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Everyone wants to create a beautiful home for themselves but making a house look artistic and tasteful without spending too much can seem tough. We make the task a little easy for you. Follow these 10 tips and enhance the aesthetic value of your abode.
Tip 01:
Buy Prints of Master Artists
Who doesn’t love hanging a large painting in the living room or bedroom? But an original artwork, even by lesser known artists, could burn a hole in the pocket. Instead, you can invest in limited edition prints of beautiful artworks by master artists, such as Husain, Raza, Vaikuntam, etc. High-quality prints, usually made using the serigraphy technique, have a very similar texture to paintings, and hence, look stunning. So imagine owning an authentic Raza print, signed by the artist himself, for less than Rs. 30,000! Doesn’t get more artistic than that, does it?
Tip 02:
Create a Photo Wall with a Twist
A lot of us love displaying personal photographs around the house, but often, they sit on corner tables inside a photo frame. Instead, why not create a photo wall by framing some of your favorite photos from weddings, birthdays, travels etc.? Add an artistic element by using bold frames of different sizes, and creating an interesting collage to cover a large wall in a stairway, study, or bedroom.
Tip 03:
Bring Art into Entertaining
In India, we place a huge emphasis on entertaining and serving guests well! And a great way of adding an artistic touch to your home, is by buying beautiful and artistic serving ware, coffee mugs, bar accessories and more, that aren’t just impressive when serving guests some appetizers or a drink, but can also be used as decorative pieces, when not being used!
Tip 04:
Use Your Travels to Build a Collection
We all like picking up small souvenirs when we travel to a new city or country. And there are so much affordable, yet incredible options to be found in the world! Whether it’s masks, small postcards, or shot glasses from every new place you visit, consciously look out for these on your travels, and build your collection over time. You can easily incorporate these into your décor on the walls, a cupboard, or a long table.
Tip 05:
Go Traditional
Traditional Indian art is exquisite, detailed, and not that expensive! Perfect for bringing an ethnic touch into your home, Indian artforms such as pitch wais (paintings of Lord Krishna), Mughal Miniatures, Tanjore, or a tribal or folk paintings (Gond, Madhubani or Warli art), are a great way of adding an artistic touch to your home, without spending too much.
Tip 06:
Use Books as Décor Pieces
Not too many people think of this, but beautiful coffee table books are a great way to enhance the décor at home. Big books with stunning covers, when stacked together, or placed at angles, look great on coffee tables, or even side console tables in the hallway or living room.
Tip 07:
Add Small Statement Furniture
While main furniture pieces (beds, sofas) are expensive, a great way to make a statement with your décor, is by placing smaller, accent furniture in any room setting, be it a side table, a small console, or a funky chair. Accent furniture is great for adding contrast; for e.g., add an Indian/Oriental side cabinet into a modern living room. In general, accent furniture should have a stand-out feature – stylized design, bright colors, a hand painted element – something that truly adds artistic value.
Tip 08:
Add a Splash of Colour
Painting an entire wall can be expensive, but adding color to a small part of a wall, or a panel, using an interesting pattern, can look extremely artistic, and be pretty easy on the wallet.
Tip 09:
Use Curios and Collectibles from the Past
India is a treasure-trove for unique remnants from the past, which don’t just have tremendous aesthetic value, but also add history and a story to your home! Think war memorabilia, vintage typewriters, old sewing machines and rare toys. One such collectible can change a room, and these can sometimes be found at very low prices in antique stores and flea markets!
Tip 10:
Think Beyond Obvious Art
Often when we need to decorate the walls, we only think of paintings. But there are so many different and affordable options and mediums that can be used to decorate walls. Beautiful metallic flowers, an artistic mirror, an intricate marble hanging, or interesting vintage maps – all of these, and more can be perfect for bringing an artistic flair to your home, to suit your own tastes!



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Mumbai: Markets regulator Sebi on Friday proposed to ban unauthorized stock tips through SMSs, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. It is also mulling a ban on games and competitions based on trading in the market. Sebi also proposed stricter regulations on ‘Robo’ advisers — automated investment advisers that are gaining popularity globally. The regulator also said investment advisers using automated tools will be responsible for such advice.
Sebi also proposed stricter advertisement rules for investment advisers, a ban on free-trial offers by advisers and also said that registered research analysts will have to provide research reports to all types of investors at the same time.
On Friday, Sebi issued a consultation paper aimed at overhauling the regulations for investment advisers and it will accept comments until November 4, it said.
The markets regulator also proposed that banks, NBFCs and corporate bodies offering investment advisory services will be required to set up separate arms for that service. Sebi is proposing a three-year transition period for these entities to move investment advisory services to the new set up.



