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NEW DELHI: In a move aimed Icas Network  at checking any possibility of leakage of information through hacking of communication devices, Union ministers have been asked not to carry mobile phones in Cabinet meetings.
The Cabinet Secretariat has recently issued a directive to private secretaries of the concerned ministers in this regard.
“It has been decided that smartphones/mobile phones will henceforth not be permitted inside the meeting venues of Cabinet/Cabinet Committees,” it said.
The private secretaries have been asked to appropriately brief the ministers on this.
The move assumes significance as security agencies have raised doubts over the security of mobile phones which are prone to hacking.
Official sources said the measure will ensure that the discussion, which is mostly sensitive, during cabinet meetings remains secret.

Such an instruction has been issued from the government for the first time.
Earlier, ministers were allowed to bring mobile phones with them which would be kept either on silent mode or preferably switched off.



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Melinda Gates says she is Jacc Blog concerned about the fact that more than a billion women in the developing world don’t have access to cellphones.

“The cellphone is the basic building block,” for reaching poor women with the financial services they need, the co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation told The Wall Street Journal in an interview.

“There is a gap in access to phones and financial services for women,” she said last month. “We want to first close the mobile phone gap and then focus on financial services.”

Close to 1.7 billion women in low- and middle-income countries don’t own mobile phones, according to estimates from GSMA, a global association of cellular service providers. More than 400 million fewer women than men have cellular phones in those countries.

More than half of that gender gap is in India, creating a kind of digital purdah for the women of the subcontinent, who often find themselves barred by fathers and husbands from taking advantage of technological leaps that benefit men as outlined in a recent article in The Wall Street Journal.

Only around 30% of internet users in India are female, according to estimates by the Internet and Mobile Association of India. A government survey in 2014 found that 9% of females surveyed knew how to do an internet search or send an email compared with more than 16% of males. Meanwhile, the country has close to three men on Facebook for every woman, according to consultancy We Are Social. In most other parts of the world, the ratio is about one to one.

Mobile phones are dramatically bringing down the cost of providing basic financial services, but too often people outside the formal banking system who would benefit most from easier access to savings, small loan and money-transfer facilities can’t be reached using the new technology because they don’t have mobile phones.

The Gates Foundation is working with mobile operators and others in the GSMA Mobile Money Programme, which is trying to encourage more mobile money services to the close to two billion people in the world who are unbanked, or outside the formal banking system.

For financial inclusion in emerging markets like India, a digital inclusion of women is particularly important, said Ms. Gates, because women are more likely than men to use financial services and more likely to use them in a way that will benefit their families.

“We know that if a woman has economic assets, she plows the money back into her family,” she said. “If a woman can save 1, 2, 3 dollars, she can protect against future health shocks in her family.”



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There is a wide range of smartwatches available these days which are well equipped with the best features and trendy look. Right from the basic one which lets you check your WhatsApp, emails, etc. to the sporty ones which have all the astonishing features. Before investing in these smart gadgets, you should look out for features that can boost up your smartphone functioning. So before you add any smartwatch to your wishlist look for the following features.

  • Battery efficiency

If you buy any basic smartwatch it usually lasts for up to 1-2 days. But with the other awesome features, you should add battery efficiency to your priority list. Even the best of smartwatches with high-tech features lack this essential attribute. It is worth your money only if you select from smartwatches that have exceptionally long battery life.

  • Functionality

Smartwatches are meant to connect with our mobile devices and make our lives easier. It is worthless if it does not have important functions. Tied around your wrist these watches are meant to improvise your mobile performance. It should have features that make them better than traditional watches. Look for functions that make it better without degrading the battery efficiency. There are different utility and entertainment apps available for smartwatch. This little device lets you shuffle songs on your music player, make online recharge, check social media and much more using different apps.

  • Design and build

Considering all the smartwatches available today this the only attribute where the traditional watches beat the smartwatches. Almost all of the smartwatches have the rectangular dial along with metal casing. However, several manufacturers are trying to improvise the design. Though it is hard to match the different tastes and preferences while providing users with the best features. You can get a smartwatch that offers customized bands that matches your preferences.

