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As America enters the final stretch of the 2016 presidential elections, all eyes were on the third and final debate as Republican candidate Donald Trump attempted to get his first win on the scoreboard. Unfortunately for him, most public and media houses agree that Hillary Clinton came out to pin the debate, and by no small margin. However, the biggest winner of the night was definitely the internet at large.

The presidential debate was a goldmine for satirists and comedians to extrapolate their best one-liners. Quotes, GIFs, and memes began flooding Twitter before the debate was even halfway through, and the discussion isn’t likely to stop anytime soon.

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Chief among some of the ‘meme-worthy statements made at the event came courtesy of Trump when he called drug within the USA “bad hombre.” Not only did people jump at the chance to ridicule what they saw as a pathetic attempt to pander to the Hispanic community, but Trump’s severe mispronunciation of the Spanish word led to a separate #badOmbres meme trend (referring to a style of hair coloring).

Josh Olin @JD_2020
“Bad Hombres” sounds like a Quentin Tarantino thriller starring Danny Trejo and Josh Brolin. #DebateNight

Penny Edmiston @PennyEdmiston

I’m just a nasty woman, standing in front of a bad hombre asking him to stop saying bigly. please. #debatenight
Karen Scian @karenscian (image)

I knew they were trouble. #badhombres #Debatenight
Merriam-Webster @MerriamWebster

We see a spike for both ‘ombre’ and ‘hombre.’ Not the same thing. #debatenight
However, the next joke was less of a quote and more of a complete breakdown of the debate into schoolyard arguing. At one point, when Clinton accused Trump of being Russia’s puppet, the Republicans responded, “I’m no puppet, you’re the puppet.” And, of course, the Internet graciously responded with memes of puppets, muppets, and some hombre puppets, as well as Great News Network.

Laura Kopp @laurakopp
31 minutes in, and we are at the “I’m rubber you glue” stage of the debate. #Debates2016 #yourethepuppet
Chris BakerVerified account @chrsbakr

Trump literally just went with the “I know you are, but what am I?” defense #YoureThePuppet #debate
Don Mancini@RealDonMancini (image)

WHO’S THE PUPPET? #yourethepuppet
Trump almost laughed off the stage

All of this, of course, is in addition to when the audience burst out laughing at one of Trump’s more outrageous comments. One segment of the debate involved each candidate defending their ‘fitness to be president. Moderator Chris Wallace brought the topic of the half-dozen women who have recently accused Trump of sexual assault, asking how those stories could all be false. Trump’s response has been one that he has delivered many times, that the allegations are false, they’re a Clinton campaign maneuver. “Nobody has more respect for women than I do,” he insisted. However, this time, the audience was believing none of that and laughed at the audacity of the statement. The reaction was likely something Trump’s campaign team expected because what followed was a swift press release detailing the candidate’s many supposed efforts to empower women over the years.

However, some of the most entertaining tweets of the night were from Twitter users completely flabbergasted by the debate in general. While Trump may have been the butt of most jokes, thanks to his verbal diarrhea, Clinton saw her fair share as well.

David Pope @davpope (image)
Sarah Silverman @SarahKSilverman
Nuclear codes? We clearly can’t even trust this man with self-tanner #debatenight
Amy Mek @AmyMek
Cognitive Dissonance:
Ban Guns to Save The Toddlers!!!!
We Need Late-Term Abortions to Kill The Babies!!!
#debatenight #2A
Jimmy Kimmel Live @JimmyKimmelLive
“This debate had strict rules: no cheering, no clapping, no booing & no answering the actual questions asked.” – @JimmyKimmel #DebateNight
Clinton campaign says, ‘stop hitting yourself, Trump!


And despite the debates being over, it seems that the shenanigans have only just begun. Clinton’s campaign team has discovered a way of raising funds for the Democrat candidate using Trump’s own words. The team has set up a tool on Clinton’s Troll Trump website that lets supporters automatically donate between $0.5 to $10 to Hillary every time her opposition tweets. As motivation, the webpage displays a different Trump tweet each time it’s refreshed. “Show Donald that his unhinged rhetoric comes at a cost,” the smug campaign reads.

