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AHMEDABAD: Minutes Stump Blog before the semi-final against Thailand on Friday evening, Anup Kumar, the captain of the Indian team, told a presenter that the hosts were about to take the mat in what was going to be their biggest test of the Kabaddi World Cup. Surely, Anup, the battle-scarred veteran, was being modest as one saw his side sweep past their opponents to set up the finale against Iran.

Kabaddi World Cup


Now, this was the contest that would prove to be his team’s biggest test in the competition. There’s simply no disputing that. After all, Iran is the side that has consistently been challenging India’s supremacy over the years.


Highlights: India v Iran

And as expected, the match had all the ingredients of being a worthy final, with India eventually winning the trophy 38-29. This was India’s third straight triumph in the tournament, with Iran finishing runners-up on each occasion.

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A kitchen renovation is one of the most popular home improvement projects. Renovating your kitchen may range from simple painting to changing cabinets and appliances. Renovating your kitchen from time to time is not only important from an aesthetic point of view. It is also necessary to make your kitchen more comfortable and convenient than before. With technological advancements, kitchen renovation helps keep your space abreast of the requirements of changing times.

Whether you’re planning to start a big kitchen remodeling project or just some minor improvements, it’s crucial to find the right professionals for this job. To save a few bucks, you may think of taking a DIY route. But no YouTube video can give you complete information about what exactly it takes to renovate your kitchen. Only skilled professionals with the necessary equipment are capable of transforming your kitchen. Some established kitchen remodeling companies can manage your whole project by taking care of everything from start to finish. But finding the best kitchen remodeling company is not an easy task because there are multiple options available today.

Kitchen Renovation

Now you may wonder how to sort through several available contractors to make sure that you are not falling for a scammer. If you’re planning to start a kitchen remodel project, here we’ve put together useful tips for hiring the right kitchen remodeling contractor.

Look at Credentials & Certifications

Before you hire a contractor, do some preliminary research. Please speak to the contractor via a phone call or visit their official website to know about their credentials and certifications. To avoid hiring a fraudster, make sure the contractor holds all the required licenses from the state and local municipalities. Depending on the scope of your remodeling project, the contractor may also need to have a building permit. Also, check if the contractor has valid documents to prove their qualification and meet the remodeling industry’s quality standards. Besides the license, always remember to check the insurance cover of the kitchen remodeling company. An insurance cover will protect you and your property while the company is remodeling your kitchen. The well-established companies also have industry associations like the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), etc.

Check out Online Ratings and Reviews

Make smart use of the internet to check the credibility and reliability of a contractor. Once you’ve shortlisted some candidates for the job, the next thing you might want to do is check for their online reviews and ratings. You can visit review sites like Yelp and BBB to find out customer reviews and business ratings. You should also check their social media accounts and pages to find out reviews of those who have availed of their services in the past.

Get Price Quotes

The kitchen remodeling companies you’re considering should provide you a written project estimate. If a company is hesitant in giving you a written quote of the job, it’s a warning sign. The quote you receive should include the cost of materials for the remodel and a price for the estimated labor hours. When comparing the price quotes, remember the lowest quote is not always the best pick. Before you make a final decision, evaluate their work samples also.

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While hiring a contractor to complete a mold inspection at your home, there are a few things to consider, some of which are listed below.


Find a mold inspection company that has been there in the business for a while. Experience plays a great role in mold inspection, and you should try to choose a company with at least a few years of experience. An experienced mold inspector is preferable to a lesser experienced mold inspector because they are likely to have inspected more homes. Inspecting different homes brings a mold inspector more and more close to being a specialist.



Choose a company that is strictly in the business of mold inspection only. To minimize the chance for a conflict of interest, the mold inspection company should strictly be in the business of inspecting, testing, and consulting homes. By choosing a company dedicated to the service they provide, there will be no chances of a conflict of interest. They will only be interested in the service they provide. This will also ensure that you receive a quality service.


After inspecting your home, the mold inspector will provide a two-part document as a report. One part will contain lab results, and the other will contain an inspection report. Upon conducting the mold testing, the collected samples should be sent to an independent laboratory for proper analysis. The inspection company will interpret the lab analysis results, which will then provide a comprehensive analysis of the property condition, laboratory findings, and recommendations. The mold inspector will then hand this report over to you. Although the report should be easy to understand when you read it, do not hesitate to ask your mold inspector to explain anything you did not understand. Also, some inspectors will provide lab results without any additional documentation. However, you should hire an inspector who also serves as a consultant and should produce a document to reflect his/her interpretation of the inspection process to have someone to explain complex things to you or to get reliable suggestions.


Mold inspection companies make referrals to remediation companies. Ask your mold inspection company to refer to more than one remediation company so that you can choose from many that best suit your preference.


