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How Does Spyware & Adware Usually Attack?

This pretty new shape of a virus has one factor in mind, to take control over your online surfing experience and to offer you any other opportunity without ever asking.

For example, those virus sorts will:

Take manipulate of your browser search features.
Display worrying popup commercials when you release your browser.
Take control of your “home web page” as a way to come up with some other home page instead.
Disable all search capabilities within your browser.
Write cookies on your laptop for facts mining functions without your understanding.
Add tracking cookies watching your every move online.
Slow down your computer’s overall performance.
Without the right protection against these threats, the majority will by no means know a way to find or eliminate these malicious packages. The worst part is, a lot of these malicious programs obtainable are built to elude detection programs. In truth, they are constructed to hide from the person and the protector. This is what makes those malicious programs so annoyingly lethal.
Here Is Some Ways Spyware Avoid Detection:

Code Insertion:

When undercover agent ware inserts a bit of its code into an already running application inside your laptop, to avoid detection from adware protection software.

Reload Script:

When you experiment with your computer for spyware and take away all malicious documents discovered, this reload script detects that you’ve deleted the documents related to its programming, so it then takes a backup report and reloads the previously deleted adware application without you knowing it.

Program Lock:

Many bigger legitimate software program programs have this option, so you do not accidentally delete the files necessary to run the program. Some s. P.Y.W.A.R.E uses this same approach to guard itself against getting deleted by the user.

Automatic Updates:

Like many packages, can automobiles update themselves as quickly as you log on the line to trade the mechanics of its own programming to avoid detection again and ultimately delete?

These are just a number of the techniques these virus-type programs use to make it enormously difficult to remove out of your laptop. Prevention and awareness is the key to fighting off these infectious packages from getting into your computer and make a muck of factors interior.


Prevention Tools:

  • Spybot Search & Destroy
  • Lavasoft Ad-Aware
  • Microsoft Windows Defender
  • STOPzilla Spyware Remover

Corrupt Anti-Spyware Tools:

There is an entire list of elimination gear that might be actually corrupt. Their sole purpose is to do the other via installing adware onto your computer, as an alternative to actually doing away with them out of your computer.

Here’s the list of corrupt anti-spyware gear:

Prevention Techniques: There is no technique accessible this is one hundred%. At one point in time, you will get some shape of malicious viruses mounted on your laptop. These prevention techniques will help to minimize your chances of getting them on a regular foundation.

1) Make positive to have multiple anti-spyware elimination equipment hooked up to your pc.

Each anti-spyware removal tool is unique, and that they each search for different scripts/programs within your desktop. Some software programs have a look at the floor, whilst others appearance deeper. In the beyond, I located that using running Spybot & Ad-Aware returned-to-lower back; I might get one-of-a-kind results on every occasion, which helped to come across unwanted scripts on many different levels. Spybot gave me a hard and fast of capability documents, while Ad-Aware gave me any other set of deadly files. Both scans collectively helped me to discover spyware on the floor and adware deep within my tough drive.

2) Make positive your anti-spyware removal software is up to date.

Just like I referred to in part 1, you want to make sure that your adware elimination software is ALWAYS up-to-date with the maximum recent spyware definitions. This allows coming across more modern, greater powerful adware scripts that have not been detected within the beyond. Newer definitions can be releases as frequently as-son as a week, so make sure to check regularly.

How Do I Update My Definitions?

Nine/10 Times, you can discover a button that announces “Update Definitions,” “Check For Newer Updates,” and many others. This button is normally proper on principle interface when you launch this system. Make sure you replace your definitions before you carry out any scans.

3) Run your anti-adware elimination equipment AT LEAST as soon as per week.

I discover that a wonderful deal of folks who browse online surely have an anti-software program removal device established onto their computer, but they have not run any scans for quite a while now. Make sure to run a scan of your entire laptop at least as soon as per week. You might pick up spyware these days or tomorrow, you by no means recognize.

4) If an adware program persists, try scanning thru “SAFE MODE.”

When doubtful, run a spyware scan together with your anti-virus removal tool at the same time as in “SAFE MODE.” SAFE MODE allows your computer to run the maximum vital programs only. SAFE MODE will disable persistent spyware that is tougher to do away with. This allows you to efficiently come across and get rid of chronic spyware while remaining dormant and inactive. I’ve been able to do away with a brilliant deal of spyware packages from SAFE MODE handiest in my experience.