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salads1Most people shy away from eating salads because they have a bad reputation for being boring. Salads, like life, are what you make of them. They don’t have to be filled with greens you are forcefully eating as you diet. They don’t have to be your quick fix for lunch because you have no time for a so-called proper meal. You can have a salad range anywhere from just leaves to super dressed, it all depends on the time you have and what your taste buds prefer.
Your salad can range anywhere from just leaves and veggies to being super dressed, it all depends on the time you have and what your taste buds prefer. The best kind of salad will have the perfect balance of all the nutrients in a way that satisfy your cravings, too. Seriously, go all-out Mexican with a quinoa base, add some beans, corns, peppers and a leafy green like spinach, lettuce, chards or kale. Top it off with vegan or any cheese of your choice, add some tortilla bits and top it off with salsa.
Here are some other options to avoid the stereotypical “boring salad.”
1) Pepper & Onion City
Bell peppers come in a variety of colors and sizes, all of which are equally delicious. You can cut them up and throw them in your raw salad or you can grill them, too. Don’t forget to add your dose of onions to the mix. If you do grill the veggies, you’ll get a sweeter flavor. You can also use pepperoncini or actual black pepper to add flavor to your salad. It will taste so good, trust me!
2) Lentils and Beans to Perk up the Greens
Lentils not only make you feel fuller but they also leave you satisfied. Try adding garbanzo beans, kidney beans, and lentils to your salad to dress it up. This way, you’ll feel like you’re eating something meaningful and not just stuff kale or spinach in forcefully! Plus, beans and greens taste great together!
3) Finding the Right Vegetables
If you have a favorite vegetable, chop it up and toss it into the salad! Don’t worry about mixing weird things in. If you like a mix of cucumbers and corn, do it! For inspiration, go take a look at salad bars and see what people tend to add. Mushrooms, carrots, peas, radishes, beets, corn, artichokes, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, bean sprouts, and bok choy are all brilliant options. They all add more value to your salad.
4) Nuts and Bolts, no wait, Seeds
Various types of nuts and seeds are the good type of fat. Whether its cashews or almonds or walnuts or pecans, they’ll add a good flavor to your salad. Sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds (white or black) are all tiny but valuable. They’ll add a nice crunch, too.

5) Add-in the Meat or Protein
Cubed meats make for a good source of protein in salads. They’re an important part of the diet, after all. Substitute meat for beans or tofu if you are a vegetarian. Ham, eggs, and turkey are all excellent add-ins. You can also have cheese with a protein, if you dig cottage cheese, scoop out a chunk to throw it on top of your salad. Great cheeses for salads include feta, parmesan, cheddar, or bleu cheese. If you prefer more meat with your salad then add some grilled chicken or even a skewer of shrimp!
6) Berries are Very Good
Not a lot of people know this fact but berries add color, sweetness, and a lovely flavor to your salad. Plus they are excellent sources of vitamins! You can add anything from dried cranberries, strawberries, or even blueberries. Fresh mango or watermelon chunks, sliced pears, or grapes are a good option if you’re not into berries.
7) Flowers Go with Everything
It’s true! Flower petals add a light and refreshing taste to a salad. Marigold petals, rose petals, and orchid petals make a salad look beautiful and they taste great too!
8) Carby Crunch
Sometimes a salad begs for croutons or the crunchy sticks. If you’re cutting calories, don’t do it, but if it’s a cheat day, go crazy! Garlic-parmesan flavored croutons go with almost everything.
9) Other Unique Toppings
Don’t stop at the basic veggies, croutons, and meats. Go crazy with other unique ideas that will make your appetite worthwhile. There’s asparagus, radish, beets, watercress. Maybe you’re a bacon fan? Go for it. Edamame, peanuts, jicama will add a fanciful crunch. Opt for grapefruit or orange slices for a citrusy kick. Of course, there’s macaroni, too. Experiment the hell out of your salad.
10) Dressing
What is a salad without a solid dressing? Pick your favorite one and enjoy! If you’re looking for something new, try a homemade ginger dressing, lemon vinaigrette, or even a balsamic vinaigrette. An avocado-cilantro-lime dressing is always classic! If you want to cut calories, use balsamic vinegar and just a touch of olive oil. If not something new, something old works too. Ranch, caesar’s, and even a basic salsa can make for great dressings.



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KOLKATA: It used to be two different tales at two banks of the Hooghly . On the east was KMC’s standard operating procedure (SOP) for immersion, but the west was a messy chaos with Howrah Municipal Corporation’s was lax immersion management.But from this year, HMC is following in KMC’s footsteps.
Howrah mayor Ranjit Chakraborty assured that there would not be any debris left more than 24 hours after immersion. “We are following the same SOP that Kolkata follows. We have restricted immersion to five ghats in Howrah -Ramkrishnapur Ghat, Botanical Garden Ghat, Salkia Ghat, Ghushuri Ghat and Bally Ghat.”
Chakraborty claimed that idols are being lifted by cranes within 24 hours after immersion and removed from the ghat with payloaders. However, visits to the spot reveal led that a lot of immersion materials drift down the river with the tide. HMC also lacks the kind of infrastructure KMC has. Member, mayor-in-council Debasish Kumar, who is entrusted with the responsibility of managing the entire immersion process, said, “We have been campaigning for environment-friendly idols and river-friendly immersions. Organizers have started realizing that immersions have already damaged the ecosystem of this river. So increasingly, Puja organizers are using environment-friendly paints and materials.”



