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As a lifelong fan of the Ultima series, and I mean lifelong, way back to the early 80’s, I was as excited as I was skeptical when I heard Electronic Arts was going to make a new free to play cross-platform version based on Ultima IV called Ultima Forever, Quest for the Avatar. After nearly two years since it was announced, EA and its developer Mythic Entertainment are currently conducting a soft launch in certain markets to test out Ultima Forever’s mechanics with real players.

Obviously much will change before the final version was released this July, as Mythic tweaks things like weapon damage, quests and in-game purchasing. So please consider this a preview and not a review of some of the features we can expect in Ultima Forever when it officially launches. For the purposes of this video, I will assume you have some basic knowledge of the Lore of Ultima and the relationship history between Origin Systems and Electronic Arts.

Mythic Entertainment is charged with the incredibly difficult task of being true to a franchise that is over 30 years old with legions of fans, while at the same time setting out to bring modern gaming mechanics that today’s players expect in a game that can be played on mobile devices, all the while bringing those original fans and new players together in harmony, not an easy task.

Ultima Forever is set 21 years after the events of Ultima IV Quest of the Avatar. The eight virtues that were so pinnacled in that game to heal Britannia are now being attacked by the Black Weep, a plague that corrupts them and infects those its contacts. You and others have been summoned by Lady British to find its source and stop it. In a clever nod to older Ultimas, you’re told that people who are infected turn and many often come back to life without their heads, which possibly explains one of Ultima’s most bizarre monsters, the Headless.

As in most of the Ultima series, the Gypsy character is back, this time taking on more of a supportive role. She still presents you with several moral dilemma questions to choose your path at the beginning but is also the omnipresent voice during the game, which begs the question, is she more than she really seems to be.

At this time your class selection is limited to just the Fighter or Mage archetypes, with more promised at the release, it’s not known if there will be eight classes to match the eight virtues as in other Ultimas but I’d assume it’s a safe bet. The landscape of Britannia is all there with all the major cities and towns we remember along with many new points of interest like towers, caves much other potential entries points to dungeons. Apple's IOS

There is a brief tutorial that introduces you to the basics and kickstarts the plot. Combat is as simple as clicking an enemy but depending on your position to your enemy you can increase your damage and possibly doing critical damage. Plus as you progress you’ll get a special attack that has a cooldown meter attached to it.

Let’s talk about the visuals of the game. It’s a top-down isometric view more reminiscent of Ultima 6 than Ultima IV. I’m really impressed with the 2D landscapes and town interiors. Everything has nice a watercolor painted look to it, it’s really beautiful to take in. Though I haven’t noticed any lapping waves or rustling trees as an overlay on the 2D art. It’s not a huge deal but even Ultima IV had wave tiles. To Mythic’s credit, I did see some realistic rain in the opening intro title screen.

The portrait art is also very appealing and keeps in with the style of the overall game. Characters, NPCs, and monster sprites look really good, though the fighters top-heavy proportions took me a little while to get used to.

Music has always been a big part of Ultima and it still is. I was happy to hear familiar melodies set to a full orchestral score. Though I confess I have all the original Ultima synthesized music on my iPhone.

Ultima Forever is a freemium game setup with in-game purchases. Mythic has stated that you can play the game without ever spending a cent but if you want you can purchase nearly anything except virtue points which is their new take on the old experience point system that other games use. They’ve also got rid of the old gold coin system and uses a variety of keys, bronze, silver, and gold. Keys are used to opening chests and depending on which key you use, your chances of finding uncommon, rare or epic items rise. Bronze keys can be found in dungeons as loot or you can craft them. Combining 15 bronze keys yields 5 silver keys and golds keys can be purchased with real money or awarded in certain situations. Keys are also used to buy in-game items and repair damaged weapons and armor. And you will be doing that a lot. Your equipment deteriorates over time and must be repaired, the good news is it doesn’t require you to visit a blacksmith shop, simply spend your keys for an easy fix. In fact, Mythic has used the soft launch to gauge costs and have recently reduced repair costs significantly due to user feedback.

Of course, the eight Virtues are at the heart of Ultima. Throughout the game moral dilemmas are presented to you that don’t have any real right answer, but your choices will direct your character’s virtue path. For instance, leaning towards honest deeds will increase your reputation in the town of Moonglow, Justice earns reputation in the town of Yew and the higher your reputation the better you will be received in those towns, unlocking new areas and new quests. All virtuous deeds are tallied and are translated as a purple bar beneath your health when the bar fills completely your character advances a level. It’s a clever new take on the old experience point system.

If you’re like me you like playing solo but Ultima Forever is a multi-player game where parties of up to four friends can band together. Another creative solution to the problem of players with vastly different levels forming a party is addressed by temporarily lowering certain stats on high-level characters, the game counts this as a sacrifice for their deed. Clever reward systems are peppered all throughout the game.

It’s important to keep in mind this is a reimagining of the classic Ultima 4, not a sequel to the original timeline. Sort of like a Hollywood reboot as in the recent Batman and Superman films. Mythic does try to keep old school fans happy by pointing to certain people, places and things from the original and you can’t help but smile when stumbling on them. Though it never detracts from the plot to annoy new first time Ultima players.

Though there are hundreds of dungeons to conquer, people to help and quests to complete it’s laid out in little accomplishable chunks. You could pick up and play a quick 15 minutes and actually complete something instead of a continuous chain of quests that does on and on. Ultima Forever is meant to be quick and light, perfect for mobile gaming.Avatar

The more I experience this game the more I find I like it, though my old Ultima prejudices are really hard to fight back. The fact that the original Ultima IV used so much of the player’s imagination to fill in the blanks that the technology of the time couldn’t do, gave us an incredibly invested feeling in the game. Ultima Forever is a modern game, with portability, touch screen, mouse-driven, social media connected, multi-player game, it’s not 1985’s Ultima IV. If you want vast super immersive gameplay with full economies and sociopolitical relationships to dive into they’re on the horizon but what EA and Mythic have done here is create an enjoyable and respectful reimagining of a beloved classic. I’m looking forward to the July 2013 full launch Journey Onward again to Britannia.Review


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How is Apples iOS 6 Passbook App Going to Impact Other Electronic Wallets?

Apple has entered the cell phone wallet enterprise with a brand new utility in iOS 6 referred to as Passbook; a prelude to what would possibly soon grow to be a fully-fledged electronic wallet. With the Apple logo in the back of it, it is predicted that all aspects of cellular bills, ticketing, and discounts will alternate for all time.

Introducing Passbook

On Monday, June 11, 2012, at the Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC), Apple introduced it’s very own mobile pockets application known as Passbook. Passbook is an iOS 6 app a good way to be completely incorporated into the ultra-modern iPhone running system. Expected to be launched sometime in October it is maximum possibly to launch in conjunction with the iPhone 5 launch. Apple presents an API to permit developers to create, manipulate and distribute Apple-authorised boarding passes, praise playing cards, present cards, incentive playing cards, and extra in an unmarried vicinity. In a similar style to the iOS Books and Newsstand apps, Apple is supplying a native platform that lets in commercial enterprise owners to get their business and carrier services in the front of iPhone customers.

A Beautiful User Interface Apple's IOS

Apple’s development of Passbook establishes a cozy-widespread for helping and setting up virtual tickets, save playing cards, coupons, and offers within the cellular iOS devices. A magnificent array of functions will appear at the time of the preliminary release with plenty greater to comply with as builders start to combine the gadget somewhere else. Prior to its reputable launch, Apple has already built a current listing of massive stores that want to combine the Passbook technology into existing iOS packages, together with Starbucks famous barcode bills app. More small and large companies are anticipated to announce how they intend to apply Passbook to their benefit toward the launch date.

