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Android utility app suite SooperMo, operated by Gurgaon-based SooperMo App studio Pte Ltd, has raised $100,000 (Rs 67 lakh) in seed funding from Dubai-based entrepreneur Lalit Vase. The vase is Red Entertainment Distribution FZCO, a distributor of interactive entertainment software in the Middle East region. The startup plans to use the capital raised to launch the beta version of its utility apps in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, and co-founder Pushkar Sinha told Techcircle.

The apps suite is expected to hit the Google Play Store in the first week of November.

Launched earlier this year by Sinha and Tapan Pandey, SooperMo is a single package of utilities that includes disk and battery optimization, clean-up, privacy control, SPAM SMS blocker, and malware app, checker. The apps suite comes bundled with a brand engagement module that will reward users for engaging with the app daily. The apps will come in a freemium model.


Both Sinha and Pandey previously worked with desktop-based utility companies Disk Doctor Labs Inc. and Remo Software. Earlier this year, the company raised its first round of funding led by Raj Hajela, the founder and director of mobile e-commerce company Estel Technologies. In addition, Estel’s chief operating officer Deepak Luthra also participated in the round. With a majority stakeholding in SooperMo, Hajela undertakes an advisory role in the startup.

SooperMo competes with global brands such as Clean Master and CC Cleaner, among others.

In India, AppsDaily Solutions Pvt. Ltd develops products that include mobile anti-virus, mobile insurance, backup solutions, mobile privacy, SOS, mobile utilities, and games. The company raised $2 million (around Rs 13.5 crore) in a bridge round of funding in July this year from Kalaari Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Russian venture capital fund run-Net, and Zodius Technology Opportunities Fund. AppsDaily had previously raised $26 million in funding.


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Android as a working system has had some terrific achievements over the previous few years. For a while, Android producers took a back seat to Apple; Android became excellent. However, iOS was higher, the critics stated. Over a previous couple of years, Android’s success has critics seeing the Apple enemy in an entire new mild, with some suggesting that the destiny of the phone industry lies with Android producers and not with the Apple Corporation – a corporation that many as soon as a concept becomes invincible and beyond fail.

Android’s success was presupposed to come to be an amazing factor; it changed into speculated to assist Android producers in seeing the fulfillment that they may acquire and propel them to heights of which they’d by no means dreamed. Android’s fulfillment changed into purported to be the inducement and impact its manufacturers had to surpass Apple and iOS. I fear the worst, however: with Android’s rising fulfillment, its manufacturers are beginning to see their personal man or woman organizations as “superstars,” dividing Android, once a cohesive entire, into individual portions or fragments. We are getting ready for the fragmentation of Android.

Before you placed this article down and walk away, allow me to explain. Earlier this week at the International CES, LG Electronics announced that the Nexus 4 turned into best the first of collaborative efforts with Google:

“Through our collaboration with Google, we launched the LG Nexus four telephone. This is the primary of many gadgets to return from our developing partnership with this very selective business enterprise” (underline mine).

What this indicates is that we can stay up for a Nexus 5 and six, in all likelihood a “Nexus 9” or “Nexus eleven” one in all in recent times (depending on how the Nexus smartphones are named, in contrast to the Nexus pills). Sometime after LG made this statement, however, the International Business Times claimed that “the Nexus 4 manufacturing ‘is said to have [been] halted,’ with LG interested in building its next-gen devices” (Chris Smith, “Nexus four production reportedly halted, as LG is specializing in destiny smartphones, Nexus five blanketed?”).

What is that this meant to intend? To be blunt, LG has determined to abandon the Nexus four in favor of its personal smartphones. Supposedly, the LG Optimus G has made the enterprise grow confident in shifting forward to develop its personal motive. As for its assignment with Google? Well, LG appears to paintings with them in the future, but no particular time body turned into given wherein the 2 organizations would come together. Consumers who desired to get their palms on a Nexus four at the moment are left watching for the subsequent Nexus venture (which might be in 12 months or two).

In an article I wrote on the Google X Phone, I said that it’d not be a wise circulate for Google to push Samsung out of the manner. I assumed that Samsung would need to live within the Android manufacturing organization. While Samsung’s phones have made Android the OS to be envied, Samsung has also been working on an OS of its personal: Tizen. Reports have surfaced inside the closing two weeks that Samsung will produce extra Tizen phones this year than ever before. What this indicates is that Samsung, which has never gone public about its “OS inside the wings,” intends to sell its personal OS in its very own hardware this 12 months. Some say that this is in reaction to Google’s plans to create an X telephone; thinking about that Google posted its declaration first, I might no longer be amazed if Samsung’s selection to press forward has something to do with Google’s preference to rule Android (and Samsung’s desire to rule Tizen).


Now, LG has advanced and made the equal pass as Google: determining to put its very own paintings ahead of the partnership among itself and Google. LG’s pass can also be a political reaction to Google’s X telephone assertion: given that Google is moving ahead with its very own cellphone, LG seems to do the identical. Unlike Google or Samsung but, it no longer has the monetary sources to preserve generating one line of smartphones even as working on a new line, so it has determined to tug its resources together and start on some other phone (past the LG Optimus G and Nexus 4). What this says to the client is the following: “whilst LG and Google produced a first-class smartphone collectively, not anything topics more than our own cell phone line and organization called. If left to pick out between our telephones and a partnership cellphone, the companion phone challenge may be the primary to head.” This does no longer bode properly for a corporation that, until the Optimus G and Nexus four, became unknown for its cellphone collections.

With Google’s flow to create a one hundred% Google phone, Samsung’s move to have its personal independent Tizen OS, and LG’s withdrawal from its Google project to pursue its very own line, we have the start of what’s referred to as “the fragmentation of Android.” This curious assertion refers to the breakdown of a unified OS, a group of cellphone and software program manufacturers who, once unified, are determined to head their personal separate ways and create their own Android flavors that stick out from the relaxation. The fragmentation of Android refers to the breakdown of a unified OS into person businesses and their tech achievements. In other phrases, businesses that once said, “it is approximately we” (a couple of producers) will now say “It’s approximately me” (our one enterprise)!

This mindset, lamentably, will show detrimental to Android as a whole. Android has grown to be a hit thru no longer simplest its cohesion, however also its diversity. The variety of the Android atmosphere, operating together with the settlement of its hardware producers, has stored the running device collectively – even though the times while it struggled to compete with Apple’s iOS. There is team spirit in variety and diversity in unity, and these concepts have made Android what it’s far today. Unfortunately, Android producers are beginning to agree that there can be no variety in team spirit (handiest in the department); this mindset will allow Apple to divide and overcome its method to remain on pinnacle within the phone international.

Apple has made its success happen with a dictatorial, special approach. The organization produces its personal OS and keeps stern control over its companies and plans. It does the whole lot for itself, and simplest does what it wants to do. Samsung had already shown in 2012, whilst it beat Apple within the closing sector ($8.3 billion vs. Apple’s $eight.2 billion), working with Google has been a successful challenge, as opposed to going on the tech industry by myself. Now that Samsung has verified that “there may be no ‘I’ in ‘crew,'” Android manufacturers must do what they can maintain to push their economic earnings above that of Apple. This yr, but, Android producers are starting to think that they can accomplish extra on their own than they can in collaboration with others. This is a dangerous attitude, a good way to most effectively depart a route of destruction in the back of. The fact is in the sales: If consumers are compelled to choose between organizations in place of operating systems, Google and Samsung will rack up income while businesses consisting of HTC, LG, and other lesser-regarded names will lose within the smartphone warfare.


Englishman John Donne once wrote the statement, “No man is an island”; if that is real, Donne’s phrases could not be truer than in the current Android situations. Android’s achievement has come via its collaboration and innovation – a mixture rather than isolation. Take away one of the two elements of the equation, and the Android “I-land” will become nothing in any respect.

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Shopping is either natural bliss or torture, depending on who you ask. Regardless of which give up of the spectrum you are on, Android apps will help you shop money and will let you turn out to be a more efficient consumer (which I’m certain appeals to most of you). So what does that entail? It’ll deliver the shopaholics more bang for their dollar; that’s never a horrific factor. Perhaps even extra importantly, those Android apps will provide hoplophobes what they definitely crave- much less time in the stores!

The pure power and capability of those Android apps can really make shopping truly an all-new enjoy. No, be counted if these apps characteristic as a purchasing listing, database, storefront, or a supplemental understanding supply; they’re all squarely aimed at one component: in case you use them, they’ll save you cash!

You’re getting a feeling like Android shopping apps, in trendy, would possibly assist you, right? Well, here are 10 Android apps so one can save you money at the same time as they help you satisfy all of your shopping needs and desires. Oh, and did I mention that each one of these ten is completely FREE to download?


