Things to Consider Before Choosing a Piano Mover

A piano is one of the most expensive and antique possession. However, this fragile music instrument is also awkwardly shaped and weighs around 1000 pounds. This makes it difficult to move, handle and protect from potential damage. When shifting to a new home, people are worried about how to move their beloved piano safely. This is because the instrument has an intricate design, and even a slight bump on the road, a single drop, can damage it.

It is important to safely relocate the piano to a new place because if anything breaks or damages, replacing the piano parts and fixing it is very expensive. For this reason, people are advised to avoid DIY for moving a piano unless they have the experience and know-how to deal with it. It is best to hire a professional piano moving service to save your energy, time, and money. The professional piano movers will provide you with insurance for the job and will guarantee perfect service. However, before you hire the piano movers, it’s better to keep certain things in mind to ensure you’re hiring the right people for the job.

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Lifting and moving a piano needs plenty of workforces and special equipment. Therefore, piano owners rely on professional services. While looking for a piano mover, always find someone with experience to execute their job professionally. For a safe move, always be clear with how they deal and read their website for details carefully, including the terms and conditions of the company. It is highly recommended to hire a piano mover who would give an insurance cover. This ensures that the moving company would take care of all the costs if the piano is stolen, scratched, or damaged in any way during moving.

The piano moving company you hire must provide door-to-door delivery. It is the responsibility of the movers to pick up and deliver the instrument directly to your destination. In moving piano overseas, it is important to know every detail related to shipping transportation. The details include airtight packing of the piano, import duties, and other regulations.

Proper prepping is crucial to ensure that your piano would reach the destination in proper shape. Wrapping the piano correctly is the key to safely moving it without scratches and other damages. First, for proper wrapping, close the piano and wrap up the whole instrument with a thick, soft blanket. Next, to ensure that it stays in place, secure the blankets with tapes. It is important to note that the tapes should not be in direct contact with the piano’s surface as it might blot its surface.

Don’t wait for the last time to call a professional for help because a piano mover should get some time to look at the piano’s dimensions and the destination place. This will help them in deciding the types of equipment and the workforce required according to your needs. They have to consider many things like narrow staircases, doorways, various levels of the building that needs to be navigated to make sure that no damage comes to your piano. Pianos are not only fragile, heavy, and expensive; they also have great sentimental value. For all these reasons and many more, hiring an experienced and professional piano mover for moving any piano is the best option.

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