Send within the Clowns

Cease within the Clowns, music immortalized by singer Joan Collins. In one of the verses close to the top of the track, it reads, “Don’t you adore farce? My fault, I fear. I concept which you’d need what I need… Sorry, my pricey! And in which are the clowns, Send within the clowns, Don’t hassle, they’re here”. Joan changed into singing the Stephen Sondheim track, written for the Broadway Musical, A Little Night Music.

Ironically, the track isn’t always about clowns at all. It’s about a girl reflecting on the ironies and disappointments of her lifestyle. Of direction, the clowns were by no means despatched in the course of the play. But in those tough times, the clowns are taking center degrees inside the circus that has come to be twenty-first-century media. The Clowns of the Left have arrived.


Consider an editorial from Donald McNeil of the New York Times titled “Trump’s ‘Hostility Toward Hispanics to Blame for Severity of Flu Epidemic.” If it weren’t representative of the continued attacks on America, it would be humorous. Then there is a current CNN visitor who produced this headline, “GOP Women are Trapped With Their Abuser, Which is Trump.” Human beings’ absurdity accusing a person in the White House of inflicting the flu and threatening women is laughable. We don’t should ship inside the clowns; they may be right here.

We have specific styles of Clowns at the Left. The clowns in the above instance are the Accusing Clowns. Now we’ll take a look at the Offended Clowns. Check out this recent headline, “Calls to Boycott ‘Peter Rabbit’ Film Over Scene of ‘Food Allergy Bullying.” Is that worth a headline? It is today. And the Accusing Clowns don’t forestall there; study this headline. “Movie Critics Complain Eastwood Doesn’t Show Sympathetic Terrorist.” People are ‘angry’ that Clint Eastwood’s new movie, The 15-17 to Paris, doesn’t depict any sympathy for the terrorist. Those movie critics ought to be carrying clown suits.

Then we have the Celebrity Clowns. In the latest announcement, “Chelsea Handler Blames GOP for School Shooting.” Just remaining week, America suffered some other tragic school capturing, and it’s the Republican’s fault. Another take on the same occasion got here from a second-price comic reputedly desiring a few exposures whilst he was stated, “Comedian Blames School Shooting on Masculinity: ‘Boys are Broken.'” The Left’s quest for a takeover suffered an extreme setback while Hillary lost the election; now they turn into a three-ring circus of handiest clowns.

Famed Actor Robert DeNiro currently stated, “Trump Climate Change Policy is ‘Temporary Insanity.'” Insanity? What Trump did was the most prudent component. He stopped the drift of billions of greenbacks to the United Nations, a corporation being set up each day to be the global authorities model. The entire climate trade, the worldwide warming hoax, led by the Left has made many wealthy while searching to fill the UN’s coffers with American taxpayers’ money. And Actor Clown DeNiro says the President is insane.

Then you have got TV Clowns. Joy Behar of The View, lately proclaimed, as her co-hosts babbled assist, that Vice President Mike Pence’s religion is risky and is a mental infection. The hosts of the view have to wear clown suits each day. And there may be an honest proportion of Religious Clowns. A recent tale reported, “Church Celebrates Transgender Pastor’s Transition With ‘Renaming’ Ceremony.'” A growing quantity of followers of God and defenders of the religion nowadays could make Jesus flip in disgust.

America additionally has a developing variety of Islamic Clowns shooting up every day. One headline that stuck my eye turned into “Muslim Cleric warns that Valentine’s Day is riskier than AIDS, Ebola, and Cholera mixed.” Does that even deserve to be news? News from Saudi Arabis currently stated that the model for Muslim international locations everywhere banned Valentine’s Day. The idea is outwardly offensive to Allah. Then they went one step further and banned the shade purple on Valentine’s Day. What century is it?

 Joan Collins

We’ll give up with a look at the Media Clowns; they have got their circus performing every day on TV’s coast to coast. Another time, CNN stated the President’s intake of ice cream, actually a breaking tale. MSNBC welcomed President Bill Clinton’s former Chief of Staff. He gave visitors a lecture on treating women and demanded simple ethical conduct in the White House. Of path, the man he served unflinchingly, President Clinton, had intercourse inside the oval workplace and made ‘oral intercourse’ a family word from younger humans to antique. It makes you surprise what the Chief Clown at MSNBC is questioning? MSNBC later opined, “President Trump ‘the Commander-In-Chief of Rape Culture.'”

We in America who bear in mind it because the land of the free and domestic of the brave are left to wonder what’s next? The vintage message of the inmate jogging the asylum is growing to be authentic. The Clowns I’ve referred to are simply the top of a massive iceberg geared toward destroying America as we are aware of it. They take the tiniest splinter group, create a misperceived, and force it down our collective throats. Why? Because it really works. You see, most of the people of Clowns manipulate the Media Clowns, which is the propaganda America suffers via each unmarried day.

As a younger Marine, I remember a few months out of boot camp in Parris Island, touchdown on the seashores of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The subsequent day we have been assigned to attack the radio station and lower back from the rebels. I discovered that while the horrific guys are taking over a government in a coup, the primary factor they’d take became the method of communication in the old days. It enabled them to broadcast their message, and the advantage helps. We took the radio station that hot afternoon. In the process, we suffered four dead and thirty-six wounded. I become one of the wounded. I take a seat nowadays, fifty-eight years later, looking at the coup taking area in America. The coup taking location these days is personal.

We, as Americans, have a choice. Do we let the Media Clowns maintain the radio station? Do we let the other Clowns of the Left feed them more and more propaganda and subvert the beacon of freedom the sector has come to understand? Or do we say sufficient is enough? Do we open our eyes and notice the Clowns are out to wreck our manner of life. All varieties of Clowns have come together to carry down the West.


We, the human beings, are the freest people the earth has ever regarded. The God who created this global blessed us with one energy peculiarly others. The energy of desire. Why does a endure hibernate? Why do hummingbirds fly heaps of miles south in the iciness most effective to return the next spring? How tall does a tree grow? As tall as it could deliver its surroundings. The tree can’t decide I want to be a shrub and flip out little. All of existence, besides guy, is driven by intuition and genetics. Our Creator endowed guy with the energy of desire. We can choose to be less than we will be. What will you do?

The Left could be very committed Clowns, or as the Russians call them, Useful Idiots. They are a hundred% committed to the destruction of the American manner of life. The desire is yours. Are you up for the combat of your lives because that is what we face, the combat of our lives. To save our Constitution, shop America and store our manner of life and free international. The time is now. If not, prepare your kids and grandchildren for the world authorities coming and the totalitarian destiny it will deliver with it. The preference is yours. You determine.

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