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Patients and healthcare providers throughout the globe have come to the belief that relying completely on health center systems will no longer be a possible option. Industry specialists are of the opinion that ongoing advances in home healthcare devices and offerings will assist alleviate the current stress on the global healthcare gadget.

Technology has tested to be extraordinarily essential to home health care. Current and upcoming advances in domestic healthcare technology are not most effective designed for effective sickness control but also encourage and enable individuals to live independently.

Technological interventions were complicated and highly-priced in the past. However, growing need and call for convenient and effective far off affected person tracking, improvement of latest and modern technology and availability of enough funding have led to multiplied accessibility to low-fee technologies and devices.

The new and less expensive in-domestic devices aren’t simply popular amongst geriatrics trying to age at home. The consumer base has rapidly accelerated to encompass new patient businesses, which includes the ones stricken by chronic illnesses, children, and diabetics. This is positive to pave the manner for a brighter destiny for both sufferers and healthcare carriers.

Growing Use of Biosensors to Monitor Geriatric Health

When it involves domestic healthcare for the geriatric, there are several revolutionary technology and gadgets which have been seamlessly incorporated into the assisted dwelling or senior living enterprise, or in what is extra extensively referred to as geriatric care services. Speaking from a strictly medical perspective, current technologies for tracking the health of senior residents consist of blood pressure tracking gadgets, oxygen therapy gadgets, patient temperature control gadgets, and cardiac monitoring and cardiac rhythm control (CRM) gadgets. Devices

An article by NBC News sheds light on the growing adoption of sensor technology in the U.S., especially for senior residing. Allowing for advanced estimation of an affected person or person’s metabolic kingdom at a far-flung vicinity, biosensors allow steady monitoring of those seniors who be afflicted by some of the special ailments, however, pick to live independently, out of hospitals and nursing homes. The NBC article discusses the use of such sophisticated sensors to music an elderly couple’s on foot velocity, heart quotes, and even sleep styles. This unobtrusive generation additionally sends indicators in case of emergencies, permitting timely intervention of family individuals or caregivers. Like numerous scientific device corporations, research groups, and clinical universities, ElderTech, Missouri, has been analyzing the significance of environmentally-embedded in-home sensor networks and their relevance in detecting fitness changes in older adults.

Development of Portable Digital Devices to Remotely Track Heart Conditions

As the clinical gadgets industry undergoes a tectonic shift with the advent of telemedicine, the sector of Cardiology has also felt its ensuing benefits. Soaring incidence of cardiovascular issues and the following want for constant tracking of outpatients have led to call for cardiac tracking and cardiac rhythm control (CRM). Home healthcare is the main quit person of these devices, with a call for ECG and cardiac video display units, Holter video display units, occasion monitors, and ILR (implantable loop recorder) continuously rising.

Interviewing the founders of Eko Devices, The New York Times talks about developing opposition inside the telemedicine business. Eko is one of the many cardiovascular care agencies that has been capitalizing on the home healthcare enterprise.

In the latest improvement, the corporation evolved a digital stethoscope in particular catering to cardiac patients at home. This modern palm-sized device, called DUO, has the ability to modify the manner coronary heart patients are monitored. Combining electrocardiogram or EKG and digital stethoscope in just one tool, DUO gives unheard of insight into cardiac features. This consists of monitoring and fast reviewing coronary heart rhythms and sounds to allow advanced bedside analysis and, if required, far off care. Technology

Need for Constant Glucose Monitoring Driving Demand for Diabetes Devices

With clinical devices becoming increasingly more interconnected thanks to growing penetration of the Internet, developing the use of smartphones and a slew of different clinical devices, and expanding health center networks, detecting and handling diabetes at domestic has to turn out to be not handiest handy but rather effective. Today, there is an extensive range of diabetes devices to be had, promising quick and accurate outcomes. User-friendly designs of maximum gadgets and increasing recognition stage the various diabetic populace throughout the globe have resulted in an as an alternative large market for self-tracking gadgets for use in home settings.

