Understanding Mobile Phones

Benefits of Fixed Mobile Convergence

There are three types of savings an organization can make from a convergent answer: name costs, infrastructure, and productiveness.

Savings delivered thru convergence

Although call cost savings are perfect to measure, they provide the least scale for savings. More advantages may be derived thru infrastructure efficiencies and productiveness.

Infrastructure financial savings are added thru fixed-line substitute strategies and inexperienced discipline website deployments. This impacts the CAPEX and ongoing OPEX necessities of proudly owning a set and cellular fleet.

Productivity and advanced enterprise tactics, whilst offering the best opportunity for firms to derive blessings from convergence, also are the toughest to quantify. For example, while a converged voicemail solution can also store an worker five minutes of attempt an afternoon, the real gain might not at once be derived through having an extra 5 mins for ‘effective’ paintings. The benefits might also, in fact, be introduced thru client pride and repeat commercial enterprise because of advanced reaction instances. However, maximum groups now degree purchaser pleasure as a key performance indicator. Therefore, the boom in productivity and capability process re-engineering which may be finished can have a advantageous effect on consumer pleasure degrees.

Benefits encompass

Extending constant line call functions to mobile handsets
Reducing call expenses
Improving the responsiveness of the business
Delivering control – for instance, for compliance with FSA policies
Reducing duplication
Ease of extending ability
Improving productivity
The use of converged answers additionally enables the group of workers to be greater efficient via functions which includes cellular get entry to to direct dial extensions and conferencing. Employees are able to respond quicker to voicemails, and benefit from decreased telephone tag as they may be able to solution greater calls first time. Specific productivity profits are illustrated through the subsequent examples:

Consultants inside a Healthcare Consultingcompany done a ten to 15% productivity benefit because of reduced telephone tag.Mobile

Carers at a Home Care Services company completed time savings of 60 minutes every day consistent with work due to fewer voicemails, more calls answered the first time and reduced phone tag.

A specialist name center inside a Travel Insurance company handled 25% extra calls as a right away result of expanded responsiveness of body of workers.

A University achieved one hour time-saving in keeping with the day for IT help group of workers, minimizing delays in reaching colleagues to problem process instructions or solve issues.

Within a Hospital, nurses were capable of keep as a minimum 10 mins every time they retrieved patient outcomes, by being able to get entry to and check effects no matter location in the medical institution.
Productivity advantages can be highly tough to quantify and are fine addressed on an man or woman basis. However, economic savings may be found via calculating, as an instance, the number of mins saved in line with day through stronger communications and enterprise tactics (e.G. Time wasted unnecessarily traveling office to pick up table based totally voicemails or task schedules). In addition, the capability to hastily and continuously solution enquiries and client calls can make sure that a purchaser is received and maintained due to a better general of carrier.

Although extra tough to a degree, research has shown that softer blessings can result in quantifiable revenue, customer delight, consumer retention, and work price or fee-saving upgrades for enterprises.

One simple solution is a feature-rich Business SIM permitting Voice, SMS & Data 3G and HSDPA whilst roaming. This mobile SIM gives the enterprise with full manage over calls and texts, each nationally on the hosted community and at the same time as Roaming. In addition, the SIM offers connectivity to described personal cell networks and get right of entry to to a common core for software activation.

The cell is greater through supplying brief code dialing to different extensions in the enterprise and assist for the identical function dialing furnished on constant line handsets, improving application integration.

Number Portability

The MNO or MVNO presents for wide variety portability and ensures that users can hold their present cellphone numbers and avoids any disruption to the dialing experience for the quit user; no user schooling is needed.

Data Support.

Ideally, the network absolutely helps records alternatives presenting net and mail connections. Access Point Names ( APNs) are furnished for community supported packages such as Push-to-Talk (PTT


Subscribers evidently count on the equal provider capabilities while journeying abroad as they do when registered onto their domestic network. We purpose to avoid complex techniques to make a name even as ensuring subscribers can use their account while roaming the world over. Ideally, they need so that you can dial directly from their mobile contacts list without having to edit numbers as a way to specify the best country code.

CAMEL Customised Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic aid way that, as long as the worldwide community supports CAMEL, the consumer dials as normal. When CAMEL is supported, we will assure a continuing pay as you go roaming enjoy. Costs are, usually, less than everyday call quotes and this solution guarantees call recording as required for FSA compliance is still brought whilst touring in CAMEL nations.