Passbook provides a great searching easy-to-use card-fashion consumer interface (UI) that updates stay as the shop playing cards or passes are used. Apple has taken care of the way that a user, and the business, interacts with the virtual Passes. There are positive constraints, just like the length of the Pass, or the variety of fields allowed, or how the user can select to be informed and so forth. But Apple is attempting to provide an honestly open gadget. An software that can be utilized by any store wishing to provide digital passes. There will also be a rich set of features, which include time and location primarily based facts, get admission to prior shopping records and access to non-public records.

Passes within the Passbook app itself are very appealing. They without a doubt experience brilliant to take a look at and play with. It feels a lot extra 21st century than a crammed wallet or purse complete with paper and plastic. Each sort of bypass has a slightly distinctive style that permits the user to speedy to finds the right one. For instance, a retail coupon has a serrated edge to graphically illustrate a reduction or a movie price ticket has a 1/2-circle clipped on the pinnacle to illustrate the likeness of a ticket stub.

These Passbook standards and the API shows Apple is growing their foundation for how they might want to integrate their generation with Visa, MasterCard or comparable fee card processing networks.

Built-in Features

Passbook is a fully functioning software, and any business developing and dispensing those passes can make the most the Passbook functions right now:

Push Updates
Calendar Updates
Geolocation: The skip will mechanically appear whilst the iPhone consumer reaches a selected place. When the tool is near a store or anything region the Pass creator chooses, a message seems on the lock screen to alert the person that they have a Pass (perhaps a discount coupon or a loyalty card) that can be redeemed. Not best is this very convenient for the iPhone consumer however also lets in outlets the option to push gives and incentives primarily based on a number standards, along with that of location.

Examples:Passbook App

A large chain espresso employer provides their loyalty card via Passbook in order that it opens mechanically as soon as a consumer gets close to a selected shop. Instant get entry to is given to the barcode device which the user surely scans at the terminal and then they revel in their cup of espresso. They don’t even need to kind in their password to release the smartphone.
A digital store ‘pushes’ a discount the immediate they come at the store; Passbook notifies the consumer in their contemporary balance and the discount to be had.
A mass transit railway business enterprise trouble Passbook Passes to show the number of rides or credits to be had, with a scannable barcode to be used in the price tag workplace.
A ticketing company problems Passbook tickets if you want to right away pop up on the time of the live performance, and once more while the tool holder receives near the venue; building up excitement and maximizing target audience engagement.
Push Updates: All coupons, cards, and tickets include the ability to dynamically replace. Updated facts may be instantly driven to the iPhone lock screen which then opens up the precise Pass in Passbook. The observe is pushed to the lock display screen, the applicable bypass then seems and the updated records are rotated, with some cool animation; quickly informing the consumer what’s changed.


An airline problems Passbook boarding passes. In the ultimate hour they want to exchange departure gate, so push an replace to all of the Passbook boarding bypass holders who fast get hold of the updated notification and the Boarding Pass is routinely updated.
A massive retail shop, problems it is loyalty cards thru Passbook. When a person spends over a sure quantity and they pass to ‘Platinum fame’, Passbook presents them a little ‘congratulation update’ and the Pass Image changes coloration to indicate their new fame.
Integration with Calendar and Reminders: The Pass may be tagged with a positive date and time. If activated, the reminder can seem within the user’s iOS calendar. At the proper time, the reminder will appear on the person’s device and the can without delay go instantly to the relevant Pass in Passbook.


An airline price tag is purchased with date exclusions and alerts are dispatched to the Pass proprietor whilst a to be had open date provides itself.
Someone sends his birthday invitations via Passbook and the usage of the calendar invite function the app will permit event tickets to be driven directly to pals to simply accept and attend.
By combining Geolocation, Live updates, and the Reminder functionality the stop user can stay up for a wonderfully rich experience. And way to Apple’s ingenuity, the person may not be annoyed by way of the little matters that might destroy the enjoy. For example, the display doesn’t rotate when a Pass is open; so not like whilst the usage of Safari, Passbook maintains your barcode in one orientation. Also, the screen remains lit whilst a Pass is open; not anything would be more disturbing than looking to test your skip and the display saver comes on! Using Passbook is a genuinely engaging, interesting, convenient and useful revel in. So a good deal extra a laugh than antique paper tickets, or plastic membership cards that clog up wallets.

As Apple offers advanced capability, and developers get to combine greater impressive options, the Passbook platform will emerge as an outstanding system for store playing cards, tickets, and payment improvements.

Bar CodesElectronic Wallet

Initially, Apple is introducing Passbook with the combination of 2D barcodes. This easy barcode facility allows the consumer to redeem the voucher and permits the store to affirm the validity of the Pass. Apple chose 2D barcodes, as opposed to the older 1D barcodes, as there have been a few troubles with scanners recognizing 1D barcodes on an LED display. The Pass creator can choose to generate a 2 Bar Code in any of the maximum popular formats; Aztec, PDF147 or QR Code.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Despite plenty speculation, it doesn’t appear like Apple will launch Passbook with NFC (Near-field conversation) integration although longer term there appears to be light doubt that this upgrade in hardware is on its way.

When NFC is released in a subsequent generation of Apple iPhones it’ll provide the ability to integrate much better with outlets present charge processing systems. NFC systems are at present being installed at many stores (in most cases larger institutions) as a part of MasterCard’s and Visa’s mandate on having a high extent of NFC and EMV transactions through the year 2014. Apple is anticipated to be at the front of the cue with the NFC technology once it’s integrated into the iOS as greater of the NFC bills structures emerge as to be had at traders.

Payment Integration

It’s just a be counted of time before Apple positioned its complete weight at the back of the Passbook app to combine payment card facilities. Although, given the regulation and the general complexity of the charge area, we can’t see Passbook fully substituting present price playing cards (MasterCard and Visa), however as a substitute integrate using both of those services.

Apple is wisely imposing a wallet app that works with existing infrastructure, in place of against. A lot of businesses have tried to completely transform the cellular charge space at the same time as ignoring the wonderful weight and power of the corporations they were looking to do war with; particularly the banks and credit score card agencies. With Passbook, Apple is clever to maintain these guys onside by using working with them and now not against. Passbook is, in the end, a platform for innovation allowing any organization to easily be a part of the cellular payments space, while not having to closely invest in their very own wallet software.

Business Opportunity

Passbook is expected to have an instantaneous effect on all companies involved in bills, loyalty cards, keep cards, present playing cards, ticketing (airways, trains, and so forth.), and incentive cards. Getting equipped for Passbook now could not be any more apparent for small or large business alike. History has proven us that every person aligning themselves with the Apple eco-device advantages vastly. You only ought to think about how many people are going to be dashing to the store for a brand new iPhone 5.Zero and when they need to fill their empty Passbook, wherein are they going to turn?

In a comparable fashion to the app store, Apple objectives to seed 1000s of recent thoughts and begin-ups. Companies which might be already running to examine this technology can be the first to announce and gain from this new eco-system. If you’ve got pursuits for developing extraordinary pockets ideas, then Passbook is a super platform for your creativity. Businesses don’t need to overly put money into a standalone utility or try to resolve all the interface demanding situations that Apple has labored out for them.

Apple has a long-standing history of transferring the course of a groups enterprise plans, even the most successful ones. Passbook has the ability to make dozens of merchandise besides the point or redundant in the near future.

Some critics have counseled that Passbook is only a fundamental pockets application and no longer a required addition to the iOS. And it seems those humans are ignoring the true opportunity. History will show that the creation of Passbook all factors of mobile bills, ticketing, and discounts will exchange all the time. Time to get on board.