  • Advanced features

Finding a smartwatch that is equipped with advanced features is also essential. Your watch should support apps that give you access to more improved features. There are smartwatches available that have features like SOS, fall detection, activity tracker, etc. Even some of the watches have health features that encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle. You can keep a check on your heart rate and it also alerts in case of irregularities. The availability of such features makes a perfect smartwatch.

  • Compatibility

The smartwatch is a smart device that is the ultimate companion to your smartphones. So it is essential to check the smartwatch compatibility with your device. For instance, Apple Watch works only with iPhones. While there are other wearables like Samsung’s S3 Gear which is compatible with all Android devices but works best with the Samsung device.

This is our list of some of the integral features that you should look for while buying any smart device. The one which is compatible with your device and your needs is one perfect smartwatch for you.

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Google Maps for iOS is reportedly receiving an update. The 4.23.0 version for iOs 10 will now bring redesigned widgets for Nearby Transit and Travel Times. The update also comes with bug fixes and iOS 10 optimizations. It is now available on the App Store.
The Nearby Transit widget will provide information about nearby public transport while the Travel Times widget will offer users information of their estimated travel time to reach their destination. This widget will also take into consideration real-time traffic and possible obstructions along the way.
In addition, the new update also comes with a new feature that will enable users to check out descriptions of certain places. For example, if it’s a hotel, the app will provide descriptions of amenities and features of the structure. Additionally, users will be able to upload photos while they are reviewing places as well.



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The-iPhone-Has-a-Hidden-One-Handed-KeyboardHere’s a pretty cool story. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith recently found a hidden code for a one-handed keyboard in iOS by hacking an iOS Simulator. Troughton-Smith says the keyboard has “been there since at least iOS 8.”
You’ve probably seen a keyboard like this before. It’s designed to make typing easier for people who have small hands and own big phones. It essentially pushes the entire QWERTY keyboard over to one side of the phone, so you can reach the far buttons with your thumb.
But there’s a huge downside: You’ll never be able to use it (at least, officially). Apple has not explained why the feature has remained hidden in the iOS code, and it also has not commented on whether the keyboard will ever be made available to users. We’ve reached out to Apple and will update this post if and when we hear back.
If Stroughton-Smith is right, and the code has actually been hidden in the operating system since iOS 8, it would make a lot of sense. The release of iOS 8 was billed as the “biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the App Store” and coincided with the launch of Apple’s biggest phone ever, the iPhone 6 Plus.
Although the keyboard can’t be used on official iOS software releases, there is a workaround. Anyone that has jailbroken their iPhone cause use this tutorial from Strought-Smith to activate it.



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Google on Monday pushed out an update to Maps for iOS that allows you to order food, add photos, and find plus codes with just a few taps.

Simply search for a restaurant that works with area delivery services, swipe up from the bottom, and look for the “Place an order” option. A pop-up with then asks you which service you’d like to use to place an order (DoorDash,, Seamless, or GrubHub, for example). Availability varies by country, though 9to5Mac says the option is open in most major cities.Order food in Google Maps for iOS
Order food in Google Maps for iOSWhile this could come in handy for folks exploring new areas (who don’t want to the human interaction required when eating out), most food delivery companies already provide a similar map feature on their website or app.
Folks can also now find plus codes just by dropping a pin. Last year, Google released the Open Location Code (OLC) system, also known as plus codes—a way of representing locations that don’t have a specific street address. The same function reached Android users earlier this year.
In March, the Web giant added a ride services tab to Maps, offering Uber fare estimates and pickup times. Last month, it added to more options for folks in the US: Lyft and Gett.
Google Maps for Android, meanwhile, recently replaced its traditional direction arrow with a shining blue beam—”a flashlight guiding your travels,” product manager Raja Ayyagari said at the time.