CAMEL Call Back This solutions method that the caller makes a name as ordinary and the decision is directed to the platform. The call then drops for a short length. The platform then straight away jewelry lower back both the caller and the vacation spot quantity and connects the two parties. This solution is CAMEL dependent and ensures a lower call fee but it also incurs a barely longer connection time.

Roaming will allow connection even if no CAMEL community is to be had. The call is remodeled the nearby macro network decided on for the strongest community signal in the location. Call expenses are at the usual country quotes. This solution ensures connection however will not make certain name recording inside FSA rules and could, probably, incur the highest call price.

Landline Number within the SIM

The SIMs can support both cell and landline numbers which permits a cell telephone to host both a well-known landline DDI (number) and a cell-wide variety simultaneously.

Choice of Handset

It will help an extensive variety of handset fashions and, considering that it is impartial of Smartphone operating structures, it’s far unaffected by way of working system modifications.

Short Code Dialling

As a result of the call routing presentation on the PBX or hosted information center switch, brief code dialing and feature dialing (i.E. Wide variety tagging to request a feature or utility assist such as record/do not record or identification of private calls), are supported.costs

Cost Saving

Removing Business Costs Mobile cellphone software program packages improve a number of management, value and aid problems for commercial enterprise. Furthermore, it’s miles feasible for mobile programs to be bypassed, even though this requires the cell phone to be rebooted. All packages are introduced and supported centrally from the center; there’s no want for guide at the character handsets, all that is needed is a New SIM card.

Savings on Mobile Costs

The outbound name leg is below the manipulate of the enterprise and will, typically, be configured to keep away from Mobile Network Operator (MNO) fees for country wide and worldwide calls. Calls, at the discretion of the business, may be placed:

FOC over inner, countrywide and international commercial enterprise networks if they remain on-internet or at land line contract charges for off-internet calls over PSTN or the business’s selected provider
Inbound calls to mobiles are supplied on the PBX and get hold of a percentage of the Media Termination Credits (a credit score to the SIM) paid to the Mobile Network
In addition this could offer considerable savings, in excess of 70%, on international roaming prices. This is provided by:

Use of expert cellular operator Call Back
Reduced prices because the outbound name leg is beneath the manipulate of enterprise
Application Integration from the Core

Will path all calls and messages (SMS) to a common middle for switching. This not unusual middle can also course calls or messages to or through an application platform which, in flip, will activate the desired carrier for that name or message. This enables Fixed and Mobile calls and messaging to apply a common packages platform and, for the first time, guarantees that the enterprise necessities are met with out requiring programs on cell telephones.

Third Party Business Applications

The common middle provides a rich capacity for utility integration. The potential to dial brief codes will allow an incorporated software to be activated with the dialled digits feeding the software, keeping off the want for the user to go into additional digits. For example, a time registration for, say, Time and Attendance or flex time recording or for protection team of workers arriving at a location may dial various which suggests the application and the location – the Calling line ID can pick out the caller – all completed in a single name.

Push-to-Talk (PTT) PTT is a cell utility allowing cell telephones to be used like Private Mobile Radios (PMR) however with extra choice of instruments, which include ruggedized phones. PTT is a Hosted Service but to be had domestically with a private cell network. PTT additionally gives for Health & Safety Lone Worker requirements with the capacity to discover the usage of SMS and GPRS.

User Applications

Support for a wide style of consumer-related packages providing inbound name control, mail and commercial enterprise offerings for the person. This means that these offerings are available from each fixed line and cellular handsets.

Intelligent Number (iN) Intelligent Number helps personal numbering, imparting the consumer the flexibility to pick to deliver their calls to any nominated variety that may be dialled, which includes worldwide numbers. This affords a complete strategy for decent-desking, in addition to helping business continuity / catastrophe restoration.

IN supports way of life management, offering name redirection whilst now not available (e.G. Switched off), or through date and time, plus the capability to be notified of humans attempting to make touch thru SMS and email notification.

In the event that the man or woman known as can not be contacted, the call can be presented to an assistant or crew (e.G. Income team) for answering. The ‘Assistant’ could have announced the unique referred to as party and, if recognized, the purpose for non-solution, if you want to solution the caller as it should be. This service also gives for supervisor-secretary operating.

Voicemail Corporate voicemail offerings which include more advantageous notification options through e mail and SMS integration.

Call Recording On-Demand – Press * at any factor on your verbal exchange and a recording of the complete verbal exchange will be captured. This recording might be saved with voice mails and could be on hand over mobile, constant cellphone or PC.