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Podcasting has been a popular medium for taking note of radio and net publicizes for years now. The idea is straightforward: each time you plug your MP3 player into a computer, load it with the cutting-edge episodes of your favored podcasts and concentrate on them later, while you’re out and approximately. However, many phones now act as MP3 gamers and many MP3 players are now internet-enabled. Shouldn’t or not it’s possible to load the modern podcasts without a connection to a pc? That’s in which Podcaster comes in. Podcaster changed into the first feature-wealthy podcast download customer to seem for the iOS platform, first as a jailbroken app, then in decreased capability inside the App Store as RSS Player, then eventually as the full-fledged legitimate Podcaster iOS app. Read on to find out just how nice it really works.


Podcaster has a wide sort of novel and very useful functions, consisting of:

Supports audio and video podcasts
Downloads podcasts without iTunes
Downloads podcasts without requiring a WIFI connection
Downloads podcasts within the heritage for 10 mins after the app is closed
Resumes in part-downloaded podcasts
Downloads from password-blanketed podcast feeds
Checks for brand new podcast episodes at pre-programmed instances of day and provides them to the download queue
Checks all feeds for brand spanking new podcast episodes on-call for
Push notifications whilst new episodes are to be had for download
Optional sound outcomes suggest whilst downloads are entire
Stream episodes without downloading in any respect
Retina GraphicsApple's IOS
Custom playlists
Resumes playing routinely after interruptions
Plays podcasts inside the heritage
Supports iPod-well suited wi-fi and stressed out remotes
Supports Bluetooth audio system
Share through email, Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox
Imports and exports OPML backup documents
Imports podcasts from iTunes or the iPod app
Supports outside shows
Accessible with VoiceOver
Sleep Timer
The History of Podcaster

I’m going to stray from the standard evaluate here to get into Podcaster’s tumultuous history as I apprehend it. Podcaster became at first written in the early days of the App Store, but turned into summarily rejected by using Apple. Apple’s excuse for this changed into that Podcaster violated App Store guidelines by way of duplicating functions protected with Apple’s running device. While it is proper that the iTunes app then (as it does now) had the ability to download podcasts at once to the tool, it was a completely cumbersome technique that involved searching up and downloading podcast episodes separately, every time you wanted to grab new ones. This turned into a terrible solution. Believe me, I tried it for some time. I sooner or later got fed up, and this was one of the matters that led me to jailbreak my very own device, but I digress. After a failure in the app store, Podcaster’s writer released it as a jailbroken app, and there it remained for a long time. Eventually, the author advanced any other app referred to as RSS Player.

RSS Player become an app designed to track internet RSS feeds and permit audio content material in the ones feeds to be played on the tool. It is crucial to be aware here that a podcast is defined (in technical phrases) a listing of audio files encoded into an RSS feed; the writer had discovered a sneaky manner to get a podcast player into the app store by way of redefining what the app became intended to do. However, RSS Player changed into not quite. It becomes the sort of stripped-down version of Podcaster that frequently it barely functioned at all. It went via several replace cycles, however at the same time as the one’s updates constant some of its issues, they usually introduced greater. I wouldn’t have endorsed RSS Player to all and sundry but the most die-tough podcast fanatics.

Then after what regarded like for all time, the day, in the end, came that Podcaster becomes allowed into the App Store. The author needed to make some compromises (one among which I’ll explain later), and the app was given rejected a pair extra times earlier than it became eventually customary, but matters were much higher ever considering that.

Operation and Ease-of-Use App

Some of Podcaster’s interface has a chunk of a learning curve to it, however, when you discern out the fundamentals, it is able to be very clean to apply. The first component you will in all likelihood want to do is add your preferred podcasts to the feed. To do this, faucet the listing icon on the lowest of the app. There, you have got several options to find your podcasts, however the most useful are ‘Search via Title’ and ‘Import’. Search with the aid of title searches a directory of podcasts. This listing is incomplete and occasionally contains unreliable records. This is not the fault of Podcaster’s creator; the podcast directory needed to be set up in a manner that does not violate Apple’s App Store policies, and a directory maintained through Podcaster’s creator is one among Podcaster’s few ultimate meant functions of which Apple does not approve. Therefore, Podcaster draws upon a listing generated via the app’s customers, as a result, the improper data. If you find your self not able to find a podcast there or need to get right of entry to a password-included feed, use the ‘Import’ section. There, you may load feeds from a web cope with or import them from an OPML record.


Reliability has been traditionally sketchy with Podcaster, and even as it is worlds of improvement over its predecessor RSS Player, there are nonetheless plenty of bugs and hiccups available. While the app tries to save the place you have been at on your podcast whilst you close it or get a smartphone name, it does not always be successful. The download mistakes from preceding versions appear to be lengthy-long gone, but there are still a few continual corruption bugs that you can get. I’ve gotten caught right into a mode in which Podcaster could play each audit record, in reality, rapid, making each person sound like chipmunks. I needed to reset the settings to default to restore that. I’ve gotten caught right into a mode in which it wouldn’t improve to the next episode after one completed unless I did it manually. I couldn’t restore that without reinstalling the app. Updates always seem to restore some insects but introduce more. And each once in a long while, something will cross incorrectly with my podcast listing, which once more requires me to wipe everything and start from scratch. The lesson: Podcaster is an awesome device, but in case you use it, lower back up your podcast list frequently using the Backup icon (within the ‘More’ phase).


Podcaster has persevered via sketchy records to turn out to be the superb app that it’s far today. Though there are nevertheless a few snags that crop up on a reasonably regular foundation, I would nonetheless advocate it to any avid podcast listener. I’ll supply this app a four out of 5.

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Let’s start off with Apple.

Apple has been a solid logo within the mobile industry ever in view that they started out. We’ve visible iPhones and iPads, all ranging from respectable to tremendous pleasant devices. Of course, every new gadget has its problems, but Apple constantly performed on the ball quite fast. They supply high first-class hardware, but a piece lackluster software ensures regions.

I’ll give you a simple instance. The menu of your iPhone or iPad. It’s no longer too clean to change the layout of things or to customize it, as they are saying. Apple has positioned up certain restrictions in what you can and can’t do, with the standard software. Of course, smart human beings have determined a way around this, however, nonetheless, charging bucketloads of money for a high fine product without being capable of upload a personal contact? A bit odd if you question me… Apple's IOS

Another software program related problem that held my lower back from ever shopping for an iPhone or an iPad, is the necessity to use iTunes. iTunes is a tremendous program, don’t get me incorrect. I use it on a bi-weekly foundation for my iPod. However, I anticipated extra from apple in regards to their iPhones and iPads. Any media you might need to load at the inner reminiscence of said devices, calls for iTunes. Up to a sure diploma, I can apprehend the need to use a further program.

But iTunes is so clunky to apply. It’s gradual at instances. It takes a while to finish document transfers. It would not even let you keep some original media formats, as it needs to be converted first. All in all, for me individually, this san as a substitute bad component of the in any other case amazing products. I just opt to get matters carried out nicely, speedy, and trouble-free.

Next up, we were given Google, with the Android OS.

Google has become a family brand to everybody even remotely linked to net or technology. They have come to a protracted manner, however, they also still have pretty an extended manner to head. I’m an Android person myself (not always a fanboi even though), and I like the kingdom Android is in.

It doesn’t fill all my needs though. I’m a media individual. None of the Android OSes, being it official releases or custom designed ROM, can absolutely satisfy me. There is a light at the quiet of the tunnel I think, but we’ll need to eagerly await and see what the destiny holds in save for us.

The largest downside of the Android OS is that this: Gingerbread is great for smartphones, but no longer all models will see a (professional) Gingerbread model. For drugs, Honeycomb is an extraordinary piece of software program, however, no longer all tablets get an upgrade to Honeycombs, which is supposed to be THE Android OS till we get Ice Cream Sandwich to get a “unified enjoy from both worlds”.