Want to understand greater about an item you noticed at the rack? Just use SnapTell to test the barcode of any CD, DVD, ebook, or video game, and you’ll be able to get all of the facts you may, in all likelihood, want. What type of statistics? Well, in case you want a few extra cursory records, that’ll work. Most appreciably, if you want to see how the charge stacks up to different distributors, it may try this for you in seconds. This app could be a large time money-saver for you if you make an effort to use it earlier than you’re making that subsequent media buy!


Key Ring Reward Cards

This is a total available app to consolidate all your clutter in your purse/wallet whilst ensuring you do not lose precious praise/loyalty playing cards. How does it work? All you do is take a picture of the barcode of your reward card (pretty much any first-rate sized enterprise with a rewards program is in the database- over 650 programs) and enter some fundamental records about the store. That’s it; you’re now equipped to use your telephone as your reward card at that save within the future through pulling up your reward information from that keep in this Android app. It’s probably not for non-techies or folks that crave severe simplicity. It is, however, a remarkable concept and era a good way to absolute confidence get crisper within the destiny.

If you don’t mind sporting all of your reward playing cards and potentially dropping one or alongside the manner (and having to suffer thru the wait to update the card), this loose Android app sounds like a waste of time. But, if the extra inch of now not-so-gentle plastic padding for your rump (or the misuse of perfectly suitable purse space- not to mention the ability lack of ability to use your chic tiny handbag out purchasing) isn’t always idyllic, this app is worth the short while to download and get the entirety set up nicely.


This is the ideal app for the satisfied, busy family of Android phone users. It lets the kids to ad infinitum add all their essential ingredients. When the objects are bought, they may be eliminated from the list (on all of the Android telephones it’s registered to), and then, 4 hours later, they can, without problems, be brought again onto the list! Joking apart, this is a remarkable app to have the brand new-age hyper-busy, hyper-tech households that need to come to be extra green.

Hey, it fees quite a few cash to preserve buying that more loaf of bread that your husband/spouse (or maybe you- thanks to that undecided hmmm, do not we want bread moment even though you simply bought loaves the day gone by- sure you’re not by me!) picked up and will grow to be turning inexperienced earlier than each person has a chance to make a sandwich with it.

OI Shopping list

This app absolutely named the OpenIntents Shopping list, is like the OurGroceries for the single oldsters obtainable. A family wouldn’t benefit from this app; it simply has more capabilities, and it is now not excellent in shape like the other app is for families that want an easy technique to keep up on their today’s buying needs. That being said, this app is a powerful workhorse and can clearly turn out to be saving you countless hours and some first-rate cash at year’s quit.


US Yellow Pages Search

This is one of the more useful free Android apps available, and I’ll be honest, it would not be one hundred% healthy with the subject matter of supporting you save cash while buying. I ought to argue that it does, however for simplicity, I’ll use an old cliche: Time is Money! Saving a while is as proper as saving coins on those busy days out and about. Having this app on your Android telephone is like having 300 first-rate-thick Yellowbook from all around the US stuffed into your back pocket. Not a bad factor if you tour a respectable quantity or enjoy living outside of your house. It’s just a remarkable resource to have handy for those instances while you want to find a commercial enterprise’s range fast.


This authentic app brings eBay to your Android telephone. It’s a form of crazy. However, I assume I like this UI better than the real internet site on my computer. I don’t know if that’s an amazing aspect of a horrific. Nonetheless, it gives you a concept that this Android app turned into evolved efficiently and definitely hits the mark. That is, in case you’re an eBay fan; if you’re now not, sorry!


Like eBay’s Android app, this splendor from Amazon brings all the functionality from the full-sized internet site for your Android telephone. It’s the first-rate how seamless this transition seems for those massive resellers. This is a first-rate thing for us, though!


The closing of the GIANT resellers’ Android apps on this list, I promise. Well, kind of: if you don’t include Groupon for your listing of “resellers,” I haven’t lied to you. So, if you’ve ever used Craigslist, you know how essential it’s miles to test out a potential “killer object” within five minutes of it being published and sooner or later be the primary handful of humans to touch the seller to have any hopes of actually ending up with it to your ownership.

That being stated, if you use Craigslist and you have an Android smartphone, YOU NEED THIS APP NOW! Haha, sorry to scream. If you’re going to apply this portal of goodness with the hopes of sooner or later buying something you want/need, you have to have immediate get entry to newly published items. The simplest way to do this (I’m taking liberties assuming you are not a recluse and on your house computer 24/7) is to have access “on-the-move” to immediate notifications on your set of gadgets that hobby you and also a manner of viewing them. This app performs each of those vital movements and does them properly.

*Please, for your sake, in case you want to be the fellow (gal) bragging approximately the brilliant deal you bought on the “coolest element within the world” rather than the now not-so-glad model of you sadly telling the story approximately “the one that got away” to anyone who will pay attention, download this app!*


This is the professional app from the immensely famous and unexpectedly growing Groupon website. This site has a “cult-like” following (not in a bad way!) which really advantages its customers. The extra humans that use their offerings, the more offers are offered to the users, which helps anybody shop an awesome sum of money! This loose Android app ensures which you’re never out of the “Groupon loop,” and you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the attractive offers anywhere you will be.

The Coupons App

Another cash-saving coupon app? Yes! That’s all I can say- the potentialities of saving a dollar on this financial system is a powerful pressure, it appears. I’m nearly a piece amazed at myself that I failed to completely inundate this “shopping list” with coupon apps (patting myself on the shoulder for spreading out the love). If only I should cross lower back in time to 1989 and use this app in preference to clipping 500-plus coupons from the Sunday paper (for my mother). Well, the ones had been proper times- minus the paper cuts.

What’s this Android app going to do for you? Anything and everything coupon-related; it brings the coupons with you to your cell phone and allows you to locate new ones even while you are at the store! That’s quite remarkable for those people not commanding “Top CEO” salaries…


Honorable Mention:

There’s the handiest one unfastened Android app that I could do not forget putting on this list. The cause is as it’s possibly the maximum essential app for everyone to download nowadays. I bear in mind it more of an “obligatory app” than an Android shopping app, and that’s why it’s right here.

The app I’m talking about is the Barcode Scanner. Among other matters, it permits you to browse the net on your pc and take a photo of the QR Code of an app you’re inquisitive about downloading. Once the code is processed (which takes little or no time- speak me seconds), the corresponding Android app’s download page seems in the Google Marketplace! It’s that easy and works like an appeal when you get beyond the fast “operator mistakes” degree that plagues most people.

If you enjoyed this article and need to read greater “Top Ten” Android Apps articles find it irresistible, go to my Android Apps Blog [http://best-android-apps-and-games.Com] where I upload new content material as a minimum each different day!

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Time turned into when Google developer conferences buzzed around Google Maps, Web device kit, and so forth. But from the ultimate convention onwards, the limelight becomes on Android and Chrome in that order. Perhaps the humongous opportunity resting on smartphones has sunk deep into Google. A reality acknowledged by Larry Page himself while he quipped that he would like to run the business enterprise via his phone.

Google has sought to integrate its different products with Android and replace them in Android while not replacing Android to shape their incompatibility.


As cited in the previous paragraph, Android aficionados see a silver lining out of the limited Android updates. Blogs are rife with how functions introduced from this version onwards do not necessarily need a replacement in the OS. It affords fodder for settlement because the fundamental premise for changing an OS’ model is to permit it to play all of the programs, be it historical or futuristic. The numerous versions and configurations (of man or woman cell hardware organizations like Samsung, HTC, Sony, and so forth) of Android created large firewalls to updating even the proprietary Google apps; apps that provide the critical Android revel in. Google, via its function, replace, correctly tackles the problem of fragmentation as Google+, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, apps which can be present in Android from versions Froyo onwards a well as Google Music All Access which can be delivered now can all are living in versions Froyo onwards without the want of an replace. It appears the problem of fragmentation has been, with any luck, nailed.

Android Studio: this update does have the call android stamped on it! Meaning it’s miles Android in particular. The news is that Google plans to introduce Android Studio to replace the prevailing Eclipse development environment for Android apps. Google collaborated with JetBrains to create the Android Studio. Of path, this development has a few free ends to tie up, but Google feels this IDE, while released, could assist Android builders in growing their productiveness. Here’s how it can assist:

It combines the competencies of Maven and Ant to construct flexible and variedly flavored solutions.
Excellent code editing competencies, which include locating inline assets and Android precise customizations. It is boosted with the aid of superior editor UI that allows drag-drop of widgets, simulate output view in unique hardware configurations, and even preview while modifying in XML.
Provides deep analytical capability to become aware of all varieties of insects
Provides wizards primarily based on preset templates and additional access to different Google offerings.
Provides for smooth migration of projects from Eclipse (as export) or import into Studio (existing Eclipse IDE projects).

Google has, like Android OS, made Android Studio free and open supply, which will be the sweetener.

Google Play: Android builders can use the Google Play services you purchased the preferred APIs to assemble maps, games, or social media (examine Google+) on Android devices (mobiles or pills).

