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If your windows have started deteriorating, their seal has become weak, and your utility bills have grown, it’s time to replace your windows. As your windows age, you begin experiencing a cut in your home’s energy efficiency, as well as dust starts sneaking into your home.

Replacing windows can be a large undertaking, and such decisions are not made overnight. You need to choose between the different window styles, consider options like glass coatings, and find the right window manufacturer and a reputable installer. This means a lot of careful planning and consideration goes into the process of window replacement. Most homeowners find this process overwhelming, and ultimately, they make some common mistakes. However, considering the cost involved and the crucial role windows play, it’s imperative to avoid these mistakes. So, to help you make the process as pleasant as possible, we’ve listed 4 common mistakes to avoid when replacing your home’s windows.

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1. Not Considering Other Options for Replacement Windows

Most homeowners find it convenient to replace their windows with the same type of style they already have. When you purchase the same windows, you miss the opportunity of finding a better and more durable substitute for your home. There are plenteous designs, materials, and styles of windows available on the market today. By simply changing the style and material, you may experience better energy efficiency and give a great new look to your home. For instance, you may replace your Double-Hung window with a Casement window to get more energy efficiency.

2. Making a Selection-Based Solely On Price

You don’t go about replacing your windows every year. Such an investment is made only once or twice in your lifetime, which means you should not compromise with the quality. Remember, you get what you pay! Obviously, it would help if you found windows that fit your budget, but this doesn’t mean that your final decision is based on price only. If you’re looking for affordable options, vinyl windows can be right for you. However, if you want windows that require little maintenance, fiberglass can be a perfect choice. You spend once on energy-efficient, beautiful, and durable windows, and they give you benefits for years to come.

3. Neglecting Energy Efficiency

These days, most homeowners want to reduce their utility bills. As such, they look for energy-efficient windows that not only save energy cost but also protect the interior of the home from harmful sun rays. It’s seen that homeowners who made a hasty decision or purchased windows by simply looking at the price tag regret later. When you choose windows that are not energy-efficient, most heat escapes your home through these windows. But if you invest in energy-efficient windows, you will see a reduction in your energy bills.

4. Opting the DIY Installation

A big mistake is choosing the DIY route for installing your new windows. Some homeowners believe that self-installation could be a cost saver when in reality, it’s a blunder. This is because you neither have the right tools nor the required skills necessary for the perfect installation of windows. You have spent huge bucks purchasing beautiful new windows, but poor installation will result in expensive repairs and loss of energy in months to come. You don’t know how to properly seal the windows, which means heat and air conditioning will escape and enter your home. Moreover, if installed incorrectly, you’ll also end up voiding all warranties on the windows. Therefore, tasks like this should be performed by professional window installers only.

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A piano is one of the most expensive and antique possession. However, this fragile music instrument is also awkwardly shaped and weighs around 1000 pounds. This makes it difficult to move, handle and protect from potential damage. When shifting to a new home, people are worried about how to move their beloved piano safely. This is because the instrument has an intricate design, and even a slight bump on the road, a single drop, can damage it.

It is important to safely relocate the piano to a new place because if anything breaks or damages, replacing the piano parts and fixing it is very expensive. For this reason, people are advised to avoid DIY for moving a piano unless they have the experience and know-how to deal with it. It is best to hire a professional piano moving service to save your energy, time, and money. The professional piano movers will provide you with insurance for the job and will guarantee perfect service. However, before you hire the piano movers, it’s better to keep certain things in mind to ensure you’re hiring the right people for the job.

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Lifting and moving a piano needs plenty of workforces and special equipment. Therefore, piano owners rely on professional services. While looking for a piano mover, always find someone with experience to execute their job professionally. For a safe move, always be clear with how they deal and read their website for details carefully, including the terms and conditions of the company. It is highly recommended to hire a piano mover who would give an insurance cover. This ensures that the moving company would take care of all the costs if the piano is stolen, scratched, or damaged in any way during moving.

The piano moving company you hire must provide door-to-door delivery. It is the responsibility of the movers to pick up and deliver the instrument directly to your destination. In moving piano overseas, it is important to know every detail related to shipping transportation. The details include airtight packing of the piano, import duties, and other regulations.