How Do I Scan In SAFE MODE?

If you have exhausted every alternative, and nonetheless, the spyware you’re looking to eliminate keeps coming again, do that…

Works for Windows ninety-five, ninety-eight/ME, 2000, XP, Vista

A) Shut down your laptop, wait 30 seconds, and reboot.

B) When you see the diagnostic information web page and reminiscence count…

C) Start tapping F8.

D) Select the “SAFE MODE” option (Default).


Note: If you begin tapping F8 and get an error message, reboot once more and do not begin tapping F8 so quickly. Suppose your computer loads up commonly, reboot again,n and don’t faucet F8 too past due. The secret’s to hit F8 when your 1st preliminary black/begin-up screen seems.

Once in safe mode, begin your anti-adware software program elimination tool and run a complete machine scan. You may additionally get a surprise while your software program really reveals spyware that wasn’t detected from preceding gadget scans.

Once complete, reboot your computer generally.

5) Make certain to install your working machine updates.

Every working system needs periodic updates from the software provider. For instance, Microsoft Windows sends a small popup on your pc asking you to put in a few new protection updates. I recognize many people forget about these messages altogether or think they must handiest replace as soon as a year. This is a horrible exercise for your computer’s preservation. Installing protection updates guarantees that your pc has no acknowledged loopholes for spyware, spyware, viruses, worms, or Trojans to take advantage of. Security updates help to save your adware from locating “returned alleys” to play in.

Make certain to pick out “Automatic Updates”:


This guarantees that you don’t neglect your duty to replace your laptop on an everyday foundation. Prevention is the key here!

6) Don’t Install Software You Don’t Recognize:

Most evil packages are established through YOU! They usually get into your laptop from the “FREE Shareware” software program you install without delaying online assets. An amazing deal of shareware software includes a bit Marvel bundle attached to it. For the most part, all you want to do is study the “quit consumer settlement” carefully before putting in the software program. Most agreements let you know that this software will set up secondary ad packages, advert popups, and many others. Don’t install something that has undesirable accessories that don’t provide you with the potential to “no longer set up” them. When downloading shareware, ensure to download the software from dependent on resources like “http://www.Download.Com.”

7) Don’t Visit Porn, Hare, or Warez Websites:

A high-quality deal of spyware installation themselves at once from a compromised website that you go to online. They typically make the most of your “ActiveX” controls within your browser with a purpose of setting up their adware files silently without your understanding. Many porn internet sites have silent spyware downloads to get “back at human beings” who search for porn. This is a way for the site owners to say, “Stop searching at porn.” These same principles observe hacker websites and hate associated websites. Anything with a terrible touch online has the potential to present you with unwanted adware scripts.

If you want to visit those forms of websites, make sure to run your anti-spyware software program elimination tool after visiting these widely exploited websites. Again, prevention is the important thing!

8) Make sure to set off your Firewall!


As I mentioned in part 1, a firewall can save you, hackers, from entering your computer via the lower back-alleys and hidden holes inside your pc machine. Make certain to spark off your device’s firewall to save you such attacks.

Activating your firewall:



There you move; your firewall is now active!

In Conclusion:

Getting spyware onto your laptop is very traumatic. Spyware can alternate your browser settings, install browser toolbars, and come up with undesirable pop-up ads. Prevention is the important thing to beating spyware. Make sure to scan your laptop with an anti-spyware software program elimination tool. Scan your laptop on a normal foundation. Update your software program’s spyware definitions and security patches. Scan your laptop into SAFE MODE to discover very complicated adware. Don’t go to porn or hacker websites, and make sure you have a firewall in the area.

All of those prevention techniques are the key to beating most spyware accessible. Failure to use those prevention techniques may mean a whole format of your tough power or a go-to on your nearby computer save.

This brings us to but any other computer protection academic:

Part three – Cleaning your pc registry

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What Will You Learn From This Series?

Part 1 – Cleaning your computer of viruses

Part 2 – Cleaning your computer of adware

Part 3 – Cleaning your computer registry

Part 4 – Defragmenting your laptop, and disk cleanup

Part 5 – Useful keyboard shortcuts

All of those recommendations must be used on an everyday foundation. Your computer is like a vehicle; you want to exchange the oil, replace the tires, clean the interior frequently to ensure that your automobile is running easily, that it maintains you safe, and stays easy.