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One would imagine that if not the headline, the conceit of its message would have been obvious enough.
Unfortunately, for most keyboard-warriors inhabiting the comments section of numerous news media websites, it’s not. Or doesn’t appear to be.
In fact, a certain section of social media has taken to conflating the Narendra Modi wave of 2014 with the unprecedented tsunami of support Donald Trump has been receiving ever since he announced his intention to enter the race for the White House, back in 2015. Worse yet, they are confusing the Indian definition of the Right with the American one.
That seems as a good a starting point as any, so let’s go from there.
As Jaideep Prabhu has written in the past, there is no clear ‘Indian Right’, to the extent that the conventional Right-Left binary does not apply very accurately to India’s political parties. That is because of very few of India’s political parties, the mainstream ones at least, subscribe to the dichotomy of Right-Left in at least two major areas: Culture and economics. In terms of culture, political parties are painted in various hues of majoritarianism and majoritarianism, while in economics, free market policies and social welfare aren’t mutually exclusive.File images of Narendra Modi and Donald Trump. PTI and AP
So the idea that what falls under the umbrella of the Indian Right in anyway resembles the American Right is flawed in any case.
Moving on to the perceived Modi-Trump links (among the latter’s supporters at least) that marked this weekend’s Republican Hindu Coalition event, we find another incorrect — rather glaringly so — comparison. And here, let’s get down to brass tacks: Trump is not Modi.
A lazily-drawn similarity is that both men are nationalistic. But then so are Marine Le Pen and Xi Jinping, but we’re yet to see French-Indians and Chinese-Indians organizing gala events to mark these similarities. Further, while both Modi and Trump are indeed nationalistic, their form of nationalism varies greatly: While one espouses a more inclusive form that seeks to carry everyone along, the other pushes an exclusionary brand (which type links to which name is self-evident). In a sense, Modi’s approach has more closely resembled Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s message of ‘Stronger Together’, than Trump’s.
It’s worth pointing out here that a major difference between the two is that with Trump’s blunt, ill-informed rhetoric, he has gained followers through his divisive views. Modi has benefitted from the fact that members of his own party make fairly outrageous remarks and emerged as a unifying force when he does take to his Mann ki Baat or public rallies to opine on issues.
Another lazy ‘similarity’ dragged out by the likes of the Republican Hindu Coalition is that Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ is in the same ballpark as Modi’s mantra of ‘Acche Din’. And while Modi, in the buildup to the 2014 General Election, spoke about a Congress-mukt India, Trump also seeks to wipe away all the ills apparently inflicted on the US by eight years of Democrat rule. This is another strange comparison to draw. It’s quite obvious that any Opposition party would cite the ruling dispensation’s unsuitability in order to win an election. In fact, if an Opposition party was to express satisfaction with the way the ruling regime has been doing things, one would wonder why it is even bothering with the election.
This brings us to the ugly truth.
What actually brought out the Hindu fundamentalist backing for Trump was his threat of a ban on Muslim immigrants — something he failed to completely back or dismiss over the course of the first two presidential debates. What this fundamentalist fringe fails to note, however, is the fact that this sort of discrimination in policy — presently on grounds of religion — could easily be transmuted to nationality over a period of time.
Trump has made ‘jobs for Americans’ and tightening immigration controls a major plank of his presidential campaign. To think he would abandon it on the basis of one little interaction with a section of Indian-Americans, and start handing out H1-B visas is beyond naive. And before comparisons are drawn to ‘Make in India’, it’s worth noting that Modi’s pet project — as it has been called in some quarters — was launched to increase manufacturing across the country, not to exclude other nationalities.
We could go into the differences between Modi and Trump as people: One, a self-made — that is to say, he worked his way through the cadres — career politician and the other, a man who has pretty much been handed everything in life. One who is respectful of women to the other who is-… well, you know. The dissimilarities are endless.



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Both teams are very good in One-Day International (ODI) format especially team India is stronger whenever it played at home. It doesn’t matter who is the opposition. This is why New Zealand feeling tough in this tour and still not manage to win a single game in previous 3 test matches and last ODI match at Dharamsala. In the previous ODI match, India played very well and win the easy match against New Zealand. India creates a lot of trouble for New Zealand very early on in the match when young seamers of Indian bowl really well and took 7 wickets on just 65 runs. Still, New Zealand manages to score 190 runs in 43.5 overs.
But in India, it is not a good target. In reply to 191 runs target in 50 over team India start the innings nicely and build the good partnership. India lost the first wicket on 49 runs Rohit Sharma was out on 14 runs. Virat Kohli star Indian batsman scored not out 85 runs and home side wins the match by 4 wickets in 33.1 overs. Home side India lead the 5 ODI match series by 1-0 after the easy win at Dharamsala by 6 wickets. Now the 2nd game is very important for both teams especially for New Zealand (NZ) team who could not manage to win the single game here on this tour.

