Want to learn a foreign language? Download these apps

A different language is a different vision of life,” said Federico Fellini, one of the most influential filmmakers. You could be traveling abroad for vacation or work, or you could be shifting base to another country; knowledge of the native language can completely change your experience of a foreign land. And with increasing globalization, knowing foreign languages increases the employability of a person. It also helps discover the new culture, enjoying music, art, and literature from across the borders.

Learning material is now easily accessible in this tech-savvy world. There are a plethora of apps available to help one learn and enhance their world of languages. Different apps are designed for different purposes. While some of the apps might be good at helping you with grammar, others could help you with words, pronunciations, or sentence formation. Techcircle lists five apps that can help you learn a new language:



Spanish Conversation Courses (Free): This app will help you learn Spanish with the help of videos. It has videos for all levels of learning, which are very simple and easy to understand. Beginning from the very basic first-grade level, it can teach a high level of vocabulary. Its subjects include basic Spanish, vocabulary, listening practices, and special videos meant for travel. It also has a series of videos meant for learning the vocabulary for manners and etiquette, doctor’s vocabulary, law enforcement vocabulary, etc.


Learn French Speak French (developed by Busuu Limited, free up to basic level): This app will teach you the French language basics in an interactive and fun way. Tests after each exercise, games, and audios make this app very easy to learn from. When you tap to learn a new word, you get to know a “grammar tip” for the word and audio to help with the right pronunciation. The course is divided into many lessons. These lessons will teach you vocabulary based on the type of conversation you choose, such as culture, law, politics, extended family, job interview, parenting, holiday forecast, etc. Lessons can be learned offline also by making a payment and becoming a premium user of World Scoop.


Learn German with Babbel (free up to basic level): This app has two separate courses for Beginner and Advanced level users. A straightforward and interactive interface with audios will keep you engaged in learning the language. The lessons are of small duration so that they can fit into one’s busy schedule. Grammar exercises, speech recognition, and vocabulary for a wide gamut of topics will help you master the language.


Learn Italian (developed by MosaLingua Crea, free up to basic level): It’s an easy and fun app with many interactive exercises. One can learn through flashcards, listening to audios, and then repeating them. The app uses a lot of pictures, which can help one memorize the words. One can explore vocabulary catering to different topics and also track the progress. It also has exercises for helping one learn how to write, self-evaluate and memorize. The easy-to-use format of the app makes it stand out.


Mirai Japanese (by Mirai LLP, free on iOS and paid on android): The one-to-one lessons by this app are much like lessons from a personal tutor. The native Japanese-speaking guide will support the users to get the right pronunciations. It starts from the very basic and can prepare a user to get to a normal conversational level. The course is divided into fifty lessons, and all have audio instructions by language professionals, one by a Japanese native and one by an English native. Dialogue-based learning makes it an interactive exercise.


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