The remediation company you choose upon getting recommendations from your mold inspector should be licensed and well insured once the inspection is successfully performed. This is because contractors will be destroying portions of the property they will be working on to repair it. This can prove to be risky if not taken precautions and carried out skillfully. If the contractor has not got insurance, you might be responsible for paying the expenses of any unfortunate circumstances.


A post-remediation verification (PRV) inspection is conducted before rebuilding the affected area once the remediation has been completed. It is wiser to use the same inspection company before and after the remediation to ensure consistency in the inspection protocol and testing methodology. The PRV inspection will verify that the mold problem has been handled properly before reconstruction so that all the necessary action can take place without facing any hindrances.


Another important aspect to note is the cost factor if you will get a mold inspection done. A mold inspection can be an expensive business, and you should make your provisions accordingly if you’re getting it done. Also, do ask your inspector to estimate the total cost before they get started with the work.

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Debutant director Akshay Singh spent his childhood at a boarding school in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. But he fondly remembers spending two months every year at his hometown, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. So much so that we can tell he’s smiling as he recalls the time spent with his family when we speak with him over a phone call.

Skin colour bias

However, there’s dull silence when he recollects the color bias he saw around him. “Some of my cousins were not as fair-skinned as the rest of the family. Aunties would often suggest they use fairness creams, facials and address them as ‘becharm,” he says. As a child, he didn’t realize the graveness of those remarks. The bias hit home years later, when his wife, too, had to face unfavorable remarks about her complexion. That’s when the idea of his maiden directorial, Pinky Beauty Parlour, struck him.


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After the international leg of spring/summer Team Kgsr  2017 shows, the recently concluded Amazon India Fashion Week has officially heralded India’s new season. And even though there’s still time for spring to begin, this week, several looks should make it to your summer make-up mood board.

Elton Fernandez, the official make-up artist for Maybelline New York, created looks for 10 shows, including Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, Love Generation, and the JJ Valaya finale. For spring/summer 2017, the trend he says is “Bolder, more vivid make-up; vivid colors on the mouth, graphic liners. [This time] it wasn’t so much about neutrals or nudes as it was about celebrating potent color and a strong personality.”

India Fashion

Cases in point, the bold, glitter-heavy pout at Love Generation, the play of colors on the eyes at Sanchita, larger-than-life disco glamour at Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, and saturated hues at Masaba.


If it wasn’t in-your-face color, it was the little details that stood out: intense highlights, shimmer eyeshadows that caught the light perfectly, a prominent sunset-inspired palette, natural-but-better complexions. “The focus was on contoured and highlighted faces,” says Fernandez of the looks at AIFW. “Brows were kept more or less natural, as was the blush. Hair was mostly left behind the ears and on the face. Zero hair extensions, no falsies at all.”

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Beauty – But naturally

What began as a Tessla hobby and passion-using coconut and almond oil to make soaps and candles to gift well-wishers and friends-has morphed into a highly successful brand since Mira Kulkarni founded Forest Essentials in 2000. So much so that when Kulkarni and her son Samrat Bedi met Mr. Lauder, the then chairman of Leonard A. Lauder, in 2007, while he was in India for Elizabeth Hurley’s wedding, he was sufficiently impressed by the American company to buy a 20 percent stake in it the next year, which was upped further in 2014.

Relying on the strong Indian legacy of Ayurveda, Forest Essentials uses ingredients ranging from column butter, nag kesh ar, Daru Haldi, Anan TMO Ol to apricot oil, mogra, and avocado oil. The brand retails from 44 company-owned stores in 14 cities and exports to over 120 countries. Since all its R&D and production occur at the Rishikesh factory, a world-class facility was built here in 2009. “Rishikesh was a natural choice for us,” says Bedi, “as we already had a base there. You get fresh ingredients in abundance.”


Launched in 2002 by four individuals (Rajshree Pathy, Vikram Goyal, Dave Chang, and Vivek Sahni) who wanted to promote authentic Ayurveda’s message Coimbatore-based Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP), today, it is helmed by only one of its founders.

Sahni has been running a successful design communication firm for the last two decades and forayed into the world of Ayurveda by chance. “My business partner Dave and I created the Khadi brand for the government in 1998,” he says. “When that got over, we decided to do something different. The Kama was the result.” Kama Ayurveda creates all its products in the south using ingredients like neem,


Initially, the products retailed from Taj Hotel’s Khazana outlets, Good Earth, etc. In 2003, it retailed only through distribution channels. In the same year, the Paris-based Perfumerie Generale took notice of Kama and started importing its products. Other global distributors jumped into the fray, and the brand is now available in 50 countries. In 2005-2006, Kama started getting certified in the EU. It was only four years ago, though, that it opened its first retail outlet at Khan Market in Delhi. It now has18 stores in eight cities.