A current studies article backed and reviewed by means of Avantes BV – an outstanding innovator in the improvement and application of miniature spectrometers, specializes in the need for non-invasive diabetes diagnosis and monitoring. In order to hit upon and treat diabetes earlier than it gets out of hand, steady glucose tracking and preservation is crucial, and for the longest time, existing diagnostic requirements and treatments had been immensely invasive. Moreover, dealing with this sickness out of hospital settings become extremely hard. However, advanced scientific sensing technology have enabled easy and non-invasive blood glucose tracking and diabetes trying out. Latest innovations have additionally ensured handy and user-friendly insulin self-administration devices.

Wearable technology has been one of the maximum distinguished innovations to gain and empower diabetics around the world. These gadgets have been allowing diabetics to take rate in their own health outside the medical doctor’s health facility and efficaciously manipulate the circumstance. Smartwatches, apparently, have proven massive capacity to enable needle-less glucose monitoring with time. Apple Inc. Is reportedly running on growing sensors for monitoring of blood sugar tiers, an advancement that might flip gadgets which include the Apple Watch into a method of tracking essential vitals. The aim is to expand sensors that could non-invasively and often screen blood sugar degrees to help diabetics treat the situation from the consolation in their houses. Healthcare


An article in The New York Times these days shed light on the shrinking community of domestic health aides or non-public care attendants in the U.S. According to Paul Osterman of the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, if the variety of people on this area of home healthcare continues to fall, use of a could be confronted with a shortage of around 350,000 paid care providers via 2040. This alarming reality makes the development of superior far off affected person tracking gadgets even greater importance.

Keeping this want in thoughts, businesses are looking to plot technologies in order to, in a way, update human service companies with digital domestic healthcare assistants. To place this into perspective, domestic fitness aides are actually testing Amazon’s Echo platform as a domestic healthcare assistant. Researchers hope that the associate on-line app could be increasingly more aware of clients’ desires, maintain family caregivers in the loop always, and efficiently streamline signals, reminders, and functions.

This possibility is sure to capture the hobby of tech giants together with Google, Apple, and Amazon, giving them an opportunity to emerge as trailblazers in home health care.

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“I trust cutting-edge advertising model is broken. We are making use of antiquated thinking and work structures to a new world of possibilities…The conventional advertising version is out of date.”- Jim Stengel, Global Marketing Officer, P & G, Association of National Advertisers, Oct 2004.

The belief that advertising and marketing and marketing attitudes have to alternate is no longer a principle just banded approximately via Internet entrepreneurs. Even the huge boys and the essential world players are actually accepting that the mass advertising strategies, of the ultimate 50 years, are now not penetrating audiences like they used to. There goes to should be a shift inside the complete technique of advertising if it’s far going to maintain any relevancy with an increasingly more cynical purchaser.

When discussing advertising it would not get any larger than Proctor & Gamble, one among the biggest providers of family products in the world, and surely one among the largest advertisers. With brands like Ariel, Head and Shoulders, Pampers and Crest, they ought to be main the way in making use of new strategies to get their products into human beings’s homes. With the mega emblem not respected as a few kind of deity, P & G are going to need to discover ways to speak with the influential patron networks, and to persuade them to speak undoubtedly about their products.Internet

P & G has a protracted lifestyle of innovation and groundbreaking within the way they have broadcast their messages. They had been the first to start marketing nationally, way again in 1880, and feature taken the idea of product placement to any other degree with their Soap Opera productions designed to hook girl viewers onto their suggests and shampoos.

Recently, P & G enlisted an military of six hundred,000 ‘connectors’ to spread the message in their ‘Vocalpoint’ campaign (an extension in their earlier ‘Tremor’ scheme among teens). Their ‘connectors’ were supplied with coupons to distribute to their colleagues, and unfastened samples to initiate conversations approximately P & G merchandise. As Steve Knox, Vocalpoint CEO, regarded, “we realize that the maximum important form of advertising and marketing is an advocacy message from a trusted pal.” With Vocalpoint, P & G are using the influence and relevancy of social networks to sell their products thru interaction and accept as true with. People would possibly no longer pay attention to manufacturers, but they’ll continually listen to the advice of friends.