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The fight between Airtel and Yarlesac  Reliance has only intensified with time, and both are hell-bent on proving their services are better than the others. Be it Airtel 4G or Reliance Jio, Indians are interested in both. This fight between two of the biggest service providers in the country is only proving beneficial for customers. As each race is ahead to outdo the other, customers end up getting crazy deals and offers, making life easier for them. Before launch, Reliance had promised that Jio would launch with the cheapest 4G pack and would provide good speeds at really budget prices. They nearly lived up to their promise as Reliance Jio, on launch, was the cheapest 4G provider in the country through its speeds. Then (and now) left a lot to be desired. However, the launch of Jio did threaten Airtel, and they quickly upped their game. And now, with the festive season just around the corner and Airtel has launched a special offer for this festive season.

Airtel 4G

Since the launch of Reliance 4G, Airtel has gotten aggressive and is innovating in terms of schemes and offers regularly. The latest offer Airtel has come up with is offering 4G internet up to 10 GB for just Rs 259! Ideally, Rs 259 is just for 1GB or 3GB data but Airtel, as a part of the festive season and the sale, is offering 9GB extra at the cost of 1. However, this offer is not valid for all or existing Airtel employees. Only those purchasing a new 4 G-enabled smartphone can avail of the offer. The 10 GB data validity will be for 28 days since the day of the recharge. The offer is valid on both 3G and 4G networks. The offer is not just a one-time offer; instead, Airtel has extended it for up to 3 recharges. The offer period extends for up to 90 days, and in these 90 days, people can recharge their phones 3 times using this offer. This means Airtel is offering a whopping 27 GB free for the price of 3GB. So in Rs 777, you can avail yourself of a total of 30Gb data! Airtel is all set to challenge Reliance Jio, and their “cheap” 4G network plans through this new offer.

However, as this scheme is only for new smartphone buyers, the old Airtel phone owners might miss out on the offer. To avail of the offer, the user needs to buy the Airtel 4G SIM card, activate it, and do a recharge for Rs 259, which will give the user 1GB of data. Then, on downloading the MyAirtel app, they need to log in and avail themselves of their free data through the app. The free data will be valid for 28 days post recharge. Also, this scheme was introduced only in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh initially, but now it has been rolled out all over India. As Airtel has 18 4G circles in the country, the 4G recharge will be valid only in these circles. However, the remaining circles where there is no 4G can also avail of the offer albeit, it will be for their 3G recharge, wherewith 1GB recharge, they get 9 GB free. Airtel was the first service provider to have launched 4G services in the country and since launch has come up with multiple offerings. The latest offering is their My Airtel app, which provides all media content for download in one app and makes it easier to hunt and sort.


It is interesting to see how Airtel is launching newer schemes and offers to challenge Reliance Jio. Airtel also announced their new feature of free incoming calls while for international roaming just a couple of weeks back. When customers are abroad, they need not pay any fees to receive calls from the home country. The roaming packs come with the validity of 1 day, 10 days (yet to be announced), and 30 days. Also, innovatively, instead of paying in advance and purchasing the pack, users can activate the pack, and it is only if and when they use it that they will be charged for that pack. The packs’ rates are different depending on the region you travel to, and the prices by Airtel are in dollars, so you might have to do a bit of tricky conversion before using the offer. However, as there is a one-time fee, it does not really make the pack completely free but rather makes it more reasonable for the user’s Great Gossip.

Coming back to the new 4Goffer, as this offer is valid for just 3 months or 90 days, it will end in December. Which is also the time when Reliance Jio offers are expected to come to an end? It will be interesting to see how the giants take it forward and who wins the battle post-December. Commenting on the newly launched offer, Mr. Ajai Puri, Director – Market Operations, Bharti Airtel, said, “We are proud to have pioneered 4G network for users in India. This invitational offer has been designed for our data savvy customers who can now experience high-speed broadband on Airtel’s 4G network with their new devices.” While Reliance is winning when it comes to the pricing race, Airtel 4G offers users better connectivity and speeds. The battle line is drawn. December shall give us the results.

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The world is brimming with electronic merchandise of every kind. It is present everywhere in old computers, connecting wires, old mobile phones, routers, and random peripherals. A lot of e-waste winds up in landfill destinations, where it lies covered under heaps of trash. Since they are non-biodegradable by nature, they do not decay but rather cause environmental harm by letting out perilous synthetics like lead and mercury, which in time advance into the ground and water supplies.

Image result for BUSINESS E-WASTE

Individuals and business organizations must attempt to reuse electronic waste. Although dumping your e-waste is the easiest solution, it also the deadliest way to pollute the earth. Therefore as a business organization, you must consider alternative ways to handle the electronic waste. Give below is a list of ways to handle and minimize electronic waste. Read more to find out.