Cleaning Your Computer for Viruses:

I think I can assume that maximum of you have heard of computer viruses earlier than that? For folks who have not, a pc virus is a program created with the aid of incredibly advanced programmers world extensive with the motive of harming your pc in so many approaches. Viruses can infect your laptop, delete crucial documents, corrupt your tough drive, or maybe make your laptop unusable. Viruses can mean death on your computer. We are all subjectable to a deadly disease assault; in fact, tens of millions of computer systems are infected with a few forms of virus proper now as you examine this, and your computer may be one of those infected.


Ways To Get Infected With A Virus:

1) – Firewall isn’t always activated
2) – No anti-virus software program
3) – Spam Email attachment
four) – File transfer via a messenger service
5) – Copying documents from an inflamed CD or Floppy Disk
6) – Network of computers sharing documents
A virus can infect your pc through any of the methods from above. Prevention is the important thing to making sure you do not hold your computer to such assaults.

How To Prevent Viruses From Coming In:

1) Activate Your System Firewall:

You need to ensure that your firewall is active. A firewall blocks hackers from locating loopholes within your pc that gives them a gateway (doorway). A firewall can assist in preventing maximum hackers, however no longer all.

Activating your firewall:



There you pass; your firewall is now active!

2) Scan Your Computer With An Anti-Virus Software:

Installing an anti-virus software program is key! Anti-virus software will help to monetize your pc for viruses. An anti-virus software program will help carry out a gadget-wide experiment of your pc for already infected regions.

Most modern computers include an anti-virus software program already mounted; all you need to do is administer the program.

Here are some of the top PAID anti-virus software program’s:

(No unique order)

Norton Ani-Virus By Symantec
McAfee Ani-Virus
Here are some of the top FREE anti-virus software’s:
(No unique order)

AntiVir Personal Edition Classic 6.32
Active Virus Shield (AOL)
Alwil Software Avast Home Edition four.6
Grisoft AVG Free Edition 7.1
For more anti-virus software, with the right editorial evaluations, go to Download.Com.

Once mounted, launch this system, and find a button that asserts “update virus definitions.” This will assist in making sure your virus definitions are up to date. Virus definitions have the most these days discovered viruses that got here available on the market. Up-to-date definitions are key to finding newer, extra effective viruses.

Once you’ve updated your definitions, nearly all strolling packages and carrying out a “complete gadget test.” Depending on your computer’s length and pace, the scan can soak up to multiple hours to finish.

Once entire, hit a button to say something like; “Quarantine Files,” “Delete Infected Files,” “Clean Up Files,” “Remove Infected Files.” This method will dispose of all files flagged as a plague, and it’ll try this safely without harming your pc.

Things to recognize:

Once an epidemic scan is whole, reboot your pc.
Some viruses can not be stuck while your computer is jogging; they may need to be removed after a reboot (which has to be computerized).
You can set up a complete system scan to start at 12 midnight each night time.
Scan your pc AT LEAST once a week is linked to the net.
You’ll probably begin to notice that your laptop is strolling faster because the viruses which were there before are not the usage of your computer’s memory to run consistently.

Some viruses are extraordinarily resilient and can’t be eliminated from a simple virus experiment. Going through (Part 2 & Part 3) will help to attack these tougher-to-discover viruses.

r Viruses

Three) Don’t Open Suspicious Email attachments:

Many viruses are activated by using humans like yourself who open email attachments that they do not recognize. Most viruses have disbursed this manner. Part 6 – “Useful Email tips & combating unsolicited mail” from this mini-collection will pass into more element on preventing junk mail; however, for those of you who might not get to study that article, I ought to point out a couple of things right here:

Do NOT open an email that you do not apprehend or did not ask for!
Do NOT open an attachment with the extension “.Exe”.
Immediately delete emails from people you do not apprehend
Do NOT shop emails onto your computer that you don’t recognize
Spammers will try and trick you into thinking they’re your pal
Pay near interest at the character, email, and content from every electronic mail
Do NOT click “Unsubscribe” from junk mail ; this can do the opposite
Do NOT respond again to an email you don’t understand
Do NOT forward an electronic mail that you don’t recognize
Report ALL spam for your net provider issuer
These e-mail suggestions I referred to are part of the primary foundations of assisting you in fighting unsolicited mail and ensuring that you don’t inadvertently activate a malicious virus onto your computer.

