Leadership Mastery – How to Integrate Tech Skills With People Skills

“The real hazard isn’t that computers will start to think like guys, but that guy will start to assume like computer systems.”
Sydney J. Harris

Leadership mastery inside the digital age calls for an integration of capabilities. Whether your dominant talent is generation flair or your dominant ability in managing human beings, the future calls for everybody to integrate their skills to reap mastery of management within the virtual age.

If you’re a tech-savvy leader, it’s miles likely to be smart, successful, analytical, manner orientated, rapid, and targeted. These capabilities are pretty valued in the workplace, and now it’s time to combine tech skills with people management capabilities so that you can improve common management effectiveness and move your team and the business enterprise ahead. The abilities had to be a masterful chief in these virtual instances include being tech-savvy AND being evolutionary.

In the beyond, the development of people’s abilities has often been put aside as too ‘sensitive feely’ or non-critic, al. Within the past decade, there was a higher price positioned on technological abilities. Since the global economic challenges of 2008, innovative groups have noticed the distance and were making an investment in schooling and developing their leaders to now, include enormously evolved management skills as they relate to the ‘human beings’ facet of the enterprise. A gifted, trained body of workers is an asset that agencies are expertise the fee of. They now understand that they need to have outstanding leaders who encourage and develop the expertise inside, or their top expertise will depart and move some other place.

A few years in the past, I had a consulting contract with a high-tech organization experiencing challenges with maintaining its Generation Y employees. Upon investigation, it turned into located that the Baby Boomer leaders have been not adapting to the attitudes and work varieties of Gen Y. In that agency, the Baby Boomer leaders had a mindset of superiority. They demanded all employees to conform, the old fashion of ‘my way or the highway.’ As you may believe, this did not pass over thoroughly with the Gen Y employees, and an awesome variety of tremendously professional personnel had been leaving in droves.

As technology leaders end up more youthful and more youthful, the challenges have switched to having the management expertise and information of human behavior to preserve the crew happy, functioning, and developing advanced consequences.


Baby Boomer leaders had a mindset of superiority and demanded all employees to conform. As you may believe, this did now not move over well with the Gen Y employees, and a perfect portion of them was leaving in droves.

There is a need in cutting-edge place of job and the place of work of the destiny to have leaders who are adaptable, astute, and able to mobilize human beings to perform their paintings at their highest ranges, manipulate faraway teams and bendy workgroups and be technologically savvy, leaders who are greater than exact leaders; leaders who have leadership mastery.

With several focuses on the technological aspects of the work, many leaders have overpassed desirable exchange leadership processes or have never been exposed to them.
In this bankruptcy, we need to examine the distinction between a tech-savvy leader and a people-savvy chief.

Let’s test the chart under to peer examples of a number of the principal differences:

  • Tech Savvy Leader
  • Analytical
  • Fast-paced
  • Focused on pc
  • Focused on statistics
  • Focused on output
  • Impatient with people issues
  • Communicate in tech language
  • Less aware of feelings of others
  • Task-centered
  • Results-focused
  • People Savvy Leader
  • Sociable
  • Open and curious
  • Focused on human beings
  • Focused on what facts does for humans
  • Deals with human beings troubles with the know-how
  • Highly aware of others’ emotional states
  • Team-centered

As you study via the lists for every description of the tech-savvy leader and the people-savvy chief, you may have found yourself judging many of the items on the lists. Or you could have a notion which you have an excessive stage of each of the skills listed.


For example, I have a patron who is an exceptional human-centered CEO. However, she lacks the technological know-how, so she is savvy but not so robust with the tech-savvy. As her representative, I am operating and developing both areas to be greater efficient as a leader. When I refer to technological information, I am relating to having technological consciousness and feature- now not becoming a tech professional!

Leaders seeking to achieve mastery who are greater technological savvy select to spend the time required to increase their people talents similar to the time spent on continually growing their technological knowledge and awareness.

Recently I changed into imparting for a first-rate multinational technology group in Orlando, Florida. When I present, I supply out my cell range so that my target audience can see textual content simultaneously as I speak and question me questions. This surely works properly because the questions are anonymous (unless they want to self-pick out) and I can answer them whilst going via the content of my presentation. One of the questions I turned into asked even as speaking about the want for tech experts to enhance their people abilities facet of leadership turned into, “how do I get my group members to simply forestall all of their politicking and cognizance on the paintings?”
I texted the chief returned to invite if it changed into okay to brazenly announce the question and address it to benefit the group. He said yes, and so I requested a query back, “do you have regular team replace conferences both in man or woman or with the aid of Skype?” the leader replied, ‘no’ and then I requested, “do you brazenly share what is occurring together with your team so that they have the cutting-edge information first hand?” and he spoke back, “no.”

People do not depart their jobs – they leave their leaders – a harsh fact and one you’ve got probable skilled as an employee your self and as a frontrunner.

The cause I desired this to be discussed to the entire organization is because, in this state of affairs, the leader turned into targeted purely on his tech-savvy capabilities and become now not employing any human beings savvy capabilities in any respect. There were many others much like him inside the target market. The person who texted the question had the courage to self-perceive to the institution, and we worked thru how he can get his group to stop politicking and cognizance of the work; the ideas presented to him have been:

#1- Have a group meeting (digital or in character) daily (weekly if viable) to cope with what the dreams are for the approaching week, who’s doing what, and the brand new information out of your boss and the business enterprise.

#2 – Identify the one or folks who are the ‘influencers’ of the politicking and take them out for espresso or lunch to talk about the organization or agenda a one on one Skype if they are a far-off employee, their pleasure with their activity and what they want to assist them attention in getting the paintings carried out. Having the assistance of the influencer(s) is a major benefit.


When the audience member changed into giving those thoughts, he said aloud, “geez, this dealing with people is lots of work!” and therein lies the actual undertaking for maximum leaders!

Many leaders get caught up in deadlines, tech updates, commercial enterprise results, and that they forget that to achieve any of this stuff efficiently, you have to depend on your humans. People aren’t machines. They may be human, emotional and want to be treated as valued members of your crew.

People do not leave their jobs- they go away from their leaders- a harsh truth and one you have probably skilled each as a worker your self and as a leader.

As a frontrunner, you need to ask yourself if you are inclined to assist humans in prevailing, in growing people, and in the long run to awareness the time and electricity to be a tremendous leader. As the administrative center keeps to speed up and exchange, it’s far extra important now to awareness of each tech and its aspect. This means understanding who you’re as a frontrunner and adapting to the truth of dealing with people.

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