Fix and Upgrade

Just because a gadget has been in use for a long, that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Ask your data innovation office for a money-saving advantage examination for fixing or redesigning old rigging. It may be that some hardware could get a touch-up with some simple upgrades and can be reused. This is also one smart way to spend less instead of buying new gadgets and using the old ones. You can also utilize old machine parts and make new things—one smart way to save money.

Think before you act

Being thoughtful and considerate towards the earth is definitely the need of the hour. Throwing away old things and buying new ones is the easiest solution but always take a moment to re-assess the situation. Do you truly require that additional device? Take a stab at discovering one gadget with numerous capacities. Instead, come up with new ways to extend the life of your gadgets. For example, purchase a case, keep your gadget clean, and abstain from cheating the battery. Buy earth amicable hardware. Search for items marked Energy Star or affirmed by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool.

Donate to charity

Rather than throwing them away, how about giving your old devices to halfway houses and instructive foundations that can reuse the devices for learning purposes. This way, you minimize electronic waste, contribute to a social cost, and help those in need for their upliftment.

Take back projects

Some electronic organizations have to reclaim programs for old contraptions. Please enquire with the brand you utilize on the off chance that they have reclaim programs. You can likewise intentionally begin utilizing just those items that have such projects set up.

Recycle or sell

There are numerous manners by which electronic frameworks can be reused in some other shape. Turn upward on the web for approaches to reuse old PCs, which bend over as fascinating relics whenever repainted and likewise bend over as hard drives. Check up the internet for websites that allow you to sell old gadgets. Popular sites like eBay, OLX are ideal for the same.

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Audio transcription is utilized across innumerable industries nowadays. The transcription doesn’t seem less than magic converting an audio or video into a text format that helps get many things done for the businesses very efficiently and cost-effectively, whether it is related to legal, medical, academic, or financial aspects.

Image result for Transcription Service

With the market completely satiated with an abundance of transcription service providers, it isn’t easy to choose the one with perfect attributes catering to your needs. The shortlisting process might call for a lot of research and exploration. There are so many aspects that have to be considered, and most of all, the assurance of choosing the right company has to be there. Have a look at the below-mentioned tips that play a significant role in choosing the best transcription service for your business-

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time varies as per the size of the file and complexity of the transcript, taking up from few hours to several weeks. But at times, you might find yourself stuck with toxic work deadlines that require you to deliver timely projects. In such a situation, choosing an experienced transcription service provider is crucial to get the work done without errors and inefficiencies and within prescribed timelines without charging any rush delivery fee.

Accuracy and Reliability

You may come across a few service providers who claim to transcribe the files within a few hours, but it may make you regret your decision because of its inefficient services after looking at the outcome. Hence, the need to hire someone who has a record of providing the highest accuracy and reliability arises. You can always ask the provider to give a free trial and see if the company will deliver up to your standards.


Affordable transcription services are a huge benefit to businesses. The efficiency and speed are undoubtedly important, but at the same time, you need to ensure that you do not land up overpaying for the services in the guise of quality. Look out for the service providers that offer realistic prices within your company’s set budget limits.

Qualified Personnel

The best transcription service providers you see in the market have attained that level because of the qualification and expertise. They are usually native language speakers, subject matter experts, or top university graduates. Their experience enables them to pick up the nuances of transcription such as dialects and get a hold of the slang quite easily, improving the transcribed file’s overall quality.

Credibility and Confidentiality

Credibility is yet another factor to be considered while choosing the best transcription service. For quite a long time, the service providers or companies in this business have established credibility in the ma. They are fully capable of verifying who they say they are. While handing over the various files you want to get transcribed, you are actually handing over your business’s confidential information to the service provider. A great transcription service understands that completely and goes the extra mile to keep your sensitive records and documents safe with them.

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Ordering a business gift is easy, but choosing a suitable gift is more difficult. Below are some tips and trends that help you choose the right promotional gift.

Will there be another interesting moment of acceptance soon? Is there a holiday, anniversary or another occasion for a present? Then you definitely want to get inspiration for choosing your new business gifts. Perhaps we can help you by looking at the top 10 most popular business gifts search terms of August 2010.


Choosing a promotional gift

What do you pay attention to when choosing your business gifts? Do you choose an article because you think it ‘just nice’ or do you choose a promotion article that suits your company, your target group, but also the goal you want to achieve with the business gift? Promotional gifts are a very effective advertising and promotional tool. But it only works when you make the right choice. How do you make the right choice?