The perception that trade become at the horizon had already been identified by means of their former global advertising and marketing officer, Bob Weiliing. In a 2002 interview, Bob’s view become that the Internet might not update the mass ‘push’ medium of TV, however alternatively can be tailored to the man or woman. An on line surroundings can be used for whilst there is a private passion to research greater approximately a product or service. Gaining advice, direction and the brand new product information are services not readily available on just a ‘push’ medium. TV is set the mass marketplace message, while the internet is ideal for man or woman courting building.

Bob’s end, at the future of P & G’s advertising achievement, lay in working out a way to combine the two. They needed to keep the relevancy of the 30 second TV ad, whilst also utilizing the extended interest and interaction available on-line. This also intended persuading the 2 warring advertising factions to paintings together to find a answer – to get the technophobes speakme to the internet evangelists. It became been apparent in latest years that Bob’s successor, Jim Stengel, subscribes firmly to the latter camp.

In 2005, P & G reduce their TV ad spend by eight% to a mere $677.Three million, a formidable flow and a definitive shift onto non-conventional media. Earlier this 12 months, they contacted virtual and interactive agencies in the UK to put together its first virtual organisation roster for Western Europe, and to discover revolutionary new ways of populating their brands on line.Marketing

We are actually seeing the rise of interactive websites designed to maintain hold of eye balls and encourage go back visits. Last 12 months a tune themed web page for Old Spice was released with unfastened downloads and song samples to appeal to the 16-24 iTunes technology. Another fantastic example was the marketing campaign for Pringles crisps all through the FIFA World Cup. A internet site created in which people ought to add videos of themselves imitating the TV advert, mirroring the appeal of YouTube for a younger internet savvy target market. Both content material pushed sites designed to broaden the logo thru interplay, relevancy, and price.

P & G have additionally learnt the classes preached by legions of commercial enterprise bloggers. By supplying statistics of value you develop accept as true with and self assurance; therefore, people will want a relationship with your logo and come to be clients. Their Pampers internet site builds an affinity with its target market through the provision of advice and help. As a precious useful resource for younger mums, it enriches their association with the logo and could initiate a acceptable response next time they cross shopping for nappies.

P & G’s Home Made Simple internet site is a flagship in online advertising and marketing, with its own TV display and courses on top home tasks. Instead of being blasted with product placement, the website clearly develops relationships with its target market through its information and articles. Once your believe is gained you’ll inevitably sign on for the newsletter, with in addition guarantees of loose samples, coupons, unique offers and sweepstakes all pulling you into their trap of turning into a convert to their merchandise. ‘Home Made Simple’ gives the precise buying environment by growing consider, and the choice to have a dating with their brand, what the new fashion of on line advertising and marketing is all about.

At the Association of National Advertisers Conference, earlier this month, Jim Stengal and P & G’s CEO, A.G. Lafley, mentioned their project to carry their manufacturers into the ‘pull’ age of relationship advertising and marketing.

Lafley bolstered the views of Bob Weiling, they needed to discover ways to make connections with their target audience through the diverse ‘contact points’. Their future lay in mastering how to combine their approach across all the mediums available, in preference to counting on the old one way ‘push’ bombardment of marketing messages. His key factor was that they needed to learn how to “permit cross” as “the greater in control we’re the greater out of touch we grow to be.” P & G needed to pass past questioning in terms of merely transactions, and as an alternative awareness on building relationships via being more responsive and receptive to what their audience, the ‘boss’, wanted. Puzzle

Jim Stengal opened his speech with a plea to his fellow entrepreneurs to “forestall thinking about consumers and begin thinking about human beings.” He become suggesting a paradigm shift in how they approached advertising and marketing. Their customers were now not just demographics, however individuals to be empathised and engaged with. They had in order to pay attention to what people desired from the brand instead of telling them what the logo should suggest to them. A new level of knowledge had to be created on why humans must location accept as true with in a dating P & G’s brands in place of definitely superficially attractive to their desires (a tactic that has served copywriters for generations).