4) Avoid Using Messenger Services:

Messenger offerings, or “chat programs” in your pc are like leaving an open gateway pointing directly to your pc. Messenger offerings like “MSN Chat” or “Yahoo Chat” connect computers collectively to speak to each other repeatedly. This permits the 2 computer systems to offer and obtain facts thru the software.

An Example of What Can Happen:

Many viruses have infiltrated thousands and thousands of computer systems thru this easy-to-hack carrier with the aid of disguising itself as “your chat friends” and by sending you a link to a virus report to open up onto your pc. The problem is, you have no idea what sort of record you are establishing because it appears as even though the record got here immediately out of your pal (who’s inflamed by this virus). It appears as though they may be in reality seeking to ship you an image of themselves.

Personally, no person is permitted to have messenger chat software mounted on any of our computer systems. They are too without problems misused and can supply a hacker a passport in your laptop.

If your children use such a service, ensure to allow them to recognize what can show up if they accept documents from others. Tell them that it is better to send documents via an email attachment in place of a messenger chat script. At least this way, an email can skip via diverse firewalls and anti-virus software programs before getting for your laptop. This also ensures which you realize exactly who’s sending you the report.

5) Copying Files From An Infected CD or Floppy Disk:


We’ve all performed it, taken a disk from a friend or co-worker, and inserted a disk into our computer to replica all of the documents from the disk. Did you ever think to scan the disk for viruses before copying any of the documents?

Viruses are available in all shapes & sizes; they’re handed alongside from one laptop to any other. The man or woman who gave you the disk could have had an endemic lurking inside their documents, and they will have copied it onto the disk they gave you. It takes place all the time.

An easy way to shield yourself from getting viruses is to release your anti-virus software and scan your disk force with the cd, or a floppy disk in it. It takes simplest multiple seconds to prevent a disaster.

6) Sharing Files From A Network of Computers:

Many companies community their computer systems together to percentage files effortlessly among the 2, rather than constantly copying documents onto a disk. The equal aspect happens at domestic as nicely while two computers are networked collectively. Make positive you’ve got your firewall in the area (step 1 above), and ensure your anti-virus software program (step 2 above) is retaining a watch for your “shared folders” segment. This helps to prevent viruses from leaping one laptop to every other. Again, usually perform a virulent disease take a look at inside your “shared folder” when you obtain files from others.

In Conclusion:

There you have got it. You now have an awesome base of information to assist prevent viruses from entering into your laptop. Make positive to make it a habit to double-check the whole thing to make certain you don’t unwillingly go away an open doorway without delay in your computer. When you use software programs like chat scripts, make certain you no longer simply accept documents through your chat script. Never read or open emails that you don’t apprehend, and always make it an addiction to scan your disks, difficult pressure, and e-mail attachments before something terrible takes place.

Now which you have some know-how in opposition to preventing viruses, allow’s circulate onto element 2 of this series which talks about preventing another shape of attack in opposition to your pc, the deadly adware!

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The start of any relationship is a memorable one. So, when you are just starting with that special someone, make sure that you tread carefully. However, before you make a move, remember there are some questions that you need to ask yourself so that the two of you can sail smoothly in your journey together. Here are a few things you need to know.



Are you ready?

If you’ve just been through a break-up, it can be easy to want someone else’s arms to cuddle up in. But remember, it’s just a rebound and won’t lead to a healthy relationship. So, ensure that the relationship you are in leaves you feeling good about yourself before you embark on a steady journey together. Make sure you know what you want from the relationship. It is imperative to know what you are looking for in a particular relationship. If you are having some fun, let your partner know about it. Or else it might lead to serious problems in the future. Relationship counselor Sauleha Shaikh says, “Always remember that communication is a must when it comes to starting a new relationship. Be clear with each other from the beginning and have nothing hidden. This will make your journey a memorable one.”

Please spend some time being friends. My Pro Blog

If you’ve met each other through some common friends, then spend some time with each other as friends knowing one another properly rather than just jumping into a relationship. When you don’t spend quality time knowing one another, your relationship is totally headed for the worse.


Don’t rush into a relationship.

It is always nice to hang around without commitments right at the start. You get ample time to know the person and reflect on what you feel about him/her.