Gaming: entertainment is moving to handheld devices by using droves, putting a top rate on offering the equal person enjoy as in pc/gaming console. Google has stepped up the user revel in by introducing the following functions:

Leaderboards: a maximum of one hundred leaderboards, each public and social, are furnished to permit builders to interact with customers by permitting them to compare rankings with different players. Leaderboards are created automatically for each day, weekly, month-to-month, or customized variations. Rewards gadget: developers can praise users for carrying out the game to supply standard or incremental achievements that can be viewed in a personal interface. They can use the developer consoles to govern the achievements.

Google presents the Cloud Saving APIs to save sports reputation and settings on a cloud. Developers can permit users to ask different players about the sport or play with random customers with the most restriction pegged at four. Google allows the development of place aware apps with the aid of providing the following APIs:

Geofencing APIs: this API is used to outline geographical obstacles. It also affords the subsequent options:

to create alert filters for clients exiting a particular place
modify updates of location in response to locomotion habit(like on foot, riding, or driving)of the client (see Activity popularity API)
add or delete geographical obstacles
Fused area issuer: this API uses an underlying schema to offer the apt results for your question on places, even complicated stage queries. It is quick, flexible, and utilizes lesser battery electricity.

Activity recognition issuer: this API uses energy sensors to discover the purchaser’s modern pastime, for instance, driving, walking, riding, idling, and so forth. This is utilized in tandem with the Geofencing API to offer the apt updates to the client.

Single Sign-on thru Google+: accounting for the truth that customers alternate cellular devices frequently. Those gadgets may also run the exclusive OS; Google offers the API to sign up via Google+ on any device. This obliterates the want to make services like Google Wallet, Games, Plus device particular. There are libraries for those services that respond to the automobile sign request the usage of their method.

Google Cloud Messaging: Google has made it possible to check-in apps using its Single Method. It also gives messaging to 3rd birthday party servers through its bi-directional messaging (XMPP) the use of Cloud Connection Server. Users can synchronize notifications throughout gadgets with the use of Google’s APIs for user notification.

Google Play Developer Console: Google has been helping its huge Android developer network, and this yr’s convention brought the fillip to it.

App Translation Service: The localization help team from Google allows you to avail yourself translation services for a nominal fee and put up the strings to be translated into the language of your preference. If required, it activates the apt localization string in the app snapshots, APK, or the About the product sections. This sooner or later allows developers attain out to a wider target audience.

Analytics and Monetization: Keep track of the overall performance of an app grow to be less difficult. Google Play and Google Analytics provide complementing offerings like app views and downloads, and engagement metrics. Google has introduced the order repute API to permit builders to view the order reputation of an in-app from their servers. It has also decided not to fee take a look at bills for in-app to look at purchases.

Alpha and Beta trying out and Staged Rollouts: Google has introduced the alpha-beta checking out to let builders break up their apps into variations, alpha, and beta, and get them tested by exclusive person corporations. If wanted, testers for Google+ also can be added to test these variations.

Henceforth, developers can roll out updates best to their apps to a batch of customers to gauge their remarks. Developers can set the percentage of customers who could be the use of the update.



Perhaps for the ones waiting for Android handiest chants at the Google I/O 2013, it might be a dampener. But for the ones familiar with the maverick that Google is will vouch for the intelligent manner are gone about indulging the Android community. Updates to Google Play, its offerings, the launch of the Android Studio, cloud messaging, and the capability to signal into Google services sans OS or hardware requirements are significant game-changers. In brief, it’s miles about updating functions sans the want to replace OS.

Google’s I/O 2013 changed into an Android winner in a hush-hush manner!

*Androider= keen on Android who swears by it anytime, anywhere!

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At a media discussion board on Thursday, July eight, 2010, at the Allen & Co’s Sun Valley conference, Google executives Larry Page and Sergey Brin knowledgeable Journalists that Steve Jobs turned into re-writing Android’s history to align with Apple’s hobbies. They argued that contrary to Steve Jobs’s claims Google had been running on Android long earlier than the iPhone was launched in 2007.

According to Mr. Page: “We had been running on Android for a very long time, with the perception of manufacturing phones which might be internet-enabled and have appropriate browsers and all that because that did not exist inside the market vicinity. I suppose that the characterization of people as coming in after the iPhone was delivered is not clearly reasonable. ” Google co-founder Larry Page opined that Mr. Jobs declare that Google went into the telephone commercial enterprise if you want to project Apple iPhone became false.

However, an assessment of telephone history will display that Google acquired Android in 2005 and started making phone prototypes soon afterward. Informed sources say the version of the Android telephones that Mr. Jobs saw at that point appeared more like the Blackberry. This indicates that Google’s preliminary idea might not have been to make phones appear to be the iPhone.

Now the question most industry watchers are asking is if Google has been operating on an Android-powered phone. Why did they wait until September 2008 a 12 months after the iPhone was released, to introduce the G1 telephone? In addition, the records advise that it become due to tensions over Google’s access to the phone commercial enterprise, which could contribute to the go out of Mr. Eric Schmidt from the Apple board. Analysts agree that Google might also have been running on an Android-powered cellphone before the iPhone became added. Still, the iPhone was regarded to have given them better insights into perfecting their personal cellphone. This is, in particular, authentic given the resemblance of the Nexus One to the iPhone.

An additional affirmation of Google’s reason for launching the Android phones could be gleaned from the feedback they made on the Google I/O conference held remaining May. At the occasion, Google explained that they introduced Android to purchasers so that Apple could not collect sizable effects that could turn out to be draconian.

Smartphone Market

In addition, the information appears to signify that Google went into the cellphone enterprise following the belief that the destiny of computing might be in portable devices like phones and tablet computers. As a result, they went into the telephone commercial enterprise to dominate web seek on that platform, just like they had finished at the computing device. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, supports this belief in the posted feedback he made in an interview with the UK Guardian newspaper on June 25th, 2010. In that interview, Mr. Schmidt cautioned that he wishes Android to be the Windows of Mobile.

Also, in that equal interview, Mr. Schmidt made vital comments approximately Microsoft Windows. He said: “You ought to ask how on the planet Windows Phone – on the way to have a paid-for license – is ever going to attract any handset makers. However, it must be loudest for builders thinking about whether the shrinking, forwards-incompatible pool of Windows Mobile phones is truly really worth bothering with.”

In the assessment, Apple seems to have long passed into the telephone commercial enterprise as a re-positioning method and intending to make massive revenue from the sale of the clever cellphone hardware itself. Also, with the advent of clever telephones, Apple realized that there was a big ability inside the location of Mobile Advertising. This was why they sought to accumulate Admob. While Apple turned into negotiating to buy Admob that’s a cellular Advertising enterprise, Google quickly stepped in and bought Admob. As a result, Apple went ahead to acquire Quatro wi-fi which’s Admob’s biggest competitor. In response to Google’s acquisition of Admob, Apple has re-written the rules of its mobile advertising platform known as the and therefore shutting out Admob, which have been received with the aid of Google.

As the smartphone struggle rages on Bloomberg, information reports that Apple has sold more than 50 million iPhones seeing that its creation. According to Apple CEO, Steve Jobs the contemporary model, iPhone four has offered more than 3 million units when you consider its June 24, 2010, debut. Analysts agree with iPhones account for nearly 35 percent of Apple’s $42. Nine billion revenue. Also, the iPhone has over two hundred, 000 packages with over 5 billion downloads to date.

The fast boom of programs in Apple’s surroundings might be traced to the business enterprise’s initial incentive to builders. For example, at the beginning, which allows you to encourage Applications to run on the iPhone, Apple made an indirect investment under a $one hundred million mission-capital fund installation by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Today Apple has paid over one billion dollars to builders when you consider that inception.

Apple’s achievement has spurred other gamers within the phone market like HP, LG, RIM, Google, Palm, Nokia, and Microsoft to develop cell stores wherein clients with cellular structures pay and download programs.

Like Apple, Google has reached its Android-powered smartphones as income has continued to thrust dramatically upward. An affirmation of Android’s boom may be gleaned from the wonderful feedback made by using Google’s Senior VP of Product Management, Jonathan Rosenberg, in July 2010. According to Mr. Rosenberg, there are 160 000 Android-based totally devices being activated daily. He said that Android seek grew by 300 percent within the first half of 2010, with a robust increase predicted to continue within the second half of.

Mr. Rosenberg introduced that normal sales jumped by 24 percentage 12 months-on-12 months, and income accelerated via 19 percent, as nicely. Informed reports display that as of May 2010, there were 50 000 Android Apps; however, today, they’re over 70, 000 and by using the stop of the year, they need to attain a hundred, 000. In addition, Google has attempted to inspire builders of packages for the Android working device thru a competition. Also, in step with facts made to be had by way of Andro Lib, Android customers have downloaded more than one billion utility to date.


Interestingly, another degree of the success of the Google Android telephone may be seen from nice figures published by way of HTC, the Taiwanese phone manufacturer inside the 2d sector of 2010. The agency in July 2010 introduced that its net income rose by 33 percent for the second zone, and overall sales turned into 58 percent greater than ultimate years figures. According to the Wall Street Journal, for the second region of 2010, HTC made earnings of $268 million.