Best economical pick – Hardik Pandya received his ODI cap from one of the greatest all-rounders in the history of the game – Kapil Dev and incidentally it was the same day Kapil made his debut in India 38 years ago. A man of the match on a special day made it a perfect debut for the Baroda man. In Dharamsala, India might have witnessed the emergence of Pandya the bowler

Top captains & vice captains – In the first ODI, it was Kohli who hit the winning six, coming down the track and smashing Sodhi for a straight six! India takes the 1-0 lead in style, with Kohli continuing his golden form by hitting an unbeaten 85. All the kiwi batsmen struggled to get runs except Tom Latham and Southee. Latham (79*) remained unbeaten till the end and Southee scored a quick fifty after getting a life from Umesh Yadav. FULL CRICKET SCORECARD: India vs New Zealand, 2nd ODI at Feroz Shah Kotla

Smart pick – Amit Mishra (3/49) has recorded his best bowling figures in ODIs on Indian soil, surpassing the 2 for 40 vs West Indies at Delhi on October 11, 2014. Mishra has completed his 50 wickets in ODIs – his tally being 52 (ave.25.86) in 32 matches – the quickest by an Indian spinner in ODIs, obliterating Ravichandran Ashwin’s feat of reaching the landmark in 34 ODIs.

Cautions Pick – Ross Taylor scored his second in between 4 innings in this tour. In India, Taylor’s batting record in ODIs is just mediocre – his tally being 252 in nine innings at an average of 28.00, including two fifties. Four times, he has registered single-digit scores in India.



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MUMBAI: Around 96 per cent Indian travelers give tips at a hotel, more so because of the room service and good housekeeping, a recent survey has found.
“About 96 per cent Indians usually tip at a hotel, 79 per cent tip because of the room service and 51 per cent tip after being impressed by the housekeeping,” according to ‘2016 Hotel Etiquette Report’ by full-service online travel company Expedia.
About 39 per cent Indians tip the porter at the hotel whereas 24 per cent tip the valet, it found.
The survey, which is an analysis of behavior and preferences of Indians while booking hotels, was conducted online in August by GFK Custom Research, North America, among 1,014 randomly selected adults, both men, and women, who have stayed overnight in a hotel in the past two years.
When it comes to facilities, 75 per cent Indians want in-room features like Jacuzzi, tub or balcony, it said.
Location and price are the most critical for 96 per cent Indians and for 95 per cent family friends, food, beverages, room size are a major consideration, it said.
Things like complimentary Wi-Fi (93 per cent), reviews (89 per cent) and hotel brands (86 per cent) are also major attracting factors for Indians, it added.
“The survey highlights some interesting facts about preferences of Indian travelers while booking a hotel. According to the survey, the most preferred medium of booking a hotel amongst 35 per cent is a desktop or laptop followed by the mobile app on the smart phone while 14 per cent travelers book through the mobile web using the smart phone,” Expedia Marketing Head, in India, Manmeet Ahluwalia said.
“It is interesting to note that 89 per cent Indians consider hotel reviews as very important while choosing a hotel,” Ahluwalia added.



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Early this yr, a quiet flip of the calendar marked Year 6 for $1.Eight million worth of computer and server computers at a modern product improvement organization where I become CIO. The strategy used to put this into region changed into easy – we primarily based it on our motors.

The common car, in case you observe the preservation agenda, shield it from rust and pressure reasonably, ought to remain you six to 10 years. The upkeep schedule is primarily based to your use of the car as a complex device to get you from Point A to Point B. Your pc is also a complicated tool and your utilization will determine its maintenance and protection desires; the way you follow thru with those wishes will determine how long you will get to use your computer, and when you’ll want to put monies closer to its alternative.

This five-part routine is based on my revel in for the reason that early days of private and “cellular” (Kaypro II) computer systems within the 1980’s. It is similarly relevant to each Windows®- and Macintosh®-primarily based computer systems, despite the fact that I use Windows® XP for example in the course of actually due to the Windows® incidence. I am assuming a workplace / cubicle-primarily based pc. If your computer systems are located in dusty warehouses or manufacturing flooring, step up the bodily annual upkeep recurring to be quarterly.


Just because it’s hard to maintain a vehicle in a top condition out in a pasture, it’s difficult to preserve a laptop functioning properly if it is in negative surroundings. There are three elements to take into account: temperature, air first-rate, and power.

For maximum computers, room temperature should be between 60-eighty five stages Fahrenheit with a humidity stage among 50-75% (to limit any static construct-up). While most places of work are saved at this level, test with your landlord to make sure when you depart at night that the HVAC does not trade (or is cutoff) to be above or below these degrees.

Air exceptional is vital because computer systems require airflow to prevent overheating. There are two policies of thumb: First, the vents at the case want an amazing 3-four inches of clean area (no blocking cable tangles, and many others.) to get proper airflow; it really is roughly the width of your hand from thumb to pinkie finger. Second, in case you use air cleaners/ionizers, maintain them as a minimum 2 ft from the computer or any debris heading for the cleaner may be drawn into the computer first.

Electricity is a dominant issue in determining the longevity of your laptop. It’s comparable to the oil, fuel, and coolant to your car’s engine. Poor or grimy engine drinks will take their toll on your car and shorten its life. So-called “dirty” strength (brownouts, surges, sags, spikes, and so on.) will damage your pc, and your documents, a way more effectively than any virus.Computer

There are 4 steps to excellent electrical situations:

1. Ask your neighborhood strength agency to provide you an energy profile/graph with the range of electrical sags and spikes coming into your building over a normal billing duration (in case you lease, you may want to invite your landlord to acquire this). This will display you your trouble regions and instances. I suggest procuring this record once in step with the season (or zone). We observed a spike in electricity that came about at 8:32 am each morning when the neighboring manufacturing plant commenced its manufacturing lines.