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With Navratri just a few days away, it is time to get everything right–from clothes and jewelry to hair accents. However, if you didn’t get enough time to catch up on your beauty sleep, or get those relaxing salon sessions, fret not, as there is still some time before you hit the garbage ground. From some tried and tested Kadima he nuke to some cool and simple DIY remedies, we will certainly help you bid adieu to those beauty woes and be a head-turner.

Eye Care: Stressful schedules and a hectic lifestyle give us puffy eyes and dark circles. Enough sleep, including healthy nutrients, age-old hacks like keeping cold green tea bags, cucumber, or even keeping sliced potatoes on eyelids, can certainly help keep those dark circles at bay.

DIY tips to get your Navratri look right 5

Skin Care: Nothing can beat the goodness of homemade face masks made from natural ingredients. Home-made face masks made from banana, papaya, oats, aloe vera, honey, turmeric et al., are great scrubbers, toners, and moisturizers for your skin.

Hair Spa at home: If you don’t want to spend a bomb in salons, then you can get the benefits of a hair spa in the comfort of your home. Massage your hair with coconut or olive oil and let it rest. Next, dip a towel in warm water. Squeeze out the excess water. Wrap it around the hair, and let it stay for 5-6 minutes. Wash it with gentle shampoo and conditioner, followed by a homemade hair mask. And then flaunt your crowning glory.

Exercises: There’s no substitute for a balanced diet and plenty intake of water. Exercising regularly for at least 30-45 minutes also helps your body in the long run. “Exercising from now will not help you to pump up your stamina which you will need in excess during Navratri. Exercising regularly also helps get a toned body which results in maintaining that youthful glow on your skin,” suggests fitness trainer Ravi Rawal.


Food: Eating right is pivotal if you want to have glowing skin, suggests dietician Sohini Shah. “Healthy diet and eating on time are key factors to getting that beautiful glow on your face. Drinking enough healthy liquids helps in flushing out toxins from your body,” she says.

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has brushed off speculation linking him with the England job and backed Gareth Southgate to take over the reins of the national team permanently despite the interim boss’ relative lack of experience.

Following England’s lackluster goalless World Cup qualifier draw with Slovenia on Tuesday and an underwhelming 2-0 win over minnows Malta last weekend, Southgate has two more games in charge to convince the FA that he is the right man for the job.

England role

“I focus on my job. He (Southgate) was a good observer of what was going on in the England national team. We are in a job where people question, especially when you don’t have much experience,” Wenger told reporters on Thursday.
“The only answer he can give is by showing that the decisions you make are right and that you have the strength to do what you believe is right.”

The FA are prepared to wait for Wenger to see out his contract, which runs out at the end of the season, at Arsenal. According to media reports, they believe the Frenchman can rebuild the England squad’s confidence, which suffered a humiliating Euro 2016 exit to Iceland.

“Yes, he is (the outstanding candidate for the job). At some stage, that is the difficulty in England; there’s always the demand for the big names,” the 66-year-old added.

“The most important thing is competence.”

Wenger was quick to play down reports linking highly-rated right-back Hector Bellerin with the move back to boyhood club Barcelona.

“I’m surprised by the speculation. Three years to go (on his contract), we always try to get the players to the level they deserve to be; we’ll try to extend his contract,” he said.

“His long-term future is here. He’s been fantastic. His progress has been spectacular. He loves to be here and has responsibilities in the dressing room at such a young age is something remarkable.”


Third-placed Arsenal will hope to extend their nine-match unbeaten streak in all competitions when they host Swansea City on Saturday.

Arsenal will welcome back midfielder Francis Coquelin from a knee injury, but Saturday’s game comes too early for striker Olivier Giroud and midfielder Aaron Ramsey.

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Everyone wants to create a beautiful home for themselves but making a house look artistic and tasteful without spending too much can seem tough. We make the task a little easy for you. Follow these 10 tips and enhance the aesthetic value of your abode.

home look

Tip 01: Buy Prints of Master Artists

Who doesn’t love hanging a large painting in the living room or bedroom? But an original artwork, even by lesser-known artists, could burn a hole in the pocket. Instead, you can invest in limited edition prints of beautiful artworks by master artists, such as Husain, Raza, Vaikuntam, etc. High-quality prints, usually made using the serigraphy technique, have a very similar texture to paintings, and hence, look stunning. So imagine owning an authentic Raza print, signed by the artist himself, for less than Rs. 30,000! It doesn’t get more artistic than that.

