Do You Make a Difference?

“We’re given a preference in our lives, to make matters better, or worse, or undergo like sheep. I pick out to make matters better, as plenty as I can.”
Mercedes Lackey, Fortune’s Fool

How Can You be a Difference Maker?

It has been a hell of a trip those beyond 384 days, as of this writing, and it feels like the global is spinning out of any familiar sort of manipulate, be it perceived control or actually manage. Ideas like illogical questioning and behaving, hate, disillusionment, the absence of kindness, loss of compassion, the ill-treatment of fellow people, and many others. I could pass on and on. The stuff nightmare movies are made from, and we are dwelling it out in all its unpleasant shades.


I even have continually been the type of person who seeks fairness. It was a tough pill to swallow the first time my father said, “Life is not fair. You should stay by way of the values that be counted maximum to you and now not worry approximately what different people are doing.” In this world nowadays, it’s miles very hard not to fear approximately what other humans are doing or pronouncing but, OK, I’ll play.

So, I ask myself every unmarried day, how can I maintain my center values knowing that I am likely, right now, the minority in the sea of human beings and not the norm in the crowd? How can I not fear what different human beings are doing after I experience so misplaced and don’t depend? What should I possibly do to make my international around me, from my personal perspective, sense extra just like the world I want to sense secure in, experience complete in, and sense in control?

I attempt no longer to observe the information on TV; I could tons as a substitute examination. However, I can not avoid the news absolutely. I compromise through being attentive to Pete Dominick on NPR, and I compromise through studying snippets of information feeds from my telephone as it is interspersed with laugh information; I compromise by way of paying attention to what my children carry up approximately their view of the arena and educate myself on the problems that individuals affect them. An exact citizen doesn’t bury his/her head in the sand but breaks up the awful into extra digestible pieces. However, I cannot assist, entwine my expertise with my desire for equity (nevertheless), and desire that my children’s hearts will stay open despite the unsightly surrounding them out in the globe. Once more, I ask myself, what can I truly do to right my international so that I can feature and no longer crumble?

After lengthy, lengthy endless days of questioning and looking, I heard a depended on pal talk these days, approximately getting some peace back into our lives with the aid of being a difference-maker. What does that, without a doubt, mean, although? I wouldn’t say I like politics, so I may not emerge as a coverage maker or run for office; I do not trust our vote without a doubt counts on election day, so I waver from 365 days to the next whether to cast my vote for whatever I am now not a healthcare professional, I am not a legal professional, I am no longer an engineer or a builder. These professions are difference-making professions in my mind.

But then, as I listened deeper, I started to realize that every day in small chunk size approaches, just like the manner I technique the information, I could make a difference. I can gain a sense of control, and I can strive today to count. “The purpose of existence is to contribute in some way to making things higher.”
Robert F. Kennedy

Here are methods that I realized just how I am already righting my incorrect global and making a superb difference:

When I make dinner, there are leftovers for my relatives’ circle to take for lunch the day after. In a way, they must not spend money on lunch food and can now pick out to spend that money on something else or store it. Hopefully, the happiness and delight they feel in that one act of now not stressful about lunch manner that they experience freer to loosen up and unfold their pleasure to others really by behaving extra cozy and happy, whether they realize this feeling or no longer.

I can make a difference every day in small approaches after I bake treats for co-employees and share my baking pleasure. I may be a positive distinction maker when I volunteer everywhere; I might be of help. Or after I donate to a charity or when I put on the hat of a trainer, mentor, or emotional guide. I could distinguish in my every day in small methods when I take the time to write down to you and include you in my epiphanies and discoveries and stupid mind.

I can distinguish in my every day in small approaches once I run errands for my neighbor. I can make an advantageous distinction every day in small approaches when I select compassion over frustration.

I may be a difference-maker when I make an effort to invite all people I have interaction with, “What can I do for you these days?”


I may be a distinction maker once I honor a person’s birthday or achievement in my very own special way by way of making them feel unique.

I could make a difference in my every day in small approaches once I take away private frustration via cleansing, whether via my professional organizing and assisting clients or cleansing a room that desires attention. The on-the-spot gratification from cleaning enables me to take a deep cleansing breath, and everybody around me might be happier and calmer for it.

I can be a wonderful distinction maker by sitting at a 4 way stop sign and letting others cross ahead of me. Maybe that one gesture made it so that that person got to the health facility on time to peer a cherished one. I can be a difference-maker nowadays, really with the aid of being decisive and not wishy-washy about a difficulty.

I trust in paintings. If somebody doesn’t create something, but small it can be, he gets ill. An awful lot of humans sense that they are treading water — that if they vanished in smoke, it would not suggest something at all on this international. And that is a despairing and unfavorable feeling. It’ll kill you.”

Arthur Miller

“Never neglect that you are certainly one of a kind. Never forget that if there were not any need for you in all your area of expertise to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be right here in the first area. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems appear to be, that one character can make a difference in the global. In reality, it’s miles continually because of one person that all the changes that rely on the global come approximately. So be that one person.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

There had been many, generally in my lifestyle, where I have felt like I do not count numbers, which has caused feeling so out of management. Our world these days makes it so easy for any folks to experience like we don’t count numbers, but we do, we honestly do. By greeting each new day believing that these days you could be a distinction maker in some small manner, that you could affect undoubtedly the lifestyles of a person, helps to create a ripple of kindness and goodness and desire; it is empowering and uplifting, and you could manage that moment, and for that one moment you depend. I surprise at what number of difference-making moments we can every creature?


Call to Action

Tell me approximately a time, beyond or present, whilst you felt you made a distinction.

In what methods does the idea of being a difference-maker hold you returned from creating a distinction?

What adjectives would you operate to describe how you experience while you cross from feeling like you don’t remember to understand then? Oh, sure, you do count?

The excellent presentation is you. Suppose you are not certain what your items are permitted’s get on that together. It certainly only takes one character to be a distinction maker and affects all of us from that one moment of high-quality touch.

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