2. Get exact surge protection with battery backup. Plug your computer case and your display into the battery-again component – and your docking station when you have a computer; the whole lot else (inclusive of the printer) clearly gets surge safety. There are 3 desires for the 5-10 mins of battery backup: provide you time to keep your work; examine if that is only a temporary flicker or a longer outage; and then, for an outage, to show off your laptop.

Three. After an outage, wait 5 minutes before turning lower back to your pc. If the energy grid has issues, they may generally display up within less than 3-four mins after power is first restored.

Four. Power sag issues can be observed while your local printer all at once prints comic-e-book characters (“@#!L%^”, etc.) in the midst of printing. Beyond brief battery backup, touch the power business enterprise or a business enterprise like APC to paintings with you on answer alternatives.


Automation is the name of the sport in terms of preventive computer protection for the busy small enterprise owner or nonprofit govt. This is one vicinity where motors are playing seize-up. There are 3 objects which you need to automate: virus safety, essential software updates and pc firewalls which can be both part of the working structures (along with Windows® XP’s firewall) or part of your anti-virus software.

I propose getting virus safety software that mixes virus and spyware protection at a minimal; add the firewall choice if you do no longer use a running device with a built-in firewall (which include Windows® XP). Critical updates are simply that – software patches rated as “crucial” with the aid of the seller; all different patches, improvements, and updates can watch for the give up of the 12 months.


Once a month, perform two obligations: easy your transient documents and empty your trash/recycle bin (you may try this with the “Disk Cleanup” application in Windows® XP); after which defragment your computer (run the “Disk Defragmenter” software in Windows® XP). Think of this as checking your oil, tire stress, window washing machine fluid, and cleaning out the youngsters’ toys on your car.


Just like a car desires a track-up once a year so too does a computer. There are elements: digital and physical.

The electronic track-up consists of the month-to-month maintenance plus an experiment disk of your difficult drives and a manual test of all software program for updates. In Windows® XP, utilize the “Check Disk” application – check each container to restoration report system mistakes and experiment for awful sectors.

For each software program package which includes Adobe® Reader or Microsoft® Office, take a look at for updates the use of their integrated method or thru their help/downloads internet site sections. Although you can now not be required to achieve this, I advocate restarting your laptop after every different software program package deal has been updated. This will allow the diverse bits of code to correctly “register” with the laptop and motive any mistakes messages to be remoted to the ultimate replace you did (as opposed to simply “something”).Businesses

The physical music-up is brief but may be intimidating. Don’t allow it be.

First, turn off and unplug your computer and your monitor. Second, unplug the rest of the cables from the computer case – the network cable, the printer cable, and so on. Inspect the cabling for any damaged or frayed bits. Third, unscrew the case (commonly inside the lower back) and lift it off (a few computer systems, like Dell and HP, have flip-cases which you press down a plastic button to open).

Now, with the hose/bristle-sweep attachment of your vacuum, easy off the air vents at the outside of the computer case and the reveal. Then, gently vacuum out the dust from in the case. This isn’t always a detailed spring cleaning; move lightly and quickly – it must take you less than 30 seconds.


At least as soon as every 18 months, if no longer every year, ask someone you consider, or who comes recommended, to do a “health check” of your systems and methods. Think of this as your “10-point” check or another type of overview you might situation your car to previous to a massive experience. You want this achieved by way of an IT professional who’s a generalist, now not someone specialized in a specific thing like lower backup software or databases, or who has an answer in want of a hassle. You need personalized recommendation targeted on your generation, commercial enterprise, and environment.

For suggestions, look on the web at generalist IT and consulting expert societies like ICCA.Org, SPConsultants.Org or IMCUSA.Org. Educational institutes and nonprofits ought to also examine generation providers on NTEN.Org or TechSoup.Org.

If you or your employer cannot commit the time far from your business or venture or are uncomfortable handling this maintenance, treat it no in another way than your automobile – ask for an assist for an IT expert or carrier firm. Use the yearly “health test” procedure to look their fine of labor previous to any lengthy-term commitment. Maintenance

Following these easy guidelines will help you get the pleasant gain out of the technology you’ve got for the least fee.


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  1. IF WE say that it becomes especially because of the Windows operating system that a Computer should come to be a private pc it might now not be an exaggeration. The revolution is still on. Windows is some distance past what a common guy presently is aware of and makes use of.

Internet surfing

For searching something, search engines like google and yahoo are getting used. However, in case you understand a Windows trick, then searching for information on the Net may also turn out to be smooth, all you need to do is absolutely locate the deal with a bar in Internet Explorer and write within the word which you need to look on the Internet. Here it’s far important to recollect the Internet Explorer (IE) recognizes a phrase and not a single word. If it is an unmarried phrase, then Internet, Explorer assumes it as a domain name and attempts to create a URL in its place. However, key in a few phrases and I will run your word thru a search engine on Microsoft’s Web website.