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Pokemon Go Do Some Work gamers attempting to “Catch ’em all” now have lots to cheer about as a new version of Pokemon Go++ is now live and this lets gamers play Pokemon Go at the comfort of their homes without physically walking miles together. USP of Pokemon Go++, version 1.11.2 for Android and 0.41.2 for iOS, is that your Android/iPhones will have to be neither rooted nor jailbroken.
The newest version of Pokemon Go++ is available for download from, here. This exploit has been found to be working and is also found to be relatively easy to install. Check out the steps below, with respect to installing Pokemon Go++ version 0.41.2 for Apple devices running iOS 9 or above:

Norwegian PM Erna Solberg plays Pokémon Go in parliament
How to install Pokemon Go++ within iOS without jailbreaking?
Before proceeding with the actual download, IBTimes India reminds you that it will not be held responsible for any damage to the device during/after installation and if any functionality fails to perform to the expected levels. This installation process also requires sound technical knowledge, users are advised to proceed at their own risk:
PC with Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X installed
Apple iPhone/iPad running Ios 9 or above versions
Apple iTunes pre-installed
Step 1: Remove Pokemon Go from your iOS devices if you have already installed the game. Turn off location services within the device.
Step 2: Obtain Cydia Impactor to side-load IPA files onto your device. Click here to get Cydia Impactor.
Step 3: Obtain the IPA file for Pokemon Go++, by clicking here.
Step 4: Physically interface your Mac/Windows PC to the device running newer Apple iOS version.
Step 5: After Step 4, launch Cydia Impactor and place the Pokemon Go++ IPA file (downloaded in Step 3) on the Cydia Impactor screen.
Step 6: Enter your Apple ID credentials, when prompted to. After this, you will be presented with a new window with the title Apple Developer Warning Choose OK from this window.
Step 7: Launch Settings, then navigate to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management. Then select Trust [“Your Apple ID”] choice; then tap when the popup menu appears.
Step 8: Step 7 should lead to the verification of the Pokemon Go++ within your iOS device. You should now be able to check out the AR-based game.



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Tim CookApple is still awaiting its breakout moment in India, and much of its potential success hinges on the country’s middle class.
“The truth is, there’s going to be a lot of people in the middle class that will really want a smartphone, and I think we can compete well for some percentage of those,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during an earnings call on Tuesday (Oct. 25).
For now, Apple devices are still out of reach for a large chunk of India’s population. Even though the country is the world’s second-largest smartphone market—and the iPhone is extremely desirable there—its pricing remains a major deterrent. Nearly 70% of smartphone sales in India are in the under-$150 categories. Even the iPhone’s cheapest iteration—the Rs 39,000 ($493) iPhone SE— retails $158 above the average smartphone price in India. Apple also prices iPhones among the highest in India compared with other countries.

To make matters worse for Cook, cheaper Android devices are capturing the majority of the Indian market, and Apple is losing its already-loose grip. The iOS market share almost halved in the second quarter of 2016, compared to the same period a year earlier.

Even in China, which has long been a roaring success for Apple, revenues have been on a downslide this year. Beijing shuttered the company’s iBooks and iTunes movie stores and a local court ordered Apple to stop selling the iPhone 6 and 6-Plus because its design looked similar to a local phone. That pushback could be another reason Apple is looking at India as its next possible growth engine.
But unlike China’s booming middle class, the percentage of people earning between $10-$20 a day in India has increased by only 2 percentage points between 2001 and 2011, to 3%. Companies in the region don’t offer monthly mobile plans or other phone subsidies, making it difficult for Apple to penetrate the market.

A partnership announced on the earnings call could help with that. Reliance Jio, an LTE mobile network operator in India, is rolling out a “first of its kind all-IP network…with 4G coverage in 18,000 cities and 200,000 villages across the country,” Apple chief financial officer Luca Maestri said during the call. They’re also offering a free year of service to purchasers of new iPhones.
Apple has made other efforts, too. In a country where a third of all smartphone purchases are made on the internet, the company teamed up with Flipkart in September to sell its products online. And in May, Cook visited temples, met the bigwigs of Bollywood, and even watched a cricket match in an effort to curry favor. Two months later, Apple finally got permission to open its own retail locations in India in June—a request that had been turned down at least once before.
“A lot of factors are moving in the right direction,” Cook said on the call today. “There is a lot of headroom there in our mind, and so we are working very hard to realize that opportunity.”



