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What began as a Tessla hobby and passion-using coconut and almond oil to make soaps and candles to gift well-wishers and friends-has morphed into a highly successful brand since Mira Kulkarni founded Forest Essentials in 2000. So much so that when Kulkarni and her son Samrat Bedi met Mr. Lauder, the then chairman of Leonard A. Lauder, in 2007, while he was in India for Elizabeth Hurley’s wedding, he was sufficiently impressed by the American company to buy a 20 percent stake in it the next year, which was upped further in 2014.

Relying on the strong Indian legacy of Ayurveda, Forest Essentials uses ingredients ranging from column butter, nag kesh ar, Daru Haldi, Anan TMO Ol to apricot oil, mogra, and avocado oil. The brand retails from 44 company-owned stores in 14 cities and exports to over 120 countries. Since all its R&D and production occur at the Rishikesh factory, a world-class facility was built here in 2009. “Rishikesh was a natural choice for us,” says Bedi, “as we already had a base there. You get fresh ingredients in abundance.”


Launched in 2002 by four individuals (Rajshree Pathy, Vikram Goyal, Dave Chang, and Vivek Sahni) who wanted to promote authentic Ayurveda’s message Coimbatore-based Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP), today, it is helmed by only one of its founders.

Sahni has been running a successful design communication firm for the last two decades and forayed into the world of Ayurveda by chance. “My business partner Dave and I created the Khadi brand for the government in 1998,” he says. “When that got over, we decided to do something different. The Kama was the result.” Kama Ayurveda creates all its products in the south using ingredients like neem,


Initially, the products retailed from Taj Hotel’s Khazana outlets, Good Earth, etc. In 2003, it retailed only through distribution channels. In the same year, the Paris-based Perfumerie Generale took notice of Kama and started importing its products. Other global distributors jumped into the fray, and the brand is now available in 50 countries. In 2005-2006, Kama started getting certified in the EU. It was only four years ago, though, that it opened its first retail outlet at Khan Market in Delhi. It now has18 stores in eight cities.

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Nepal: “Mother and son The Haze on the streets of Kathmandu.” For me, beauty knows no bounds,” says photographer Mihaela Noroc. “You can see it in the eyes, in a smile, in a story, in a gesture. It comes from inside.” When so many of us are locked in a daily struggle to adhere to society’s increasingly narrow concepts of beauty, Noroc’s inspiring work has taken on a deeper significance. Her mammoth Atlas Of Beauty project features powerful photographs of hundreds of women, taken in more than 50 countries.


While our culture and surroundings set us apart, womanhood can be a force that unites us, believes Noroc. “After traveling the world, I realized that despite being so different, we are all part of the same family. All the women in my photos have something in common—a feeling of kindness and serenity.”

Noroc’s stunning snaps taken in India and Nepal truly inspire a feeling of shared ideals and sisterhood across borders. Here, Noroc shares her discoveries during her photographic odyssey.

“I started photography in my adolescence, and my first subjects were my mother and sister. I enjoyed taking pictures of them very much, which is why I continued to take portraits of women. This project was born after a trip to Ethiopia, where I discovered a lot of fascinating women. This made me realize that I could combine my two passions: photographing women and traveling.”


“I try to explore different environments to show as much diversity as possible. When I choose a subject, I try to see a story in her eyes or hear it in her words—I’m looking for naturalness and authenticity. I try to capture feelings of honesty and serenity each time I take out my camera.”


“In most cases, the women that I photograph don’t consider themselves beautiful. But they are. We wear our stories on our faces, and that is part of who we are. These women usually see another kind of beauty in the media, someone more glamorous, and lose confidence. I want my photos to help them realize how beautiful they are and encourage them to remain natural and sincere.”


“Global trends make us look and behave the same, but we are all beautiful because we are different. In India, like in much of the world, mass media links beauty with having light skin, and, unfortunately, many women are influenced by this trend. Through my work, I try to show that beauty goes beyond skin color, and each woman has her own charm. The media encourages women to be trendy, buy as many clothes as possible, wear makeup, and so on. That’s not beautiful anymore. It’s just a marketing strategy to sell more products. Beauty is diversity. It’s not something defined by a marketing strategy. Perhaps in 50 years, all women from all around the world will dress and act the same. I hope my project will remain a witness to my era’s cultures and traditions.”