‘Always-on’ recording for commercial enterprise and regulatory compliance and governance necessities. Integrates the ability to use name recording to an extension, a cellular or an clever Number – this is enforced through routing for each constant and mobile calls. Call recordings are handy thru an internet portal and can be tamper evident and / or encrypted.

Financial Services Authority (FSA) necessities for mobile voice and SMS recording. There is significant call for inside the cellular marketplace for services to satisfy FSA requirements for recording each voice and SMS. Fixed Mobile Convergence through the SIM will permit businesses to enforce the recording of each voice and SMS from any agency mobile cellphone thru mobile community routing. This answer does no longer rely on cell cellphone software which can be bypassed or deleted via users.

All calls are logged for individuals.

Audio Conferencing Pre-booked or immediate conferencing centers offer a price effective scalable conferencing bridge.

Providing Control

Will provide groups with control over using their organization cell. Many mobiles are used inside the administrative center while constant line phones also are to be had. Using fixed line functionality is considerably less expensive than cell, so providing a converged answer allows the business to maintain manage of expenses, irrelevant of whether or not cell or constant line telephones are used. Private cellular community deployments deliver total manipulate of mobiles and fees into the enterprise, inside the same way as a PBX. The cellular telephone incurs charges on the identical charge as a set cellphone.

Mobile Deployment Options

The primary layout objective is to converge constant and cellular networks for corporations, giving them general manipulate over their mobile estate, taking manage of onward dialling, allowing significant savings on normal cell prices, integrating packages, and extra. This SIM substitute solution will meet this goal for customers the use of legacy and IP PBX on the client premise and where the purchaser installs a private cell network gadget at their premises.

The first consumer premise alternative will permit the customer to converge and manage voice; SMS will be delivered and managed at the host cellular community.

The second consumer premise option provides for a non-public cell community system positioned along the client PBX on purchaser’s premises. With this option, the Private cellular network will provide a full cell carrier and the region and authentication will glide via the cell community interconnect offering community transparency.

Hosted Communications can be engaged, the use of either of the above alternatives, to offer a service to record and manage comfy recordings for company governance or conformance with regulatory necessities and different application offerings.

Customer Premise – MDC

A Mobile Direct Connect (MDC) carrier will trunk all calls from/to the SIM direct to the purchaser premise device. The calls could be SIP and, in the case of legacy networks/PBXs, a gateway could be required. SMS will remain on the mobile network and be delivered to the handset. An extra provider for cozy SMS recording is likewise to be had.

Using MDC, clients with their personal legacy PBX or IP PBX, or a community of both or each, might be provided with manipulating at their PBX over mobile originated calls and calls from off-net to their mobiles. It is believed, for this cause, the patron cannot accommodate nor has any hobby on top of things over SMS. SMS could be introduced and controlled by the host cellular network.

The platform, interconnected with the mobile networks, will receive in SIP calls from the customer if you want to be routed over SIP trunk(s) to the client PBX. If the patron desires to position the onward leg of a name back to the macro network, the call will be despatched over the SIP Trunk to the platform so one can vicinity the call onto the cellular community. All different second legs of calls may be on the discretion of the business, enabling great savings.

Integrators will need to configure the PBX, or PBX community, to provide for brief code dialing and every other coded dialing used to connect the calls to packages or offerings, and then to instigate the second leg of the call.

All calls for mobiles at the identical network, need to be routed through the platform. Where a network originated name is acquired from the platform and is returned thru the platform, sure rules will follow just so the decision is acknowledged as a call originating from a mobile at the community. Customers who have a requirement to record SMS might also have their SMS messages routed via the hosted platform for comfy garage and auditing. infrastructure

Customer Premise – private cellular community

Private mobile network carrier deployment will see all voice and SMS (into PMX) trunked to the consumer premise for transport through the client PBXs and over the personal mobile community deployment. The voice calls will be SIP and, in the case of legacy networks/PBXs, a gateway will be required. Personal cellular community will speak with the National and Global Mobile Networks thru the platform interconnect.

Customers with their own legacy PBX or IP PBX or a community of both or both PLUS a nearby Private mobile community could be furnished with manage at their PBX over voice calls which may require routing into the personal mobile community. The non-public cellular network will speak with the platform for the option to distribute SMS messages regionally or go back to the host mobile network. In addition, the non-public mobile network gadget will talk region and authentication records via the platform for the control of related handsets inside the nearby private mobile community network and host networks.