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Nepal: “Mother and son The Haze on the streets of Kathmandu.” For me, beauty knows no bounds,” says photographer Mihaela Noroc. “You can see it in the eyes, in a smile, in a story, in a gesture. It comes from inside.” When so many of us are locked in a daily struggle to adhere to society’s increasingly narrow concepts of beauty, Noroc’s inspiring work has taken on a deeper significance. Her mammoth Atlas Of Beauty project features powerful photographs of hundreds of women, taken in more than 50 countries.


While our culture and surroundings set us apart, womanhood can be a force that unites us, believes Noroc. “After traveling the world, I realized that despite being so different, we are all part of the same family. All the women in my photos have something in common—a feeling of kindness and serenity.”

Noroc’s stunning snaps taken in India and Nepal truly inspire a feeling of shared ideals and sisterhood across borders. Here, Noroc shares her discoveries during her photographic odyssey.

“I started photography in my adolescence, and my first subjects were my mother and sister. I enjoyed taking pictures of them very much, which is why I continued to take portraits of women. This project was born after a trip to Ethiopia, where I discovered a lot of fascinating women. This made me realize that I could combine my two passions: photographing women and traveling.”


“I try to explore different environments to show as much diversity as possible. When I choose a subject, I try to see a story in her eyes or hear it in her words—I’m looking for naturalness and authenticity. I try to capture feelings of honesty and serenity each time I take out my camera.”


“In most cases, the women that I photograph don’t consider themselves beautiful. But they are. We wear our stories on our faces, and that is part of who we are. These women usually see another kind of beauty in the media, someone more glamorous, and lose confidence. I want my photos to help them realize how beautiful they are and encourage them to remain natural and sincere.”


“Global trends make us look and behave the same, but we are all beautiful because we are different. In India, like in much of the world, mass media links beauty with having light skin, and, unfortunately, many women are influenced by this trend. Through my work, I try to show that beauty goes beyond skin color, and each woman has her own charm. The media encourages women to be trendy, buy as many clothes as possible, wear makeup, and so on. That’s not beautiful anymore. It’s just a marketing strategy to sell more products. Beauty is diversity. It’s not something defined by a marketing strategy. Perhaps in 50 years, all women from all around the world will dress and act the same. I hope my project will remain a witness to my era’s cultures and traditions.”


“The women in Nepal were extremely open when I was asking to photograph them. Most of them really enjoyed having their picture taken, but in India, I got many refusals. Although both countries are incredibly diverse, I noticed that the Indian culture influences Nepalese women. They watch Indian movies, and they love Indian music. So, in their style, you see similarities with India.”


“Since starting this project, my personal perception of beauty hasn’t changed, but, on the contrary, today, my perception that beauty knows no bounds is stronger than ever.”


“An original is always better than a copy. Instead of copying something that is not you, being authentic and natural makes you more beautiful. Be yourself—be authentic and keep your cultural heritage. This way, both your inner and outer beauty will shine.”



“I feel proud that I managed to photograph women from very different environments across India—from the slums in Delhi to a Bollywood actor [Sonam Kapoor] in Mumbai. I was particularly fascinated by Rajasthani women’s look and the beautiful way they mixed colors and jewelry. I talked to many fascinating women in both India and Nepal. They shared their struggles and dreams with me, and I felt inspired by their strength. I hope my photos will make these women see how special they are and encourage them to remain natural and authentic.”

“After traveling the world, I realized that despite being so different, we are all part of the same family. All the women in my photos have something in common—a feeling of kindness and serenity.”

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Oasis Centre for Reproductive The Info Blog Medicine, Hyderabad-based in-vitro fertilization (IVF) chain of clinics, said that it had raised $6.2 million (Rs 40 crore) from India Life Sciences Fund II. Founded in 2009 by infertility specialist Durga G Rao and entrepreneur Kiran Gadela, Oasis currently operates three IVF centers in Hyderabad and Vijayawada. The promoters plan to use the funding to open 20 more clinics in Bengaluru, Chennai, and other cities during the next five years.

Healthcare-focused India Life Sciences Fund had made significant investments in other Indian pharma and healthcare players, including Hyderabad-based Gland Pharma, in the past. For Oasis, this is the first investment from outside.

India Life Sciences Fund invests

“Since inception, Oasis’ key focus has been to establish a center of excellence with transparent, ethical, and evidence-based practice to treat infertility. India Life Sciences Fund backing us is further testimony to the quality of service we provide at Oasis. The investment would be used for starting 20 more centers in the next five years, with the primary focus on expansion in South India,” Kiran Gadela, co-founder and managing director at Oasis.