Many Internet entrepreneurs are eager to hammer the nails into TV’s coffin, while conventional advertising professionals sit down on their hands waiting for the ‘net 2.0′ bubble to burst. P & G have, since the start of the decade, been progressively shifting from a monolithic, lumbering marketing dinosaur into an Internet savvy, comments targeted livewire. By being an early adopter of the new ‘accept as true with’ centered advertising and marketing philosophy, P & G must be on the proper tune to fixing the puzzle of advertising on line and maturing their emblem’s message for the sceptical client.

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London Knife Crime Becomes An Emergency


London has always been known for its violence as the city is so large and is filled with people from many different cultures and countries. This multi-cultural city has a lot to offer and many people flock there from around the world just to get a taste of the city lights.

Of course, the knife crime in London is becoming a serious issue and some have even said that the current state is a state of emergency. Is it because of austerity? Is Theresa May to blame for this serious issue that we are facing? Here, we are going to explore this so keep reading to find out more.

How Bad Is It?

When you look at knife crime in London, it is important to recognise that between September 2017 and September 2018, there were around 40,000 offences that involved knives or sharp objects in Wales and England. This is a huge number and it is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. Interestingly, this is an 8% increase on the figure from the year before. The figure for this year has not yet be released but it is expected to have increased even more.

What To Do

If you are involved in any kind of knife crime then you should make sure that you get in touch with some of the professional criminal solicitors London has to offer. Sometimes, tensions get high and you need to defend yourself. Of course, you shouldn’t be carrying a knife but there are ways to fight your corner and these solicitors know how to handle it. Make sure to get in touch with a solicitor as soon as possible to solve the problem and avoid jail if you can.

Why Is It Happening

It appears that the reason for the knife crime emergency in London and the rest of the UK is due to budget cuts by our current government. Despite a promise of a lack of correlation between austerity and knife crime, many people believe that this is the case. With less budget for police officers in the city, there is a higher risk for those who walk the streets.

Other reasons for the knife crime emergency include an increase in gangs and serious tensions between those from different cultures and religions due to current events and a focus on immigrants. These issues have always been brewing but they are starting to become more prominent in a multi-cultural city like London.

Final Thoughts

The knife crime emergency in London is one that we should all take note of. It often goes unnoticed in the major press in favour of stories about the government or celebrities, but many young people are dying in this city. Make sure to avoid places that are known for knife crime and try to avoid getting involved in this kind of altercation yourself. Knife crime needs to stop and the only way to do this is to stop being part of the problem yourself.

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Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Launched in India: Price, Specifications, Features, and MoreWhile Flipkart still hasn’t fulfilled its promise of revealing the Samsung Galaxy On Nxt, which was scheduled to happen at 8pm on Thursday, someone at Samsung India seems to have jumped the gun by listing the smartphone on the company’s website Web Posting Reviews .
According to the listing, which was still live at the time of publishing this post, the smartphone will be priced at Rs. 18,490 and be available in Gold and Black colors. The Galaxy On Nxt was earlier confirmed to be Flipkart exclusive, and we’ll have to wait for details from the e-commerce major for details on when the phone will go up for purchase.
The Samsung Galaxy On Nxt looks identical on paper to the Galaxy On7 (2016), down to the physical dimensions, which makes us believe it’s nothing but a rebranding of the smartphone that launched in China last month. The phone features a full metal unibody design and it comes with 5.5-inch full-HD display protected by 2.5D Gorilla Glass.
The Galaxy On Nxt is powered by an octa-core SoC clocked at 1.6GHz alongside 3GB of RAM. The phone packs 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 256GB via a dedicated microSD slot The dual-Nano-SIM Samsung Galaxy On Nxt is backed by a 3300mAh battery that’s rated to deliver up to 21 hours of 3G talk time and up to 15 hours of Internet usage over LTE.
The Samsung Galaxy On Nxt packs a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera, both with f/1.9 aperture. The rear camera is backed by a flash and it is capable of recording full-HD video. Connectivity options include GPS, Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi Direct, but there’s no NFC. A fingerprint sensor is thrown into the home button for good measure.
At this price point, the Samsung Galaxy On Nxt will compete with the likes of Lenovo Z2 Plus that launched in India at a starting price of Rs. 17,999.