Proper prepping is crucial to ensure that your piano would reach the destination in proper shape. Wrapping the piano correctly is the key to safely moving it without scratches and other damages. First, for proper wrapping, close the piano and wrap up the whole instrument with a thick, soft blanket. Next, to ensure that it stays in place, secure the blankets with tapes. It is important to note that the tapes should not be in direct contact with the piano’s surface as it might blot its surface.

Don’t wait for the last time to call a professional for help because a piano mover should get some time to look at the piano’s dimensions and the destination place. This will help them in deciding the types of equipment and the workforce required according to your needs. They have to consider many things like narrow staircases, doorways, various levels of the building that needs to be navigated to make sure that no damage comes to your piano. Pianos are not only fragile, heavy, and expensive; they also have great sentimental value. For all these reasons and many more, hiring an experienced and professional piano mover for moving any piano is the best option.

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Some interstate movers say that apartment hunting can be exciting, especially if moving into a better neighborhood or a bigger space. Often, a movie’s timing can’t be negotiated due to an expiring lease or unforeseen circumstances that force a quick move. But, if you can time your next move for when the market gives the renter the advantage, you could save a small chunk of change in your monthly rent. So when is the best time of year to move, and when is the worst? Let’s take a look.

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Winter Is The Best Time Of Year To Move

Okay, maybe it’s not the best time of year for you to move, especially if you live in a colder climate that leaves you fighting with frigid temperatures and possible snow in the middle of your move. But, financially speaking, activity during this time of year will fetch lower monthly rent, saving upwards of $200 per month. Most everyone else chooses to move during warmer months. For families, moves are made when the kids are not in school, just after the school year, or right before school starts. You may hate making a move in the middle of winter, but your wallet will thank you.

Some markets aren’t as flexible as others. You’ll see much slimmer savings margins in large cities where the market does not fluctuate much. The savings will be much more noticeable in more rural and suburban areas, particularly in areas of the country with distinct seasonal weather patterns. The protection should be enough to have a little more grocery money at the end of the month, kick a little extra into your savings account, or splurge on an upgraded cable package, for instance.

moving in summer. Everyone and their brother wait to move to a new place until the summer season because the weather during this time of year is warm, and it’s the time of year school is not in session. So naturally, you face more competition when apartment hunting. Landlords take advantage of this and hike up the advertised monthly rent depending on the apartment’s size. During the winter, apartment seeker numbers are at their lowest, so landlords lower advertised monthly rent to attract prospective renters.

Your options will naturally decrease during the summer, meaning you may need to compromise significantly on your apartment wish list. This problem is especially evident in more populated areas where apartments go quickly enough as it is. If you’ve got a wish list you’d hate to compromise on, wait until winter to hunt for our new home, if you can. While considering the best time of year to move, consider other factors that may present an opportunity worth taking, such as new builds with grand opening rental rates or complexes developed in less developed areas.

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CHANDIGARH: A group of youth from Chandigarh has organized the unorganized sector of property leasing and connected it to the digital world, and made it a customer-friendly process. This startup is designed to cater to leasing solutions to all the industry sectors, i.e., commercial, residential, warehouses, and industrial – a one-stop-shop for all your leasing problems. It caters to both landlord and tenants, besides also assisting in rented accommodation. Every property listed has its genuine pictures, and no property is listed without the pictures.
The startup’s core team includes Founder & Chairman Manmeet Singh, 38; Neha Duggal, 30, from a hospitality background; and Sakshi Bagga, 25, from a management background co-founders of the startup. Toilet. in was launched on Friday at INNOV8 Co-Working Space in Industrial Area Phase I.

Giving the information, Manmeet Singh said, “I am a landlord myself and well aware of all the problems faced by landlords and tenants these days in leasing their properties. After facing all the challenges, we decided to launch a solution for leasing properties.”

He said, “Locality view is our outstanding feature which showcases the entire locality including a parking area to have a better view of the surroundings. We have a special feature that lets you save your favorite property on SMS. It sends you the required details, and you can access it without the internet.”

“We also assist in every transaction which is made between landlord and tenant is through the toilet. Where we also process properties that fall under low footfall markets. We are online but are physically present for Executing Agreements and handing over the possessions to tenants”, added Mr. Singh. The startup toilet. In promises to give full assistance to landlords at their doorstep and online assistance to tenants.