In this regard, Apple is an extra regular in creating a complete OS to cover that certain device’s desires and strengths. I’m quite sure Ice Cream Sandwich (from what I’ve visible thus far) makes a big step in the right direction. But there may be still working to be executed after that. But we are getting beforehand of ourselves here, we’re going to come again to Ice Cream Sandwich afterward.

This all brings us to Blackberry. Where to begin on this matter?

Blackberry has been a norm for business users, and additionally an honest percentage of non-enterprise users, for years. Everyone had to own a Blackberry to ensure a highest quality cellular experience on their smartphones, or their drugs. And Blackberry nevertheless gives you some high-quality commercial enterprise capability on its devices. If it works well, that is. Google's Android

I’m positive you have all heard approximately the latest Blackberry outage, which left most (if no longer all) its users global without e-mail and internet services for some days. We’re no longer speaking about a few hundred human beings here folks, we are speaking about a GLOBAL OUTAGE of the maximum used offerings on a telephone or tablet. After the whole thing becomes taken care of, they attempted to make up for this through giving each person “over 100 greenbacks really worth of top-class packages free of charge”.

Now, allow’s be honest right here, how many of you had 3 or extra useful premium apps in that package deal? Basically, maximum of to procure diddly squat. Which means Blackberry only made as much as the business customers, in the event that they absolutely had any use for the top class apps, that is. All other customers got left in the cold. A recent survey talked about that 60% of modern Blackberry users will no longer sign up for a new Blackberry device after their agreement expires. Ouch!

On a brighter word, this can not be the stop of Blackberry, nor RIM. But the identical applies to Blackberry as it does for Google: set a step on the right path, and preserve pushing ahead from that factor on. If you want humans to live with Blackberry, or maybe entice new clients, you may get your act collectively as a substitute earlier than later.

Last but not least, we’ve Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.

This should simply be the darkish horse on this race in my view. Windows Mobile has been around for a while, hasn’t carried out any amazing successes, however, it hasn’t been placed out of commercial enterprise through the alternative competitors either. It’s constantly been round, and consider me, it’ll be around for lots longer after competitors might have disappeared into obscurity.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, or Windows Phone because it has been officially known as, has been a synonym for quality person reviews (typically at the least), mixed with decent hardware, in a trust Windows-esque environment. Windows Phone has constantly been geared toward the clients, and now not always at companies, in comparison to Blackberry’s RIM.

After going through cancellation in improvement in 2004, Microsoft reorganized the Windows Mobile Group, main to the first, albeit interim, Windows Mobile launch in 2009. Things didn’t start off well, due to the fact Windows Mobile wasn’t like minded with any Windows Phone applications. This turned into accountable for a lack of sources and time.

Eventually, the naming of the OS changed to Windows Phone 7. (Sounds catchy, don’t you suspect?) As of this writing, Microsoft has sealed a cope with Nokia (sure, they’re still around) to distribute Windows Phone 7 on a brand new line of smartphones coming to a place near you. However, the one’s genuine locations are still undisclosed as of now. You ought to love a few mystery people!

Part 2: The destiny?

In my opinion, this deadly 4-way will lead to a 3-horse race, with the other participant sitting in the seats watching on and slowly biding they’re masterfully professional go back plan to the scene. I’ll give an explanation for my destiny vision of the cellular world:

The top manufacturers will stay Apple, with their iOS, and Google, with their Android OS. Both groups seem to be heading down the identical course in phrases of software program improvement, user experience, and hardware upgrades. However, Apple nevertheless has a massive head begin, due to the fact they manage all aspects of the producing and development method.

Android will maintain on growing mobile gadgets’ income (not shipped gadgets, actual income), but remain a piece in the back of Apple’s undisputed leadership of the present day marketplace. A twist for the management might appear at some point in the destiny, however, I would not expect it within the first years. However, slowly yet gradually, we are able to see the market night out.Blackberry Rim

Windows Mobile can be appealing to maximum low-end, non-technical users. They have a line of first-rate smartphones coming up, which might be easy to use with first-rate hardware under the hood, produced by way of Nokia. Not everybody desires to pay massive money for a telephone, and most definitely not everybody needs all features to be had on iOS or Android smartphones or pills. Will we ever see Windows Mobile on a pill? Only time will tell, however it might be a smart selection in my opinion.

Blackberry’s RIM will ultimately be left behind in years yet to come in the event that they don’t step up their sports closer to both normal consumers, and establishments. They might also thoroughly leave the cell marketplace altogether, and by no means be heard from again in this regard. Or they could surprise us all and grow to be the primary organization within the commercial enterprise. Who can tell?

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Apple announced a brand new and high priced version of its popular telephone – iPhone X – in September. The corporation subsequently made iPhone X available in extra than fifty-five nations and territories. In addition to presenting a side-to-part OLED show, iPhone X additionally comes with some of the out-of-field capabilities to challenge the dominance of Android platform.

At the identical time, the special iPhone model additionally comes with an exceptional facial popularity gadget – Face ID. Face ID allows customers to use their face similar to traditional passwords. The facial scanning device allows a person to release his iPhone X truly with the aid of looking in the direction of the cell phone along with his eyes open. He can even use Face ID to hold the facts saved on his iPhone X at ease and make mobile bills.

However, Face ID in iPhone X takes advantage of every other sturdy hardware feature included within the smartphone – TrueDepth digital camera. Many analysts accept as true with that Apple will soon make the revolutionary facial scanning gadget available to other iPhone and iPad fashions. Hence, the iOS developers should apprehend critical components of Face ID in iPhone X to fulfill the rising mobile app improvement trend.

Important Aspects of Face ID in iPhone X every iOS App Developer Must Know

Replaces Touch ID on iPhone X

Touch ID changed into a necessary a part of numerous iPhone fashions. The authentication machine enables customers to free up their smartphones surely via putting their hands on the sensor. A user may even use Touch ID to perform various monetary transactions and cellular price. iPhone X is designed with Face ID as opposed to Touch ID. Unlike Touch ID, Face ID does not require users to touch their smartphones. A consumer can take advantage of Face ID to free up his tool definitely with the aid of glancing at the display screen. At the same time, the iOS app developers can take gain of the brand new facial reputation gadget sincerely via changing the Touch ID code with Face ID code. iPhone X

Does no longer make Passcodes Obsolete

Despite replacing Touch ID on iPhone X, Face ID is but to update passcodes fully. Apple recommends iPhone X customers to use passcodes whilst restarting the tool, the device has remained unlocked for greater than 48 hours, and the person has tried incorrect face healthy 5 times. Also, a person has to use a passcode to make his iPhone X available to pals and family contributors.

Authenticates thru TrueDepth Camera

Face ID authenticates customers through every other new function supplied by means of iPhone X – TrueDepth digital camera machine. The superior digital camera gadget captures all functions of a consumer’s face thru intensity mapping. Also, TrueDepth creates a completely unique facial map by using taking pictures over 30000 invisible dots projected onto a user’s face. Each time a person unlocks his iPhone X, TrueDepth Camera reads the dot patterns via an infrared digicam and captures an infrared photograph. It sooner or later sends the infrared picture to Secure Enclave in the A11 Bionic chip. Once authenticity of the infrared image is showing the iPhone gets unlocked.

Uses Machine Learning

A consumer’s appearance may differ occasionally. Face ID uses machine learning algorithms to apprehend the modifications in a consumer’s look. Hence, a person can liberate his iPhone X irrespective of his contemporary appearance. He can take gain of Face ID in iPhone X to release and authenticate no matter sporting a hat, placing on glasses, and growing a beard. TrueDepth Camera, in addition, makes use of a flood illuminator to identify a person’s face thru invisible infrared mild while there is inadequate light.

