4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing Your Windows

If your windows have started deteriorating, their seal has become weak, and your utility bills have grown, it’s time to replace your windows. As your windows age, you begin experiencing a cut in your home’s energy efficiency, as well as dust starts sneaking into your home.

Replacing windows can be a large undertaking, and such decisions are not made overnight. You need to choose between the different window styles, consider options like glass coatings, and find the right window manufacturer and a reputable installer. This means a lot of careful planning and consideration goes into the process of window replacement. Most homeowners find this process overwhelming, and ultimately, they make some common mistakes. However, considering the cost involved and the crucial role windows play, it’s imperative to avoid these mistakes. So, to help you make the process as pleasant as possible, we’ve listed 4 common mistakes to avoid when replacing your home’s windows.

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1. Not Considering Other Options for Replacement Windows

Most homeowners find it convenient to replace their windows with the same type of style they already have. When you purchase the same windows, you miss the opportunity of finding a better and more durable substitute for your home. There are plenteous designs, materials, and styles of windows available on the market today. By simply changing the style and material, you may experience better energy efficiency and give a great new look to your home. For instance, you may replace your Double-Hung window with a Casement window to get more energy efficiency.

2. Making a Selection-Based Solely On Price

You don’t go about replacing your windows every year. Such an investment is made only once or twice in your lifetime, which means you should not compromise with the quality. Remember, you get what you pay! Obviously, it would help if you found windows that fit your budget, but this doesn’t mean that your final decision is based on price only. If you’re looking for affordable options, vinyl windows can be right for you. However, if you want windows that require little maintenance, fiberglass can be a perfect choice. You spend once on energy-efficient, beautiful, and durable windows, and they give you benefits for years to come.

3. Neglecting Energy Efficiency

These days, most homeowners want to reduce their utility bills. As such, they look for energy-efficient windows that not only save energy cost but also protect the interior of the home from harmful sun rays. It’s seen that homeowners who made a hasty decision or purchased windows by simply looking at the price tag regret later. When you choose windows that are not energy-efficient, most heat escapes your home through these windows. But if you invest in energy-efficient windows, you will see a reduction in your energy bills.

4. Opting the DIY Installation

A big mistake is choosing the DIY route for installing your new windows. Some homeowners believe that self-installation could be a cost saver when in reality, it’s a blunder. This is because you neither have the right tools nor the required skills necessary for the perfect installation of windows. You have spent huge bucks purchasing beautiful new windows, but poor installation will result in expensive repairs and loss of energy in months to come. You don’t know how to properly seal the windows, which means heat and air conditioning will escape and enter your home. Moreover, if installed incorrectly, you’ll also end up voiding all warranties on the windows. Therefore, tasks like this should be performed by professional window installers only.

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