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Buying a car is an expensive investment that has to be well-thought before making. It is one of the expenses that bring an individual with the average income in jitters. For them, buying a used car seems the most feasible option. Investing in a used car is a wise decision for those who are not willing to spend much or are new drivers on the road. But this deal can prove to be a foolish move for some, especially with the ones lacking desired knowledge.

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Even if you head out to buy a used car, remember that you have to spend significant costs on it and every penny you spend should be worth. Here are some tips recommended by experts to help you buy a used car that fulfills your requirements without breaking the bank –

Know your needs

The first step is to evaluate your needs and then consider the kind of car that will suffice them. You would see many fancy options available in the market, but it is better not to get enticed by them. Rather, do a detailed assessment of your lifestyle and consider the driving conditions that you generally encounter. Not every car is suited for all situations. For instance, considering buying a two-seater car is not a good option if you have a family of four members.

Set your budget

After assessing your needs, set a realistic budget in your mind that you can spend on buying a used car. It is true that used vehicles are available at cheaper rates, but cheap is not always the best. Used cars demand a little extra attention with each passing day. The amount that you might need to shell out on new tires, maintenance and other reconditioning aspects should also be taken into account to help you in setting a realistic budget.


With due consideration of the budget in your hand, do a detailed research on the various options that are available within that range. Also, figure out the alternatives that you may want to consider. Read consumer reports and automobile magazines for checking the reviews for all the vehicles you are considering and do a detailed comparison.

Contact the right dealer

Car dealers have a habit of exaggerating with regards to the actual condition of the car. So, before you finalize the deal, make sure you shop around and consult at least 2-3 different dealers to calculate the unique benefits each one is offering. A reliable car dealership would provide you with the details of the actual maintenance history of the car so you don’t end up buying the wrong option.

Take a test drive

Make sure you take a test drive for each option shortlisted to see how you feel in it and how it performs. Take a few rounds and check all the primary features of the car like smooth accelerator, emergency brakes, efficient air conditioners, signs of leakage etc. Check the exteriors for any rust signs or paint overs. Ensure that upholstery of the car is comfortable and is in a well-maintained condition.


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Technical test will happen if you are going to appear for some technical content interview. This happens because it includes lot of different subjects. If you really know your subject well and if you are strong in any area then you should be able to answer what is going wrong in the field.

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The other name of technical understanding test is Technical Test Battery. This evaluates a candidate’s skill foe technical oriented job posts such as for skilled and non-skilled technicians, machine operators, mechanics and many more. Many recruiters use these tests to sift out the candidates from their recruitment procedure. On the other hand recruiters use these tests in order to get information on visual, numerical and mechanical skills which a candidate possesses.

It is always an advantage for a candidate who has a practical knowledge. Other candidates who are there for the interview many not have an experience like you will not be able to answer in this round. If these candidates have little knowledge on technical subject then they might be able to give some answers but it will be limited. But if you have a good experience on any technical area then you will give a lengthy answer and that too with their solutions.

A hiring team manager says if a candidate knows what is going wrong in the technical field then he will be able to demonstrate it better. He will know what can go wrong and he will give ways to avoid the steps which will create technical problems in the future. They will have points to bring out a positive outcome to any technical job. Just a small tip if your recruiter does not ask you any technical question in the interview than please aim to turn the interview rounds so that you are able to tell him what you know. Try to bring out your technical knowledge. Let the recruiter know about your skills.

What are the contents in a technical test? Generally there are 4 main areas of aptitude in this test. They are:-

  1. Verbal- in a verbal test they will check your vocabulary, how fast you read some basic verbal reasoning questions and information processing.
  2. Mechanical- mechanical comprehension will be judged through the introduction of scenarios and concepts from the real world that will require minimal calculations and inferences.
  3. Numerical- generally this numerical round is judged in 2 ways i.e. the basic numeracy and the numerical reasoning. Remember one thing that in these two rounds they will not give you a calculator to use.
  4. Visual- visual estimations, tracking abilities and spatial awareness will be there. There can be some additional skills also in this round i.e. technical understanding, fault diagnosis, inductive, process monitoring, and diagrammatic reasoning.

If you get to know that there will be a technical test then prepare yourself properly. Think about all the possibilities which might go wrong in a technical area and also get ready with the answers. Let the recruiters know that you have an experience to solve problems relating to it. Tell them how to fix the problems without wasting too much time.

So when you are going to appear for an interview be sure you will give your best to get the job. You should know what the issues are and you should have answers to solve them within few minutes. Please do not just sit there passively and answer what they ask. You should be really straight forward and bring up technical topics. Recruiters will be really impressed to see this quality of yours.

If technical questions do not come up during the interview round then when they ask you ‘if you have any questions for them’ then you should immediately ask them about the main technical problems which is going on in their office. And then you start discussing with them how to solve it. Bring out your ownership quality in the interview. Once you start discussing on this topic then you can talk about similar problems. You should also give them correct solutions manes in a way you should be ready with the solutions. If the recruiters have come across the problems by bringing up the topics then you should quickly show your understanding on the subject and that you are capable of solving it.

This technical round takes place in an interview because it is shows your hard skill knowledge and it will tell the recruiter if you have suitable experience for a technical post. Some skills which are there for the test are:-

  • Accounting concept
  • Strategic presentation
  • Operating the machines
  • Software knowledge
  • Typing ability
  • Fluency in a foreign language
  • English language ability (both writing and reading)
  • Engineering concepts

If you are from the technical field then they will check your practical knowledge more and more. If you are someone who is going for an interview then make sure you prepare a list of technical questions and proper answers. Go for an interview and give your best so that you can get the job. If you this is your first interview and you really do not know about the technical round then do check it out on the internet. You will get a glimpse of it. There are many question papers on spatial reasoning and numerical reasoning. Download them and solve them. But it will be better if you expose yourself to all types of questions.

To conclude more and more organizations incorporating technical tests as part of their set up. You can term it as an assessment tool as part of the selection process, companies do find themselves in a better position to find out the vast pool of candidates who have gone on to apply for the job. With technology the number of applications may arise, but it would also be a remedial measure in order to reduce the candidature. The best part about these tests is that there is reduction in administrative costs and manpower.

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