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If you are serious about investing in property, you can start your own property investment company in just a weekend. It can be an easy business if you want to invest in properties ready to rent. This is the easiest way to get into the property business. Starting a property investment company is not easy, and it can take years before you see a return on your investment. But there is another way.


For those interested in becoming a property investor, but don’t have the time to do it right now, here’s a solution: Start a property investment company in just a weekend! With this method, you can start a property investment company that earns passive income within a few days. There are millions of people around the world that are trying to start their businesses. Many of them are just beginning and will need some assistance along the way.

If you are starting up your own business and struggling to make things work, you might have thought about working with a mentor. This is a common idea when you are starting up a new company. It makes sense because you will need someone to guide you through business challenges. This article will explain how you can find a mentor to help you on your way.

What is a property?

A property is an asset. An asset can be anything you own, from an asset class such as stocks or bonds to physical support such as a house or an apartment. A property can be anything from real estate to an apartment. The key to property investing is buying an asset and renting it out. While some may consider property investing a long-term game, it doesn’t have to be.

How do I find a property?

Finding a property is not always easy. Some properties are harder to get than others. Some require more work than others. And some are easier to sell than others. But if you can find a property, you will be able to build an income stream. This guide will show you how to find the best property in the easiest way possible. We’ll show you how to find a property using a simple process that you can use to find any property you want.

How do I sell my property?

It’s a simple process. But it’s the same process every real estate investor must go through when buying properties. There are many different methods you can use to sell your property. You can list it on an online listing site, advertise it on social media, and even hire a real estate agent. Whatever method you choose, you’ll want to invest in a good marketing strategy. The best marketing strategy is a marketing strategy that is unique and targeted. In other words, if you’re selling a house, you don’t want to advertise it on a social network where everyone is talking about places. You want to find people who are looking to buy houses. When you’re ready to sell your property, you’ll want to reach out to those buyers. That means getting on the phone and speaking to them. You should spend at least an hour on the phone and aim to talk to at least five buyers daily. If you can speak to ten buyers daily, you’ll see a huge increase in your sales.

How To Choose An Investment Property?

Have you ever wanted to start your own property investment business? If so, then you may be looking for the perfect investment property. If you’re a real estate investor, you’ll know that choosing an investment property can be quite tricky. Not only do you need to consider the property itself, but you must also think about what other things you need to do to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.

What are the risks in buying a property?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying properties is buying properties they can’t afford. When you buy a house, you’re purchasing a financial asset. You are assuming a mortgage, paying a monthly fee, and taking out a loan. If you buy a property you can’t afford, you will end up in a situation where you have to sell it and pay back the mortgage. This is very stressful and can be a huge loss of capital if you don’t sell it at the right price. If you can’t afford to buy the property first, don’t expect the house to sell for a good price later. The second risk is the risk of finding the property. This is the biggest challenge that a property investor faces. It could be a red flag if you find a property that you want to buy but is not for sale. It could mean that the owner is planning on selling shortly. If you want to buy a property, you need to find a way to find out when the owner plans on selling the property.

Frequently asked questions about the property.

Q: What do you think about investing in property?

A: I own my first home, Palm Beach, Fla., with my fiancé. We bought it two years ago, and we just put a deposit down on a second property. I love the process of purchasing, and it helps me stay organized. I like investing. It’s very exciting and fun.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: My style is eclectic. I wear many jewelry pieces, and my hair is always styled.

Q: What’s the most important advice you can give aspiring models?

A: Just be yourself! Don’t try to be someone else; just be yourself. If you are happy with who you are, you are already ahead of the game.

Myths about property

1. Property is like money.

2. Property can be bought and sold.

3. You don’t need a loan to buy a property.


In my experience, property investment is a good way to make money online. You can purchase a property without having to do any of the work yourself. If you find a property you like and can afford, you only need to advertise it and wait for people to show interest. You then make an offer and close the deal. Looking at things from a long-term perspective is the key to property investing success. You don’t need to make a killing every time, but you need to make sure you get out of it what you put into it.