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NEW DELHI—Two Wide Info  of India’s biggest online travel booking platforms are merging, the latest example of consolidation among startups in the world’s second-most-populous country.
Nasdaq-listed MakeMyTrip Ltd. said Tuesday it is acquiring ibibo Group from South Africa-based global internet and entertainment company Naspers Ltd. and Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. for 40% of the shares of a new, combined entity.
Through a jointly owned holding company, Naspers owns 91% of ibibo, while Tencent owns the remaining 9%, the companies said in a statement. A MakeMyTrip spokeswoman declined to comment Wednesday on whether the same breakdown would pertain to the stake in the new firm.
MakeMyTrip had a market capitalization of $1.24 billion at market close Tuesday, according to the Nasdaq website. The companies didn’t provide a value for the deal and the spokeswoman declined to comment on it.
The deal should “unlock value” by “combining the complementary strengths of each business,” the companies said, adding that the transaction should close by the end of December, subject to approval by shareholders and regulators.
The deal is a “game changer” for MakeMyTrip since it combines the top two players in India’s online travel sector, which has been “hurt by high burn rates resulting from the high competitive intensity,” wrote Jefferies analyst Arya Sen in a research note.
Gurgaon, India-based MakeMyTrip offers bookings for flights, hotels, buses and trains. Ibibo, also based in Gurgaon, says it is India’s largest hotel booking site, and also provides flight booking and other services like bus ticketing and car sharing.
The companies said in the statement that the startups’ services combined were responsible for 34.1 million transactions in the 2016 fiscal year.
India represents huge potential for technology startups since many people are now getting online for the first time. Many startups have been burning through cash that they have spent on advertising and discounts to woo new users, but venture capitalists have been starting to tighten the taps in recent months.
Investments in India’s startups plummeted 69% to $1.05 billion in the third quarter of this year from $3.41 billion a year ago, according to data from CB Insights. Analysts say, investors, eager to see a return on their investments, are pushing startups to become profitable, leading to consolidation as peers gobble up one another.
Prominent Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart Ltd. in July bought a smaller rival, online retailer Jabong, for $70 million. That deal came amid rapid expansion in India by Inc., which has said it will invest $5 billion in India.
In August, Bangalore, India-based ride-hailing service Ola said it was laying off hundreds of workers at a fellow operator, TaxiForSure, that it had bought in 2015. That move came as U.S. titan Uber Technologies Inc. has been boosting its efforts to win new riders and drivers in the country.
In January, online classifieds portal Quikr said it acquired property listings portal CommonFloor.



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A former contractor Wide News  with the National Security Administration (NSA) has stolen a whopping 500 million pages of sensitive government record over the last two decades, according to federal prosecutors.