A well-chosen business gift can sometimes be in use for years with your business partner. Every time his or her eyes fall on your company name and logo. But when you make a wrong choice, the gift can also end up in the trash. I would be happy to help you choose the right promotional gift. Below are some tips. For the High Tech Gifts, this is important now.

Which goal do you want to achieve with your business gifts?

Remember before you choose a business gift for what purpose you have in mind. Do you want to increase brand awareness, if so, with your existing clients or with your potential customers? Or would you like to quote the contact, bring a new brand or product to the attention, increase the response to a mailing, or would you like to encourage your relations to do something, for example, to your exhibition stand? After you have decided what purpose you want to achieve, it is probably already a lot easier to choose a business gift or exclude others. For the Customised Electronic Gifts also you will have option.

Then it is important to see what fits your company and, of course, what fits the recipient. Below are some questions that can help you choose a business gift.

Does this business gift match my goal?

  • Does this promotional gift suit my target group?
  • Does this business gift suit my company?
  • Does this business gift match the relationship I have with the recipient?
  • Is this gift suitable for the intended distribution method?
  • Does this gift stand out well enough?
  • Is the gift an effective way of spending my budget?

Now that you have a little idea of what is involved in choosing the right promotional gifts, you will find some tips below.

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NEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel has slashed effective data rates for its pre-paid customers, offering upto 67% more benefits for the same price, tracking a similar move by rival Idea Cellular a couple of days back as the scramble for users of mobile broadband intensified approaching Reliance Jio Infocom’s 4G launch.

Vodafone India, India’s No. 2 carriers, is also planning to make similar moves in the coming days in a bid to be “in line with the market trend,” a person familiar with the matter told ET. A Vodafone India spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

Last week, No. 3 telco Idea Cellular had also slashed effective data rates by offering up to 45% more data benefits for its prepaid users in India who use less than 1GB, as incumbent telcos stepped up their efforts to attract new users and ring-fence existing data customers ahead of Jio’s 4G services launch widely expected next month.

Data rates

“These refreshed data packs will help drive consumption and boost the uptake of mobile internet in the country,” Ajai Puri, Director – Operations (India & South Asia), market leader Bharti Airtel said.

As announced by the telcos, the initial rate cuts are just for the prepaid customers that currently make up more than 90% of these companies’ respective subscriber bases in the country and are considered more vulnerable to switching operators than post-paid users.

Analysts note that telcos aren’t reducing rates directly but offering more bang for the buck, a strategy that will help them protect their crucial average revenue per user (ARPU) but, at the same time, make their offers more attractive for users.

But they add that for the new entrant or any other existing players to expand or alter the affordability curve and expand the data user market, at some point, the data tariff may itself have to go down.

“This is a preemptive move by telcos who are trying to retain their customers and increase customer sickliness as the new entrant looks to launch services in coming months,” Rohan Dhamija, partner and head of India and South Asia at consulting firm Analysys Mason said.

They are trying to “replicate” in a pre-emptive manner what the new entrant might itself do, to begin with giving more for the same, Dhamija said, adding that the incumbents are trying to make it difficult for Jio to poach their customers.

Explaining Airtel’s possible strategy in the event of a price war, Gopal Vittal, Bharti Airtel CEO for India, South Asia, had told ET previously that what matters was the average revenue per user, or protecting the headline revenue. And for that, it could offer additional bandwidth to higher-paying users even though it would pressurize its returns from data Web Posting Pro.


According to an industry insider, Mukesh Ambani-owned Jio is unlikely to disrupt the pricing, rather focus on offering more for the same—which the incumbents have started to do—or try to differentiate on the product with the content play.

But the bigger risk would be if Jio makes voice calling free with bundled data to get the short-term market share if it fails to get users organically.

“By cutting price data price, followed by giving voice free, Jio might well disrupt the voice market,” the person said.

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Oil drilling has been around for many decades now. However, because of most technological advancements, the oil drilling sector has grown leaps and bounds. This development has resulted in new drilling rigs in the industrial supplies and equipment, and they are constantly changing the face of civilization. This means that technology has an enormous potential of improving the industry by handling different unique challenges. Some of the innovations, which are boosting the evolution of oil drilling, include:

Oil Drilling

1. Directional Drilling

Directional drilling is an important way of retrieving oil when trapped in rocks and cannot flow into a big reservoir. You can use it to access many reservoirs with an industrial rig and adjust the pressure in mines.

