The Exceptional Opportunities for the Perfect law Child Custody

Guardianship or trusteeship is established over orphans and children left without parental care for their upkeep, upbringing, and education and protects their rights and interests. Custody and guardianship are similar enough, with one difference guardianship is established over children under 14 years and charges over adolescents from 14 to 18 years.


Assignment of a guardian

Guardianship (guardianship) is established by the guardianship authority for orphans and children left without parental care. To do this, citizens wishing to take the child under custody or guardianship must go through a school of substitute parents, collect a certain set of documents and get an opinion on the possibility of being a guardian.

With the family law child custody, the deals are the best. The guardianship authority issues the opinion based on the documents submitted and the candidate’s living conditions inspection report. The paper is valid for two years throughout the government. If close relatives want to take care of the child, registration becomes easier. Passing the school to substitute parents by close relatives is not required in this case.

  • Service – Issue an opinion on the possibility of citizens being guardians in respect of minors. Go to service description.
  • However, there are nuances. Firstly, if the child is already ten, his consent to establishing guardianship (guardianship) will be required. Secondly, transferring brothers and sisters under the care or control of different persons are not allowed, except in cases where such transfer is in children’s interests.
  • Service – Establishment of custody or guardianship over children left without parental care. Go to service description.

Suitable candidate

Guardians (custodians) of children can become adult persons with legal capacity who are not previously deprived of parental rights and not previously excluded from a guardian’s duties. It also considers the state of health; there are restrictions on several criminal records and the current criminal prosecution. The advantage of guardianship registration is given to citizens with family ties with children. Persons in a union between persons of the same sex are recognized as a marriage and registered following the state’s laws in which such a marriage is permitted, and persons of the said state who are not married.

Not appointed as guardians of persons with chronic alcoholism or drug addiction, persons suspended from the duties of guardians, persons with parental rights, former adoptive parents if the adoption is canceled due to their fault, as well as persons suffering from diseases in the presence of which the person cannot take the child into care, guardianship, take him to a foster or foster family.

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