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Sree Sreenivasan gives social media tips users in India

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Sree Sreenivasan, the new Chief Digital Officer of the New York City, is now in India for a lecture tour speaking on social media.
Mr. Sreenivasan announced his plans for a speaking tour and family vacation through Facebook, when he was fired by New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in June.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted that Sree Sreenivasan will be the new Chief of the city, not long after this announcement.
Mr. Sreenivasan, who is in Chennai as a part the scheduled tour, shared his experiences and concepts to J Sam Daniel Stalin of NDTV.
“I found it very difficult, I had no choice. The last people I told were my children and my parents. I was using Facebook to get some help but so many people around the world told me the benefited seeing it,” NDTV quoted Sree Sreenivasan.
Mr. Sreenivasan thinks that reducing the digital divide in India a major challenge.

“It’s all over the world. Economy, race, aptitude, attitude, and age contribute towards this and it’s important to make these services available in platforms poor people are using, I’m excited looking at Twitter Sewa addressing railway complaints in India and Google’s WiFi at railway platforms. My job is to tell people why they should use these services,” the former Columbia Professor said.
As a social media expert, he believes that Indian professionals are not adequately making use of LinkedIn.
“It’s the most underappreciated of all in the social network. The only Indian who has understood is Satya Nadella who bought it for 26 billion dollars,” he says.
He also suggested a method avoid addiction to devices. “At home no phones at dining table so we are forced to talk to each other. Another game I learned in Wall Street is while going for dinner all put down their phones. We order expensive food and whoever touches the phone first pays for all.”
Sreenivasan, a former teacher of journalism and Dean at Columbia University, and one of the most renowned social media experts globally is the first Chief Digital Officer of Columbia University. He has also been a mayoral appointee on the Commission on Public Information and Communication since 2015.
Born in Japan as the son of former ambassador TP Sreenivasan , Sree Sreenivasan holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi and a Master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University.



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