“The women in Nepal were extremely open when I was asking to photograph them. Most of them really enjoyed having their picture taken, but in India, I got many refusals. Although both countries are incredibly diverse, I noticed that the Indian culture influences Nepalese women. They watch Indian movies, and they love Indian music. So, in their style, you see similarities with India.”


“Since starting this project, my personal perception of beauty hasn’t changed, but, on the contrary, today, my perception that beauty knows no bounds is stronger than ever.”


“An original is always better than a copy. Instead of copying something that is not you, being authentic and natural makes you more beautiful. Be yourself—be authentic and keep your cultural heritage. This way, both your inner and outer beauty will shine.”



“I feel proud that I managed to photograph women from very different environments across India—from the slums in Delhi to a Bollywood actor [Sonam Kapoor] in Mumbai. I was particularly fascinated by Rajasthani women’s look and the beautiful way they mixed colors and jewelry. I talked to many fascinating women in both India and Nepal. They shared their struggles and dreams with me, and I felt inspired by their strength. I hope my photos will make these women see how special they are and encourage them to remain natural and authentic.”

“After traveling the world, I realized that despite being so different, we are all part of the same family. All the women in my photos have something in common—a feeling of kindness and serenity.”

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Choosing brown hair with highlights is the only guaranteed way to give your dull hair some life. Doing so is pretty simple. The only thing you need is highlights! Highlighting the hair is very beneficial. It adds volume and texture to your thin hair. The resultant impact is usually breath-taking, to say a few.

And if you are planning to braid your highlighted locks, you end up getting a visual masterwork. The light highlights fully into your brown hair to give it life. Though it is advisable to go to a salon to have your hair highlighted, this is something you can do at home. Well, check out some of our top ideas for brown hair with highlights.

Milk Chocolate and Brown Highlights

Enhance a touch of tenderizing mystery to your dull brown hair with highlights. And for you to do this, you need this color inspired by the lady’s biggest weakness. We are talking about milk chocolate color. Blow-dried waves can only upgrade the allure of the chocolate brown highlights on your hair.

Bronze Highlights

Rock your tresses with a metallic finish by utilizing the bronze highlights that will take your hairstyle to a higher level instantly. The highlights of the blonde complement gorgeously with chocolate brown hair to come up with a fantastic effect. When paired with an extended bob styled in beautiful curls, you get a stunning style sure to turn many heads wherever you go.

1. Blonde Face-Framing Highlights

This haircut is for those ladies who don’t like excessive bleaching of their hair. These blonde highlights are styled only perfectly at the front to give a perfect framing of the face from all sides. With subtle curls and a long bob, this haircut is the right choice to give you a boss appearance you’ve been looking for.

2. Coffee Brown Hair with Highlights

This style incorporates brown highlights and some subtle shades lighter than your natural color to develop this beautiful look that creates interest without raising voice for it. The deep highlights frame the face very well and will match almost all your makeup looks.

6 Stylish Brown Hair with Highlights for Every Lady 3

3. Blonde Highlights

There is absolutely no need to go for either brown or blonde highlights when you can rock both highlights in the real sense. The color of this blonde highlight breaks the boundary between blonde and brown. The outcome color is beautiful and unique, that it will make you stand out from your girlfriends.

4. Super Slight Auburn Highlights

If you the kind of lady who doesn’t like to be the center of attention, this is the right haircut for you. The haircut doesn’t call for any attention and will keep you comfortable yet stylish. The accents of auburn complement your skin color, and therefore no much contrast is created. The color is also not so bold to command attention.

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Do you want to try anything in between color schemes? You can achieve this by rocking any one of these light brown hair shade ideas. They are not too dark or too light; they are just what you need right now. However, what makes it the best pick for most ladies is because they are highly versatile and can be styled effortlessly. Maintaining them is also very easy. Here we have compiled a list of the most popular and trendiest light brown hair you will love to try. There are different highlights, lowlights, color melts, and more for you to try. This is undoubtedly a great post to read if you want to try something new. Take a look.