The rise in the profit of HTC is a mirrored image of the fulfillment of Google because analysts agree that it is Android phones which are riding the agency’s boom. The wide recognition of HTC’s Google Android-powered phones like Evo 4G, the Droid Incredible, the Google Nexus One, and T-Mobile-My Touch 3 are assisting to place HTC as the main smartphone manufacturer.

A pointer to the rapid boom of Google’s Android will be discerned from the reality that Comscore reported on July 8, 2010. Google’s Android platform grew to utilize forty-four percent from February to May. According to Comscore, in the three 3-month time frame from December to February, Android had a median market proportion of approximately nine percent of the cellphone’s inside the United States. However, in the following 3-month time frame, from March to May, the Android market proportion grew to about thirteen percent.

Remarkably despite the growth in Android’s market proportion, the Comscore document showed that as of July 2010, RIM became primary with forty-one. 7 percent share of U. S. Phone subscribers, followed by Apple with 24.4 percent share. Microsoft changed into third with thirteen.2 percentage; Google’s Android was 4th with 13 percentage, and Palm was fifth with a 4.8 percentage market proportion. Market analysts say a review of the totality of the Market will tend to signify that Android is growing at a fee to see it outpace all its competitors.

The Google-Apple face-off within the clever smartphone market is growing to be like the Apple -Microsoft battle of the ’80s and ninety’s. In the Apple-Microsoft conflict of the ’90s, Microsoft gained aggressive benefit over Apbecausefact at the same time Microsoft became forming partnerships with PC ven; Applepple stored its running system closed for use in simplest its very own computer structures. In that kind of arrangement, Microsoft Windows soared in marketplace proportion even as Apple stagnated.

In the existing case, Google’s Android platform is growing rapidly because its miles lose so many handset producers display a desire for it. Also, and is available on multiple vendors like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. However, the Apple iPhone Os runs simplest on an unmarried tool -the Apple iPhone and one carrier ATT. Experts believe if this fashion maintains it which can result in a slow increase for the iPhone in destiny.

Industry resources say it can be fair to make comparisons among Apple iPhone and other smartphones strolling on Android on a man or woman foundation to decide how well each one stacks up towards the iPhone. Experts accept as true that together the smartphones jogging on Android may also, in the end, have extra market share than the Apple iPhone smartphone that is an unmarried device, however for my part, not one of the Android telephones might in all likelihood outsell the iPhone which is regarded as the fastest-selling smart cellphone in records.


A pointer to the future of the telephone marketplace will seem like it is contained in the latest record posted by IDC, a Market intelligence organization. According to IDC’s evaluation utilizing 2013, Symbian can be the number one cellular OS worldwide, even as Android could be the No. 2. IDC predicts that Android may also, in all likelihood, reap the quickest increase of any cell working gadget ever.

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Mobile Development Platforms Comparison


Software giants like Google are disrupting the otherwise safe and installed players inside the mobile software improvement enterprise. Newcomers like Android have caused great structural modifications on the future of cell application improvement to impose their guidelines. These modified surroundings no longer most effective bring additional possibilities. However, they additionally add positive constraints. Developers these days need to assess their alternatives and determine how they can benefit from these modified surroundings.

While cellular computing has caught the attention of utility developers, little or no paintings were done to look at the programming ease of this technology. We can check the maximum broadly available cell development environments – Android and Windows Mobile and explore and verify those options from a developer’s perspective.


Android was released through Google in 2007 as an open supply platform for mobile software development for smartphones. The Android platform becomes launched as a part of the Open Handset Alliance. The primary goal of this alliance is to installation open requirements for smartphones. Android is basically a Linux primarily based, open supply running gadget for mobiles. As a mobile running device, it permits developers to create managed codes in Java through using Java libraries evolved with the aid of Google. Android offers a cell running device including an improvement surrounding; it also gives a custom virtual gadget referred to as the Dalvik Virtual Machine for walking packages and acts as the middleware in between the running system and the code. When it comes to application improvement, Android allows the use of 2D as well as 3-d picture libraries, advanced network skills together with 3G, Edge, and WLAN, and a customized SQL engine for chronic storage.


Windows Mobile

Developed with the aid of Microsoft, Window Mobile is a running system for mobile devices. Based on the Microsoft Windows CE 5.0, Windows Mobile is used as a working gadget on many smartphones, PDAs, and touch screen devices. Windows Mobile helps the creation of custom-written programs in controlled as well as native codes. The Application Programming Interface (API) in Windows Mobile is extensible and has rich capabilities at the side of a programmable layer. Besides that, Windows Mobile additionally takes benefit of the talents provided by way of Microsoft.Net surroundings.

We will evaluate those systems and carefully have a look at their strengths and weaknesses. The platforms will be compared on the premise of implementation and performance components and developer assistance. We have chosen these criteria for the assessment as they constitute the maximum essential aspects of cellular software program builders.


We will use continual storage as the idea for evaluating the implementation factor. The era used for continual garage in cellular era varies between diverse mobile development environments. Both Windows Mobile and Android have the potential to use an on-device database that facilitates less complicated manipulation and extraction of facts. Also, as a way, as local report garage is worried, both environments help reminiscence playing cards for added storage space. However, the difference lies in the way the storage area is exploited. While Android can’t deploy applications on reminiscence playing cards, Windows Mobile permits it. Both Android and Windows Mobile systems have a relational database. Also, on both platforms, the libraries have quite some useful endurance functions. Once the libraries were initialized, entry to a database is available through an object-oriented interface that can be, without problems, accessed by using builders.


Performance figures are critical for each user as well as developers. The performance comparison of the 2 structures might be completed based on the report size. The fundamental purpose of measuring file size is to get a better idea of the configuration and the run time dependencies that are protected in packaged packages.

Android packages come packaged in apk (Android Package) files. The. APK record normally has a set of.DEX (Android software files) files function as a single application document for utilization inside the Android platform. The. APK record is essentially the compressed version of the contents within the ‘Android manifest.XML’ record.

Windows Mobile applications make use of cab documents for software packaging and deployment. The first step whilst creating a distributable file involves packaging the application in a CAB (Cabinet) file. This CAB file can be deployed to different gadgets where it could be multiplied and mounted. A CAB record is largely an executable archive that contains the software, resources, dependencies like DLLs, and other resource files.

A comparative take look at of cell improvement environments turned into performed with Tom Morten Gronli, Jarle Hansen, and Gheorghita Ghinea, of Brunel University, London. In this comparative observation, a demo example software was turned into created in both the Windows Mobile and Android development platforms to illustrate the deployment record length for every utility. The demo instance utility turned into a simple program that published a line of text on the display screen. The result from the code instance turned into as follows:


The deployment size of the demo software inside the Windows Mobile environment was 2.Eight KB.
The deployment size of the demo software inside the Android surroundings was nine—3 KB.
The file sizes as denoted have been with no obfuscator or shrinker software program. This is the sort of document that an end-user might both download or get shipped and then hooked up to his/her tool. As may be visible from above, the demo application in Windows Mobile had a record length of two. Eight KB at the same time as Android turned into approximately three times the scale at 9.Three KB. This serves as an indication of the entire quantity of configuration documents and runtime dependencies which must be bundled at the side of every of the patron programs. When it involves the quantity of traces of code, Windows Mobile required the handiest eleven traces, whereas Android wished 28.

Developer Support Comparison

Developer assist is a fantastically critical element regarding gaining speed and niceness all through the development method. While each cell improvement system does have similarities, there are a few particular differences in the developer guide. The differences emerge as clearer when we take the incorporated developer environment (IDE) and the tooling into attention.

The most effective choice for improvement in Windows Mobile is Visual Studio, which Microsoft again develops. With Visual Studio, Windows Mobile wishes Microsoft backing earlier than it can affect and ship new features in the IDE. The network can handiest make suggestions but does not have any direct effect. However, there’s an advantageous facet of consistency assured. Also, the first-rate approval process applied through Microsoft while delivering new products will guarantee satisfaction.

On the alternative hand, there are several tooling alternatives for Android, with pretty some IDEs. Android has open-source groups that contribute to IDE improvement by way of supplying and assuring the quality of plugin functionalities for the software program. However, the multiple IDE environments may be quite a venture for retaining consistency and a fine warranty. Consistency becomes an undertaking as extension functions may be had for only some competing IDEs. Quality warranty becomes a chief task as development achieved with the aid of the community isn’t always governed by using a not unusual standard for first-class required before making the newly incorporated developer environment feature available. Quality warranty of the delivered code is important for turning in convenient merchandise. These elements can potentially make code and application portability between environments impossible.

One of the differences between the Android and the Windows Mobile improvement systems is that developer help, and excellent warranty is concerned becomes greater apparent within the testing environment. Let us take closer to observe this all through unit checking out of both improvement systems.

