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Mumbai: Markets regulator Sebi on Friday proposed to ban unauthorized stock tips through SMSs, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. It is also mulling a ban on games and competitions based on trading in the market. Sebi also proposed stricter regulations on ‘Robo’ advisers — automated investment advisers that are gaining popularity globally. The regulator also said investment advisers using automated tools will be responsible for such advice.
Sebi also proposed stricter advertisement rules for investment advisers, a ban on free-trial offers by advisers and also said that registered research analysts will have to provide research reports to all types of investors at the same time.
On Friday, Sebi issued a consultation paper aimed at overhauling the regulations for investment advisers and it will accept comments until November 4, it said.
The markets regulator also proposed that banks, NBFCs and corporate bodies offering investment advisory services will be required to set up separate arms for that service. Sebi is proposing a three-year transition period for these entities to move investment advisory services to the new set up.



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salads1Most people shy away from eating salads because they have a bad reputation for being boring. Salads, like life, are what you make of them. They don’t have to be filled with greens you are forcefully eating as you diet. They don’t have to be your quick fix for lunch because you have no time for a so-called proper meal. You can have a salad range anywhere from just leaves to super dressed, it all depends on the time you have and what your taste buds prefer.
Your salad can range anywhere from just leaves and veggies to being super dressed, it all depends on the time you have and what your taste buds prefer. The best kind of salad will have the perfect balance of all the nutrients in a way that satisfy your cravings, too. Seriously, go all-out Mexican with a quinoa base, add some beans, corns, peppers and a leafy green like spinach, lettuce, chards or kale. Top it off with vegan or any cheese of your choice, add some tortilla bits and top it off with salsa.
Here are some other options to avoid the stereotypical “boring salad.”
1) Pepper & Onion City
Bell peppers come in a variety of colors and sizes, all of which are equally delicious. You can cut them up and throw them in your raw salad or you can grill them, too. Don’t forget to add your dose of onions to the mix. If you do grill the veggies, you’ll get a sweeter flavor. You can also use pepperoncini or actual black pepper to add flavor to your salad. It will taste so good, trust me!
2) Lentils and Beans to Perk up the Greens
Lentils not only make you feel fuller but they also leave you satisfied. Try adding garbanzo beans, kidney beans, and lentils to your salad to dress it up. This way, you’ll feel like you’re eating something meaningful and not just stuff kale or spinach in forcefully! Plus, beans and greens taste great together!
3) Finding the Right Vegetables
If you have a favorite vegetable, chop it up and toss it into the salad! Don’t worry about mixing weird things in. If you like a mix of cucumbers and corn, do it! For inspiration, go take a look at salad bars and see what people tend to add. Mushrooms, carrots, peas, radishes, beets, corn, artichokes, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, bean sprouts, and bok choy are all brilliant options. They all add more value to your salad.
4) Nuts and Bolts, no wait, Seeds
Various types of nuts and seeds are the good type of fat. Whether its cashews or almonds or walnuts or pecans, they’ll add a good flavor to your salad. Sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds (white or black) are all tiny but valuable. They’ll add a nice crunch, too.

5) Add-in the Meat or Protein
Cubed meats make for a good source of protein in salads. They’re an important part of the diet, after all. Substitute meat for beans or tofu if you are a vegetarian. Ham, eggs, and turkey are all excellent add-ins. You can also have cheese with a protein, if you dig cottage cheese, scoop out a chunk to throw it on top of your salad. Great cheeses for salads include feta, parmesan, cheddar, or bleu cheese. If you prefer more meat with your salad then add some grilled chicken or even a skewer of shrimp!
6) Berries are Very Good
Not a lot of people know this fact but berries add color, sweetness, and a lovely flavor to your salad. Plus they are excellent sources of vitamins! You can add anything from dried cranberries, strawberries, or even blueberries. Fresh mango or watermelon chunks, sliced pears, or grapes are a good option if you’re not into berries.
7) Flowers Go with Everything
It’s true! Flower petals add a light and refreshing taste to a salad. Marigold petals, rose petals, and orchid petals make a salad look beautiful and they taste great too!
8) Carby Crunch
Sometimes a salad begs for croutons or the crunchy sticks. If you’re cutting calories, don’t do it, but if it’s a cheat day, go crazy! Garlic-parmesan flavored croutons go with almost everything.
9) Other Unique Toppings
Don’t stop at the basic veggies, croutons, and meats. Go crazy with other unique ideas that will make your appetite worthwhile. There’s asparagus, radish, beets, watercress. Maybe you’re a bacon fan? Go for it. Edamame, peanuts, jicama will add a fanciful crunch. Opt for grapefruit or orange slices for a citrusy kick. Of course, there’s macaroni, too. Experiment the hell out of your salad.
10) Dressing
What is a salad without a solid dressing? Pick your favorite one and enjoy! If you’re looking for something new, try a homemade ginger dressing, lemon vinaigrette, or even a balsamic vinaigrette. An avocado-cilantro-lime dressing is always classic! If you want to cut calories, use balsamic vinegar and just a touch of olive oil. If not something new, something old works too. Ranch, caesar’s, and even a basic salsa can make for great dressings.



