Make your home look artsy with these simple tips

Everyone wants to create a beautiful home for themselves but making a house look artistic and tasteful without spending too much can seem tough. We make the task a little easy for you. Follow these 10 tips and enhance the aesthetic value of your abode.

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Tip 01: Buy Prints of Master Artists

Who doesn’t love hanging a large painting in the living room or bedroom? But an original artwork, even by lesser-known artists, could burn a hole in the pocket. Instead, you can invest in limited edition prints of beautiful artworks by master artists, such as Husain, Raza, Vaikuntam, etc. High-quality prints, usually made using the serigraphy technique, have a very similar texture to paintings, and hence, look stunning. So imagine owning an authentic Raza print, signed by the artist himself, for less than Rs. 30,000! It doesn’t get more artistic than that.

Tip 02: Create a Photo Wall with a Twist

Many of us love displaying personal photographs around the house, but they often sit on corner tables inside a photo frame. Instead, why not create a photo wall by framing some of your favorite photos from weddings, birthdays, travels, etc.? Add an artistic element by using bold frames of different sizes and creating an interesting collage to cover a large wall in a stairway, study, or bedroom.

Tip 03: Bring Art into Entertaining

In India, we place a huge emphasis on entertaining and serving guests well! And a great way of adding an artistic touch to your home is by buying beautiful and artistic serving ware, coffee mugs, bar accessories and more, that aren’t just impressive when serving guests some appetizers or a drink. Still, it can also be used as decorative pieces when not being used!

Tip 04: Use Your Travels to Build a Collection

We all like picking up small souvenirs when we travel to a new city or country. And there are so many affordable yet incredible options to be found in the world! Whether it’s masks, small postcards, or shot glasses from every new place you visit, consciously lookout for these on your travels and build your collection over time. You can easily incorporate these into your décor on the walls, a cupboard, or a long table.

Tip 05: Go Traditional

Traditional Indian art is exquisite, detailed, and not that expensive! Perfect for bringing an ethnic touch into your home, Indian art forms such as pitch wais (paintings of Lord Krishna), Mughal Miniatures, Tanjore, or tribal or folk paintings (Gond, Madhubani, or Warli art) is a great way of adding an artistic touch to your home, without spending too much.

Tip 06: Use Books as Décor Pieces

Not too many people think of this, but beautiful coffee table books greatly enhance the décor at home. Big books with stunning covers, when stacked together, or placed at angles, look great on coffee tables or even side console tables in the hallway or living room.

Tip 07: Add Small Statement Furniture

While main furniture pieces (beds, sofas) are expensive, a great way to make a statement with your décor is by placing smaller, accent furniture in any room setting, be it a side table, a small console, or a funky chair. Accent furniture is great for adding contrast, e.g., add an Indian/Oriental side cabinet into a modern living room. In general, accent furniture should have a stand-out feature – stylized design, bright colors, a hand-painted element – something that truly adds artistic value.

Tip 08: Add a Splash of Colour

Painting an entire wall can be expensive, but adding color to a small part of a wall, or a panel, using an interesting pattern can look extremely artistic and be pretty easy on the wallet.


Tip 09: Use Curios and Collectibles from the Past

India is a treasure-trove for unique remnants from the past, which don’t just have tremendous aesthetic value but also add history and a story to your home! Think war memorabilia, vintage typewriters, old sewing machines, and rare toys. One such collectible can change a room, and these can sometimes be found at meager prices in antique stores and flea markets!

Tip 10: Think Beyond Obvious Art

Often when we need to decorate the walls, we only think of paintings. But there are so many different and affordable options and mediums that can be used to decorate walls. Beautiful metallic flowers, an artistic mirror, an intricate marble hanging, or interesting vintage maps – all of these and more can be perfect for bringing an artistic flair to your home to suit your own tastes!

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