Italian automobile researcher addresses MIT students

Aurangabad: A research scholar Pierpaolo Carlone from Salerno University, Italy inaugurated a one-day workshop organized by Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT)
He shared his insights on different developments in the field of polymer composite materials. Adding to the importance of this product, he said that Polymer composite materials were enabling automobile industry to beat the competition with pricing.
While addressing the students, Carlone said that the current research in polymer composite materials may double the efficiency of automobiles.
He said, “Polymer composite material is the latest development in the field of material science. The polymer is used in automobile industries due to its properties like light weight with high strength but low cost at the same time. The excellent combination of desired properties has made polymer one of the most effective raw materials.”
Teenager writes fiction on farmer suicide
A class X student, Ganesh Aithal, has penned down a fiction book, ‘The Drought Within’ on farmer suicide giving a positive message that such unfortunate incidents can be avoided if farmers avail different welfare schemes of the center and the state.
The book describes few positive minded people who can ensure the prosperity of farmers with determined action taken towards different government schemes. The book was published a few days back and it is available for online sale.
Maharashtra Education Minister, Vinod Tawde has also appreciated the book. Ganesh said, “The issue of farmer suicide has stirred me from within and compelled me to write a book.”
He said, “It said it is depressing to hear about such incidents. In an attempt to put myself in the shoes of the people living in adverse condition, I wrote this book. Though the characters are fictional, I have tried imagining them in real life situations. I have noticed an equal number of people trying to solve the situation through honest social work.”



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