Tip 02: Create a Photo Wall with a Twist

Many of us love displaying personal photographs around the house, but they often sit on corner tables inside a photo frame. Instead, why not create a photo wall by framing some of your favorite photos from weddings, birthdays, travels, etc.? Add an artistic element by using bold frames of different sizes and creating an interesting collage to cover a large wall in a stairway, study, or bedroom.

Tip 03: Bring Art into Entertaining

In India, we place a huge emphasis on entertaining and serving guests well! And a great way of adding an artistic touch to your home is by buying beautiful and artistic serving ware, coffee mugs, bar accessories and more, that aren’t just impressive when serving guests some appetizers or a drink. Still, it can also be used as decorative pieces when not being used!

Tip 04: Use Your Travels to Build a Collection

We all like picking up small souvenirs when we travel to a new city or country. And there are so many affordable yet incredible options to be found in the world! Whether it’s masks, small postcards, or shot glasses from every new place you visit, consciously lookout for these on your travels and build your collection over time. You can easily incorporate these into your décor on the walls, a cupboard, or a long table.

Tip 05: Go Traditional

Traditional Indian art is exquisite, detailed, and not that expensive! Perfect for bringing an ethnic touch into your home, Indian art forms such as pitch wais (paintings of Lord Krishna), Mughal Miniatures, Tanjore, or tribal or folk paintings (Gond, Madhubani, or Warli art) is a great way of adding an artistic touch to your home, without spending too much.

Tip 06: Use Books as Décor Pieces

Not too many people think of this, but beautiful coffee table books greatly enhance the décor at home. Big books with stunning covers, when stacked together, or placed at angles, look great on coffee tables or even side console tables in the hallway or living room.

Tip 07: Add Small Statement Furniture

While main furniture pieces (beds, sofas) are expensive, a great way to make a statement with your décor is by placing smaller, accent furniture in any room setting, be it a side table, a small console, or a funky chair. Accent furniture is great for adding contrast, e.g., add an Indian/Oriental side cabinet into a modern living room. In general, accent furniture should have a stand-out feature – stylized design, bright colors, a hand-painted element – something that truly adds artistic value.

Tip 08: Add a Splash of Colour

Painting an entire wall can be expensive, but adding color to a small part of a wall, or a panel, using an interesting pattern can look extremely artistic and be pretty easy on the wallet.


Tip 09: Use Curios and Collectibles from the Past

India is a treasure-trove for unique remnants from the past, which don’t just have tremendous aesthetic value but also add history and a story to your home! Think war memorabilia, vintage typewriters, old sewing machines, and rare toys. One such collectible can change a room, and these can sometimes be found at meager prices in antique stores and flea markets!

Tip 10: Think Beyond Obvious Art

Often when we need to decorate the walls, we only think of paintings. But there are so many different and affordable options and mediums that can be used to decorate walls. Beautiful metallic flowers, an artistic mirror, an intricate marble hanging, or interesting vintage maps – all of these and more can be perfect for bringing an artistic flair to your home to suit your own tastes!

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Mumbai: Markets regulator Sebi Friday proposed to ban unauthorized stock tips through SMSs, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. It is also mulling a ban on games and competitions based on trading in the market. Sebi also proposed stricter regulations on ‘Robo’ advisers — automated investment advisers gaining popularity globally. The regulator also said investment advisers using automated tools would be responsible for such advice.

social media tips

Sebi also proposed stricter advertisement rules for investment advisers, a ban on free-trial offers by advisers, and said that registered research analysts would have to simultaneously provide research reports to all types of investors.
On Friday, Sebi issued a consultation paper aimed at overhauling the regulations for investment advisers, and it will accept comments until November 4, it said.


The markets regulator also proposed that banks, NBFCs, and corporate bodies offering investment advisory services will be required to set up separate arms for that service. Sebi is proposing a three-year transition period for these entities to move investment advisory services to the new setup.

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Most people shy away from eating salads because they have a bad reputation for being boring. Salads, like life, are what you make of them. They don’t have to be filled with greens. You are forcefully eating as you diet. They don’t have to be your quick fix for lunch because you have no time for a so-called proper meal. You can have a salad range anywhere from leaves to super dressed; it all depends on the time you have and what your taste buds prefer.
Your salad can range anywhere from just leaves and veggies to being super dressed; it all depends on the time you have and what your taste buds prefer. The best kind of salad will have the perfect balance of all the nutrients in a way that satisfies your cravings, too. Seriously, go all-out Mexican with a quinoa base, add some beans, corns, peppers, and a leafy green like spinach, lettuce, chards, or kale. Top it off with vegan or any cheese of your choice, add some tortilla bits and top it off with salsa.


