‘India Exports Software, Pakistan Exports Terror,’ Says PM Modi At BJP Meet:

PM Modi on Pakistan:

Today I am speaking to the people of Pakistan directly. From the leaders who read speeches written by terrorists, the world can expect nothing. But I want to speak to the people of Pakistan directly. I want to remind Pakistan, before 1947, your ancestors used to consider undivided India their land, worshiped it. And in their memory, I want to tell you something.

The people of Pakistan, please ask your leaders; you have PoK. You cannot manage it. Bangladesh used to be yours; you couldn’t manage it. You cannot manage Gilgit, Baltistan, Pakhtun, Balochistan, Sindh…and you are talking about Kashmir. The people of Pakistan must ask their leaders first to give secure lives to their citizens.


People of Pakistan ask your leaders, Both our countries got freedom together. Why do India export software and your country export terrorists?

I want to tell the people of Pakistan to confuse you; your leaders have worked for ages. I am ready to face that challenge. I want to tell the people, If you have what it takes, let’s compete to end poverty in our countries. Let’s see who gets there first. People of Pakistan and India will like this competition.

The youth of Pakistan, come, let’s fight. Let’s see who ends unemployment first – India or Pakistan. Let’s fight against illiteracy. Newborns, pregnant mothers die in both India and Pakistan. Let’s see who can save them first.

And leaders of Pakistan hear this. The sacrifice of 18 of our soldiers will not go in vain. India has succeeded in isolating you in the world. We will ramp it up and force you to live alone in the world. That day is not far when Pakistan’s people will get in the fray to fight against their leaders and terrorists. My dear countrymen, the future of our nation is connected to peace and good thoughts.

Our country wins when we stand together, say in one voice, have one resolution. Today 1.25 billion Indians are ready to pay any price for our pride and peace. That’s why I see a glorious future for India. On Deen Dayal Upadhyay’s birth anniversary, my dear countrymen have decided to re-dedicate ourselves to work for the poor.

In the 21st century, our goal should be that India should be free from poverty, full of prosperity. India should aim to be Free from injustice, land of justice, Free from filth, land of cleanliness, free from corruption, land of transparency, free from unemployment, and employment.

India should be Free from crimes against women, a land of dignity for women, free from disappointment, land of hope.
On Deen Dayal Upadhyay’s birth anniversary, let these are our guiding goals.

PM Modi on terrorism:

We’ve heard it for a while – the 21st century is Asia’s century. And Asia has all it takes to achieve that. But there is one country in Asia that is working towards thwarting that vision. It is doing all it can to ensure that Asia is bloodied; it is bruised by violence and falls prey to terror. Wherever terrorism is happening in Asia, the blame is on one country.

Not just India, every country in Asia believes this. One country is exporting terror everywhere. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, all neighboring countries, and in the world, wherever a terror attack takes place. It emerges either the terrorist set out from here or after the attack like Osama Bin Laden took refuge here. Brothers and sisters, the people of Kerala, know what terrorism looks like.

Kerala’s daughters, nurses, were taken away by terrorists. Entire India was tensed. But entire Kerala saw how the government in Delhi returned the daughters of Kerala to their homes. Terrorism is an enemy of humanity. Humanitarians all over the world have to unite and condemn terror. India never has and never will bow down to terror; it will defeat terror.

The entire country is seeing the effects of terror. In Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri, 18 soldiers had to sacrifice their lives.
Let terrorists hear this; India will never forget this Page Design Web. In the last few months, 17 times, terrorists in groups of 4 or 6 have tried crossing the border to spread destruction. But our brave soldiers thwarted those efforts; they slew them on the LoC. In the last few months, our soldiers have killed 110 terrorists – the highest in recent years.

Saving the countries from these 17 possible attacks was done by our soldiers; they stood guard and secured our citizens; we are proud of their service, their sacrifice. You can imagine, the neighboring country succeeded in one attack, and 17 soldiers had to fall prey.

If they had succeeded in all 17 incidents, what would have happened?

Our soldiers, our police, all our security forces have won these battles not just because of the weapons. Weapons are toys. Soldiers win on confidence, and India’s confidence is flying at its highest. This is our strength.

Leaders of the neighboring country said will fight for 1,000 years; where did they disappear? We can’t see them anymore. And today’s leaders read speeches written by terrorists and singing about Kashmir.

PM Modi on BJP Ideology:

In the last century, India’s political life was influenced by three people, Mahatma Gandhi, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, and Ram Manohar Lohia. When elected members of the NDA chose me as their leader, and when I gave the first speech on the Parliament floor, I had said this government is dedicated to the poor.


This comes from the thinking of Mahatma Gandhi and Deen Dayal Upadhyay. Our directive is based on their ideology. And I want to assure BJP workers of Kerala, the service you have given, the injustices you have endured, the sacrifices you have made will not go in vain. They will bear fruit, and the BJP will herald progress in Kerala.

Kerala has all the capability to become India’s top state. The BJP and the Indian government will be ready for all it takes to make this happen. India is moving forward with one mantra- Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. The whole world recognizes India to be the world’s fastest-growing major economy.

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