Where the local PBX is an IP PBX supporting SIP extensions, the neighborhood personal mobile network device will use the personal cell community SIP Registration Manager to sign in mobiles within the local non-public cell community. Mobiles can be registered on arrival and until leaving the personal cell network may be dealt with as SIP extensions on the IP PBX. This near integration will enable mobiles to perform as extensions off the IP PBX and assist the neighborhood offerings supplied from the IP PBX.

Mobiles will transition between macro, micro and lower back to macro mobile networks automatically and seamlessly. SMS messages can be added to mobiles either domestically or at the macro network. Mobiles may have full mobile functions and centers to be had in the nearby community.

Customers who have a requirement to audit SMS messages without a facility to do so might also have their SMS messages routed thru the hosted platform for recording and cozy garage.

Hosted Services will offer Private Mobile Extension (PME) offerings and the overall IP Centrex Hosted Communications utility portfolio for mobile customers in addition to a combined integrated cell/IP Centrex provider. Additional services are to be had, including voice recording and SMS auditing imparting widespread, encrypted and relaxed get entry to alternatives compliant with FSA requirements.

Already a tested approach to delivering a wide range of value effective options, the Hosted Communications offerings can take companies a whole lot in addition in deploying a completely included communications platform, evolved to maximize availability, growth productivity and enhance customer revel in, resulting in expanded client delight, retention and service sales.

The Hosted Communications platform and the cell platform are collocated and, for optimum choice and resilience, connectivity is too many alternative networks. The carrier utilizes resilient IP connections into service networks to supply voice offerings.

This “diversely connected” principle is carried out over the IP and legacy infrastructure via the carrier network into the hosted platform. This allows the enterprise to effectively manipulate calls, inside the occasion that the number one infrastructure is unavailable, via routing calls to alternative locations. This increases the variety of calls spoke back and will increase revenue, while also retaining a valuable factor for call management and speak to logs. Furthermore, the deployment of centers consisting of call recording is made less complicated, both to network-primarily based gadgets and rancid-site destinations, together with mobiles, in which the hosted platform is coping with the transport of the decision.

The Hosted Communications answer gives incorporated carrier options which permit for SIP Trunks, IP extensions and Mobile Extensions to be provisioned at an unmarried website over an unmarried community, as well as throughout multiple web sites over multiple networks, making use of a single integrated dial plan.

Private Mobile Networks

Mobile users can connect with a non-public cellular network to offer an answer with protection, capability and insurance blessings and further reduce the charges of calls inside the non-public mobile network range.

Infrastructure and Management Savings

A Private mobile community extension may be visible as a completely flexible and instantly relocatable desk telephone replacement. Depending at the kind of subscriber and their function, an company may also select to selectively update fixed line PBX extensions with cellular handsets, imparting the capacity to deliver savings on Moves, Adds and Changes because the company grows, in addition to the value to installation new constant infrastructure at some point of a PBX improve.

Within an current commercial enterprise environment, including similarly customers to a PBX will incur the expenses of cabling and installation as well as the primary value of shopping the handset. In evaluation, as soon as the micro mobile community is deployed, including customers to a cellular-based totally community limits these charges to:

The cost of a cell handset (between £10 and £four hundred dependant on form and feature)
GSM Base Transceiver Stations (about one in step with 50 handsets, managing seven concurrent calls, equal to £35 in step with handset)
One caveat, however, is that the common life of a mobile handset is a ways shorter than that of a table phone and, as such, multiple purchases can be essential. In addition, there can be management and upkeep fees associated with the service.

Organisational Design Enterprises may additionally desire to transport toward bendy running practices such as hot-desking, yet won’t have an IP-PBX deployment at once in thoughts. A personal mobile community and Fixed Mobile Convergence solution can assist facilitate this by way of supplying the recent-desking flexibility of an IP-PBX answer with out the want for vast (and expensive) infrastructure deployment. Since a non-public mobile network enabled cellular is lively as quickly as it has detected the micro cell network, personnel are not confronted with the venture of continuously changing their smartphone vicinity. As a end result, the private mobile community can serve as a substitute for IP-PBX deployment, or a complement if a commercial enterprise needs to derive other blessings of an IP-PBX deployment.

Enterprises that have deployed converged voice answers were capable of reap up to 50% discount in annualized Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs). This is executed as they provide new personnel with cell handsets and steadily moved across to flex-desking where personnel had been now not provided their personal table telephone.

