Real Beauty – Bliss!

Beauty is a fact’s smile when she beholds her personal face in an ideal mirror.

Beauty is in perfect harmony within the regular being; reality is the proper comprehension of the ordinary mind.

— Rabindranath Tagore

The whole concept of real splendor may be difficult to define despite being a famous term. Everyone has their very own reviews about what constitutes actual splendor. One way to consider it is to don’t forget what makes you smile in this kind of radiant way that attracts people to want to be in your presence. Ideal beauty is well known or possesses features widely attributed to splendor in a specific tradition for perfection.

Just like Audrey Hepburn’s iconic quote:

For appealing lips, talk phrases of kindness.
For lovely eyes, are seeking for out the good in human beings.
For a slim determine, percentage your meals with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, allow an infant to run his or her palms through it once an afternoon.
For poise, stroll with the knowledge that you in no way stroll on your own.

There might rarely be any character who might now not like to look lovely. Over a period of time, beauty slowly fades away due to age, and what is left are signs and symptoms of aging. Human beings use numerous methods like anti-growing old lotions, Botox to combat these signs. They seek to preserve their splendor (which they agree with is physical) intact for as long as feasible. This is how they idiot themselves into believing that they are an aspect of beauty. They earn to be fantastic and continue to be the center of attraction.


Fair complexion, sharp capabilities are not the only criteria for being beauteous. These are outside elements. External splendor is like a water bubble, which exists only for some time. Apart from the face hidden in the back of one’s layers of make-up, there may be a coronary heart; chic, complete of affection, and linked on your mind. That is real contentment. It would help if you made yourself comely to revel in the actual beauty.

Helen Keller stated, “The most stunning matters within the world cannot be visible or even touched; they should be felt with the heart.” Every single man or woman existing on the earth is born stunning. Moral traits, ethical standards, concepts are brought gain to real beauty. Intellect and intelligence with beauty are unprecedentedly satisfactory. And whilst someone has internal and external beauty, it is ‘icing on the cake.’ Beauty and teens are regularly appeared as synonymous with each other. The balance of frame and soul is a lot critical than using a wrinkle doing away with cream.

Let me run ideas through my mind and spot wherein it takes me. Let’s consider good-looking humans, locations, gadgets, tremendous state of affairs at a gallery, perceptional extraordinary angled picture, or let’s drill right down to a more materialistic residing just like the breathtaking structure of my bungalow, with a balcony over-searching a serene swimming pool. I even have mouth-watering meals sitting on a table beside me, sending out the most heavenly aroma tantalizing to the mind and tickling my taste buds.

I should cross on with more description, but it’d be painfully mundane to examine; that is why I’ll leave it as “blah blah blah.”

Having visible life beneath quality occasions with great resources (mom//dad/bro/buddies/teacher/ money… & what no longer) with great residing conditions & then having fallen away & apart with this stuff briefly, to get it returned in a brand new format & living terms, I recognize that Beauty is a very relative terminology, pretty misunderstood & I dare say, pretty misapplied too.

So then, what’s the real beauty for me?

I think & agree with that the real splendor is to comprehend that I can realize, think, examine, decimate, disintegrate, research – unlearn, agree with & nevertheless redefine my belief system or call it a first-class track.

The actual beauty consequently is that I am a human, that’s the gift of nature, and I can comprehend that there may be GOD in many forms & capabilities, lots of his manifestation are even known as horrific & I am mutely searching at it to understand what nature is telling me.

And the actual splendor based on the above idea for me is understanding; the assimilation of various pieces of information, while putting in a logical way, is priceless.

Knowledge on my own is a real beauty.


Having stated this, I need to say that if I place an e-book of esoteric know-how of yore & a few great prints of information on a donkey’s head, he does not emerge as informed. What will make him informed is the right utility of that expertise inside the right location, within the proper measure, at the proper time, and the way does one get it aside from nature’s Grace? One gets it via the guru – the proverbial instructor.

Hence the Guru or the teacher is the real beauty.

The instructor gave me expertise and notion of what’s what & how to see it. If no longer for the proper instructor, I should assume that 2 + 2 = 5 and still live like a donkey without realizing the 2 = 2 lifestyles.

And who gave me the instructor? That’s a blind answer – my DAD. He put me through training, each formal & informal & while giving me this, he gave me as a bonus a gaggle of buddies from college to university, which I could filter out over a time period thru experience & maturity.

Hence father is the real beauty.

And who gave me my father? My mother pointed him out because she is the only human who virtually knows the fact of whose seed made me. We all recognize the mother’s adventure of parenting. Let me now not make it emotionally sensitive & difficult because we all realize what our mothers are. Period.

Hence my mom is actual splendor.

Now tell me, how do I get an excellent mom? I cannot make a desire; really, no one took my permission to provide me this birth – genuinely choiceless.

So the real beauty is the truth that I recognize that there’s a person up there taking care of my soul.

Mata, pita, guru, top Mitra (Friend) & god are the real beauty – positioned them all & mix it – it’s God’s grace.

I realize that I am a unique advent of this nature, none like me & 2nd to none, no one has ever been created like me in eons that have exceeded using in this universe & there never may be one like me in the destiny of this universe. I am me; I am a blessing to my dad and mom, I am the best desires of my good wisher’s, I am the hope of all those new the next days to spread via me, I am the kind of gratitude, the mom of all virtue’s – I am Rewa, and the real splendor is I can understand it.


For me, Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, Miss World Aishwarya Bachchan are similarly stunning to Maharani Gayatri Devi, Mother Teresa, Medha Patkar, Kiran Bedi, Lata Mangeshkar or rural girls working in the field all day yet successfully takes care of her small international. Beauty is so divine that it stimulated Kalidas to write Meghdoot and Tulsidas to create Ramayan.

The summary is God’s ever beautiful introduction is WOMAN who nurtures and creates a new lifestyle.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram – Truth is God, and God is lovely.

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