The improvements in drilling sensors have helped the industry grow. Today, the drillbit angle can be controlled through real-time technologies, increasing efficiency and offering great solutions. Some of the tools used to achieve directional drills are:

  • BHA configurations
  • Whipstocks
  • Specialized drillbits
  • Mud motors

2. 3D Seismic Imaging

Seismic imaging is a tool, which helps to show possible formations of crude oil. With the help of ultrasensitive devices, such as geophones, Seismologists can record sound waves while echoing. By learning about echoes, petroleum geologists calculate the structures and depth of geologic formations.

Currently, firms such as Dome Energy use 3D seismic imaging. This technology has the same technological hallmarks as that of 2D imaging, but the differences between these two are undeniable. Seismic 3D uses acoustics imaging, and instead of using one vibration source, it involves creating a perimeter where many acoustic receivers are established.

3. Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing involves tapping shale and tight-rock formations to unlock new supplies of oil. The process is carried out by pumping liquids into subsurface rock units through pressure, which is strong enough to fracture rocks. Depending on the rock and well characteristics, a few million gallons of water will be needed to have one hydraulic fracturing project done.

Different varieties of proppants are also used in this process. Proppants are small crush-resistant particles, which are carried by fracturing fluid. Examples of common proppants used today include:

  • Sintered bauxite
  • Frac sand
  • Ceramic beads
  • Aluminum beads

4. Offshore Drilling

This is a mechanical process where wellbores are drilled below the seabed. It involves several stages, such as spudding. In this phase, drilling is conducted in an open hole by mobile drilling units, mostly starting with a 36’ casing, then forced to 100 meters. This casing is the foundation of establishing a well for you to continue drilling.

Once you secure casings, you’ll need to set up a guide base on the seafloor so you can lower the Blow Out Preventer and Marine Riser. This offers continuity from the drilling deck to proceed with your excavation process.

Concluding Remarks!

The technological advancements used for oil drilling have enabled the industry to reach out for new sources to meet the world’s rising demand. With innovations, such as offshore drilling, 3D seismic imaging, directional drilling, and hydraulic fracturing, the oil industry can reduce the environmental risks of producing energy.

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Patna: State cooperative minister Alok Mehta on Saturday, launched the department’s specially developed software to facilitate online registration of farmers so that they could sell their Kharif season paddy to Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) at the minimum support price (MSP) rate of Rs 1,470 per quintal to comply with the state’s paddy procurement drive for the current fiscal.

Mehta said only 8,463 PACS and 521 Vyapar Mandals (VMs) would purchase and procure paddy from the willing farmers by giving them monetary returns of Rs 1,470 quintal.

Online registration of farmers

“This year, the state government has not kept any provision for a bonus to farmers as they are expecting the bumper crop,” he said, adding that the department has earmarked Rs 700 crore for payment through banks to farmers against the paddy sold to the PACS and VMs.

The PACS and VMs have been fully computerized, as per the vision of CM Nitish Kumar for greater transparency in paddy procurement and direct transfer of money to the bank accounts of respective registered farmers, Mehta said, adding that the online registration of farmers would help in creating a detailed database that could be used even by other departments.

The minister said both the categories of farmers – ‘ryots’ (those who own land) and non-‘ryots’ (those who do cultivation under sharecropping system or on land taken on lease from others) – would have to first go for online registration either on the department’s website, or on the website of their specific districts. They would also have to furnish documents related to their identity, address, land, and bank accounts. The non-‘ryots’ would have to furnish self-certified documents on their farmer status, along with a certificate either from ‘Kisan salah are or ward member of the village they live in.


“National Informatics Centre (NIC) has developed the software,” he added. The software would help send the information update on the registration and the quantity of paddy sold to PACS and VMs to the farmers concerned through SMS messages on their cellphones and WhatsApp, Mehta said.

Since the moisture content of paddy produced in Bihar is more, all the PACS and VMs have been asked to purchase moisture testing machines and drier machines to ascertain the moisture content of paddy purchased by them.

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If you live in an area where wild animals are common, you must find them invading your personal spaces quite often and creating a ruckus around. In such a scenario, you might find it necessary to hire a good wild animal control service. Wildlife removal companies are specialized in controlling raccoons and squirrels in your attic, skunks under your deck, birds in your dryer vents, and wasps nesting on your property, which is challenging if you try to do it yourself.

Wildlife removal firms offer reliable services and make sure that the job is done right. But before hiring one, ask them if they offer you any free inspection. A good wildlife control company usually agrees to inspect your place first and identify if they can deal with the situation. Following are some more tips to help you in making an informed decision when choosing the right kind of wildlife or pest control company-

Wildlife Company

Locally owned and operated.