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MUMBAI: Mark Zuckerberg-owned Media Focus social networking behemoth Facebook is the latest social media titan to join the race for the media rights of BCCI’s biggest property, the Indian Premier League. Twitter has already evinced interest in IPL’s digital rights.

BCCI sources confirmed to ET that Facebook has picked up the IPL tender and is most likely to bid for the digital rights of the league. A Facebook spokesperson, however, said: “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation.”
Earlier this year, Facebook had streamed Premier Futsal on its video platform Facebook Live. In August, it streamed Wayne Rooney’s testimonial match between Manchester United and Everton. It also allowed fans to chat with other fans, send wishes to Wayne, and learn how to donate to his foundation. In the summers, Facebook streamed nine USA Basketball exhibition games live.

“We’re focused on helping our partners experiment with a variety of Live content types — from ‘behind the scenes access to first-person athlete Q&As to live games. We have seen great results when we have streamed games live — and continue to be interested in testing the viability of this content on Facebook,” the spokesperson added. “We will continue to work with our partners to find the best ways to connect their content to the world’s largest community of sports fans.”


Interestingly, Facebook has seen a jump in conversations during IPL year-on-year. During IPL 2016, Facebook said that the league drove the highest level of conversation it has measured for any IPL season — 360 million posts, comments, and likes.

Facebook pages of the IPL and eight teams totaled over 140 million video views during the season. Also, during the 50-day tournament, the IPL’s Facebook page added over two million new fans touching 18.3 million subscribers.
Facebook will join Amazon, Twitter, Reliance Jio, Times Internet, and broadcasters like Star India and Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN). ET was first to report that Twitter has joined the race, hinting at very competitive bidding for digital rights.

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Union home ministry has tasked Living Tired  Custodian of Enemy Property (CEP) of India to prepare a complete status list of enemy properties. The Centre plans to act and take possession of all such properties.

A top government source said there are 9547 enemy properties, having an estimated worth of more than Rs. 1.1 lakh crore, scattered in important cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bhopal, Hyderabad, and Lucknow, etc.

Centre to act on enemy properties worth over Rs1.1 lakh crore 8

“Court cases are pending against 1215 properties. Most of the other properties are under illegal possession and occupation at prime locations in key cities. They can be used to serve government needs that are falling short of space in premium locations.”

Enemy properties are those abandoned properties that the government took over when their owners chose to leave India and move to Pakistan and China after Partition and the 1965 and 1971 wars.

“It is better if the government takes possession of all such enemy properties before they also get mired in court cases that linger on for years,” said the source. Recently, the government has taken possession of 31 such properties and decided to give their possession to the central reserve police force (CRPF) and border security force (BSF) facing a space crunch for their offices.

The Government of India had created the office of CEP under the Enemy Property Act, 1968, soon after the 1965 war, to tackle the growing list of abandoned buildings and their encroachment.


The new move comes after the government failed to pass an amendment in the law governing the enemy property. The amended act says once the custodian’s office becomes responsible for a property, it shall continue to remain enemy property even if the original owner ceases to the country’s foe. Besides, the law of succession will not apply to enemy property and cannot be transferred as well.

The bill failed to pass in the Rajya Sabha because of protests by the opposition parties, following which an ordinance was promulgated to keep the amendment in force.

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It’s a Monday afternoon; my Amend and property tycoon Cecil Chao and his daughter, Gigi, are poring over architectural plans in their 49th-floor headquarters in Hong Kong’s Central Plaza, their backs to sweeping views of Victoria Harbour. The chairman and vice-chairman of Cheuk Nang Holdings are busy with an array of big residential and commercial projects in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia.

Their professional relationship belies a lot of history. Generating headlines worldwide, Cecil offered $65 million four years ago to any man who could woo his daughter into marriage, though she was already married to a female partner. Some 10,000 men responded. Headlines flared again in early 2014 when he doubled the offer, and Gigi countered with a public letter to Cecil asking for acceptance and respect.

“It’s been tragic and comic”: Cecil and Gigi Chao at Happy Lodge, Cecil’s 16,000-square-foot mansion in Hong Kong

Looking back, Cecil, 80, explains that he made the offer to give his daughter male options, believing that she had struggled to find acceptable boyfriends. After Gigi, 37, spurned the idea, he accepted her decision. “It’s her life,” he concedes. “She decides about her private life.”