Here are some other options to avoid the stereotypical “boring salad.”

1) Pepper & Onion City

Bell peppers come in a variety of colors and sizes, all of which are equally delicious. You can cut them up and throw them in your raw salad, or you can grill them, too. Don’t forget to add your dose of onions to the mix. If you do grill the veggies, you’ll get a sweeter flavor. You can also use pepperoncini or actual black pepper to add flavor to your salad. It will taste so good, trust me!

2) Lentils and Beans to Perk up the Greens

Lentils not only make you feel fuller, but they also leave you satisfied. Try adding garbanzo beans, kidney beans, and lentils to your salad to dress it up. This way, you’ll feel like you’re eating something meaningful and not just stuff kale or spinach in forcefully! Plus, beans and greens taste great together!

3) Finding the Right Vegetables

If you have a favorite vegetable, chop it up and toss it into the salad! Don’t worry about mixing weird things in. If you like a mix of cucumbers and corn, do it! For inspiration, take a look at salad bars and see what people tend to add. Mushrooms, carrots, peas, radishes, beets, corn, artichokes, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, bean sprouts, and bok choy are brilliant options. They all add more value to your salad.

4) Nuts and Bolts, no wait, Seeds

Various types of nuts and seeds are good types of fat. Whether it’s cashews or almonds or walnuts or pecans, they’ll add a good flavor to your salad. Sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds (white or black) are tiny but valuable. They’ll add a nice crunch, too.

5) Add-in the Meat or Protein

Cubed meats make for a good source of protein in salads. They’re an important part of the diet, after all. Substitute meat for beans or tofu if you are a vegetarian. Ham, eggs, and turkey are all excellent add-ins. You can also have cheese with a protein; if you dig cottage cheese, scoop out a chunk to throw it on top of your salad. Great cheeses for salads include feta, parmesan, cheddar, or bleu cheese. If you prefer more meat with your salad, add some grilled chicken or even shrimp skewers!

6) Berries are Very Good

Not many people know this fact, but berries add color, sweetness, and a lovely flavor to your salad. Plus, they are excellent sources of vitamins! You can add anything from dried cranberries, strawberries, or even blueberries. Fresh mango or watermelon chunks, sliced pears, or grapes are a good option if you’re not into berries.

7) Flowers Go with Everything

It’s true! Flower petals add a light and refreshing taste to a salad. Marigold petals, rose petals, and orchid petals make a salad look beautiful, and they taste great too!

8) Carby Crunch

Sometimes a salad begs for croutons or the crunchy sticks. If you’re cutting calories, don’t do it, but if it’s a cheat day, go crazy! Garlic-parmesan-flavored croutons go with almost everything.

9) Other Unique Toppings

Don’t stop at the basic veggies, croutons, and meats. Go crazy with other unique ideas that will make your appetite worthwhile. There’s asparagus, radish, beets, watercress. Maybe you’re a bacon fan? Go for it. Edamame, peanuts, jicama will add a fanciful crunch. Opt for grapefruit or orange slices for a citrusy kick. Of course, there’s macaroni, too. Experiment the hell out of your salad.


10) Dressing

What is a salad without a solid dressing? Pick your favorite one and enjoy! If you’re looking for something new, try a homemade ginger dressing, lemon vinaigrette, or even a balsamic vinaigrette. An avocado-cilantro-lime dressing is always classic! If you want to cut calories, use balsamic vinegar and just a touch of olive oil. If not something new, something old works too. Ranch, caesar’s, and even a basic salsa can make for great dressings.

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KOLKATA: It used to be two different tales at two banks of the Hooghly. On the east was KMC’s standard operating procedure (SOP) for immersion, but the west was messy chaos with Howrah Municipal Corporation’s was lax immersion management. But from this year, HMC is following in KMC’s footsteps.

Howrah mayor Ranjit Chakraborty assured that there would not be any debris left more than 24 hours after immersion. “We are following the same SOP that Kolkata follows. We have restricted immersion to five ghats in Howrah -Ramkrishnapur Ghat, Botanical Garden Ghat, Salkia Ghat, Ghushuri Ghat, and Bally Ghat.”


