Redefining Health in the twenty first Century

What we can not define, we can’t discover, for our definition determines our vacation spot. One of humanity’s best debacles is the allegiance to records as a widespread for the present and the destiny. Humanity is so indebted to antique thoughts that thinking something new seems like a disloyalty to the legends of old. History has to be no longer a standing quo or a vital standard for the prevailing and the destiny, however a thought for the correction of the present and the redirection of the destiny for a better future for humanity. With appreciation for attaining fitness for all inside the twenty-first century, humanity must outgrow old minds and ways to expound recent methods, tactics, ideologies, and strategies to secure health for humanity. “The massive problems we’re dealing with cannot be solved on the same level of thinking we in which at when we created them.


In the beyond, health become described as having each frame and thoughts operating in an appropriate order, unfastened from diseases and pains. If this announcement has not offered humanity a perception of securing fitness for humanity, then it’s miles expedient for humanity to think out of the fame quo. There is no manner humanity can solve the fitness challenges of the twenty-first century besides inside the courage of exploring the unknown. Concerning the 21st-century health plan, health is defined as an included nation of being, human frame, soul, and spirit functioning in absolute soundness. Thus, health is not always the absence of pains or physical signs of sicknesses and illnesses. There are people without symptoms of pains, illness, and sicknesses, yet they are close to their grave. There are equally those who died while not having any bodily symptoms of pains or disease. Though they appeared to be first-class, yet they died because they were now not healthful.

However, health is much more than the absence of pains or disorder, however an incorporated state of being with the human frame, soul, and spirit functioning in absolute soundness. Health is an integrated impact with a reason, which means health isn’t a accident or an unintended prevalence; however, the resultant impact of the relative functioning of the human body, soul, and spirit in absolute soundness. Let me clarify; fitness is not a project we will clear up utilizing our shallow efforts. That is why despite all human efforts in reaching health, health has remained a excessive task.

To obtain health for all inside the twenty-first century, humanity ought to stop joking. We need to recognize that we are coping with a project that billions of people can be wiped out before the quit of this century if not resolved. For health to be carried out inside the twenty-first century, humanity needs to undertake a more complete and incorporated approach taking into account the overall person; body, soul, and spirit. I desire that we are civilized enough to recognize that the individual isn’t always an animal but a complex being with three associated dimensions (body, soul, and spirit). Any health plan which focuses most effectively on one dimension of the man or woman will lead to failure. A man or woman has to enhance his body, soul, and spirit to enjoy fitness.

Insight at the Human Being:

The person is the maximum complicated species in all of life. Until now, little has been found approximately the individual. What is in life as statistics regarding the individual is but “skeleton.” The man or woman is a international yet unexploited. The ignorance about the totality and the truism of the individual is the best task to human evolution and development. The full knowledge of the truism of the person will cease human distress and frustration. The human being is essentially a supernatural being, possessing a soul and residing interior a body. This announcement is a everyday reality agreed upon through all Universalists and equally showed within the prevalent lab guide or the divine charter. The spirit of a guy is the ‘real property of guy, with the soul because of the middleman among the spirit of guy and the body. The human spirit possesses the technological know-how of lifestyles, which defines people as having supremacy over all outside factors.

When this awareness is transferred to the human soul and frame, human immunity and resistance against diseases and diseases are stronger. The human body’s truth is the best visible dimension of the man or woman does not outline the frame as the only constituent of a guy. Limiting the individual to just his bodily body can be the maximum tragic errors. Humans aren’t animals. The most tragic academic mistake is that of classifying humans and animals beneath the same institution. This instructional mistake is because of the constrained attitude approximately the individual. This perspective considers the human body as the sole constituent of man. This instructional mistake has produced a low mentality and consciousness amongst human beings. Today, human beings stay and behave as animals due to this mistake. Humans even suffer the equal destiny as animals. The day has eventually come to eliminate this human lack of awareness.

Health versus restoration

One of the errors humanity has made for several centuries is that of substituting fitness for restoration. This error has lasted for a goodbye that humanity has unconsciously resorted to recovery programs in the call of health applications.
Healing itself is the gradual recovery of a sick, or diseased human is different from health, that’s a country of absolute soundness (frame, soul, and spirit). Substituting fitness for restoration makes humanity extra reactive than seasoned-energetic. When we attended on health, we end up more seasoned-energetic and preventive than reactive.