If you need to look for an unmarried phrase then you ought to position a query mark at the beginning of the road to inform IE that that is a seek key-word. The same issue applies to the Netscape Communicator also and looking the Web is as clean using the Netscape as it’s far from IE.

Transferring files

Another commonplace use for which the computer systems are being used is for shifting the documents over the Internet. Normally FTP consumer is getting used for moving documents, that is a commonplace application most of the Internet customers. However, only a few folks realize the electricity of Windows.

You do no longer need a separate FTP purchaser for shifting the documents. The primary Windows constituent IE already has a function of FTP. Thus if you type an FTP cope with inside the cope with a container of any Explorer view, whether on the Internet or at the same time as browsing your own tough disk, you may visit the web page and be able to use the window as an FTP consumer.

Create link in MS Word

Windows customers once in a while whinge of running on too many programs for a single painting, for instance, paintings associated with the Web. However, this is probably due to the lack of understanding of the men and women as all primary applications have features that are quite commonplace in nature. Take as an instance, MS Word. Most folks recognize about MS Word as the most extremely good phrase processor. However, pretty a few folks recognize that it is a good tool for Web-based totally applications also. The Web-based totally capabilities of the MS Word are well worth attempting as it gives you limitless capabilities. One such characteristic is the option of making a link to a Web page in a Word document.Browsing

Thus in case you are growing an MS Word record, you may create a link to a Web web page or different HTML file rather than simply including the address in textual content. The procedure for this is simple first replica the address (URL) to which you want to hyperlink, then pick the phrase, phrase or sentence in your file which you want to create because of the link. Now at the Insert menu in Word, click on hyperlink after which in a link to record or URL, paste the cope with the aid of urgent Ctrl + V. This will create a hyperlink to a Web web page in the Word file.

However, you can use your computer for purposes other than the Internet additionally and make better use of it. Normally we all crave for quicker overall performance. In a Majority of the instances, you do not require an alternative or up gradation as you could decorate the performance of your current laptop running Windows.

Manage hard disk

The first component in this regard is the higher management of the difficult disk; it has been discussed many times inside the article on suggestions and hints that you may control your tough disk higher by using defragging it often. However, there are a few more steps, which have to be done before you defrag your difficult disk if you want to optimize the performance of your tough disk.

These steps are:

Delete the IE brief documents and records regularly before defragging your hard disk.
It is also crucial to delete all TMP and BAK files present in the hard disk as these documents aren’t generally required and unnecessarily eat the tough disk.
Normally you’ll discover *.TMP files inside the TEMP listing or WINDOWSTEMP directories. Thus you should find these directories and delete the aforesaid files.
As a subsequent step defrag your difficult disk without the change-file. The instructions for this may be determined at defragmenting the swap record. It is a popular feature of Windows ninety-eight as in line with which it has an integrated application referred to as Disk Cleanup.
You can run it from either Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup or directly run CLEANMGR.EXE. This is also a critical function of the Windows that looks after all deleted files and other junk documents as this feature deletes them as a part of disk cleansing exercise.

Use Address barfaster

Windows makes your paintings so easy that it is able to certainly take the needless load off you. For instance, in case you are a Windows ninety-eight consumer, then you can use the browser for functions other than surfing the Net.

Did you already know that you could use the deal with a bar to run applications on your laptop?

This could be very an awful lot feasible as all you want to do is simply kind this system call, which includes its route its region, you may kind c:msofficewinwordwinword.Exe. This will open MS Word relying upon its area.

Send Web page via electronic mail

For sending a Web page, while viewing the page, click the File menu, after which click on Send submenu, then click both Pages by means of e-mail to ship a copy of the web page or Link through email to ship a quick-cut to it. This way you can honestly ship a Web web page with the aid of email. This is likewise a notable option of retaining a site on your record because it will even facilitate in viewing it offline. Similarly, it’s also clean to ship a video clip or an audio clip, which you may find on the Internet.

Thus to ship a video or audio clip simply proper-click on the icon or hyperlink for the object you need to ship, and then click on Save Target As. Specify the region, in which you want to store the document. Now open your email consumer and click Insert document or connect report because the case can be. You also can upload your message in the message window if you wish to send a message to the recipient of the mail.

#PageBreak# Enjoy the energy of World Wide Web in lesser time with these hints.

Do you feel nerve-racking whether your vital emails have reached their destination?

Use the feature that is to be had on maximum email customers and requests the recipient to verify that he has obtained the message by way of a go back electronic mail. It is called Read Receipt in Outlook Express.

To do that at the same time as composing a mail in Outlook Express, click on Tools > Request Read Receipt to your message window. If you desire, you may have all of your outgoing messages sent with the Read Receipt notification. For this, go to Tools > Options, click on on the Receipts tab and tick ‘Request a study receipt for all despatched messages’. Remember, the read receipt confirmation is depending on the email customer the recipient is the usage of and also whether he desires to ship the confirmation.

Adding signatures to your email

If you send a whole lot of mail each day, then a repetitive project like signing your name on the cease of every mail can be quite tedious. It’s easier to create a signature and attach it mechanically to every mail it truly is despatched.