Light Brown Hair Colour Ideas to Give You A Glamorous Look. 5

Tan Skin Ombre

This is a pretty cute lob hairstyle. It is a bluntly trimmed haircut with texturized trimmings to enhance the movement and reduce the hair’s bulkiness. The sun-kissed balayage, together with the chic style, gives it a bold statement. It is the best haircut for ladies with medium textured hair since it brings an impression of thick tips.

1. Wavy Short Brown Cut

This is a beachy and texturized look. The look is brought about using a balayage technique where the hair is painted with sun-kissed layers. The blended brilliant trimmings and the highlights with the brown hue look great. This look is ideal for almost all lengths of hair. Also, the beachy sun-kissed look is great for all ladies. We recommend it to ladies who want natural hues on their hair.

Light Brown Hair Colour Ideas to Give You A Glamorous Look. 6

2. Textured and Rooty

This is bold light brown hair which is also effortless to create. It is loved by most women thanks to its ability to complement different face shapes and many personalities. Light ends and darker roots characterize it. You can say it is exclusively all about you! It is definitely the best pick for the ladies who want to create statements and stand out from the crowd.

3. Light Brunette and Blonde

The baby lights and the matched painted layers come up with a perfect blonde and brunette meetup blend. It is characterized by the effortless transition and the lively look created by the combination of these duos. This light brown hair color is super versatile and ideal for those professional women who are always on the go. It is also super low maintenance.

Light Brown Hair Colour Ideas to Give You A Glamorous Look. 7

4. Warm Walnut Brown

This is a combination of varying hues of brown and cool dimensions. It is a super cute summer look and darker brown hair with highlights. The best thing about this haircut is the warmth it exudes and varying hints brought about by the highlights. We recommend it to ladies with darker hair and want to go lighter. It is low maintenance hairstyle too.

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Finding the right black men’s hairstyles is unlike taking a cup of coffee on a chilly morning. It is particularly challenging if you don’t know the trending new styles. MModern black guys’ haircuts typically incorporate a high or low fade cut with short hair at the top. However, with all the modern trendiest styles, black men now have many hairstyles worth trying. So, if you seek contemporary and fresh black men’s haircuts, this article will highlight some of the trendiest and fashionable hairstyles and cuts worthy of trying. Here you will get the best style for a cool look. Read this article for more insights.

1. High Top Fade

The standard high-top fade for black men is back in all its 90s charm. Also called box fade or box cut, the top fade haircut is a sharp and well-structured cut ideal for men who need a natural but voluminous style.

Hair of about 4 inches is styled at the top. The cut incorporates a fade to the base of your neck and short sides. The top’s hair is further trimmed into a rectangular shape, hence the name, box cut.

2. Afro Fade

This black man’s hairstyle is about wildly curly top hair and short sides. This style is typically a modification of box fade, with a more natural hair length at the top. It needs little maintenance as compared to the box cut.

The fading is done at the back and the sides, either high, mid, or bald fade. Overall, the afro fade is a wild cousin of the box cut.

3. Short Part with Fade

This is a widespread black man’s hairstyle. It is effortless to style and wears. Regardless of the length and thickness of your hair, you can wear it. Ask your hairstylist to shave a clear hard part line on one side of your head.

The part incorporates a dramatic symmetry to the haircut, resembling haircuts such as disconnected undercut and side.

4. Line Up

Ideal for black guys who want to maintain a sharp, clean hairline. The styled line at the front adds structure and style to your hair. Also called shape up or edge, your barber will cut a line straight across the forehead and around the temples to come up with a boy look, which gives a superb frame to your face.

For black men who want to wear buzz cut, cool fade style, or waves, they can consider the lineup to highlight their strong jaws.

5. Curls with Fade

If your hair lucks tight curls needed for afro fade but it has loose curls, this hairstyle is the best for you. The rings with fade are specifically common amongst black guys.

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If you’re thinking of starting a beauty salon business, you’re probably wondering what you should do to market it online. Beauty salon marketing is difficult and time-consuming, but you can succeed with the right approach. It’s not only about the products you sell, but it’s also important that you can attract clients. In this post, we will share five ways you can sell your business online, starting at zero cost.