In a court filing made public on Thursday, prosecutors said the former NSA contractor Harold ‘Hal’ Martin III was arrested on August 27 in Maryland and poses a “grave danger” to the US. He has been charged under Espionage Act.
Ahead of a detention hearing set for Friday in Baltimore, the government has said that Martin should not be allowed to leave the country. He worked for Booz Allen Hamilton – the same firm that hired NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Martin was entrusted to work with classified information for government agencies and allegedly had been stealing information since 1996. He is alleged to have communicated online with others in languages other than English, including in Russian.
In June 2016, he downloaded information regarding the Russian language as well as other foreign languages. Federal prosecutors alleged that examination of the digital media seized from Martin indicates extensive use of sophisticated encryption, anonymization, and virtual machine technologies. There is evidence that he has remote data storage accounts and has engaged in encrypted communications, they alleged.
Martin also had encrypted communication and cloud storage apps installed on his mobile device, prosecutors said, adding that he has the knowledge and training to housing some or all of the stolen digital information in cyberspace, where he could easily access or transfer it. He was in possession of a sophisticated software tool which runs without being installed on a computer and provides anonymous internet access, leaving no digital footprint on the machine.
The prosecutors said Martin had swiped at least 50,000 gigabytes of information. One single gigabyte is enough space to store about 10,000 pages of documents containing images and text. His internet activity also suggests that he was attempting to locate anonymous internet access and to run operating systems on his machines that would not leave any forensic evidence of his computer activities, they alleged.
In July 2016 he watched a video about how individuals who attempt to remain anonymous on the internet are caught by authorities. He has a demonstrated ability to conceal his online communications and his access to the internet, prosecutors added.



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Curfew continued on Work Reveal  Saturday in 7 villages of Igatpuri and Trimbakeshwar tehsils after incidents of group clashes and stone pelting in the wake of the alleged rape attempt of a minor girl, while Internet services resumed after five days of being suspended, police said. Internet service has resumed in the district from today, ACP (Crime) Sachin Gore said in a release.

Police also appealed to people to not forward “provocative and wrong messages” on social media and mobile messaging platforms and maintain peace in the city. Gore also asked citizens to bring into notice of police such messages doing rounds on the internet as it has already taken action against seven ‘admins’ of different Whatsapp groups and one Facebook user for spreading inflammatory messages in the backdrop of the incident. He further said the situation in Nashik city and other parts of the district is peaceful and well under control.
Garcinia Cambogia Herbs
Protests had erupted in adjoining villages and spread to Nashik after a 16-year-old boy allegedly tried to rape a five-year-old girl at Talegaon village near Trimbakeshwar.
Meanwhile, Union Minister of State Ramdas Athawale, today urged people of all communities to help the administration bring normalcy in the district. “Our party had condemned the rape and murder of a teenage girl in Kopardi (Ahmednagar) this year in July and we also condemn the incident at Talegaon here,” he told reporters.
The alleged rape and murder of the 14-year-old girl, belonging to the Maratha community, by Dalit men in Kopardi, created widespread agitation with the community members taking to streets demanding justice across the state.
Athawale asserted that the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, is meant to protect Dalits from injustice but emphasized that it should not be misused.
“Instead of abolishing the Atrocities Act, there is a need to bring a bill to make amendments to the Act,” he added.
“I will meet Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis regarding getting financial aid to the family of the victim, who is undergoing treatment at Nashik Civil Hospital and also for the nine people who were injured in the protests,” Athawale said. He also visited the victim at the hospital.