Focusing on recovery includes allowing the man or woman too, first of all, be attacked by using sickness and disease before seeking out her healing. At the same time, fitness entails a seasoned-active investment to have a human being sound in the frame, soul, and spirit as an incorporated attempt closer to freedom from illnesses and sicknesses. Healing is a recuperating and a relief from pains; however, fitness is a kingdom of being. One can be healed these days and unwell the following day, but health implies a character is a sound in frame, soul, and spirit. Friend, healing as to health is relatively cheap and sometimes smooth to come back utilizing, but health is a step forward which needs numerous focus and awareness on one’s body, soul, and spirit situations.

With appreciation to the 21st-century fitness plan, sickness and ailment are considered an affected kingdom of being, resulting from a deficiency in a single’s body, soul, and spirit situation. This implies that an individual is dangerous, sick, and diseased so long as his/her frame, soul, and spirit situation are deficient. This explains why human beings someday die with no sort of outward sickness or pains. The trouble is that we suppose a unwell individual has to be beneath a few kinds of pains.

People are looking rather OK, however extraordinarily unwell. This is due to the fact no longer all sicknesses are bodily. Body diseases can be without difficulty recognized. However, diseases of the soul and the spirit cannot be diagnosed through any clinical approach. Thus, for a person to be termed healthful, such ought to keep a relative country of soundness in body, soul, and spirit. The equal functioning of the human frame, soul, and spirit in best harmony and soundness is the everlasting access to fitness.


Most of what is defined as health centers these days are but healing centers yet to arrive the entire popularity of a health center. A healing center is any center, be it scientific, psychiatric, or spiritual center to which the sick and diseased cater to or ministered to. While a fitness center is a center of included technological know-how, in which profound and prolific perception at the human being (frame, soul, and spirit) are communicated and imparted; so that it will empower human beings both in their body, soul, and spirit to all the time conquer illnesses and sicknesses. Such a center should be a studies center that regularly researches each instructional, medical, and insightful divine statistics and intelligence wished for human supremacy over illnesses and sicknesses. Healing requires medicine; however, health requires plenty more than remedy. The finest investment in fitness cognizance is information.

I am no longer speaking here of normal know-how; I am talking of superior educational, medical and divine knowledge containing the reality which unveils the truism of the person (body, soul, and spirit) with all their relative wishes and needs. Thus, when you discover a true fitness center, you’ll see a place where the overall technological know-how of the man or women is unveiled, with teachers and medical doctors who are inter-comprehensive, possessing rare perception on the overall technological know-how of human existence and capability. Presently, such centers are nonexistent. This is the best assignment of the 21st century.

The whole world is dotted with recuperation centers catering and administering to the sick and diseased with no funding of their training with appreciation to accomplishing fitness. This has brought about the situation we’ve got nowadays of people continuously victimized and continuously dependent on drugs and different recovery mediums without ever graduating to health. You may also ask what my proposition is: my proposition is for each restoration center to combine her efforts of relieving individuals who are unwell and diseased with instructing the humans on fitness sciences. This is the most effective manner we can overcome diseases and diseases inside the twenty-first century. Healing – Health = a victimized human, one perpetually dependent on capsules, instead of the truism of fitness.

It appears to me that humanity is losing faith in pursuing total health. We have been cowed by using several fitness demanding situations to the point wherein we are alternatively analyzing the way to abnormalities. The popular slogan in most locations nowadays is staying with AIDS, malaria, or every other disease. Such cowardly technique and mindset can’t be rewarded with perception on human conquer sicknesses and sicknesses. While searching for better ways to relieve the ill and the diseased, we must now not fail to embark on non-stop studies to discover the fact to empower human beings to overcome sicknesses and illnesses. This is the venture of the 21st century.


It turned into a belief that no person may ever want to reach the summit of Mount Everest; lots attempted and failed, and their failure bolstered the perception of the arena. When the arena slept of their pessimism, a person with the aid of the name Edmond Hilary compelled the arena to change their notion; through attending to the pinnacle of Mount Everest. It turned into equally believed that a metal object could not fly. The Wright brothers similarly forced the sector to change their belief with the aid of their invention of the aero aircraft. The international presently believes that overall health is not possible for the individual. I accept as true with we’re that generation to alternate that announcement. Let’s muster enough courage and faith. We could make it. Health is an incorporated kingdom of being, with the human frame, soul, and spirit functioning in absolute soundness.

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