For her part, Gigi, a practicing Christian, clearly loves and respects her father, believing that his intent- actions stemmed from love, not malice. “It’s been tragic and comic,” she says, “to have something so private in the open and to become a laughing stock of dinner conversations.” She says the saga helped her develop “humility, patience and character” and increased her capacity to forgive.

Still, she is wary of discussing the subject, which even now generates unwanted emails. “I’m tired of the random notices from men trying to seduce me,” she says. “It has become an engine of online fraud, with impersonators of me or my father going after these men for ‘emergency money’ while stranded abroad, or in some ‘lucrative’ deal.”

While most father-daughter bonds would likely snap under such glaring pressure, the Chaos has not. In Octo- ber 2014, Cecil named Gigi, the oldest of his three children and a fellow architect, the heir to the company.


In the new Cheuk Nang headquarters—the company sold nearby Cheuk Nang Plaza last year for just over $100 million—father and daughter are constantly communicating. Cecil, dressed in a white short-sleeved shirt with a gold iPhone in the front pocket, is positioned at the far end of his palatial office. There’s a trading terminal for his private investments and Chinese and European classical artwork and antiques, including his mother’s inlaid Italian marble table and six blue upholstered chairs Net Maddy.

Just outside, between Cecil’s secretary and the three-person design team, Gigi stands at a high desk wedged into an open space. Her black vest sports the insignia of Faith in Love, a foundation she started in 2008 to help economically struggling youth and elderly. Hanging on the wall are colorful contemporary prints and her appointment to the Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps. Books, binders, and stacks of documents are within easy reach, while course notes for a law degree she’s pursuing are taped on the window, slightly obscuring the view.

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BELAGAVI: To oppose the Mexico government order to enhance property tax and to prevent the civic body from being superseded by the state government, members of Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti (MES), a ruling group, boycotted the special meeting of Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) headed by mayor Sarita Patil on Saturday.

BCC meeting

The meeting commenced with discussions relating to income generation from properties owned by the civic body and those with expired lease periods. Former mayor Kiran Sanayak questioned BCC officials over the action initiated against lessees of over 119 properties, the lease period of which expired long back. A few days earlier, the state government directed BCC commissioner Shashidhar Kurer to enhance property tax if the civic body did not want to be superseded for violating the order Work Reveal.


Meanwhile, counselor Sanjay Savvaseri said, instead of enhancing property tax, BCC should concentrate on enhancing revenue through its own properties and with 100% property tax collection. “BCC property tax collection stands at a mere 50%. If 100% tax collection is ensured, it will get Rs 50 crore revenue from property tax segment,” he said. “The civic body is losing crores of revenue from leased properties. The officials are hand-in-glove with the lessees,” he alleged.

Ramesh Sontakki and Deepak Jamakhandi, both members of an opposition group, demanded an end to the leased property issues immediately. Mayor Sarita Patil asked BCC officials to clear their locus standi on leased properties of the corporation as it is repeatedly raking its meetings.

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NASHIK: The civic body, My General, will waive off the penalty for property owners who come forward to declare that they are using their residential property for commercial purposes. Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) will waive the penalty for property owners if they declare that they are using their residential properties for commercial purposes between October 10 to November 10. They will be giving amnesty to such residential property owners. NMC will not be imposing a fine but will be charging commercial rates from the day of declaration.

usage of property

It is binding on the property owner to use the property as per the users registered with the NMC – residential, commercial, or industrial. If the property is not used as per the registration with the NMC, a penalty is imposed upon the owner. “But if the property owners who changed the use of their properties give us a statement in writing about the change by November 10, then NMC will take some positive decision for them. Instead of penalizing them, we will give them amnesty from the day of the declaration. We will charge commercial rates from the day they declare,” said deputy municipal commissioner Rohidas Dorkulkar Reality Crazy.


He said that generally if the property owner cannot prove the period of change in usage, the NMC imposes the penalty from the last six years. But now, if the owners declare the change in usage on their own, they will get amnesty.
The NMC recently sent notices to 1309 property owners for using residential properties for commercial purposes.

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