Five Ways To Stay Young Naturally

It’s every woman’s deepest desire Top Theto  to stay young always. When in teens, every girl dreams of finding the right guy just like how Cinderella found hers. However, decades later, once you are married, have kids and are so called settled, it is your teens that you start missing. In every possible way. Particularly the way you used to look. Though you definitely cannot look like a teenager anymore, you can for sure look and feel younger than your biological age with simple lifestyle changes.

It is a quest for every woman to turn back the hands of time. This is the reason market is flooded with anti-aging products, Botox, and wrinkle creams. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, consumers spend billions of dollars each year on such creams and lotions. However, studies show that anti-aging products typically contain hydroxy acids to increase the permeability of the skin and allow anti-aging ingredients to pass through. Apparently, this translates into stripping the skin of its protective surface, which normally helps prevent UV rays from penetrating the skin’s outer layers. For this reason, wearers are vulnerable not only to sunburn, but increased risk of malignant melanoma.

Strangely companies rarely publish studies showing the effectiveness of their products or if there could be any long-term effects using them on your body. Some companies cite scientific evidence that anti-aging ingredients work, but they decline to provide those studies or to show that the product contains enough of the substances to have an effect. This apart, the side effects are still not well known. Having said that, even if they were completely safe to use, only the visible signs of aging can be erased altogether using these products. What about your internal health. Can we beat the clock for life when it comes to overall physical and mental health and well-being? Yes, we can, to some extent, with these simple lifestyle changes.



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