Unit testing is essentially a high-quality guarantee and validation tool for checking out a small computer or cellular application elements. The aim is to have each segment remoted and tested one by one. This will help to isolate and guarantee the nice of the distinctive units of the utility.

Unit trying out for Android is considerably honest as the API makes use of the JUnit test framework. The JUnit framework enforces hierarchical business enterprise of the various test units that is a prime benefit. Besides that, the JUnit pattern guarantees the independence of the check units as well as minimizes interference. This is completed by first growing, after which destroying these days created a test environment, before and after every check method is administered. Android even takes JUnit a step further via allowing on tool trying out of the code. Here the test libraries are included as part of Android’s well-known libraries.

However, one task with Android’s on tool trying out as compared to Windows Mobile is the consequences’ readability. Android’s on-device checks don’t have a consumer interface that can display the test’s consequences. To view outcomes of the take a look at, a handler that offers callbacks from Android’s test runner has to be carried out.

Windows Mobile alternatively exhibits an excessive degree of readability and visibility, whilst the Android platform is a bit difficult to apply to performance. The problem with Android is the dearth of remarks that are issued robotically via visible equipment in the incorporated development environment in Windows Mobile.


Windows Mobile implements a version of the xUnit framework. The code for test training is saved in a separate project, although it remains interior one answer in the IDE. Like Android, Windows Mobile’s xUnit trying out additionally allows on tool checking out. The biggest distinction here, as noted earlier, is its take a look at comments. Windows Mobile has an extra complete person interface that offers remarks based totally on each check run. This makes it easier for developers to apprehend better which check succeeded and why a specific test failed.

Debugging guide is also vital for application development as it is a real-time step-by-step code execution, which could assist find and connect insects. The debugging manner may be depending on the included development environment to carry out its mission. Both Windows Mobile and Android platforms support grade-by-grade debugging. Besides that, both systems additionally include an on-device debugging feature that we could a software run on a cellular tool even as debugging runs inside the IDE.


Both Android and Windows Mobile benefit from being closely included with the cellular smartphone’s working device. This is what outcomes in notable integration between the mobile tool and the improved environment. The primary strength of Windows Mobile is its near connection with Microsoft as a sole seller. This ensures the steadiness of the development surroundings and an excessive pleasant guarantee in terms of functions enabled for application developers. On the other hand, Android has introduced a thrilling way of dispensing apps through the Android market.

As the Windows Mobile improvement platform is a product from Microsoft, it’s far Visual Studio based totally. Visual Studio additionally is based on the Windows operating machine, so you haven’t any desire here. For Android, however, Google gives the Eclipse plugin. Developers aren’t locked into Eclipse as both IntelliJ IDEA and Netbeans offer developer help. This way that builders are unfastened to choose the IDE and working gadget they need. Development ease in diverse regions can have a major influence on selecting the cell improvement platform for creating assistive environment applications.

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The world needs no introduction regarding the contention between iOS and Android smart telephones. While the packages and facilities supplied with each Android and iOS running structure aid are a lot special from every different. Still, the international clever phone patron base receives highly affected by every new release from these giants. While iOS devices are recognized for their excessive- stop contemporary smartphones, the Android operating machine made it viable for people to access all advanced technologies at several cheap fees.

Every time a brand new device from either of the manufacturers is introduced in the marketplace, the entire global eagerly make comparisons among them. This fashion is being observed for the last few years, and it does now not appear to end anytime quickly. With the discharge of Android L and iOS 8 in the coming fall, this rivalry is predicted to get a brand new increase, and the famous warfare between those is virtually going to bloom.

Looking at this persisting contention, how can we stop ourselves from making comparisons between Android L and iOS eight? Without wasting any more time, allow us to examine better Android L (walking on Nexus five) and iOS 8 (going for walks on iPhone 5S).

Lock Screens and Home Screens

Taking a observe the lock display screen of Android L, it has gone through some commendable adjustments. Earlier, we had to pull down the screen from the pinnacle to examine the notifications; however, now we can see the notifications right in the center of the screen. This function, come what may, seems to were followed from iOS. By double-tapping a notification in Android L, that specific app gets launched, and so one can disregard it, all you want to do is swipe it to both of the 2 aspects. While a swipe on iOS eight may be used to reply to an email or mark it as READ. These functions are well- justified in each Android L and iOS 8.


In iOS, the notification mild could be on for long enough so that the user can read the message, whilst in Android L, the RGB notification light will burst off. Also, there is a shortcut to the Phone application present at the lock display of Android L, something that is not there on iOS eight. But the digital camera software is a gift at the lock monitors of each Android L and iOS 8.

Interestingly, iOS 8 has room for third-birthday celebration widgets in its notification region, while there is no such provision in Android L. As a purchaser, that will marvel the future customers of Android L. By genuinely flattening the notification panel in iOS 8, users can get entry to those third-party widgets.

Distinctively, the house displays in Android L and iOS eight have been stored similar to their earlier variations. Android L is an excellent reference for folks who want to personalize their smartphones, and iOS eight is extremely good for folks that want the customized appearance but with a hint of simplicity.

Contacts, Keyboard, Dialer

The keyboard in Android L has been barely modified; however, altogether, it’s miles no exclusive from an ordinary keyboard that we’ve got in advance used on Android gadgets. All the capabilities, including the automobile- accurate, emoticons, and word prediction, are a good deal for Android L. But Apple has correctly protected some very tremendous phrase- predictions in iOS 8. The context and motive of the ongoing conversation are understood with the aid of an algorithm, which then makes some definitely smart predictions.

Android L’s Phone app has gone thru some commendable modifications. All the starred contacts at the moment are located effortlessly at the bottom edge of the display screen, consequently giving quick access to them. Meanwhile, the Search and Last Dialled contacts are on the top. On the other hand, no modifications had been made to the Phone app in iOS 8, which is understandable. Still, Apple leads right here because of features, such as blocking texts and calls from desired contacts.

In Android L, the touch list is compact compared to earlier than, with little spaces between each contact and a small profile photo. While in iOS eight, there may be no space for a profile picture, possibly because the builders recognize that the maximum of them will stay clean.

Multitasking, Notification panel, Quick controls

Android L has carried out a commendable activity in listing the notifications consistent with their priority. The maximum important ones are positioned on the pinnacle and so on. For example, all emails are actually placed on the top even as updates are at the lowest. However, Apple has taken a more organized path, and through pulling the notification panel down, climate reports and user’s everyday agenda may also get displayed. Notifications are actually positioned one after the other, and the order in which those are listed may be changed via going into the device’s Settings.

Like earlier than, a Quick Controls menu is present inside the pull-down panel of Android L. This new design is really a plus- factor at the side of the brightness slider and an added toggle for adjusting the screen’s orientation. Similarly, the Quick Control menu in iOS 8 is likewise loaded with commendable functions. However, one has to be careful whilst scrolling down any webpage as this might pull the panel downwards.

Camera and Gallery

In Android L, the Camera app from Google has been used as regular. You can, without problems, get the right of entry to this app from the Play Store. This app needs no advent, and it’s far recognized for its smooth to apply interface. The constructed-in digital camera modes in Android L are presupposed to fulfill every casual person. On the other hand, iOS eight digicam actually has a few precise functions to reinforce approximately. Shooting time-lapse motion pictures, controlling consciousness, self-timer, and impartial exposure are some of the functions in iOS eight.

 Android L

In Android L, the Photos app allows us to view the pix. There are separate tabs for coping with pics, Highlights, and one containing all pictures. This app has a computerized backup and arranges your photographs in exceptional folders, depending on their date. There are diverse modifying tools, and also, you do now not need to be a PRO to apply them. Similarly, iOS eight also arranges your pix via date and time. Backup is likewise available to ensure that you never lose any of them. The enhancing features in iOS eight are genuinely fewer than Android L, but the simplicity and simplicity of use are definitely something to understand.

iOS 8


These are simply a number of the functions that we’ve got drawn a comparison among. However, Android L and iOS 8 are destined to undergo a few modifications before their release date. It is completely up to the users to decide which clever cellphone to invest in. Looking at the current developments, Android and Apple are again going to be at loggerheads.

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While growing mobile apps, businesses target Android because of its large worldwide mobile running device marketplace proportion. Alphabet has made Android be had as an open-source cellular platform. Also, it updates the cellular running gadget at normal durations with new capabilities and improvements. But the penetration fee of personal versions of the cell running gadget differs.

The alphabet does not alter the Android smartphones, tablets, and phablets synthetic via various groups. Hence, the gadgets manufactured by one-of-a-kind organizations come with various hardware features, no matter being powered with the aid of the equal model of Android. That is why; it turns important for developers to build cellular apps by targeting a huge range of devices powered by the aid of one-of-a-kind Android versions.

While planning, developing, and testing the cell app, they want to focus substantially on its accessibility, capability, overall performance, usability, and protection of the mobile app to keep the users engaged regardless of their choice of Android tool. Also, they need to explore approaches to make the app supply personalized person revel in across various devices and running device model. They similarly need to cope with several common demanding situations to expand a sturdy Android app.