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As the US and Europe-based World Scoop venture capital funds go slow on investment in start-ups, the Chinese are filling in with moneybags, ideas, and handholding.
Seasoned Chinese investors including Incapital, Fenghou Capital, Legend Capital, Plum Ventures, Grand View Capital, K2VC, Hill House Capital, Fusion Capital, Heli Capital, Chengwei Capital are a preparing to enter the Indian start-up space,
“They have been waiting for all this but now Chinese investors are expected to come in significant numbers. For them, the Indian start-up space with the scope of growth that can happen, they can’t afford to ignore. Also, with Chinese start-ups getting more mature, growth there is tapering off making India an attractive investment destination,” he said.
The current trigger for the Chinese interest is a recent visit of more than 15 funds, mostly angel investors, to India last week.
Of late the Indian start-up space is seeing a slowdown in funding with US-based ventures capital funds such as Rocket Internet and Softbank demand profitability before committing more money.
“Such visits don’t happen everyday. The delegation that came to India was more interested in early stage start-ups. But the feedback we got during the meetings and also during our subsequent visit is that they would prefer a single platform to get access to target start-ups,” said Vikram a day after a week-long visit to Hongkong where a partnership pact was firmed up with the platform Zhucloud, developed by Incapital, which is part of IT and communication biggie from Hong Kong, the HKT Group.
The combined platform of IvyCapital and Zhucloud would bring together Chinese investors and Indian start-ups.
On its own, IvyCap manages two funds supported by the trust formed by alumni of IITs and IIMs and provides the start-ups the access to the rich network of trust members.
“Looking at the bigger picture, where the Chinese market was 10 years back, the Indian market is there now. These Chinese investors had seen the growth process which we are now seeing in our own start-up sector and are keen to share this knowledge. They are perfectly placed in bringing in not only mature capital but the knowledge they have gathered all these years in a market which is very similar to ours,” Gupta said.
“The Chinese market is huge in terms of consumption, offering immense scope to for Indian start-ups to learn and develop products,” he said.



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bestfor-baby-largeBaby care brand Johnsons World Update Reviews has launched a YouTube channel with over 100 videos across 12 categories, amid a sharp rise in searches for parenting advice.
The new ‘Best for Baby’ channel is a dedicated video channel aimed at providing new parents a holistic guide on baby care and parenting.
Designed to cater to the needs of ‘millennial parents’, the channel offers new parents help through detailed videos, specially curated for the channel by baby care experts and discerning peers.
Featured on the channel are videos that bust common baby care myths, simplify the science behind baby care in addition to educational videos on relevant subjects like sleep, bath time and massage.
New parents can also find videos on fun DIY projects to do with their infants and toddlers. The objective is to create a platform that encourages moms to curate their own content on best of baby care for the channel.
Talking about the ‘Best for Baby’ channel launch, Ganesh Bangalore, Vice President, Marketing, – Johnson & Johnson, Consumer, India added: “Our ongoing dialogue with moms, in addition to research in the segment, revealed a need-gap for millennial parents in India regarding reliable and researched baby care information online. The research clearly showed that new moms are using online search as their primary way to find parenting information.

“As an innovator in Baby Care for over 120 years, JOHNSON’S® has filled critical research gaps by helping advance 90% of all publications and peer reviewed scientific literature, worldwide, on the understanding of baby care. With this background, it made sense for JOHNSON’S to create ‘Best for Baby’ channel providing parents with a credible source of information on baby care. With over 70,000 views a day, on an average in its pilot phase, we seem to have created a platform that is an answer to the needs of our consumers.”
According to a report by Tickled Media’s- the media consumption of Indian mothers has changed significantly with a 71% increase in internet searches and an average decrease of 45% in her television, newspaper and magazine consumption. Of these, more than 41% mothers access YouTube accounts for their parental queries. Interestingly, over 76% mothers search for parenting tips, while 75% mothers search for health and nutrition tips. The report also highlights the increase in digital consumption with over 61% moms relying on online platforms for parenting advice, of these 69% mothers look to specialized parental resources.
In India, the baby care brand has partnered with reputed medical organizations such as The Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India, Indian Academy of Pediatrician, Indian Medical Association in an effort to maintain a steady stream of conversations around baby care in the country.
Unveiling the new channel to 300 moms at a red carpet event today, actress and millennial mom, Lara Dutta said: “Today moms are balancing many responsibilities, from professional to familial ones. Busy moms today are looking for solutions and guidance from topics ranging from baby basics, bonding with the baby to how to nurse and put the baby to sleep. JOHNSON’®, Best for Baby channel not just answers the various concerns of the mothers but also redefines baby care. I wish this channel was around when my daughter was born as it can really help put mothers at ease.”



