Digital India’s website hacked? Google said so!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet initiative, Digital India, seems to be facing a little hiccup of the virtual kind since Thursday morning.

“This site may have been hacked,” says search engine giant Google on the search results page. In these times of virtual threats, this certainly is not a warning to be taken lightly.

Digital India's website hacked? Google said so! 1

Google support forum explains that this message will appear when google believes that a hacker might have changed some of the existing pages on the site or added new spam pages. “If you visit the site, you could be redirected to spam or malware.”

What raises concern is the recent spike in cybercrime – from financial frauds to denial-of-service attacks on government websites – some by individuals and some by hostile states.


The Digital India program is a flagship e-governance initiative by the Government of India, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 2 last year.

This ambitious project aims to provide services, products, devices, and job opportunities electronically, all under one roof as part of ‘Ekranti: National e-Governance Plan 2.0.’

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