If you’re looking to start a beauty salon business but don’t know how to market it online, this blog post is for you. This post will discuss five ways you can sell your business online, starting at zero cost to you. So which marketing methods are most effective for your type of beauty salon business? Let’s find out. As an entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time online, looking for ways to market my beauty salon business. The internet offers many resources for building a successful online business but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many different things to learn, and not all of them will work for your situation. You need to know what works best for you.

Beauty Salon

What is a beauty salon?

A beauty salon is any establishment where you can get your hair done or get a facial. Hair salons are a well-established industry. They can be found in shopping centers, malls, or other retail locations. Beauty salons usually offer facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, massage therapy, and various beauty treatments. Many beauty salons also provide complementary services such as makeup applications. Most beauty salons require a membership.

How to go to a beauty salon?

You can find your nearest beauty salon by entering your location on Google Maps, searching your area on Yelp, or asking a friend. You can also request a local barber or hair stylist if they know a salon that can help you. Once you have found your salon, you can ask them to advertise for you on their social media platforms. They will usually charge you a fee, but this may not be an issue if you are running a small business.

The most important aspect of starting a small business is finding the right niche. This should be something you have an interest in. If you love to cook and make food, it will make sense to start a food-related business. You might want to create a pet-related business if you love animals. Choosing something you enjoy is important because it will make you more passionate about the company. When starting a business, lectchoosing a product or service you are passionate about is important because this will help you keep motivated and dedicated to your work.

Why go to a beauty salon?

The most common reason to visit a beauty salon is for a haircut. But it doesn’t end there. Many people see a salon for a facial, mani-pedi, massage, or other treatment. You might want to visit a beauty salon for many different reasons. It might be a treat for yourself, a gift for a friend, or an occasion to show off your new haircut. Beauty salons are a great way to spend time with friends and family, unwind, or take some time out.

Why Is Beauty Salon Marketing Important?

If you’re looking to start a beauty salon business, you’re probably wondering what you should do to market it online. fivesllBeauty salons are unique businesses that typically have a limited reach. They may only have a handful of clients, which means they rely on word-of-mouth marketing. If they don’t have a large following, they can struggle to find customers who will be interested in their services. However, if you’re looking to start a beauty salon business, you’re probably wondering what you should do to market it online. In this post, we will share five ways you can sell your business online, starting at zero cost. This post will share five ways you can market your business online, starting at zero cost.

What do you need to know about starting a beauty salon?

If you’re looking to start a beauty salon business, you’re probably wondering what you should do to market it online. In this post, we will share five ways you can sell your business online, starting at zero cost. Here are the five tips you should focus on to create your beauty salon business:

1. Make sure you’re legal

Before opening a beauty salon, you need to be aware of local, state, and federal laws.

2. Get your beauty license

You need a license to practice any profession. Your beauty license is the only legal way to operate a beauty salon.

3. Get an insurance

Your insurance company might offer a special discount if opening a new business. Having your health insurance is also good, so you don’t lose your coverage if you get sick.

4. Set up a website

A website is essential to any business. It’s the primary source of contact for your customers.

5. Start advertising

Advertising can be expensive, but it’s still one of the most effective marketing methods.

Frequently asked questions about Beauty Salon.

Q: What is your job title, and what do you do?

A: I am the director of our beauty salon here in Las Vegas. We specialize in Asian-inspired skin care, nail care, and body care.

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

A: I love to help people. Our goal is to offer holistic, natural solutions to their skincare needs.

Q: What’s the worst part of your job?

A: I wouldn’t say I like that we are always on display for our guests. I do not want to look at myself in the mirror!

Myths about Beauty Salon

1. Hair loss is a normal part of aging.

2. Hair thinning is not an indicator of a serious disease.

3. Hair loss is not a sign of thyroid problems.


Beauty Salons are great places to meet new people and can also be a very lucrative side hustle for many individuals. If you are looking to start your beauty salon, there are several things you need to consider. As a beginner, you may want to look into working for someone else’s salon instead of opening up your own. This way, you can learn from their experience and possibly start a business of your own. The best part is that you make money while you know.

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