Developing a Business Case for Fixed Mobile Convergence The advantages are an aggregate of difficult and smooth benefits and, even though smooth benefits can also have the finest price to the enterprise, difficult value savings are normally had to create the business case.

The following regions are key to setting up tough fee savings to justify the pass to Fixed Mobile Convergence.

Extend Fixed Line Call Features to Mobile Handsets Extending calling features from a organisation’s PBX to a cell handset manner those capabilities and functions are not the only hold of the workplace and are available whilst away from the desk or out of workplace. Other benefits of this form of voice-targeted convergence include the provision of single number attain and single voicemail. Subscribers may additionally use a single constant line variety for you to also reach them via their mobile, with all voicemail terminating at the company PBX. Enhanced calling services which were previously best available on fixed lines, together with call recording and phone tracking, can also be extended to cell handsets.

Fixed Mobile Convergence Mobile allows PBX capabilities and blessings to be handy through cellular phones, both inside and out of the workplace.

Reducing Call Costs Controlling communications charges is a perennial concern for all organizations, exacerbated by using the growing want to provide employees with mobile devices. Overall, the share of personnel using cellular gadgets in Europe keeps to boom. The cost of calls is further aggravated via the increasing usage of cell telephones. Fixed Mobile Convergence, when focused at appropriate stop users who will nice benefit from fixed vs. Mobile call arbitrage, has the capacity to help businesses lessen their call spend.

The majority of name-value financial savings could be from calls to nongeographical and international numbers.

Improving Responsiveness With most effective 25% of calls attaining their meant participant first time, enhancing communications is one of the top three motives for deploying FMC offerings. In order to enhance customer support, groups are seeking for to enhance the responsiveness of personnel thru faster get entry to to voicemail, picking up extra calls, and allowing purchaser enquiries to be handed directly to the most appropriate worker or team member. Enhancing inner communique is also important as corporations are seeking for to speed up selection making and increase colleague collaboration a good way to reduce lead instances.

Delivering Compliance

The growing significance of compliance is established through cases of consequences and criminal suits against groups that fail to supply suitable records. In June 2007 the FSA fined Kilminster Financial Management Limited £42,000 for no longer preserving appropriate education and competence facts

Businesses record requires a spread of motives: to assist with training, to provide proof of a business transaction, or to ensure that a enterprise complies with regulatory processes. Call recording is in particular applicable to sure enterprise verticals inclusive of financial offerings and healthcare.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) calls for financial institutions to preserve statistics of all trades and transactions referring to certain varieties of commercial enterprise. The most secure and easiest way of reaching this is to report phone conversations among buyers and clients.

Voice recording within the Healthcare sector has turned out to be vital to offer safety in opposition to legal responsibility and incident investigation, in instances when misguided records have been given to a call handler.

Call recording is a characteristic of many PBX, however, is commonly best available on calls crafted from table phones. Using a Fixed Mobile Convergence solution permits the decision recording characteristic to be accessible via the cell handset, allowing cell calls to come to be regulation compliant.

Reducing Duplication Enterprises presently be afflicted by duplication of control prices, with many employees incurring each a hard and fast and mobile management provider charge. While constant-line management fees vary considerably with business length and supplier, many organizations might be paying around £250 consistent with yr for a hard and fast-line extension, while additionally paying a cell provider control fee. Clearly, in any employer of scale, on the spot financial savings may be delivered via the elimination of a set-line extension, with the PBX features turning into prolonged to the mobile.

Furthermore, elimination of a hard and fast-line handset can impact the corporation’s electricity intake and growth its ‘green’ credentials.

Additional Capacity As a business grows, a Fixed Mobile Convergence solution can help ease the ache of incremental changes to the telephony system. First of all, it saves at the value of in my view wiring and deploying a hard and fast-line table cellphone, which can price in extra of £350 relying on elements along with constructing layout, era and handset type. With a converged network cellular handset, provisioning is tons simpler, requiring not anything past the set up of a SIM card.

The secondary is the boundary case where an enterprises PBX studies capacity restraints. Instead of replacing the PBX or adding additional cards (together with the related deployment expenses) mobile users may be brought.

Improving Productivity Financial advantages can be derived from accelerated worker productiveness and contact ability. With advanced coverage and the near-ubiquitous presence of mobile devices, personnel are able to solution and respond to consumer queries and requests, with fewer calls terminating on the voicemail machine. Furthermore, will increase in communication efficiencies can shorten the selection-making cycle, permitting management to be more responsive and faster performing.

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