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Viking Haircuts 2018: A Must Wear Hairstyles.

It is with no doubt that Viking haircuts have stolen many men’s hearts. They had commonly worn haircuts in 2018. Nordic warriors inspire the style of these haircuts, and it incorporates different trendy hairstyles and cuts, including a Mohawk, ponytails, epic beard, braids, shaped back and sides, and an undercut.

Viking hairstyles are normally characterized by long, thick hair at the crown with short or trimmed sides. When matched with a full beard, this Viking warrior haircut appears masculine and more powerful. Whether you want to rock a Viking haircut for long or short hair, these Norse and Scandinavian men’s haircuts are worth trying in 2018.

Viking Haircuts

1. Viking Braids for Men.

Cute Viking braids for men give you a sassy and stylish way to come up with a standout look. Men can choose the length they want to braid their hair. They can choose either to intertwine some few strands or the entire hair into one big braid.

The way you choose to braid your hair determines the style you are going to get. It is a braiding style that makes all the difference. For instance, the braided part can work perfectly for modern guys sporting slicked back undercut, comb over, quiff, or pompadour fade.

2. Viking Mohawk.

This is another standard Nordic warrior haircut that was primarily utilized to instill fear into enemies. It incorporates shaved sides and back. The long Mohawk is unique and accentuates a stripe of hair at the center.

If you want a more dramatic finish, style long braided beards or elongated ponytail at the back, and you will rock a savage look yet trendy style.

3. Viking Undercut.

If you want a common yet famous hairstyle that exudes both hipster and Viking look, this is the best haircut to go for. This Viking haircut perfectly matches almost all styles and cuts, and it is part of a short, long haircut trend of modern days. For example, you can pair a top knot, slicked back, and ponytail with an undercut.

Besides being effortless to style, the undercut haircut offers a gradual contrast. If you are not planning to shave your head, the best option for you is this Viking undercut or the fade.

4. Shaved Head and Beard.

This is a ridiculously timeless Viking look. A bald head and long beard can help men who have a retreating hairline and need a jagged style. You only need balding clippers and determination to grow a long beard.

5. Long Hair and Beard.

You can opt for a Viking haircut by making use of your long lustrous hair in good ways. While long hair is not usually so manly, keeping a thick beard can give you a rugged, manly look. It is also a great way of adding a shaggy textured finish using clay or sea salt.

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