Prevents Unauthorized Device Access

Despite figuring out unique appearances of the same person, Face ID in iPhone X still does now not allow some other persons who unlock the telephone. While unlocking the iPhone X, a consumer has to keep his eyes open. If the consumer’s eyes are closed, the iPhone X will stay unlocked. The characteristic makes it tough for unauthorized customers to unlock the cell device when the authentic consumer is napping or absent. However, Face ID in iPhone X lacks the capability to identify equal twins. A consumer has to apply a passcode additionally to save you his iPhone X inaccessible to the dual. Face ID

No Option to Register Multiple Users

Apple further complements the security of iPhone X by way of permitting every person to check in an unmarried face. No user has the option to register a couple of faces. Hence, handiest one person can unlock and authenticate via the Face ID. However, a consumer can nevertheless make his iPhone X handy to multiple users by way of sharing his passcode. Multiple customers can get admission to the same iPhone X through acting authentication through passcode rather than Face ID.

Performs Multiple Tasks

In addition to maintaining the iPhone X comfy, Face ID also improves consumer revel in via performing some basic obligations. The interest-conscious nature of the facial reputation system, in addition, permits users to perform simple obligations certainly by looking closer to the iPhone X. For instance, a person can take benefit of Face ID to text messages and notifications, reduce the volume of alarm or ringtone, and preserve the screen lit even as studying.

Facilitates Mobile Payment

Along with enhancing the safety of iPhone X, Face ID can even facilitate cell charge. It will paintings seamlessly with Apple Pay. Also, a consumer can take benefit of Face ID in iPhone X while purchasing on the brick-and-mortar stores and eating places that support Touch ID price. Also, the apps that guide Touch ID will permit users to take advantage of Face ID. The developers could make their present iOS apps help Face ID via changing the Touch ID code with Face ID code. However, many banks and financial establishments are yet to aid Face ID absolutely.

Security and Privacy Issues

Apple implements numerous protection mechanisms to maintain facial test non-public and comfortable. After scanning a user’s face, the TrueDepth Camera system stored the data at once inside the A11 Bionic chip. Apple, in addition, does now not transfer the data to its server or cloud. Hence, the facial scanning records stay best on the iPhone X. Apple, in addition, uses the facial popularity gadget as a robust protection device to preserve user facts inaccessible and save you unauthorized access. A hacker in Vietnam lately claimed to interrupt Face ID by way of developing a complicated face mask. But numerous protection professionals consider that Apple has to make several adjustments to Face ID in iPhone X to make it an effective safety measure. iOS App

On the whole, Face ID in iPhone X transforms iOS app improvement via replacing Touch ID. But the iOS app developers ought to understand that the facial recognition gadget is presently used only by an unmarried model of iPhone. Apple will make Face ID available on upcoming versions of iPhone and iPad gradually. Hence, the developers should explore approaches to make their present iOS apps aid Face ID. Also, they should adopt the emerging developments in iOS app development to make their cell app applicable and famous over an extended time frame.

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Today Apple added iOS five at WWDC 2011 and it arrives with several extra features and upgrades. The most vital new characteristic, perhaps, maybe the iOS notification device. For a long time, it is been a pain inside the rear for lots apple iPhone, iPad and iPod device contact clients. Each time a notification will are available in, it might be inside the face and you didn’t have a choice but to address it right then. Should you be inside the center of a sports name or film, it has been disturbing. Which has all converted, together with many different things, so read onto see what is new!

1. Notices

Imitation is a kind of flattery, therefore the folks at Google need to be feeling quite conceited these days. The brand new iOS notification product is called Notification Center and shares some commonalities with Android, in that you swipe decrease from the top display to look your notices. After that, you can have a look at texts, e-mails, voicemails, Facebook notices and plenty greater. Apple has additionally brought stocks and climate data, too, to get that instantly.

You may additionally change a specific object in Notification Center, so if you wish to see notices from certain applications and ignore others, you are capable of. And also to open a notification, you virtually swipe it together with your finger also it goes to the software. iOS 5.Zero

2. Safari

Mobile Safari is definitely most of the satisfactory, in any other case the very high-quality, cellular browsers available. Safari accommodates sixty-four % of mobile browser utilization, at the same time as Android simplest holds 27% – the relaxation is sufficiently small that they may be lumped together within the remainder. So, Apple made the selection to include a pair of recent tweaks and upgrades to it. The first actual is Readers, which reformats textual content proper into a more readable layout, and similarly, it enables you to genuinely electronic mail items in a tale on your buddies and family.

The 2nd new feature in Safari is Reading through List. It’s like Instapaper, where you can actually mark items to be studied later. If you are studying thru something on your pc, for instance, and also you need going, you’re able to finish analyzing via exactly the same article to your Apple iPhone or iPod device touch. You mark these to be examined later, and they’re all effortlessly available within a listing. On the pinnacle of that, it virtually works throughout iOS and OS X, because it has to, due to the person of methods it really works.

Finally, Apple first viewed it fit to include complete tabbed browsing. The days are long gone in which you want to hit just a little button and swipe through numerous domestic home windows just to get on the web page that you’ll require. It reasons it to be appearance lots extra like Safari in your notebook or laptop, making the melding from the cellular and computer browsers a piece extra whole.

Three. Camera

Your camera utility has grown to be a touch of the overhaul, too. First, we begin with car-publicity and vehicle-recognition lock. Maybe from time to time, you want to meter part of a photo that isn’t precisely the identical area wherein you want to attend. Now, like Camera, you’re capable of lock everyone to make certain that your snapshots pop out just the way you would like them. Furthermore, after you have clicked photographs, you have got in-digicam enhancing alternatives like popping, removing crimson-colored-eye and enhancing photos, along with different new modifying functions.

During camera mode, the quantity-up button on the telephone also features like a shutter. It was something which Camera I did so till Apple constructed them into move ahead and take characteristic away. Possibly now we all recognize why that passed off. Sometimes you need to preserve your Apple iPhone just like a digicam and getting the button across the higher right feels natural, or probably you are trying to have a self-portrait the use of the rear digital camera and you are fumbling around the display seeking out the shutter button. Problem solved having a bodily button.

You’ll additionally have the capacity to attention photos while the use of pinch-to-zoom gesture instead of having to apply only the slider. In the give up, if it may be done in photographs, why don’t you in the camera software?Apple

Lastly, your camera is offered within the lock screen. Even whilst your telephone includes a passcode lock onto it, you are able to pass right on your camera utility while not having the capacity to view other things on the phone. This is good for people fleeting moments when it is no longer important time in an effort to slide to unlock and switch on your digicam – or worse, input your passcode lock and anticipate more than one seconds for that digicam to actuate. So, next time you simply have 2 seconds to snap that photo of the squirrel chasing after a hen off a tree and leaping into mid-air, your odds are plenty higher than earlier than.

Four. Mail

Apple has eventually made the choice to beautify its mail client with the addition of rich textual content formatting, dragging addresses and a danger to search for content material inside whole messages. You may additionally flag and unflag messages, and mark them as unread. In the human frame of the message, searching and outline phrases the use of the iOS dictionary, an element that truly works over the complete platform and no longer clearly inside mail.

For that iPad, must you prefer typing collectively with your thumbs in portrait mode versus panorama, Apple created a breakup keyboard to help you to kind without getting the computer keyboard obscure or block any textual content or content. Pretty excellent stuff!

5. PC Free

Oh. My. God. Apple has, in the end, tried it – the enterprise has ultimately made the selection that the Apple iPhone need to paintings as they’re. Are you able to think? You’ll no greater should run home and plug it into your laptop having seen that demanding “Connect to iTunes” symbol again. Rather, on every occasion you go beforehand and take Apple iPhone or iPad as they may be, it’s going to simply say, “Welcome.” Because it should.

