While hiring a contractor to complete a mold inspection at your home, there are a few things to consider, some of which are listed below.


Find a mold inspection company that has been there in the business for a while. Experience plays a great role in mold inspection, and you should try to choose a company with at least a few years of experience. An experienced mold inspector is preferable to a lesser experienced mold inspector because they are likely to have inspected more homes. Inspecting different homes brings a mold inspector more and more close to being a specialist.



Choose a company that is strictly in the business of mold inspection only. To minimize the chance for a conflict of interest, the mold inspection company should strictly be in the business of inspecting, testing, and consulting homes. By choosing a company dedicated to the service they provide, there will be no chances of a conflict of interest. They will only be interested in the service they provide. This will also ensure that you receive a quality service.


After inspecting your home, the mold inspector will provide a two-part document as a report. One part will contain lab results, and the other will contain an inspection report. Upon conducting the mold testing, the collected samples should be sent to an independent laboratory for proper analysis. The inspection company will interpret the lab analysis results, which will then provide a comprehensive analysis of the property condition, laboratory findings, and recommendations. The mold inspector will then hand this report over to you. Although the report should be easy to understand when you read it, do not hesitate to ask your mold inspector to explain anything you did not understand. Also, some inspectors will provide lab results without any additional documentation. However, you should hire an inspector who also serves as a consultant and should produce a document to reflect his/her interpretation of the inspection process to have someone to explain complex things to you or to get reliable suggestions.


Mold inspection companies make referrals to remediation companies. Ask your mold inspection company to refer to more than one remediation company so that you can choose from many that best suit your preference.


The remediation company you choose upon getting recommendations from your mold inspector should be licensed and well insured once the inspection is successfully performed. This is because contractors will be destroying portions of the property they will be working on to repair it. This can prove to be risky if not taken precautions and carried out skillfully. If the contractor has not got insurance, you might be responsible for paying the expenses of any unfortunate circumstances.


A post-remediation verification (PRV) inspection is conducted before rebuilding the affected area once the remediation has been completed. It is wiser to use the same inspection company before and after the remediation to ensure consistency in the inspection protocol and testing methodology. The PRV inspection will verify that the mold problem has been handled properly before reconstruction so that all the necessary action can take place without facing any hindrances.


Another important aspect to note is the cost factor if you will get a mold inspection done. A mold inspection can be an expensive business, and you should make your provisions accordingly if you’re getting it done. Also, do ask your inspector to estimate the total cost before they get started with the work.

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