Nursing Side Gigs: Financial Blogger

This is the primary feature about thrilling facet gigs or pastimes that nurses do outside of their complete-time jobs. By day, Lauren Mochizuki, RN, BSN, has been an ER nurse for extra than a decade. But at night time and at some point of unfastened time, she’s a successful financial blogger. About eight years ago, Mochizuki started blogging about price range because she and her husband had been tired of being in debt. She commenced writing her first weblog, NurseFrugal.Com, to file and share their adventure, approximately turning into debt-free. They paid off $266,000.

You examine that efficaciously — $266,000 of debt.

After Mochizuki has become debt unfastened, she took a ruin from running a blog because she and her husband had started their circle of relatives. Last year, she commenced rerunning a blog at CasaMochi.Com so that she may want to encourage others to live an incredible life on a budget. What I love most about blogging is similar to nursing. With both professions, I actually have the chance to connect with others and make an advantageous difference,” says Mochizuki, approximately her aspect gig.

Nursing Side Gigs: Financial Blogger 1

Mochizuki says that consistent with the Federal Reserve Board, 40% of Americans can’t cowl a $400 emergency price. Much less than 40% of working Americans sense that they are on the right track for retirement. Because of this, she says that her goal “is to help others change the way they together consider money, how to spend their money, and store — with a purpose to revel in existence, and concurrently be desirable stewards of their money.” About each different week, Mochizuki publishes a new article on finances.

“I feel like my nursing activity and blogging supplement every different. With nursing, I actually have learned how to be personable and use interventions to assist my sufferers in sensing higher. My nursing career has at once affected my blog because it has fashioned me right into a worrying and problem-solving man or woman that I am nowadays,” says Mochizuki.

“The finest praise of running a blog is receiving responses from people that I have made an effect on their lives. I sense particularly fulfilled after I encourage a person to grow to be debt unfastened, and introduce them to a step-through-step manual on how to achieve this aim,” says Mochizuki. “Creating a network of like-minded people has also been every other reward of blogging. I commenced the #debtfreecollective hashtag, and it’s been such a laugh to peer all of the accomplishments and actual-lifestyles troubles that arise at some stage in one’s debt-unfastened adventure.”

“I am a firm believer that all people can reap monetary freedom if you are willing to paintings for it,” says Mochizuki. “There were often when I doubted if my husband and I should repay $266,000 of debt, however after continually enforcing the whole thing we discovered about cash, we did it!”

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