The IVF market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 10.1 percent in the next five years to reach a little over Rs 5,000 crore by 2021, with infertility being a huge unmet need, according to Anula K Jayasuriya, managing director, InvAscent, the investment advisor to EILSF (Evolvence India Life Sciences fund) and India Life Sciences Fund II. Jayasuriya has joined the board of Oasis.


“Oasis, which has a strong focus on research, will also create extensive training programs in both clinical and embryology services. We have developed world-class systems, processes, and protocols, and our multi-disciplinary teams work diligently to implement them. This is reflected in our excellent results,” said Oasis cofounder Durga G Rao.

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Samsung India has unveiled a The Know It Guy new television and digital campaign for its citizenship initiative, ‘Samsung Smart Class,’ capturing the engaging and emotional success story of a young village boy, Sadanand Ugale, who secured a study trip to Australia from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

The film #SapneHueBade builds on Samsung’s commitment to harnessing its legacy of innovation to positively transform communities and create a better life for people through its citizenship initiatives. Launched in 2013 in association with Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, Samsung Smart Class is the company’s flagship citizen program in India, currently available in 373 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya schools run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, and benefitting over two lakh students.

Samsung Ad

Samsung Smart Class aims to bridge the digital gap between rural and urban India and provide equal opportunities for quality education to children from all backgrounds. Over 7,400 teachers have been trained on how to use interactive technology to teach.

The four-minute film will inspire young India to use technology to educate, train, and up-skill. It rides government initiatives like Digital India, Make in India, and Skill India, among others, will be amplified by digital media and social media. Samsung, which has completed twenty years of manufacturing in India, is committed to Make for India and remains committed to transforming people’s lives. As part of this commitment, the Samsung Smart Class initiative will be expanded shortly to more Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya schools. The film has been pledged by Cheil India and is directed by Shashanka Chaturvedi. Good Morning Films is the production house for the campaign.

“Samsung Smart Class aims to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban India. The response to the campaign video has been phenomenal. It showcases the transformation in a young village boy’s life because of Samsung Smart Class. It is heartwarming that students from rural India are now becoming front runners of digital India. We have been running Samsung Smart Class in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya as a CSR initiative since 2013. Over 2 lakh students have been introduced to modern learning with the latest technology’s help, helping them dream bigger. And this is only one of the many stories that have emerged from the Smart Class initiative,” said Ranjivjit Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung India.

Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar, chief creative officer, Cheil India, said, “Samsung India has been running a successful CSR program for many years. As the efforts started showing results, Cheil India was tasked to develop a campaign for the same. Because the project is so dear to Samsung India, a thorough, consultative process ensued over the next six months. A considerable team was put on the job. And what has emerged is an emotional story that was inspired by the achievements of a real-life hero, Sadanand Ugale.”


Tarvinderjit Singh, executive creative director, Cheil India, said, “Writing this script was an exercise in balance. I had to keep in mind that this was a story inspired by someone real, yet my pen had to deliver enough drama to make for engaged viewing. Once I achieved that harmony, the same discipline was asked of production. Going by the generous reception that the film has received, it seems that our mad collaboration with Bob, Good Morning Films, Shanker Raman, Subhajit Mukherjee, and Piyush Misra has come good.”

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It’s every woman’s deepest desire Top Theto to stay young always. When in teens, every girl dreams of finding the right guy, just like how Cinderella found hers. However, decades later, once you are married, have kids, and are so-called settled, it is your teens that you start missing. In every possible way. Particularly the way you used to look. Though you definitely cannot look like a teenager anymore, you can look and feel younger than your biological age with simple lifestyle changes.

Stay Young Naturally

It is a quest for every woman to turn back the hands of time. This is the reason market is flooded with anti-aging products, Botox, and wrinkle creams. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, consumers spend billions of dollars each year on such creams and lotions. However, studies show that anti-aging products typically contain hydroxy acids to increase the skin’s permeability and allow anti-aging ingredients to pass through. Apparently, this translates into stripping the skin of its protective surface, which normally helps prevent UV rays from penetrating the skin’s outer layers. For this reason, wearers are vulnerable not only to sunburn but increased risk of malignant melanoma.


Strangely companies rarely publish studies showing the effectiveness of their products or if there could be any long-term effects of using them on your body. Some companies cite scientific evidence that anti-aging ingredients work. Still, they decline to provide those studies or show that the product contains enough substances to affect. This apart, the side effects are still not well known. Having said that, even if they were completely safe to use, only the visible signs of aging can be erased altogether using these products. What about your internal health. Can we beat the clock for life when it comes to overall physical and mental health and well-being? Yes, we can, to some extent, with these simple lifestyle changes.

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