Understanding 7 Common Challenges Faced using Android App Developers.

1) Software Fragmentation


As cited earlier, the marketplace proportion of man or woman variations of Android differs. According to the brand new data launched via Google, the maximum current version of its cell operating system – Nougat – has a marketplace percentage lower than its predecessors – Marshmallow, Lollipop, and KitKat. Each new version of Android comes with numerous new capabilities and improvements. The builders have to encompass precise functions in the app to deliver the most advantageous consumer experience by taking the benefit of those new capabilities. At the same time, they want to make sure that the app promises wealthy and personalized people enjoy on devices powered by using older variations of Android. The builders ought to target a couple of Android versions to make the utility famous and profitable in the quick run.

2) Varying Hardware Features

Unlike different cellular working systems, Android is an open supply. Alphabet permits tool manufacturers to customize their running machines in line with their particular needs. Also, it does now not alter the Android devices launched using numerous producers. Hence, the devices include various hardware functions despite being powered by way of the same Android version. For instance, devices powered by Android Nougat might also range from every different inside the class of display screen size, resolution, digital camera, and different hardware features. While growing an Android app, the developers need to make certain that it can provide customized revel to every consumer using his device’s hardware capabilities.

3) No Uniform User Interface Designing Processor Rules

Google has no longer launched any common person interface (UI) designing technique or regulations for the cell app builders. Hence, maximum builders build Android apps without following any fashionable UI development system or policies. When the builders create custom UI interfaces of their own manner, they do not always look or feature throughout specific gadgets. The incompatibility and variety of the UI impact the person revel in introduced by way of the Android app without delay. The smart builders choose a responsive layout to hold the UI consistent throughout many devices. Also, the developers have to test the UI in their mobile app comprehensively by way of combining each actual gadget and emulator. But frequently, developers discover it daunting to layout a UI that makes the app look regular throughout various Android devices.

4) API Incompatibility

Most developers use 1/3-celebration APIs to decorate the mobile app’s capability and interoperability. But the high-quality of third-birthday party APIs available for Android app developers differs. Some APIs are designed for a particular version of Android. Hence, these APIs do not paint on devices powered through distinctive versions of the mobile working machine. The developers have to discover methods to make a single API painting on unique versions of Android. But they often find it challenging to make the app work smoothly on distinctive Android devices with an identical set of APIs.

5) Security Flaws


Its open-source nature makes it less complicated for tool producers to customize Android consistent with their particular desires. But the openness and its massive market share made Android liable to frequent protection attacks. There are many instances whilst protecting tens of millions of Android devices has been impacted by the aid of protection flaws or insects like Stagefright, ‘Certified-gate’ me, FakeID, Installer Hijacking, and TowelRoot. The builders must consist of sturdy safety features within the utility and use modern encryption mechanisms to hold the user statistics comfortable despite focused security attacks and protection flaws in Android.

6) Android Search Engine Visibility

The cutting-edge information posted on diverse websites depicts that Google Play Store has a far higher number of mobile apps than the Apple App Store. Also, a massive percentage of Android device users opt for unfastened apps to paid apps. Hence, the developers must aggressively promote their cellular apps to accomplish better download numbers and effect app monetization options. They also want to effect a complete virtual advertising and marketing strategy to promote the app by concentrating on the most applicable customers. Many builders must avail the offerings of virtual advertising experts to sell their apps aggressively.


7) Patent Issues

The users have the option to select from several Android apps supplying equal capabilities and functionalities. But developers often find it formidable to build apps with particular features and functionality. They regularly include features and functionalities within the app that make it just like some of the apps to be had in the Play Keep’s equal category. Unlike Apple, Google does now not enforce stringent recommendations to evaluate the exceptional of latest apps being submitted to its app save. Lack of standardized excellent assessment recommendations frequently makes developers deal with troubles related to a patent. Some developers need to layout and adjust their apps in destiny to keep away from patent problems.

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How do you decide on the first-rate phone for you? With this kind of large style of cellular telephones to pick from, it’s far tough to choose. The Google phones have lately come to be pretty famous, way to Google’s Android working system. Several cell cellphone manufacturers are incorporating the Android-running machine into their cellular phones. Here are a number of the top Android phones in the marketplace today. These days, the general public has a cell telephone. Even people who swore that they would never discover a cell phone beneficial have acquiesced to the convenience of cellular phones and generation. What other way could you explain the fashion of the pay as you cross mobile telephone? One of the most famous cell phone fashions available on the market is Google’s Android cellphone.

By having the smartphone era, its opposition has lots to deal with. With any such big choice of Android Phones, how do which telephones are the leading Android Phones? Here are some of the telephones that were given the best evaluations. What are your desires on your cell telephone? When it comes time to upgrade their cellular telephone, this is something every customer needs to ask him or herself. Making phone calls become the authentic reason for a mobile telephone. As the cellular cellphone revolved, humans started out looking to take pics, send text messages, concentrate on their music, and access the Internet. You can do all that and a few through selecting a smartphone. Playing video games, checking the weather report, and making phone calls are just a few of the limitless things you’ll be capable of doing on this phone. Before deciding on one of the pinnacle Android phones, you need to don’t forget what you need the cellphone to do for you. Here are some of the pinnacle Android phones to be had right now.


Among the pinnacle Android telephones is the Acer BeTouch E110. This is only one of the Acer BeTouch telephones out in the marketplace. The E110 is a clever smartphone strolling with the Android 1.Five software set. It isn’t the trendy edition from Acer’s generation, but the BeTouch E110 can virtually everything the opposite clever telephones are. Acer has its very own interface that assists users in working on their phones. This phone has a little touch display. This is powered with the aid of a 416 MHz processor. The touch screen is less than 3 inches in size! The touch screen isn’t even three inches huge! The Motorola Quench is one of the top Android telephones.

The Quench, a later model of Motorola, has been improved with the Android working device. This phone is one of 8 Motorola models that make use of the Android device. The phone has a display screen that is best barely large than three inches, but the display screen has high definition (320 x 480). This telephone uses Motoblur generation to be able to allow social networking users a higher revel in. It makes use of the Android 1.5 working system and gives Wi-Fi functionality, GPS, a digital camera. This is 5 megapixels and numerous apps the user will absolutely adore. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini is one of the maximum exceedingly reputable Android telephones in the marketplace. This telephone is constructed on a barely specific version without a name trade. The mini is largely the more compact model of the phone that it’s miles modeled after. This telephone works with Google’s Android 1.6 working gadget and is paired with the UX interface through Ericsson.

The touch display screen is only two and a 1/2 inches huge, and the smartphone does not even weigh 100 grams. Even although it’s miles small, it packs quite a punch. The telephones come with a digicam that is 5 megapixels, at the side of a 3.5mm headphone jack, making it viable to pay attention to music already on your phone. The HTC Legend could be very popular. Its score at the internet site Knows Your Mobile dot com became number one. The HTC Legend is not the primary Android smartphone but is an alternative high in demand. This might ought to do with the conjunction between the HTC person interface and the Android 2.1 operating system. The display is a hint screen and is a hair larger than three inches in size. One of its maximum famous functions is the management it gives. It is likened to a trackpad or joystick fashion of manage. Also, it has Wi-Fi capability and GPS.

These days, the LG InTouch Max GW620 is a few of the top-rated Android telephones on the marketplace. Many clients who purchase this telephone tell all of us they know. They insist that the cellphone is almost ideal. It functions as an incredible five-megapixel virtual camera, and purchasers rave about how easy the interface is to use. You can speak for eight hours before you want to start thinking about the battery. This is the phone for someone who enjoys making telephone calls and appreciates being able to get admission to things that are handiest available on smart telephones. Our most effective criticism is the value. It within reason, pricey. One Motorola telephone that capabilities with the Android-running gadget are the Motorola Cliq. This smartphone is for sale idea T-Mobile. It has a keyboard that slides out. One of the things that makes this phone so famous is that it allows the user to preserve long logs of e-mails, textual content messages, and social networking updates. You can make use of this phone to keep your Twitter and Facebook pages updated. You are capable of remotely get entry to the facts on the smartphone.

An Android phone this is trendy is the T-Mobile Pulse Mini. This smartphone is designed for the money-conscious purchaser who needs all the bells and whistles of an Android cellphone but does now not need to pay an astronomical fee. The length of the touch display in this telephone is less than 3 inches. It comes with a three. The 2-megapixel camera has an LED Flash that allows the photographer to snap even better pics. The cell phone runs Android 2.1 software. The distinction among this is, and the everyday Pulse smartphone is it had a jack for a headphone.

Another popular smartphone is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro. It is one of the mobile telephones on the Xperia X10 line. This smartphone adds directly to the X10 Mini phone by adding a keyboard, which slides out from the display screen.

