Cinema owners deny lifting ban on Bollywood films

Cinema owners deny lifting ban on Bollywood films 1Speaking of Images on the ban lift Lashari said, “I have never said any such thing, I am not holding any press conference.
“At the moment all we’re saying is that Fawad Khan is appearing in a Bollywood film [ADHM] and none of the scenes have been cut from his film, and we’re extremely happy – it’s a good gesture from the Indian side.”
He added that at the moment they’re still waiting to see how things turn out, however, there will be “no press conference about the ban being lifted, and we hope the media plays a positive role in making things normal.”
In regards to Fawad’s film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Lashari said, “There is a possibility [of it screening] since the government has issued ADHM and Shivay the NOC.”
Nadeem Mandviwalla owner of Atrium cinema, Karachi, and Centaurus cinema, Islamabad said he could not comment on the matter Travel Knowledge.
While Mohsin Yaseen of Cineplex said that such a decision has not yet come to his knowledge: “Officially there has been no announcement to us from the association but we will meet in a couple of days.”
As far as the screening of ADHM is concerned, he said the association will meet and decide in a few days. “We’re happy that ADHM is releasing in India with Fawad Khan in the film,” he said.
Khorezm Gultasab of Supercinemas, like Mohsin Yaseen, denied news of the ban being lifted. “No, I have no idea. There’s no news about this. If any such decision does take place the Chairman of Film Exhibitor Association will release an official statement saying so,” he said.
Jamil Baig of Nuplex said that there has been no decision thus far. On the release of ADHM, he said, “We’ve heard it’s releasing in India but it hasn’t been decided whether it will be screened here.”
IMGC Media and Marketing Manager Sabina Islam told Images that the ban has been lifted but only on one Bollywood film. “So far, we’re waiting to find out which film the ban has been lifted for. Of course, all films that are submitted will be played, but our agenda is to push the film in which Fawad Khan has been cast.”
“Till then we’re going to wait. However, it needs to be understood that things have escalated so much between both sides that we have to be very careful,” she added.
Although cinema owners have all denied the ban being lifted, they admitted that banning Bollywood films in Pakistan will only hurt them. “It will hurt them, it will hurt us. It will hurt legitimate business stake holders. The winner is the pirate,” Mandviwalla had said in an earlier interview.



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