With a bundle of options available in the market, it is always best to choose the nearby locality. There might be situations where wild animals or pests break into your house and needs immediate attention. A locally owned and operated company would be in a position to address your concerns immediately and help you to get rid of unwanted animals in or near your house as quickly as possible. However, this parameter isn’t a necessity but is always recommended.

Experience matters

The time duration for which the company has been offering services in your area is the key indicator of the reliability and stability of the company. Wildlife control is a specialized art, and not anyone should be doing it. The new companies often don’t have the desired skills and knowledge to handle different situations. So, always look out for well-established companies providing professional wildlife control services. You can search about their reputation through references and also look for their online reviews.

Certified professionals

People often hire unlicensed companies that charge lesser costs for their services. But hardly do they realize that having such a company do that for us can be really risky. Choosing a company not holding the desired qualifications can threaten someone’s safety, damage to property, inhumane treatment towards animals, and much more. Always ensure that the wildlife control company you are choosing is well trained, has completed a state certified trapping course, and is duly licensed to do so in your state.


Considering the emergency, you land up at times due to wildlife invasion in your home or nearby areas; you will want to get rid of it as soon as possible, but not by paying more than you should. Few companies charge higher prices for their services by exaggerating the complexity of the situation. However, the phrase that ‘you get what you pay for may not be applicable in this case.

Humanely treatment of Wildlife.

It is important to remember that wild animals are living beings and deserve to be treated with the utmost care and respect. There is always a right to do things. So, when deciding between companies, look at the kind of wildlife management methods they deploy. Make sure that the methods that are being used do not treat the animals inhumanely and remove them from your property in a safe and sound condition.

While most wildlife situations can be solved easily, there may be times when you need professional help to animal-proof your home. There is no specific formula to connect you with the right type of company, but with the help of the above-mentioned parameters, your wildlife conflict can be solved to a greater extent.

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Are you thinking of hiring an airport limo? Well, then this article is going to help you. Hiring an airport limo can help you save a lot of time and money, eespecially in theft, accidents, insurance, and compensation. If you’re planning to hire an airport limo, make sure you book it 2-3 weeks before the flight departure so that you don’t have to worry about paying extra money for a quick urgent booking.

Image result for airport limo

The privilege of booking in advance is huge. It will help you to avoid last-minute cancellations and hassles. It will also help you to get your vehicle reserved for you before the others. To give you an actual idea of what you should do when hiring an airport limo for picking you up, here are few essential tips to make it easier for you.

Provide your contact number

When you make the booking, provide a cell phone number you normally use or reached while traveling. Also, ask for the driver’s number as well. This way, the limo service may contact you if the driver doesn’t arrive at the terminal, or you will have to contact the driver for the pickup.

Maintain a copy of the confirmation number

If, in any case, some problem occurs with the airport limo service, you will need to have the confirmation number to solve the problem. Always remember to keep a copy of the confirmation number.

Always keep your traveling phone line open.

As soon as you land at the airport, switch on your phone. This will help the limo service reach you. The airport limo service might have some problems at the last minute and try to arrange another pick up for you so make sure you’re always available.

Leave early for international departures.

If you’re traveling on an international flight, you should reach the airport as early as possible. Make sure to reach an hour earlier than planned, especially on Fridays and Sundays when taking international flights. This will help you avoid last-minute hassles.

Check the flight schedule.

Remember to always check on your flight. This is important, and very few actually do it. You can check your flight through In cases when you’re flight is delayed, contact the airport limo service immediately to arrange another pickup date and time. This will save you a lot of time and worries.

Schedule an early pick up from the airport

You should always schedule an early pick-up while traveling on mornings on regional carriers. Some airlines such as Southwest and United are busy most of the time from 5 am to mid-day. So be sure you get there as early as possible so that you get plenty of time.

Meet the Chauffeur in the baggage claim area

Due to 9/11 security upgrades, chauffeurs are not allowed past the security checkpoints. They are only allowed to meet the client in the baggage claim arena. So, therefore, it is impossible to meet them at the gate. So go and meet them in the baggage chauffeur area.

Always book with the same service.

If you’re a regular traveler and had booked a limousine company that satisfies you, you should add them to your contact list, including mails. Keeping a single provider is helpful since they already know you and your needs, so you don’t have to worry too much if you frequently travel like more than twice a month by flight; it’s better to have a single trusted service provider.

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