Apple is still pushing its “post-PC world” shenanigans, but at the very least it is transferring matters proper right into a wi-fi international. Now you may sync your phone’s contacts, track, and packages without problems with no need to rely on the laptop. Software updates will be available in the air, much like Android. And in preference to desiring to download the entire OS for the duration of the updates, it’ll most effective download servings of the OS that have been converted.

6. TwitterFeatures

Twitter has been deeply incorporated into iOS. The most famous social media carrier can be used to share fame updates, pictures, region together with different merchandise of top-notch interest, and Apple has given clients the selection to do this from inner native packages. For instance, on every occasion you shoot an image in the native digital camera application, you will have the selection to speak about the picture on Twitter – something which Android and Rim show up to be doing for pretty some time.

The integration works just like it’ll on Android, that is via single signal-on. Once you’ve signed in your Twitter account in the configurations, the packages that help it inside iOS go to be connected immediately to help you percentage merchandise from internal individuals applications. You are able to tweet from your digital camera, the photograph gallery, YouTube, Safari as well as within Maps. Twitter is even incorporated into contacts.

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The big release doesn’t mean the death of Objective-C, while it turns into the de-facto language for iOS app development for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple watch and extra gadgets.

The language which turned into illustrated as Objective-C without C with the aid of the apple is safe, modern, faster, compiler optimized and filled with a high degree of interactivity enables responsive and patron-going through utility improvement a breeze.

However, the discharge brought a predicament if you make a decision among the 2 OOP languages- Swift and Objective-C. It brought quite a few confusion to the development stores and created a room for the discussions.

On a concluding observe, the Swift was declared as a winner in the years to come and whilst leveraged for iOS utility improvement, it’s going to convey plenty of advantages to the pinnacle of the desk.

Take a brief study how the Swift can get you in advance of the game:

1) Less coding required

In Objective-C, the string manipulation, string concatenation or class department desires greater coding and includes writing repetitive statements. In Swift, the length of coding is decreased to half of with the addition of new operators.

Also, they want to memorize the token receives alleviated with string interpolation in which variables may be without delay inserted inline into the string. The probability of app crashes due to order reduced to rubble is decreased with type inferencing device.

2) Dynamic library helpIOS

The dynamic libraries assist to Swift started out after the release of iOS 8. Before this, simply static libraries had been there, although Mac is taking part in the dynamic library support from a long term.

Dynamic libraries are the executable code that permits the trendy Swift apps to link the modifications or updates that new versions of Swift language carry over the time in an automated style. Dynamic libraries are blanketed in the app package for the duration of download, but they may be outside to the app executable, which mitigates the app size because the external code is related only whilst the language evolve.

3) Easy to study

With easy syntax, Swift has to turn out to be simpler to examine and write the code and appearance plenty like undeniable English. The removal of all of the legacy conventions like parenthesis for conditional statements, @ symbol, semicolons to quit strains, nesting of technique calls interior rectangular braces and quite more has made the language expressive and the code cleaner.

In Swift, the comma-separated listing of parameters inside parathesis is used for feature and technique calls to simplify the syntax, due to which the Java, C#, C++ or Python programmers can without difficulty examine and adopt the Swift.

4) Maintainability

For executable app advent, retaining two code files is obligatory inside the Objective-C to decorate the build time and efficiency. But, the legacy of code document requirement turned into dropped by means of Swift with X-code and LLVM compiler.

The two compilers find out the dependencies, perform incremental builds and combine the implementation files (.M) and Objective-C header (.H) in a single code report (.Swift) robotically. This manner Swift minimizes the repetitive duties, bookkeeping and workload thereby the programmers get extra time to consciousness on good judgment creation, and code excellent development.

5) Faster and more secure

In Objective-C, the null tips lessen the app crash opportunity, however, introduces masses of bugs that eat away an amazing amount of time for the programmers to find and attach them.

On the opposite hand, in Swift language, the elective value may be very clean as compiler mistakes is generated for the awful code, which permits the programmer to restoration the code quick that saves the time and money. Also, during the runtime crash, Swift triggers by using stopping at the road of code wherein nil optionally available variable is used in order that the mistake may be fixed off the bat.

6) Unified with memory management

In Objective-C, the Automatic Reference Counting is supported inside item oriented code and Cocoa APIs, but now not available for center photos and procedural code, which in turn make the programmers chargeable for memory control.

Instead, in Swift, all of the reminiscence management on the assembly time is treated via the ARC as it works across both object orientated code and procedural code, and won’t require programmers to do any context switches. Additionally, they want to run rubbish collector to easy up the unused reminiscence isn’t always required.

7) No more name collisionsAdvantages

The unavailability of namespaces aid results in code record names collisions, that’s a linker error and might not let the app to run. In Swift, the implicit namespaces primarily based on the goal wherein code file resides are given, it truly is why the identical code file for more than one initiatives can exist with out letting the build to fail.

With name-space identifiers, the classes or values can be effortlessly differentiated and the open source libraries, frameworks or projects can be carried out on-the-fly, which relieve the strain of identical code record name collision for the duration of open supply challenge integration.

Eight) Performance

Under the hood, the modifications are continuously made in Swift to enhance the velocity at which the app common sense is run. The stepped forward overall performance of GEMM set of rules with the aid of an issue of one.Four and FFT set of rules through an aspect of eight.5 are the excellent instances of it. The speedup improvement enables in saving big dollars.

Nine) Playgrounds

With playground characteristic, the programmers get the gap for experiments by using writing a code or developing an algorithm and think about its consequences accessible without having to attend until the mission to completely built or emulator to test it.

It’s extra like editor window wherein the code gets compiled and run as soon as it’s written, which aids in information visualizations. All the adjustments made at some stage in processing, from easy snapshots to graphs to the finite manage factors can be viewed within the actual-time.

10) Open source

A year later after the discharge, the cutting-edge programming language Swift was declared as open supply. The declaration made the language extra popular and pretty used across diverse structures or as a returned stop infrastructure.

Besides, the feedback from the community and developers’ guide has made the priceless contribution to the upgrades inside the language.Development


In 2015, in the “Most loved programming language” nomination, Swift language pinnacle the stack due to the myriad of blessings it gives over Objective-C. The language becomes released through the Apple retaining the future iOS utility improvement in mind. The host of features has made the iOS app developers to enforce the Swift code all through app development.

What are your thoughts? May you furthermore discover the language similarly enormous for iOS improvement? If so, don’t keep fire and spark off the next undertaking leveraging Swift.

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Each developer has to consciousness on several factors to make his mobile app a hit and profitable. In addition to concentrating on the app’s look, experience, features and overall performance, he additionally wishes to goal the right cellular platform. But the selection of cellular working structures differs from one programmer to any other. Some builders select constructing apps for the maximum popular cellular working device, whereas others target a couple of cellular operating systems.

In terms of world marketplace share, iOS, Android and Windows Phone are the three most popular cellular working structures of 2015. However, there’s a huge distinction inside the international marketplace percentage of every cell platform. Likewise, the capabilities functionality of each cellular working device also differs from others. That is why; it turns into critical for cell app developers to understand some of the maximum critical variations between iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

IOS vs. Android vs. Windows Phone


Apple delivered iPhone OS in June 2008. In June 2010, Apple renamed iPhone OS as iOS and made the mobile working gadget assist iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Google launched the first business model of Android in September 2008. Microsoft released Windows Phone in October 2010. So Windows Phone is relatively younger than other two mobile systems. However, the three cellular working systems are being updated on an everyday foundation. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have already made pre-release beta versions of iOS nine, Android M and Windows 10 Mobile to programmers.IOS

Worldwide Market Share

As a long list of news has highlighted, Android is presently the most popular cell working machine in the marketplace. According to the brand new facts posted by way of the International Data Company (IDC), Android dominates the worldwide cellular OS marketplace with a share of seventy-eight %. On the other hand, the worldwide cellular OS marketplace share of Apple is 18.3%, and Windows Phone is 2.7%. The reputation and marketplace percentage of every cell OS maintain fluctuating. But Android still has a much higher international market proportion than both Android and Windows Phone.