This cellphone uses the Android 1.6 running device and has a show this is much less than three inches in length. Even so, the phone is still clean to use and does the entirety that its larger opposite numbers can do.


One especially desired Android phone is the HTC Desire. The Nexus One handset produced utilizing Google is to be had with this Android phone. In truth, the HTC Desire is pretty an awful lot an enhancement of its authentic model. It has a display that is nearly 4 inches massive and makes use of an AMOLED WVGA display. It makes use of a Snapdragon processor that functions on the Android 2.1 operating gadget. Also, this smartphone manipulates using Adobe Flash (v. 10.1). The screen is a touch display and uses joystick and tune pad technology to resource the person in running the system.

Being one of the pinnacle Android telephones to be had, the HTC Hero has gotten a whole lot of hype. Using the consumer interface is simple. It has an easy exterior and can do just about the entirety of the opposite smartphones can do. With a capability to get entry to the Internet, make smartphone calls, and snap pictures, this phone is the bomb. An important problem with this telephone is the size, as it’s far quite hard to position the telephone for your pocket without a primary bulge showing to your pants pocket. Also, it does no longer run the ultra-modern version of the Android Operation System. Still, it is a good telephone and well worth the asking price.

T-Mobiles G2 Touch is the next cellphone after the G1, the first Android phone with Google. This model is better than the former version, which featured a slide-out keyboard and become alternatively cumbersome to carry. There is now not a keyboard, as the popular contact display is now an opponent of the iPhone. The camera possesses five-megapixel abilities, and you could chat for eight hours earlier than it comes time to recharge a dead battery. It is a superb concept to be aware of the model being based simply as tons at the HTC Hero as it’s miles on the G1, so if T-Mobile isn’t always your mobile phone issuer of choice, you may find an equal cellular smartphone with a specific service company.

A popular desire amongst mobile phones that runs the Android software program is the Acer BeTouch E400. This telephone utilizes the 2.1 Android software program systems. If you want to get technical, it is essentially a smart smartphone. Users’ advantage from a hint display is more than 3 inches (three to 2 to be unique). The width isn’t much less than twelve millimeters. In addition to GPS, a 600MHz processor, and Wi-Fi competencies, the Acer Company has also hooked up its own user interface to parlay the Android gadget. This phone continues to be pretty new, so not many customers have contributed their critiques. With limitless mobile telephones to pick from, the Acer Liquid e cellular telephone is regularly instances overlooked. Little is known approximately Acer telephones, compared to the computers and monitors they provide. The Android 2.1 running device powers this telephone.

It has a Snapdragon processor. The display screen is three and a half inches large and uses the touch display screen era. This cellphone is multi-faceted with Wi-Fi functionality, GPS, a five-megapixel camera, fashionable three.5mm headphone jack for taking note of the tune, in addition to plugging in an earpiece and microphone to give you the liberty of making hand unfastened mobile phone calls. An Android smartphone receiving rave opinions is the Samsung Beam i8520. The telephone uses the Android era for its working device and its capabilities a p.C. Projector. This approach that the phone user can use to venture quite much something in his cellphone onto a wall. It makes bringing a transportable projector a simple convenience. Furthermore, it has clever cellphone generation inside – the previously referred to as an Android operating system and the Touch Wiz skin, which become designed via Samsung.

This smartphone comes with an 8-megapixel camera, which makes it even better than different hand-held virtual cameras! An Android telephone designed mainly for the price range aware customer is the Samsung Galaxy portal. The digicam is a minimal three-megapixel digital camera; however, other than that, it is a great cellphone – especially for the charge. The competencies of this cell phone include video, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The cell phone has about seven hours’ worth of talk time. It has a substitute bulky build; however, if you want a smart telephone for an amazing fee, this one is for you. When upgrading time rolls around, some cellular telephone companies offer the smartphone without cost to their clients.

Google got here up with the Android device, making it feasible for cell smartphone manufacturers to compete with the iPhone from Apple. Noticeably, the Android is a massive time competing with Apple and has now allowed other cellular phone businesses an opportunity to provide similar clever telephones to individuals who need to improve from their cutting-edge smartphone to something greater clever and cultivated. In reality, mobile phones are no longer used entirely for making calls. Now they will let you snap photographs, play your tunes and hook up with the Internet. If you prefer an upgrade for you are cell smartphone but are uncertain if the iPhone is suited for you, the Android-powered telephone is a possible opportunity.


When it comes time to determine about one of the pinnacle Android telephones, it is smart to don’t forget what you will use your cellular phone for. If your important purpose is to make smartphone calls, you likely do not want a cell phone with so many bells and whistles. If, however, you intend to use your cellphone for cell leisure and contacts, you may need a clever phone era to stay inside the understand together with your own family, pals, and pastimes. Think about your desire!

Cell phones have clearly advanced from the times after they have been constructed like giant breaks and could slightly in shape in briefcases. Now they’re capable that will help you check your email, do video conferencing or even play complex video games all whilst you’re far away from home (or are too lazy to transport off your sofa). If you’ve got the selection to go with a smart telephone, the top-rated Android telephones are all well worth taking a observe.

Choosing which mobile phone to buy may be a trying effort. There are lots of options obtainable! When cell phones first became mainstream, most people took gain of the loose improvement gives by their mobile phone companies. Though, that changed into the lower back when mobile phones were simplest intended for making cellphone calls. Nowadays, cellular phones are tiny computer systems that permit users to enter the Internet, make phone calls, snaps pictures, make films, and lots of different stuff. The top Android phones are a number of the pleasant phones in the marketplace. Finding the right mobile phone can take many long hours of discovering. You want to invite yourself what you need your cellphone to be able to. When identifying which pinnacle android cell phone is really worth your cash, it is beneficial for you to recognize what you want from your telephone.

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The role that a Digital Forensics Investigator (DFI) is rife with non-stop mastering opportunities, especially as generation expands and proliferates into every nook of communications, leisure, and enterprise. As a DFI, we address a daily onslaught of the latest devices. As the cellular telephone or pill, many of those gadgets use common running structures that we want to be acquainted with. Certainly, the Android OS is predominant in the tablet and mobile phone industry. Given the predominance of the Android OS in the cell device marketplace, DFIs will run into Android gadgets inside the direction of many investigations. While numerous models endorse tactics to obtaining statistics from Android devices, this newsletter introduces four possible strategies that the DFI has to don’t forget when evidence amassing from Android gadgets.

A Bit of History of the Android OS

Android’s first industrial release changed into in September 2008 with model 1.0. Android is the open supply and ‘loose to use’ working gadget for mobile gadgets advanced by Google. Importantly, early on, Google and other hardware corporations formed the “Open Handset Alliance” (OHA) in 2007 to foster and aid the growth of Android within the marketplace. The OHA now consists of 84 hardware groups, including giants like Samsung, HTC, and Motorola (to name a few). This alliance became set up to compete with businesses that had their personal marketplace offerings, including competitive devices provided via Apple, Microsoft (Windows Phone 10 – that’s now reportedly dead to the market), and Blackberry (which has ceased making hardware). Regardless if an OS is defunct or no longer, the DFI ought to understand approximately the various versions of more than one operating machine platform, specifically if their forensics recognition is in a particular realm, including mobile devices.

Linux and Android

The modern iteration of the Android OS is primarily based on Linux. Keep in mind that “based totally on Linux” does now not suggest the standard Linux apps will usually run on an Android and, conversely, the Android apps which you may enjoy (or are acquainted with) will now not always run on your Linux desktop. But Linux is not Android. To clarify the factor, please note that Google selected the Linux kernel, the vital part of the Linux running system, to manage the hardware chipset processing. Google’s builders would not be worried about the specifics of ways processing takes place on a given set of hardware. This lets their builders know the broader operating gadget layer and the personal interface features of the Android OS.


A Large Market Share

The Android OS has a big marketplace share of the cellular device marketplace, basically because of its open-source nature. An extra 328 million Android devices had been shipped as of the 0.33 quarter in 2016. And, consistent with netwmarketshare.Com, the Android operating gadget had the bulk of installations in 2017 — almost 67% — as of this writing.

As a DFI, we can anticipate coming upon Android-based total hardware within the direction of a typical investigation. Due to the open supply nature of the Android OS and the numerous hardware structures from Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and so on., the sort of mixtures among hardware type and OS implementation offer an extra challenge. Consider that Android is presently at version 7.1.1. Yet, every smartphone producer and cellular device provider will commonly adjust the OS for the precise hardware and carrier services, giving an extra layer of complexity for the DFI because the method to records acquisition may range.

Before we dig deeper into additional attributes of the Android OS that complicate the approach to records acquisition, let’s observe the concept of a ROM version to be carried out to an Android tool. As an overview, ROM (Read Only Memory) software is low-degree programming. This is near the kernel degree, and the unique ROM application is frequently known as firmware. Suppose you watched in terms of a pill in comparison to a mobile phone. In that case, the pill could have exceptional ROM programming as contrasted to a mobile cellphone because hardware capabilities between the pill and cell phone will be extraordinary. However, both hardware gadgets are from equal hardware producers. Complicating the need for more specifics within the ROM program, add within the particular requirements of cellular provider carriers (Verizon, AT&T, and many others.).