To do this in Outlook Express, go to Tools > Options > Signatures. Then visit New and add the contents of the signature in the Edit Text area. Also, pick out the option of sending the signature robotically with all outgoing messages. In case you do not need to ship this with replies or forwards, permit the choice, ‘Don’t upload signatures to Replies and Forward’. For innovative signatures, use the option to append a file that includes the signature you have created. If you take place to have a couple of electronic mail accounts, pick out the account with which you want to send the signature. To do this, go to Tools > Options > Signatures and click on the Advanced button near the Edit Signature tab. A new field will appear announcing ‘Advanced Signature Settings’ where you may pick out the account with which the signature should be mechanically brought.

Auto-respond facility

Won’t be checking mail for some time? Activate a characteristic referred to as ‘holiday respond’ (if you are the usage of a Web-primarily based carrier). Most email services consisting of Indiatimes provide this selection which may be activated thru the alternatives menu. You can kinda brief message with a view to being sent to all who electronic mail you while you are

In Outlook Express, you can do that from Tools > Message Rules > Mail and clicking on the New Rule option. Select the ‘For all Messages’ options from the condition for your rule area and inside the Action pick Reply with a message. You will pick out a message which you have already created and saved.

Keep a copy of the message

If you are on a ride and need to get right of entry to your electronic mail from any other machine, preserve a replica of your messages on the server of your email provider company. Go to Tools > Accounts and choose the account (when you have a couple of money owed), then visit Properties > Advanced. Check ‘Leave a duplicate on server’. This has one extra gain: in case you’ve formatted your gadget without taking a backup of your mail, you may retrieve the mail as a stored replica.

Disable MSN Messenger from vehicle-beginning

Whenever one opens Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook XP, MSN Messenger masses routinely. To disable it, go to Tools > Options in Outlook Express and uncheck ‘Automatically go online to MSN Messenger Service’. Then go to View > Layout and uncheck the choice of Contacts. In Microsoft Outlook XP, visit Tools > Options > Other and uncheck ‘Enable MSN Messenger’. The over-keen Messenger won’t be so eager now!

Optimizing your Inbox

A 3-step method to make sure that your Inbox never appears cluttered.

Organizing: Outlook Express lets you to create folders inside which mail can be prepared. To create a brand new folder in Outlook Express, go to File > Folder > New. This will show the listing tree in your Inbox. Just pick the area (say Inbox) where you need to create a folder and input the Folder Name. Or, you can use the shortcut [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [E] and enter the Folder Name. You also can drag and drop folders to exchange their area. Folders may be pretty beneficial, in particular when you have a couple of debts configured on the same identity or to sort out email messages on the idea of the sender, problem, etc.

Filtering: Message Rules can mechanically type your mail into the right folder as soon as it’s far downloaded. Specify the folders where you want the messages to be downloaded primarily based on names within the from a deal with, names within the to cope with, sure phrases in the Subject line or in the message body.

Go to Message > Create Rule from Message. Create a rule deciding on the best alternatives presented, and the following time you download your mail, it’ll be sorted in keeping with the rules created.

You also can sort your present messages primarily based on the message rules created. In Outlook Express, visit Tools > Message Rules and click on Mail. You get a list of the message policies you’ve got created. Click on ‘Apply now…’ pick the regulations to apply, and click on Apply to filter your present folder.

Grouping: Outlook Express allows you to organize email messages on the basis of the verbal exchange carried. To permit this, visit View > Current View and click ‘Group Messages by using Conversation’ (In Outlook, this selection is to be had from View > Current View > Conversation Topic).

With this selection, all electronic mail messages are looked after on the premise of the subject line and the messages which are a response to that unique difficulty are grouped collectively. A ‘+’ sign subsequent to a message shows responses based totally on that situation.

Download Mail for your PC

If you use a Web-based totally electronic mail service, download a duplicate of your mail directly on your browser. This is a lot faster than using the bandwidth-hungry Web interface and also permits you to access your mail while not having to be related to the Internet. To do that first upload a new account with the aid of going to Tools > Accounts > Add and pick out the Mail option. You may be brought about for private info and account information.

Select the POP3 server alternative within the display that asks you to your e-mail server data and enter an appropriate POP3 server cope with for incoming mail.

Browsing offline

Quite often you would need to refer to a page which you have visited sooner or later in time. While locating the link in your browser’s History isn’t always too hard, you could view the website without sincerely logging directly to the Internet by means of going to File > Work Offline. Then just click on a link in your History folder to view the entire web page out of your tough disk.

Split files

Splitting files can growth download speeds surprisingly. Usually, splitting the record into 3 or five segments is sufficient. However, if you are downloading an especially big report that is available from several servers, you may get higher speeds via growing the wide variety of segments being downloaded simultaneously. The number of segments that you want the record it can be set inside the alternative box that pops up when a download starts offevolved. Just set the option for the variety of segments which you want the report to be split into.

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  1. If you’re a laptop professional, you’ll probably already understand approximately these pointers (with any luck this can provide you with a little reminder). If you are now not a professional, do not worry – those tips are simple and don’t require a number of pc experience.

While a vintage laptop will by no means operate at the equal pace as a newer (and bigger & faster) laptop, you can help your laptop stay as “young & healthy” as viable.