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KOLKATA: It used to be two different tales at two banks of the Hooghly . On the east was KMC’s standard operating procedure (SOP) for immersion, but the west was a messy chaos with Howrah Municipal Corporation’s was lax immersion management.But from this year, HMC is following in KMC’s footsteps.
Howrah mayor Ranjit Chakraborty assured that there would not be any debris left more than 24 hours after immersion. “We are following the same SOP that Kolkata follows. We have restricted immersion to five ghats in Howrah -Ramkrishnapur Ghat, Botanical Garden Ghat, Salkia Ghat, Ghushuri Ghat and Bally Ghat.”
Chakraborty claimed that idols are being lifted by cranes within 24 hours after immersion and removed from the ghat with payloaders. However, visits to the spot reveal led that a lot of immersion materials drift down the river with the tide. HMC also lacks the kind of infrastructure KMC has. Member, mayor-in-council Debasish Kumar, who is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the entire immersion process, said, “We have been campaigning for environment-friendly idols and river-friendly immersions. Organizers have started realizing that immersions have already damaged the ecosystem of this river. So increasingly, Puja organizers are using environment-friendly paints and materials.”



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Whether you are a one-man band or at the helm of a multi-location chain, you can leverage technology in your business. Point of Sale systems level the playing field between David and Goliath by making technology more accessible — it was previously only an option for larger companies.

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There are many options available to you, but you must first identify what you need from your Point of Sale system. An Point of Sale system isn’t just somewhere to keep your money. You need to be clear on what you want your Point of Sale system to do, and work on finding hardware solutions that fit your needs

An Point of Sale system can’t change your business, but it can certainly add to it.

It’s important that you’re clear on what you want from your POS system, and that you communicate those needs to the vendors when you’re buying — that way you can be sure that you’re getting the right hardware for your business.

The data that an Point of Sale system collects will give you increased visibility of your business, unlocking actionable insights.

A POS system can enable you to find what you’re selling the most, when you’re selling it, and who you’re selling it to — data which can be used to make fact-driven decisions to boost your business.

The hardware that you choose will impact on what your Point of Sale system is capable of, and how you use it.

iPad-based Point of Sale systems

The system that you choose needs to be easy for employees to use.

iPad-based Point of Sale systems are the go-to solution – Apple is so successful because their software is designed to be easily-graspable and reliable.

One major benefit of an iPad-based Point of Sale system is that your staff will need virtually no training: they’re already conversant with the iPad interface. This is a marked contrast to old proprietary systems, for which your staff are likely to need training even if they’ve used a similar system before.

They’re also far easier to service. If your touchscreen till breaks down then you will have to pay for a repairman to come out and service it — or even replace the whole system.

By contrast, if the iPad that you’re using as an Point of Sale stops working, you can simply download your Point of Sale app to another iPad and use that instead.

You can find iPads for sale in pretty much any town centre, or get one delivered to your door with just a few clicks. If cashflow is an issue, then there are a plethora of second-hand models available for significantly less than what they cost new.

iPads are easily portable — or, if security is a concern, you can opt for a secure iPad stand like that screws into your countertop making it as close to theft-proof as possible.

Receipt printers

Your business’s premises dictate the type of Point of Sale hardware you go for — and receipt printers, which connect to your iPad in a variety of ways, are no exception. Receipt printers tend to connect to your iPad using either Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, or USB, and each type of connection has its own advantages and drawbacks.

Wi-Fi printers are flexible and you can connect several to a single iPad, but they’re harder to set up and rely on you having a stable Wi-Fi network.

USB printers, by contrast, connect directly to your iPad using a Lightning cable, so you’ll never lose connectivity. The drawback of this is that you can only connect one printer to your iPad.

You also need to consider the number of transactions that the hardware is likely to have to cope with.

A Bluetooth printer is a great option for many businesses, but if you experience a high volume of transactions, your business could be better served by a LAN receipt printer for fast, long distance, reliable communication.

Card readers

Being able to take advantage of the latest payments technology is a key reason to upgrade from a cash register to an Point of Sale system.

Payment processors tend to supply their own card terminals — normally on a lease — so the specific terminal you get will depend on the payment processor you choose. But all card terminals do the same thing, more or less: they allow you to take card payments.

After that, form tends to follow function — some are pretty much a PIN pad and a screen, powered by a rechargeable battery. Other card terminals have larger screens on which you can display your branding, and some others have inbuilt receipt printers for customer card receipts.

Pretty much every modern card terminal comes with NFC capabilities, meaning they can accept payment using contactless cards and phone-based payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether your card terminal is integrated with your Point of Sale system. If it is, you can send payment details directly from your iPad to your card reader — if not, you’ll have to type in each transaction manually. Integrated payments are a real help if you’re in a fast-paced environment with lots of transactions to process.

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