Design and User Interface

Since its initial release in 2008, the appearance and feel of iOS have remained nearly unchanged. But Google and Microsoft have redesigned their cell operating systems numerous times. Lollipop five.0 came with a greater materialistic design and used animations to maintain the users engaged. Likewise, the latest model of Windows Phone got here with a domestic screen this is absolutely redesigned as a tiled interface. The tiled interface allows users to get right of entry to all their apps sincerely by swiping the display screen to the left. They can, in addition, take a look at the live tiles to get foundation statistics about the apps without commencing them.

Home Screen

A person can effortlessly identify the cellular operating gadget used by a specific device genuinely through searching at its domestic display screen. Both iOS and Android make apps appear on the house display screen. The cellular structures permit customers to get right of entry to the often used apps immediately from the home display screen. But Windows Phone presentations the apps in a vertical list. Also, it does not offer any alternative for the location the most important apps at the bottom of the home screen.

Quick Settings

The control panel of an iOS device consists of a better variety of brief-get entry to settings. So the users can go to the manipulate panel to make changes to the settings without any trouble. Both Android and Windows Phone do not have a higher wide variety of short-get right of entry to settings in their manipulate panels. But these cellular working systems allow the entire listing of notifications immediately from the notification display. The characteristic makes it easier for them to alternate the settings with none postpone.

Options to Run Multiple Apps

While previewing iOS 9 at WWDC 2015, Apple discovered the new multitasking characteristic of iPad Air 2. The feature will allow users to cut up the screen of their iPad Air, and run more than one apps at a time. Apple similarly permits customers to split the iPad display in a number of methods. However, the multitasking feature and choice will vary from one model of iPad to another. Google is rumored to operating on a comparable multitasking characteristic so as to be blanketed in the upcoming Android M. But Microsoft has no longer covered any multitasking features in Windows 10 Mobile.

Licensing Requirements

Unlike iOS and Windows Phone, Android is open source. So it may be used by cellular device manufacturers without paying licensing charges or royalty. Google similarly lets in hardware manufacturers to personalize the mobile running system consistent with their personal necessities. Thus, hardware producers have the choice to run their gadgets on Android as designed via Google or make the appearance of the device special by using the use of a customized model of the mobile platform.Windows

Support for Programming Languages

The developers are required to apply distinct programming languages even as constructing packages for iOS, Android or Windows Phone. A large percentage of iOS apps are written in Objective-C. But remaining 12 months Apple introduced a brand new programming language referred to as Swift for iOS app improvement. So the app builders are required to jot down new iOS apps in Swift. Java is the reliable programming language for developing Android apps. But the developers can take benefit of the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) to jot down apps in C or C++. While developing Windows Phone app, programmers are required to write down code in C# or VB.NET and broaden the person interface (UI) using XAML.

Level of Versatility

Despite having a decrease market proportion than Android and iOS, Windows Phone is extra flexible than these two famous mobile systems. While using a tablet powered with the aid of Windows Phone, the user has the option to convert the device into a complete-blown laptop device. He can genuinely add a mouse, keyboard, and external monitor to the pill, and it just like a conventional computing device computer. The characteristic makes Windows Phone extra versatile than different cell running systems.

Number and Quality of Apps

Apple App Store and Google Play Store have a better wide variety of apps that Windows Store. But the number of apps does not indicate their pleasant and profitability. The monetization options furnished by using Apple encourage many developers to build iOS apps. Further, iOS devices are considered to be used by more prosperous consumers who’re more likely to use paid apps and take pleasure in cell commerce. But the massive marketplace proportion of Android makes it less difficult for builders to attain their cell apps to a much broader and larger target market. And I am additionally quite sure that Android can hold its dominance in the foreseeable destiny. Microsoft has covered several functions in Windows 10 to facilitate the improvement of Universal Windows App. The feature will encourage programmers to build apps that could run on distinctive devices powered by means of Windows. Android OS

The ultra-modern business move-platform cell app development gear has made it easier for builders to construct the equal app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Some frameworks even permit them to create apps for a couple of mobile systems with the aid of the usage of a single programming language and the identical code base. The cell app builders ought to take advantage of these gear to make their cell packages a hit by means of overcoming the differences among iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Chandra Brijesh is an Android developer at Mindfire Solutions. Chandra has an infant boy ‘Vivaan’ and he’s so excited about being a splendid dad. He writes about era updates, mobile apps, Bollywood information and social media suggestions. He belongs to a politician family and has interest in politics too. He has plans of launching an e-commerce venture catering to all wishes of toddlers in destiny.

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Recently, Google shipped an array of mobile gadgets – Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, and Pixel C – powered by Android 7.0 Nougat. The company has also revealed its plan to make the ultra-modern model of Android to be had to many non-Nexus devices in close to destiny. Likewise, Apple has also discovered its plan to make iOS 10 to be had to specific gadgets – iPhone 5 and better, iPod touches sixth gen, iPad mini 2 and higher, and iPad 4th era – this month. Hence, the customers now have the option to choose from devices powered with the aid of the brand new variations of iOS and Android. But the users should examine the capabilities of each cell operating structures to make the proper selection.

Understanding Major Differences between iOS 10 and Android 7.Zero Nougat

User Interface Experience

Both iOS 10 and Android 7 come with redesigned and polished person interfaces. But the Android users have the choice to use domestic monitors. The user interface of iOS 10 permits users to take benefit of force contact and ‘Rise to wake’ capabilities. The sensors deployed in the iOS tool displays can without problems locate the exact amount of stress put through the person. Hence, the users can accomplish various tasks via setting the various amount of pressure. Likewise, the customers can take benefit of the ‘Rise to wake’ feature to hold the display constantly on. On the other hand, the consumer interface of Android 7 comes with a redesigned navigation bar button. It further allows users to release the closing-used app without a doubt through double tapping at the recent app button.IOS 10


Both mobile running systems also come with improved notification structures. The notification system protected in iOS 10 permits users to interact with diverse notifications extra successfully. Also, the updated notification gadget works with 1/3-party apps. Hence, the cell app developers can take benefit of this option to push live updates to the notifications without setting greater attempt. At the identical time, redesigned notification device included in Android 7 permits users to check notifications without delay without commencing the cellular apps. The users also have the choice to open the notification and respond to messages without using any messaging app.

Digital Assistant

Both iOS 10 and Android 7.Zero include improved virtual assistants. Apple has redesigned Siri to enable customers to perform numerous new tasks via giving voice commands. Also, it made Siri to be had to 1/3-birthday celebration iOS app builders. The present-day version of Siri covered in iOS 10 enables customers to conduct online searches, ebook cabs, send a message via a third-birthday celebration app, ask for instructions, song schedules, set alarms, and supply reminders and notifications. Android 7.Zero additionally comes with an up to date model of Google Now to make it less difficult for customers to perform extra tasks thru voice instructions. However, the updated model of Google Now emphasizes extra on consumer interplay and lacks a number of these advanced functionalities provided by means of Siri.


The state-of-the-art model of iOS comes with a completely revamped iMessage app. The messaging service now permits users to avail extra social capabilities, option to add emojis and media attachments. But Android 7 permit customers to pick from an array of messaging apps. In addition to Google Messenger app and Hangouts, the contemporary version of Android comes with new messaging apps – Allo and Duo. Hence, there are probabilities that the customers may discover it confusing to pick out the right messaging app on Android.

