Kabaddi World Cup: India are champions

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AHMEDABAD: Minutes Stump Blog  before the semi-final against Thailand on Friday evening, Anup Kumar, the captain of the Indian team, told a presenter that the hosts were about to take the mat in what was going to be their biggest test of the Kabaddi World Cup. Surely, Anup, the battle-scarred veteran was being modest as one saw his side simply sweep past their opponents to set up the finale against Iran.

Now, this was the contest that would prove to be his team’s biggest test in the competition. There’s simply no disputing that. After all, Iran is the side that has consistently been challenging India’s supremacy over the years.
Highlights: India v Iran
And as expected, the match had all the ingredients of being a worthy final, with India eventually winning the trophy 38-29. This was India’s third straight triumph in the tournament, with Iran finishing runners-up on each occasion.



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