India’s own Grand Canyon

Gandikota’s infamous gorgeGandikota is known as the Reality Crazy  Grand Canyon of India and it was definitely one of the best treks I’ve been on in south India. This one was organized by Root Walk. I chose to go for it as I had always wanted to go on a non-waterfall trek, and this seemed to be the perfect choice as the trek leads you to a canyon. The walk is usually accompanied by a visit to the Belum caves, which is supposedly the largest tourist cave in the Indian subcontinent. Besides, it was a great opportunity to meet and network with people.
For anyone who has a chance to visit Gandikota, a visit to the archaeology museum, Belum caves, and Madhava Perumal Temple is a must. Don’t miss a visit to the granary, jail and the Mylavaram dam either. There are a number of temples in Gandikota that have intricate beautiful architecture and are awe-inspiring.
The most memorable experience on the trip was making new friends. Everyone had a story to tell and reasons of their own for traveling. It was great to learn so many things from people accompanying me on the trip. Being a photographer gave me the opportunity to share some expertise with the fellow photographers during the trip. There was a part of the trek where my friend and I set out to take on a completely new passage to the highest point of the trek. The entire experience was adventurous (considering the fact that it was actually drizzling when we trekked and the rocks were slippery) Try Updates.
The locals are just like any other people you find across south India — interactive and helpful. They are fascinated by the presence of tourists. There are only a few small grocery shops for refreshments here. But it’s hard to find a restaurant here — though, a restaurant makes great business sense in this tourist hotspot.
It takes eight hours from Chennai to Gandikota, and although the trek is doable in a day, it is bound to be extremely intensive. I suggest you visit the tourist attractions around the area as well, which would take probably a weekend, and appreciate the place in its entirety.
If you enjoy trekking and photography, this is a must visit destination. Apart from clicking pictures, you can take plenty of time out to observe and absorb nature’s beauty. Gandikota gives you the opportunity to understand the importance and supremacy of nature. Also, carry plenty of water, and of course, wear suitable footwear for the trek.
Monsoon would make for a slippery journey, so it’s avoidable in the rains, although this is the only time you can see the river passing through the gorge. December to February is the best time to experience the beauty of Gandikota.



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