Tips when starting a new relationship

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The start of any relationship is a memorable one. So, when you are just starting off with that special someone, make sure that you tread carefully. However, before you make the move, remember there are some questions that you need to ask yourself so that the two of you can sail smooth in your journey together. Here are a few things you need to know.
Are you ready?
If you’ve just been through a break-up, it can be easy to want someone else’s arms to cuddle up in. But remember, it’s just a rebound and won’t lead to a healthy relationship. So, ensure that the relationship you are in leaves you feeling good about yourself before you embark on a steady journey together as a couple. make sure you know what you want from the relationship. It is extremely important to know what you are looking for in a particular relationship. If you are just having some fun, let your partner know about it. Or else it might lead to serious problems in the future. Relationship counsellor Sauleha Shaikh says, “Always remember that communication is a must when it comes to starting a new relationship. Be clear with each other from the beginning and have nothing hidden. This will make your journey a memorable one.”
Spend some time being friends My Pro Blog
If you’ve met each other through some common friends, then spend some time with each other as friends knowing one another properly rather than just jumping into a relationship. When you don’t spend quality time knowing one another, your relationship is totally headed for the worse.
Don’t rush into a relationship
It is always nice to hang around without commitments right at the start. You not only get ample time to know the person, but also reflect on what you feel about him/her.



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