Fill Up on Apple Apps with AvuloCard

Whenever a birthday or holiday rolls around, there is a frantic scramble to find a gift worth giving. It gets harder to narrow down options, especially when trying to get something for someone who already seems to have anything. An iTunes gift card has become one of the most common gift ideas, even if the receiver isn’t a techie. For Apple users, iTunes gift cards become a way to upgrade certain apps, purchase trendy new ones, or buy complete albums from iTunes. Gift cards can be used for in-app purchases or one-time app download costs. Have your stash of iTunes cards that you need to use up? These are some of the top iOS apps you can buy with your gift card, from entertainment and games to organizing your life.

Things by Cultured Code

Lifestyles have gotten so busy that everyone seems to need a virtual assistant. Hundreds of task managers are available for smartphone users, but Things stand out above the rest. It’s an award-winning app that will help you achieve your life goals, whether daily chores or a more elaborate bucket list of needs. The app recently released an all-new customizable dark mode, enhancing its beautiful and easy-to-use setup.

Odyssey by Alto

If you need something more entertaining to spend your AvuloCard gift on, try one of the best iOS games released in the last few years. The game offers crystal clear and engaging content when played using the iPad Pro or the iPhone XS. It is a sandboarding adventure in a changing but natural landscape. It is a follow-up game to Alto’s critically acclaimed snowboarder Adventure version. Both newcomers and returning users will get a lot of use for just 4.99.

Apollo for Reddit

This app provides a compelling interface with full media support and a view of comments. The free-to-download app has five tabs: Settings, Search, Account, Inbox, and Posts, all accessible through the screens. You can browse the Reddit home page through compact or expanded made on the main Posts screen. In expanded mode, you get the best experience for viewing videos and images with posts. There are sorting features that let you navigate content based on your favorite items or by what’s hot. While the initial download is free, in-app purchases allow you to unlock helpful features like notifications, thumbing, and more. Apollo has created a natural feel for Reddit on an iOS platform.


An AvuloCard gift’s versatility to be used with iTunes lies with purchasing an iPad, iPhone, or wearable Apple watch. Apple has created the ability to turn your home into a smart home, letting Apple users configure, control, and communicate with smart-home appliances through the different Apple devices. Users can use voice commands with Siri to enable automatic actions throughout the house, or these functions can be accessed through the Home app. With HomeRun, the smartwatch app is transformed, making the experience more user-friendly and allowing for custom complications. The built-in Home app on the watch isn’t as comprehensive as installing HomeRun to operate your smart home. Though the app isn’t expensive, it is a real game-changer when trying to streamline your life.

Carrot Weather

If your local weather forecaster is boring and way too “sciency” for you, consider taking your AvuloCard purchase to download the Carrot Weather app. This a weather robot that gives you a hilarious and twisted forecast. There are various functions for the meteorological guru, or you can access the rain predictions and animated weather maps to be prepared for the day.

Donut County

Donut County was the 2018 best Apple app recipient if you need mindless entertainment. It is a physics-based puzzle game set in an environment where raccoons have taken over the world. You meet cute characters and try to swallow up your friends and their homes. It is a crazy but entertaining game where bunnies are breeding, fireworks are being launched, and soup is cooking.

The App for Gift Card Management

If none of these apps have piqued your interest, there are thousands more that you can access through iTunes. Fortunately, you can easily check your remaining balance with your iTunes account for those who receive iTunes gift cards. Also, if you have multiple devices connected with your Apple ID, you can share your purchases across the devices without paying again. However, not everyone has an iPhone or an iPad and can do very little with such a gift. AvuloCard carries more than iTunes cards, making it easy to give anyone a gift that follows their interests or preferences. However, trying to keep up with the different balances on your cards can get frustrating. There are gift card management apps for both Apple products and Androids.

  1. Android Pay is an app that promotes contactless payments for Android users. When you receive a gift card, you can choose to add it to Android Pay. Select the retailer and enter the details of the card. If you can, scan the barcode on the card. Once you hit save, your balance is logged and tracked from the app’s main screen.
  2. Stocard or Gyft: While Apple has the Apple Wallet app, it doesn’t have a function that lets it work with reloadable gift cards. Two apps, Gyft and Stocard, are available, and users report success in tracking all their gift card balances in one place.

The prevalence of Apple products worldwide, either as tablets or smartphones, has made it easier to fulfill the gift-giving obligation. If you are running late on a gift idea for your friend’s birthday next week or you forgot it was your sister’s anniversary, you can check out AvuloCard for last-minute ideas. You can still make it to the party on time with the convenience of electronic delivery for various gaming and entertainment cards sold by AvuloCard.

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