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tim-cook-iphoneApple’s iPhone sales continue to decline for the third quarter in a row, and the company’s annual revenue has also fallen for the time in 15 years since 2001. Amidst the gloom, there is some positive news to share, at least where India is concerned. During the earnings call, CEO Tim Cook mentioned that iPhone sales in India went up by more than 50 percent in fiscal year ending September 2016, compared to the same period last year. “We believe we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of this large and growing market opportunity,” Cook said.
Apple sold 45.5 million iPhone units, generating revenue of $46.9 billion in the quarter. iPhone sales were up year-over-year in 33 of top 40 markets. “We’re thrilled with the customer response to iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, as well as the incredible momentum of our services business, where revenue grew 24 percent to set another all-time record,” Cook said.
“Looking ahead, we’re seeing some very exciting developments in India. Reliance Jio is rolling out a first of its kind all-IP network in India with 4G coverage in 18,000 cities and 200,000 villages across the country,” Cook added. With the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in India, Reliance Jio is also offering buyers with benefits worth Rs 18,000. Buyers get one year of free service, which includes unlimited local and national outgoing calls, unlimited SMS, 20GB 4G data per month along with 40GB of Wi-Fi data on JioNet Wi-Fi data. The offer is also applicable on iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. ALSO READ: Reliance Jio offers free annual plan worth Rs 18,000 to iPhone buyers in India

Apple has also taken enterprise market initiatives where it partnered Deloitte last month. With its efforts, Apple aims to transform the way Deloitte employees work by maximizing the ease of use, security, and power of iOS platform. There are more than 5,000 strategic advisors at Deloitte focusing on transforming business functions across the enterprise. Apple is also collaborating with Deloitte’s new consulting service, Enterprise Next to help its clients across more than 20 industries to take full advantage of iOS ecosystem. ALSO READ: Apple shares fall nearly 3 percent after dipping in quarterly sales

Apple iPhones may have not done well in India and one key reason is believed to be the lack of required infrastructure. The Indian government, with its Digital India initiative, is focused on creating the infrastructure to connect billions of unconnected to the internet. And while Apple is facing the slowdown in developed markets such as China, it would be relying on India’s teeming young population. Tim Cook mentioned that it instead of looking at the per capita income in India, it is important to look at the number of people that will move into the middle class over the next decade. If we look at India’s population, more than 50 percent is under 25 – very young population. ALSO READ: Couldn’t be more excited about investments in 4G in India: Tim Cook

Cook also mentioned that the population of India is expected to exceed to that of China, sometime in the next decade. While it may take a little longer for India’s GDP to rival China’s, it is not important for Apple to succeed here. There will be a lot of people in the middle-class category looking for a good smartphone, and some percent of it will be the exact target of Apple. Apple has realized the opportunity in India and that there’s a lot of headroom to succeed. It is working very hard to seize the opportunity.



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Earlier this week, Apple released the first major update of the iOS 10 series bringing huge improvement, including the much anticipated Portrait mode to the iPhone 7 Plus and also a very important security patch.
However, the euphoria around the new update didn’t last long as many Apple device owners who upgraded to the new iOS 10.1 noticed that the sensitive information in their Health app got erased without warning.
Going by the number of comments on the Apple support forum, this issue does not look like an isolated one; it’s quite widespread.
Here are a few complaints posted on Apple Support page:
“I Recently just updated my phone so to iOS 10.1 but when I go to my Heath app, all the data is missing and I cannot even open the recent activity, I am greeted with the spinning icon. I am running iOS 10.1 on iPhone so,” Dantheman2409 said.
“I too have the same problem. Upgraded from 10.0.3 to 10.1 health data lost,” Matheson Farook said.
Is there a way to fix this issue?
Some of the tech savvy users tried to restore by resetting the health stat in favorites, but the switch is said to be instantly turning off on its own. Also, If they try to export data, the Health app crashes to the home screen.
As of now, there is no temporary solution to fix the glitch.
Should Apple device owners who haven’t upgraded to iOS 10.1 wait or go ahead with installation?
So far, Apple has not made any official comment with regard to health app data getting erased. It is advisable that the owners who haven’t installed a health app can go ahead with iOS 10.1 installation, as it contains a very important security update which prevents phishing from hackers. Others who maintain health records on iPhones are advised to wait for a few more days to see if Apple releases any software patch or not.
Those who have already installed the iOS 10.1 update and lost the health app data, you have no choice but to wait for the new update, most probably iOS 10.1.1.

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