Trendiest Black Men Hairstyles This Year

Finding the right black men’s hairstyles is unlike taking a cup of coffee on a chilly morning. It is particularly challenging if you don’t know the trending new styles. MModern black guys’ haircuts typically incorporate a high or low fade cut with short hair at the top. However, with all the modern trendiest styles, black men now have many hairstyles worth trying. So, if you seek contemporary and fresh black men’s haircuts, this article will highlight some of the trendiest and fashionable hairstyles and cuts worthy of trying. Here you will get the best style for a cool look. Read this article for more insights.

1. High Top Fade

The standard high-top fade for black men is back in all its 90s charm. Also called box fade or box cut, the top fade haircut is a sharp and well-structured cut ideal for men who need a natural but voluminous style.

Hair of about 4 inches is styled at the top. The cut incorporates a fade to the base of your neck and short sides. The top’s hair is further trimmed into a rectangular shape, hence the name, box cut.

2. Afro Fade

This black man’s hairstyle is about wildly curly top hair and short sides. This style is typically a modification of box fade, with a more natural hair length at the top. It needs little maintenance as compared to the box cut.

The fading is done at the back and the sides, either high, mid, or bald fade. Overall, the afro fade is a wild cousin of the box cut.

3. Short Part with Fade

This is a widespread black man’s hairstyle. It is effortless to style and wears. Regardless of the length and thickness of your hair, you can wear it. Ask your hairstylist to shave a clear hard part line on one side of your head.

The part incorporates a dramatic symmetry to the haircut, resembling haircuts such as disconnected undercut and side.

4. Line Up

Ideal for black guys who want to maintain a sharp, clean hairline. The styled line at the front adds structure and style to your hair. Also called shape up or edge, your barber will cut a line straight across the forehead and around the temples to come up with a boy look, which gives a superb frame to your face.

For black men who want to wear buzz cut, cool fade style, or waves, they can consider the lineup to highlight their strong jaws.

5. Curls with Fade

If your hair lucks tight curls needed for afro fade but it has loose curls, this hairstyle is the best for you. The rings with fade are specifically common amongst black guys.

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