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What is blue light? One might ask. Where does it come from? How is it produced? Does it have any impact on our eyes? If so, what are the impacts caused by a blue light on our eyes? How can we protect ourselves from damage without necessarily using blue blocker sunglasses? These are basic questions that we would ask anyone interesting in knowing what blue light is and whether it is actually dangerous and may cause damage to the eyes.

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Contrary to people’s belief, the sun’s rays are made up of multiple colors such as red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and different purple hues. The sun is created from one spectrum to another. One spectrum happens to be full of blue, and purple hues, whiles the blue and purple hues are located on the other end of the spectrum. The hot colored hues such as red and orange usually generate less energy whiles the blue light generates higher and more strong energy.

How does blue light impact our eyes?

Given that blue light emanates a greater amount of energy, it also has a very significant impact on an individual’s eyes. For most people, their day to day exposure to blue light typically derives from the sun. Some believe that they can avoid blue light by remaining indoors. Again, this is a myth as blue light is also replicated within computer monitors, LED and fluorescent tv screens, smartphones, and tablets. When you are indoors but on your electronic devices, you are bound to experience blue light as well. With excess exposure, blue light can have a damaging effect on a person’s eyes. Our eyes must be exposed to the light with strict moderation to avoid harm.  Too much of everything is not good for you! That saying is definitely applicable in this situation as too much exposure may eventually damage our eyes.

How to stay safe

It is tough to avoid blue light, especially the blue light that derives from our addictive cellular devices, computer screens, and more. There are many ways to go around it to continue using the electronic devices that you so love and maintain eye safety. One of them is a computer screen filter that one can use to shield the impact of light on the eyes. Another method could be by decreasing the backlight within the computer settings. One must also take breaks from time to time to rest the eyes, brain, and body. When in the outdoors, blue blocker sunglasses would definitely work towards greater protection for the eyes.

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