Option to Delete Stock Apps

The current versions of iOS and Android permit users to delete stock apps without any trouble. But every cell working gadget allows customers to delete precise stock apps. Apple permits customers only to hide the stock apps. The users can unhide and use the stock apps in destiny without downloading them again from App Store. There are sure Android device producers that permit customers to uninstall inventory apps in place of hiding them. Hence, the choice to delete stock apps will differ from one hardware producer to some other.


Both iOS 10 and Android 7.0 allows customers to carry out multitasking, and access a couple of apps concurrently. But the multitasking characteristic of iOS 10 is to be had only for particular fashions of iPad. On the alternative hand, Android 7.Zero enables users to run two apps facet by means of aspect on their smartphones and pills. However, the multitasking performance will differ from one Android device to another. The users would require gadgets with extra RAM and high fine battery to get admission to apps concurrently and easily on an unmarried device.

Battery Life Extension

Both cell running structures now permit customers to screen using battery constantly. But Android 7 comes extends the battery lifestyles of devices efficaciously through the updated Doze Mode. The up to date Doze Mode turns the battery saving capabilities routinely while the device stays idle for an extended period of time. Hence, the users can convey and use their Android gadgets without stressful approximate battery utilization. However, the customers must now not forget about to disable heritage processed and apps to save battery intake continuously. Android 7.Zero

Quick Settings

The redesigned Control Centre makes it easier for customers to customize the settings of gadgets powered by iOS 10. But the customers still should position greater effort and time to personalize the settings in their tool absolutely. But Android 7.Zero allows customers to customize the settings of their cell gadgets with none trouble. It, in addition, permits customers to consist of various putting options in easy to attain slots. The users can further transfer between multiple alternatives almost right away. Comparison


Apple has improved the great and overall performance of sure inventory apps substantially. For instance, the iOS 10 users can access the updated version of photograph app to pick out the human beings, area, and objects internal a selected picture. Hence, they can now kind and get right of entry to pictures primarily based on various criterions. Likewise, the customers also can access the redesigned tune apps to move tracks through Apple Music streaming offerings and a simplified consumer interface. But Play Music allows Android 7 users to both download character tracks and movement the songs over the net.

On the entire, each iOS 10 and Android 7.Zero comes with numerous new capabilities and improvements. The customers of a specific model of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can upgrade to the modern version of iOS without converting their present devices. But the users have to shop for new devices powered with the aid of Android 7.0 to avail these new features and enhancements.

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Apple ended all speculations and rumors surrounding iOS 9 by means of releasing the state-of-the-art version of its cellular operating system officially on sixteenth September. The model 9 of iOS supports iPod contact (5th technology) along with iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above, and all iPad Mini models. This additionally enables the users to effortlessly install iOS nine on their devices as the size of the update is best approximately 1.3 GB. IOS 9 also comes with higher battery existence, more advantageous search alternatives, updated apps, progressed security, and new multitasking capabilities to compete with popular mobile running structures like Android and Windows Phone. These new functions and improvements in iOS 9 will profoundly impact each customer and app builders.

10 Features that Make iOS nine each Exciting and Different

1) Multitasking on iPad

Apple has blanketed multitasking help in iOS nine to allow iPad customers to open two apps simultaneously. They can choose the “Split View” alternative which helps them to open an app at the left facet of the display screen even as running the other app at the proper facet. They also have every other option referred to as “Slide Over” which helps to easily swipe and transfer from one app to some other fast and easily. The customers can even chat with their contacts via FaceTime whilst getting access to different apps. However, iOS 9 currently provides multitasking aid most effective to Apple’s integrated apps.

2) IntelligenceIOS 9

Apple tries to make iPhones and iPads smarter through the new function called intelligence. The function stimulated by using Google Now gives better search and proactive hints even earlier than the consumer initiate any action. For instance, on every occasion users initiated an internet search; Intelligence will mechanically show humans, locations, information and apps primarily based on his hobby. In a comparable way, it’ll robotically open the music app each time a user plugs into the headphone.

Three) Hey Siri

While using iOS 9, customers can activate Siri simply by way of pronouncing “Hey Siri”. So they could now prompt Apple’s non-public virtual help anywhere and each time without urgent any button. However, Apple calls for the tool to understand the person’s voice, and set off Siri handiest after authenticating his voice. The more suitable Siri would accordingly speedy respond to extra complicated queries and offer more relevant recommendations.

4) Easier Access to iCloud

While using iOS 8, many users locate it tough to access iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage carrier. IOS nine makes it less complicated for them to get admission to iCloud truly through developing an icon shortcut on the home display. A user can now absolutely create the icon shortcut with the aid of journeying settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive, and then press the “Show on Home Screen” transfer. So the users can now get right of entry to the files stored in iCloud immediately from the home screen of their gadgets.

5) Get Transit Directions

Mobile development just seems to get higher as iOS 9, in addition, comes with improved Apple Maps that includes several capabilities offered through Google Maps. Apple Maps can now offer Transit Direction to users in decided on towns. The users can use the option to collect records about buses, trains, ferries, subway stations and different public transportation modes. The app also lays out the path in keeping with the person’s experience and on the identical time permits him to gather information approximately the places to shop or consume through the inbuilt “Nearby” feature.

6) Apple Pay and Wallet

The progressed Apple Pay included in iOS nine allows users to make price without difficulty and securely the usage of their credit score cards. Apple Pay also supports credit score playing cards issued by means of popular shops like Discover. Apple has further rebranded Passbook as Wallet. The customers can access Wallet on their devices clearly via double-clicking on the house button. They may even access Wallet while the iPhone is locked, along with storing credit score card and praise card information. Thus, users can now use Apple Pay to make purchases securely and redeem their reward points without difficulty.

7) Improved Security

iOS nine comes with numerous capabilities to keep the user’s Apple ID and device security. The cutting-edge model of the cell working systems now requires users to apply six-digit bypass code to make their bypass code greater secure and unbreakable. Likewise, the customers now have an option to two-thing authentication to at ease into their Apple account from different gadgets in a greater cozy manner. The improved security features make iOS rating over other famous cell systems.

Eight) Android Transfer

iOS nine makes it less complicated for customers to replace Android gadgets with iPhones or iPads. They can use the “Move to iOS” apps to easily transfer from Google’s mobile running gadget to Apple’s cell platform. The app makes it simpler for users to switch contacts, messages, pictures, films, mail debts, wallpapers, and web bookmarks from the Android device. It will similarly advise the free apps the user can download from the App Store, at the same time as including the paid apps to iTunes Wish List.Features

Nine) CarPlay

iPhone improvement will become even extra thrilling with Apple having protected CarPlay in iOS 9 to facilitate automobile automation. CarPlay allows customers to attach their iPhones or iPads wirelessly to cars that support wi-fi connection. It can similarly support, and paintings seamlessly with the automobile maker’s apps. So the users are not required to toggle between the automobile’s interface and CarPlay. They can truly use their iOS gadgets to manipulate the car greater without difficulty.

10) Notes and News Apps

Apple has updated several integrated apps to supply richer consumer enjoy. IOS nine consists of a new turn board like News app that offers up to date information to the users based totally on their alternatives and reading conduct. Apple has also collaborated with major publications to offer extra relevant and comprehensive news to users. IOS 9 similarly comes with a completely redesigned Notes app. The users now have a choice to convert the be aware into a tick list, upload snapshots to it, and draw doodles on it. Also, they are able to send content material and facts from other apps to the notes and shop the app on their iCloud drives for clean access. Apple

Certain features blanketed in iOS 9 indicate Apple’s plan to beautify the worldwide market percentage of its mobile working systems. Apple has blanketed keyboards for Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi and Hinglish to target millions of customers living in India, the usa with global’s 0.33 largest phone market. The present-day model of iOS similarly lets in Indian customers to key in Hindi phrases in Roman script, which the keyboard will eventually convert into Devanagari script. Increasingly, this makes it easier for users to access websites and apps that use several Indian languages.

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