the side that has consistently been challenging India’s supremacy over the years.
Highlights: India v Iran
And as expected, the match had all the ingredients of being a worthy final, with India eventually winning the trophy 38-29. This was India’s third straight triumph in the tournament, with Iran finishing runners-up on each occasion.



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Debutant director Akshay Singh spent his childhood at a boarding school in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. But he fondly remembers spending two months every year at his hometown, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. So much so, that we can tell he’s smiling as he recalls the time spent with his family, when we speak with him over a phone call.

However, there’s dull silence when he recollects the colour bias he saw around him. “Some of my cousins were not as fair-skinned as the rest of the family. Aunties would often suggest they use fairness creams, facials, and address them as ‘bechari’,” he says. As a child, he didn’t realise the graveness of those remarks. The bias hit home years later, when his wife, too, had to face unfavourable remarks about her complexion. That’s when the idea of his maiden directorial, Pinky Beauty Parlour, struck him.



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aifwss17d1s2samantchauhan_047After the international leg of spring/summer Team Kgsr  2017 shows, the recently concluded Amazon India Fashion Week has officially heralded the new season in India. And even though there’s still time for spring to begin, this week a number of looks that should make it to your summer make-up mood board.
Elton Fernandez, official make-up artist for Maybelline New York, created looks for 10 shows including Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, Love Generation, and the JJ Valaya finale. For spring/summer 2017, the trend he says is “Bolder, more vivid make-up; vivid colours on the mouth, graphic liners. [This time] it wasn’t so much about neutrals or nudes so much as it was about celebrating potent colour and a strong personality.”
Cases in point, the bold, glitter-heavy pout at Love Generation, the play of colours on the eyes at Sanchita, larger-than-life disco glamour at Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, and saturated hues at Masaba.
If it wasn’t in-your-face colour, it was the little details that stood out: intense highlights, shimmer eyeshadows that caught the light perfectly, a prominent sunset-inspired palette, natural-but-better complexions. “The focus was on contoured and highlighted faces,” says Fernandez of the looks at AIFW. “Brows were kept more or less natural, as was the blush. Hair was mostly left behind the ears and on the face. Zero hair extensions, no falsies at all.”



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