1) Disk Cleanup

Performing a disk cleanup frequently is a superb idea. Whenever you “surf the net”, open attachments, delete files, your laptop saves a report of your pastime. Many of these documents are innocent, and in my view are very small. But if you spend a whole lot of time on your computer, before long you may absorb sufficient area to slow your computer down a bit.

Disk Cleanup is a Windows software that enables keep unused and undesirable documents from taking over more storage area on your pc. You can think of it as “spring cleaning” to your pc.

Basically, it removes documents that may have as soon as being beneficial or used however now are just taking on a greater room that might be used for greater beneficial programs and documents.

To perform a disc cleanup, click on the Start button on the lowest left of your pc display screen, then Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disc Cleanup. A small field will pop up, permitting you to pick out the documents to delete (most documents are OK to delete, however in case you are uncertain, it is first-rate to not pick the report). Then click OK, and the unused documents may be eliminated.

If you’ve got in no way executed a disk cleanup for your computer, now is a superb time to get began. Then, relying on how a lot you operate your laptop, you can perform a disk cleanup every few weeks to maintain your pc strolling smoothly!

2) Defragmenting Your Computer Computer

Another way to improve the performance of your laptop is to defragment your difficult pressure. What is defragmenting, and why do you need to do it? Here’s a simple clarification:

Basically, defragmenting is placing documents returned wherein they belong. With the documents inside the proper order, your pc will run more effectively.

You don’t want to rent a laptop expert to defragment your laptop. It’s easy to do. You just need to devise ahead, due to the fact when you have numerous “stuff” on your pc, it is able to take some time.

And it is fine no longer to use your computer whilst defragmenting.

Not certain a way to defragment your pc? You can either click on your pics help record (Click the “Start” button on the bottom left of your computer display screen, then Help) or click on Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Defragment – for most computer systems).

Keep in mind that the actual wording is slightly specific relying on the running system you operate (Windows 95, 98, XP, and so on) so you may want to refer to your laptop’s help file.

Periodically defragmenting your pc will preserve it walking smoothly!

Three) Removing Spyware & Adware

If you’ve got ever had adware or adware on your pc, you understand how irritating it may be – abnormal matters taking place, your homepage converting, irrelevant popups, unexpected icons…
What exactly is adware or adware?

Simply, documents that are regularly downloaded onto your pc without your knowledge (or at least without you understanding what they virtually are).

Unfortunately, many of these applications “sneak” their manner onto your computer, so fending off them completely is difficult, especially in case you spend quite a few time in your computer, surfing the Internet and downloading new applications and documents.

Fortunately, there are approaches to eliminate these undesirable documents from your computer.

Here are 2 adware/adware removal applications which can be simple to use (and each is unfastened):

Ad-Aware http://www.Lavasoftusa.Com/support/down load/
Spybot http://www.Safer-networking.Org/en/download/index.Html Speed

Why does spyware/adware stay this kind of problem? Because a maximum of those packages make money for the human beings growing and spreading them, sadly. So, all we will do is try to avoid them as a whole lot as viable and to eliminate them once they do discover their manner onto our computers.

If you do find adware on your computer, do not panic. In many instances, you just have a few more “junk” in your laptop. But preserving spyware and adware off of your pc will assist it to run greater fast and effectively.

Four) Uninstalling Old & Unused Programs

While uninstalling old, unused packages will help speed up your laptop, putting off the wrong documents can cause you some large problems. So, please proceed cautiously. And in case you aren’t comfortable, please ask for assistance from someone you understand who’s more informed.

Most packages that you download truly have an “uninstall” characteristic that comes with them. If you’re like me and also you download a number of loose applications or unfastened trials, after some time your computer starts offevolved to slow down. That manner is time for me to put off a number of the antique applications I don’t use any extra (and maximum I handiest used as soon as simply to see how they work).

To uninstall unused packages out of your computer, first click on on the Start button on the bottom left, then Programs, then click on at the name of the program and Uninstall. If there’s no uninstall alternative, then click on at the Start button on the lowest left, then Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.

Again, in case you are unsure whether or now not to do away with a software, it is first-rate to depart it.

If you observe these commands, you ought to locate your laptop running quicker proper away.

Five) Get A High-Speed Internet Connection

If you spend a lot of time at the internet, an excessive velocity internet connection is a should. It is greater pricey, however, for most people, the financial savings in effort and time is well worth the added price.

There are numerous benefits of getting an excessive velocity internet connection – faster browsing, internet pages open extra quickly, documents download faster, and if you send or get hold of large files, like snapshots or video, trying to open these files with a slower dial-up connection is extraordinarily frustrating!

If you are already spending $20 a month or extra on your dial-up connection (via your phone line) then you will find DSL to be comparable in price, and loads faster.

A cable net connection may cost a little extra, however, it is also the quickest form of network connection you could get from domestic.

High-velocity wi-fi connections are available for those who journey lots. And excessive speed satellite internet is available in areas in which different alternatives aren’t (take a look at your options first, as that is the maximum expensive high-velocity connection).Efficiently

That’s all of the pointers for increasing your computer pace and assisting your computer run greater successfully. We wish you observed these recommendations beneficial!

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