Chakraborty claimed that idols are being lifted by cranes 24 hours after immersion and removed from the ghat with payloaders. However, visits to the spot reveal led to many immersion materials drifting down the river with the tide. HMC also lacks the kind of infrastructure KMC has. Member, mayor-in-council Debasish Kumar, who is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the entire immersion process, said,


“We have been campaigning for environment-friendly idols and river-friendly immersions. Organizers have started realizing that immersions have already damaged the ecosystem of this river. So increasingly, Puja organizers are using environment-friendly paints and materials.”

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One would imagine that if not for the headline, the conceit of its message would have been obvious enough.
Unfortunately, for most keyboard-warriors inhabiting the comments section of numerous news media websites, it’s not. Or it doesn’t appear to be.

In fact, a certain section of social media has taken to conflating the Narendra Modi wave of 2014 with the unprecedented tsunami of support Donald Trump has been receiving ever since he announced his intention to enter the race for the White House back in 2015. Worse yet, they are confusing the Indian definition of the Right with the American one.

That seems as a good a starting point as any, so let’s go from there.

As Jaideep Prabhu has written in the past, there is no clear ‘Indian Right,’ to the extent that the conventional Right-Left binary does not apply very accurately to India’s political parties. That is because very few of India’s political parties, the mainstream ones at least, subscribe to the dichotomy of Right-Left in at least two major areas: Culture and economics. In terms of culture, political parties are painted in various hues of majoritarianism and majoritarianism, while in economics, free-market policies and social welfare aren’t mutually exclusive.

File images of Narendra Modi and Donald Trump. PTI and AP
So the idea that what falls under the umbrella of the Indian Right in any way resembles the American Right is flawed in any case.

Moving on to the perceived Modi-Trump links (among the latter’s supporters at least) that marked this weekend’s Republican Hindu Coalition event, we find another incorrect — rather glaringly so — comparison. And here, let’s get down to brass tacks: Trump is not Modi.

A lazily-drawn similarity is that both men are nationalistic. So are Marine Le Pen and Xi Jinping, but we’re yet to see French-Indians and Chinese-Indians organizing gala events to mark these similarities. Further, while both Modi and Trump are indeed nationalistic, their form of nationalism varies greatly: While one espouses a more inclusive form that seeks to carry everyone along, the other pushes an exclusionary brand (which type links to which name is self-evident). In a sense, Modi’s approach has more closely resembled Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s message of ‘Stronger Together, than Trump’s.

It’s worth pointing out here that a major difference between the two is that with Trump’s blunt, ill-informed rhetoric, he has gained followers through his divisive views. Modi has benefitted from the fact that members of his own party make fairly outrageous remarks and emerged as a unifying force when he does take to his Mann ki Baat or public rallies to opine on issues.

Another lazy ‘similarity’ dragged out by the likes of the Republican Hindu Coalition is that Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ is in the same ballpark as Modi’s mantra of ‘Acche Din.’ And while Modi, in the buildup to the 2014 General Election, spoke about a Congress-must India, Trump also seeks to wipe away all the ills apparently inflicted on the US by eight years of Democrat rule. This is another strange comparison to draw. It’s quite obvious that any Opposition party would cite the ruling dispensation’s unsuitability to win an election. In fact, if an Opposition party were to express satisfaction with the way the ruling regime has been doing things, one would wonder why it is even bothering with the election.

This brings us to the ugly truth.

What actually brought out the Hindu fundamentalist backing for Trump was his threat of a ban on Muslim immigrants — something he failed to completely back or dismiss over the course of the first two presidential debates. What this fundamentalist fringe fails to note, however, is the fact that this sort of discrimination in policy — presently on the grounds of religion — could easily be transmuted to nationality over a period of time.


Trump has made ‘jobs for Americans’ and tightening immigration controls his presidential campaign’s major plank. To think he would abandon it based on one little interaction with a section of Indian-Americans and start handing out H1-B visas is beyond naive. And before comparisons are drawn to ‘Make in India,’ it’s worth noting that Modi’s pet project — as it has been called in some quarters — was launched to increase manufacturing across the country, not to exclude other nationalities.

We could go into the differences between Modi and Trump as people: One, a self-made — that is to say, he worked his way through the cadres — career politician and the other, a man who has pretty much been handed everything in life. One who is respectful of women to the other who is-… well, you know. The dissimilarities are endless.

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