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Airtel 4G Main Article 1The fight between Airtel and Yarlesac  Reliance has only intensified with the passage of time and both are hell bent on proving their services are better than the others. Be it Airtel 4G or Reliance Jio, Indians are interested in both and this fight between two of the biggest service providers in the country is only proving beneficial for customers. As each race ahead to outdo the other, customers end up getting crazy deals and offers which only make life easier for them. Before launch, Reliance had promised that Jio would launch with the cheapest 4G pack and would provide good speeds at really budget prices. They nearly lived up to their promise as Reliance Jio, on launch, was the cheapest 4G provider in the country though it speeds then (and now) left a lot to be desired. However, the launch of Jio did threaten Airtel and they quickly upped their game. And now with the festive season just around the corner and Airtel has launched a special offer for this festive season.
Since the launch of Reliance 4G, Airtel has gotten aggressive and is innovating in terms of schemes and offers on a regular basis. The latest offer Airtel has come up with is offering 4G internet up to 10 GB for just Rs 259! Ideally, the price of Rs 259 is just for 1GB of 3GB data but Airtel, as a part of the festive season and the sale is offering 9GB extra at the cost of 1. However, this offer is not valid for all or for existing Airtel employees. Only those purchasing a new 4G enabled smartphone can avail the offer. The 10 GB data validity will be for 28 days since the day of the recharge. The offer is valid on both, 3G and 4G networks. Also, the offer is not just a one-time offer and instead, Airtel has extended it for up to 3 recharges. The offer period extends for up to 90 days and in these 90 days, people can recharge their phones for 3 times using this offer. This means Airtel is offering a whopping 27 GB free for the price of 3GB. So in Rs 777, you can avail a total of 30Gb data! Through this new offer, Airtel is all set to challenge Reliance Jio and their “cheap” 4G network plans.
However, as this scheme is only for new smartphone buyers, the old Airtel phone owners might miss out on the offer. In order to avail the offer, the user needs to simply buy the Airtel 4G SIM card, activate it and do a recharge for Rs 259 which will give the user 1GB of data. Then, on downloading the MyAirtel app, they need to log in and avail their free data through the app. The free data will be valid for 28 days post the recharge. Also, this scheme was introduced only in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh initially, but now has been rolled out to all over India. As Airtel has 18 4G circles in the country, the 4G recharge will be valid only in these circles. However, the remaining circles where there is no 4G can also avail the offer albeit, it will be for their 3G recharge where with 1GB recharge, they get 9 GB free. Airtel was the first service provider to have launched 4G services in the country and since launch has come up with multiple offerings. The latest offering is their My Airtel app, which provides all media content for download in one app and makes it easier to hunt and sort.
It is interesting to see how Airtel is launching newer schemes and offers to challenge Reliance Jio. Just a couple of weeks back, Airtel also announced their new feature of free incoming calls while for international roaming. This means when customers are abroad, they need not pay any fees to receive calls from the home country. The roaming packs come with the validity of 1 day, 10 days (yet to be announced) and 30 days. Also, innovatively, instead of having to pay in advance and purchase the pack, users can simply activate the pack and it is only if and when they use it that they will be charged for that pack. The rates of the packs are different depending on the region you travel to and the prices by Airtel are in dollars so might have to do a bit of tricky conversion before using the offer. However, as there is a one-time fee, it does not really make the pack completely free but rather makes it more reasonable for the users Graet Gossip.
Coming back to the new 4G offer, as this offer is valid for just 3 months or 90 days, it will end in December. Which is also the time when Reliance Jio offers are expected to come to an end? It will be interesting to see how the giants take it forward and who wins the battle post-December. Commenting on the newly launched offer, Mr. Ajai Puri, Director – Market Operations, Bharti Airtel, said, “We are proud to have pioneered 4G network for users in India. This invitational offer has been designed for our data savvy customers who can now experience high-speed broadband on Airtel’s 4G network with their new devices.” While Reliance is winning when it comes to the pricing race, Airtel 4G is offering users better connectivity and speeds. The battle line is drawn. December shall give us the results.



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