While there are commonalities of obtaining information from a cellular telephone, no longer all Android gadgets are identical, in particular in mind that there are fourteen principal Android OS releases available on the market (from variations 1.0 to 7.1.1), more than one providers with model-precise ROMs, and further infinite custom user-complied versions (patron ROMs). The ‘consumer compiled variants’ also are model-unique ROMs. In popular, the ROM-stage updates applied to every wi-fi tool will contain running and device fundamental packages that work for a particular hardware tool, for a given seller (as an instance, your Samsung S7 from Verizon), and for a particular implementation.

Even although there’s no ‘silver bullet’ method to investigating any Android device, the forensics research of an Android tool need to comply with the same trendy manner for the collection of proof, requiring a structured manner and approach that deal with the investigation, seizure, isolation, acquisition, examination, and evaluation, and reporting for any digital proof. When a request to look at a device is received, the DFI begins with planning and instruction to include the requisite method of acquiring gadgets, the vital office work to aid and report the chain of custody, the improvement of a motive announcement for the examination, the detailing of the device model (and different precise attributes of the obtained hardware), and a listing or description of the data the requestor is seeking to acquire.

Unique Challenges of Acquisition

Mobile gadgets, including mobile phones, capsules, and so on., face precise challenges at some stage in evidence seizure. Since battery life is restricted on cellular devices and is not normally endorsed that a charger is inserted into a tool, the isolation level of evidence amassing can be critical in obtaining the device. Confounding proper acquisition, the cell statistics, WiFi connectivity, and Bluetooth connectivity should also be blanketed in the investigator’s awareness in the acquisition. Android has many security capabilities built into the telephone. The lock-display screen characteristic can be set as PIN, password, drawing a pattern, facial recognition, location recognition, depending on on-device popularity, and biometrics together with fingerprints. An expected 70% of customers do use a few kinds of security protection on their smartphone. Critically, there is an available software program that the user may have downloaded, which could deliver them the capability to wipe the telephone remotely, complicating acquisition.

It is not going throughout the seizure of the cell tool that the screen might be unlocked. If the device isn’t locked, the DFI’s examination could be simpler because the DFI can exchange the settings on the phone right away. I get entry to the cellular cellphone, disable the lock-display and exchange the display screen timeout to its maximum fee (which may be as much as 30 minutes for a few gadgets). Keep in thoughts that of key importance is to isolate the smartphone from any Internet connections to save you far-flung wiping of the tool. Place the phone in Airplane mode. Attach an outside energy supply to the telephone after being positioned in a static-free bag designed to block radiofrequency alerts. Once comfortable, you need to be later able to permit USB debugging to permit the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), which could provide good facts seize. While it could be essential to examine the artifacts of RAM on a cell tool, this is not going to take place.

Acquiring the Android Data


Copying a difficult power from a computing device or PC in a forensically sound way is trivial compared to the records extraction strategies wished for mobile tool facts acquisition. Generally, DFIs have geared up physical get entry to a tough-power with no limitations, allowing for a bit circulation picture to be created by a hardware replica or software program. Mobile devices have their records saved the interior of the cellphone in difficult-to-reach locations. Extraction of records via the USB port can be a mission. However, it can be achieved with care and luck on Android gadgets.

After the Android tool has been seized and is secure, it is time to look at the telephone. There are numerous statistics acquisition techniques to be had for Android, and that they vary extensively. This article introduces and discusses four of the primary methods to method records acquisition. These 5 methods are mentioned and summarized below:

1. Send the device to the producer: You can ship the device to the producer for statistics extraction to cost extra time and money. However, it can be important not to have the precise talent set for a given tool or the time to learn. In particular, as mentioned earlier, Android has a plethora of OS versions based totally on the producer and ROM version, including the complexity of acquisition. Manufacturer’s typically made this service available to government corporations and law enforcement for most home gadgets, so if you’re an unbiased contractor, you will want to check with the manufacturer or gain support from the enterprise that you are operating with. Also, the producer research alternative may not be available for several worldwide fashions (just like the many no-name Chinese phones that proliferate the market – think of the ‘disposable smartphone’).

2. Direct bodily acquisition of the data. One of the guidelines of a DFI investigation is to in no way to regulate the statistics. The physical acquisition of data from a cellular phone needs to bear in mind the equal strict procedures of verifying and documenting that the bodily technique used will not alter any device statistics. Further, as soon as the device is connected, the jogging of hash totals is essential. Physical acquisition permits the DFI to achieve a full picture of the tool using a USB wire and forensic software program (at this point, you need to consider write blocks to prevent any changing of the data).

Connecting to a cell cellphone and grabbing an image simply isn’t as smooth and clear as pulling information from a tough pressure on a desktop pc. The hassle is that depending on your chosen forensic acquisition device, the precise make, and model of the smartphone, the carrier, the Android OS version, the person’s settings on the phone, the foundation reputation of the device, the lock status, if the PIN code is thought, and if the USB debugging alternative is enabled on the tool, you may no longer be able to accumulate the records from the tool beneath investigation. Simply put, physical acquisition ends up in the realm of ‘simply attempting it’ to look what you get and appear to the courtroom (or opposing facet) as an unstructured manner to gather facts, which could location the facts acquisition at risk.

Three. JTAG forensics (a version of bodily acquisition cited above). As a definition, JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) forensics is an extra advanced acquisition method. It is essentially a physical approach that entails cabling and connecting to Test Access Ports (TAPs) at the device and processing commands to invoke a switch of the uncooked facts saved in memory. Raw facts are pulled at once from the linked tool the usage of a unique JTAG cable. This is considered low-level records acquisition because there is no conversion or interpretation and is just like a bit-copy done when acquiring evidence from a computer or laptop computer difficult drive.

JTAG acquisition can frequently be achieved for locked, damaged, and inaccessible (locked) devices. Since it is a low-level reproduction, if the tool became encrypted (whether via the user or by way of the unique producer, including Samsung and a few Nexus devices), the acquired data will still need to be decrypted. But since Google decided to take away complete-device encryption with the Android OS five. Zero launches, the whole-tool encryption limitation is a piece narrowed, except the user has decided to encrypt their tool. After JTAG statistics is acquired from an Android tool, the acquired facts can be further inspected and analyzed with equipment consisting of 3zx (hyperlink: http://z3x-crew.Com/ ) or Belkasoft (link: https://belkasoft.Com/ ). Using JTAG tools will automatically extract key virtual forensic artifacts along with call logs, contacts, location statistics, browsing records, and plenty greater.


4. Chip-off acquisition. This acquisition technique calls for the elimination of reminiscence chips from the device. Produces raw binary dumps. Again, this is considered an advanced, low-degree acquisition and will require de-soldering of memory chips the use of fantastically specialized tools to cast off the chips and other specialized gadgets to read the chips. Like the JTAG forensics mentioned above, the DFI dangers that the chip contents are encrypted. But if the information is not encrypted, a chunk copy may be extracted as a raw image. The DFI will want to contend with block address remapping, fragmentation, and, if a gift, encryption. Also, numerous Android tool manufacturers, like Samsung, enforce encryption that can not be bypassed through or after the chip-off acquisition has been completed, even though the proper passcode is known. Due to the get entry to problems with encrypted gadgets, chip off is confined to unencrypted devices.

Five. Over-the-air Data Acquisition. We are each conscious that Google has mastered information series. Google is understood for retaining big amounts from cellular phones, drugs, laptops, computers, and other gadgets from various working machine sorts. If the user has a Google account, the DFI can access, download, and examine all facts for the given person beneath their Google consumer account, with the right permission from Google. This includes downloading data from the user’s Google Account. Currently, there are not any complete cloud backups to be had for Android customers. Data that can be examined encompass Gmail, touch statistics, Google Drive data (which may be very revealing), synced Chrome tabs, browser bookmarks, passwords, a list of registered Android gadgets (where place history for each device may be reviewed), and much greater.

The five strategies mentioned above aren’t always comprehensive listing. A regularly repeated observation surfaces about records acquisition – while working on a mobile device, proper and correct documentation is important. Further, documentation of the processes and approaches used, as well as adhering to the chain of custody strategies that you’ve hooked up, will make certain that proof gathered can be ‘forensically sound.’


As discussed in this article, cell tool forensics and Android OS are different from the conventional digital forensic procedures used for laptop and desktop computers. While the personal pc is without problems secured, the garage may be effortlessly copied, and the tool may be saved, safe acquisition of cellular gadgets and data may be and frequently is tricky. A based approach to acquiring the mobile device and a deliberate technique for statistics acquisition is essential. As cited above, the five strategies introduced will allow the DFI to benefit from getting the right of entry to the tool. However, there are numerous extra methods not discussed in this text. Additional research and device users via the DFI can be important.

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