Take Away From Google I/O 2013 – All Androids Are Equal!


Time turned into when Google developer conferences buzzed around Google Maps, Web device kit, and so forth. But from the ultimate convention onwards, the limelight becomes on Android and Chrome in that order. Perhaps the humongous opportunity resting on smartphones has sunk deep into Google. A reality acknowledged by Larry Page himself while he quipped that he would like to run the business enterprise via his phone.

Google has sought to integrate its different products with Android and replace them in Android while not replacing Android to shape their incompatibility.


As cited in the previous paragraph, Android aficionados see a silver lining out of the limited Android updates. Blogs are rife with how functions introduced from this version onwards do not necessarily need a replacement in the OS. It affords fodder for settlement because the fundamental premise for changing an OS’ model is to permit it to play all of the programs, be it historical or futuristic. The numerous versions and configurations (of man or woman cell hardware organizations like Samsung, HTC, Sony, and so forth) of Android created large firewalls to updating even the proprietary Google apps; apps that provide the critical Android revel in. Google, via its function, replace, correctly tackles the problem of fragmentation as Google+, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, apps which can be present in Android from versions Froyo onwards a well as Google Music All Access which can be delivered now can all are living in versions Froyo onwards without the want of an replace. It appears the problem of fragmentation has been, with any luck, nailed.

Android Studio: this update does have the call android stamped on it! Meaning it’s miles Android in particular. The news is that Google plans to introduce Android Studio to replace the prevailing Eclipse development environment for Android apps. Google collaborated with JetBrains to create the Android Studio. Of path, this development has a few free ends to tie up, but Google feels this IDE, while released, could assist Android builders in growing their productiveness. Here’s how it can assist:

It combines the competencies of Maven and Ant to construct flexible and variedly flavored solutions.
Excellent code editing competencies, which include locating inline assets and Android precise customizations. It is boosted with the aid of superior editor UI that allows drag-drop of widgets, simulate output view in unique hardware configurations, and even preview while modifying in XML.
Provides deep analytical capability to become aware of all varieties of insects
Provides wizards primarily based on preset templates and additional access to different Google offerings.
Provides for smooth migration of projects from Eclipse (as export) or import into Studio (existing Eclipse IDE projects).

Google has, like Android OS, made Android Studio free and open supply, which will be the sweetener.

Google Play: Android builders can use the Google Play services you purchased the preferred APIs to assemble maps, games, or social media (examine Google+) on Android devices (mobiles or pills).

Gaming: entertainment is moving to handheld devices by using droves, putting a top rate on offering the equal person enjoy as in pc/gaming console. Google has stepped up the user revel in by introducing the following functions:

Leaderboards: a maximum of one hundred leaderboards, each public and social, are furnished to permit builders to interact with customers by permitting them to compare rankings with different players. Leaderboards are created automatically for each day, weekly, month-to-month, or customized variations. Rewards gadget: developers can praise users for carrying out the game to supply standard or incremental achievements that can be viewed in a personal interface. They can use the developer consoles to govern the achievements.

Google presents the Cloud Saving APIs to save sports reputation and settings on a cloud. Developers can permit users to ask different players about the sport or play with random customers with the most restriction pegged at four. Google allows the development of place aware apps with the aid of providing the following APIs:

Geofencing APIs: this API is used to outline geographical obstacles. It also affords the subsequent options:

to create alert filters for clients exiting a particular place
modify updates of location in response to locomotion habit(like on foot, riding, or driving)of the client (see Activity popularity API)
add or delete geographical obstacles
Fused area issuer: this API uses an underlying schema to offer the apt results for your question on places, even complicated stage queries. It is quick, flexible, and utilizes lesser battery electricity.

Activity recognition issuer: this API uses energy sensors to discover the purchaser’s modern pastime, for instance, driving, walking, riding, idling, and so forth. This is utilized in tandem with the Geofencing API to offer the apt updates to the client.

Single Sign-on thru Google+: accounting for the truth that customers alternate cellular devices frequently. Those gadgets may also run the exclusive OS; Google offers the API to sign up via Google+ on any device. This obliterates the want to make services like Google Wallet, Games, Plus device particular. There are libraries for those services that respond to the automobile sign request the usage of their method.

Google Cloud Messaging: Google has made it possible to check-in apps using its Single Method. It also gives messaging to 3rd birthday party servers through its bi-directional messaging (XMPP) the use of Cloud Connection Server. Users can synchronize notifications throughout gadgets with the use of Google’s APIs for user notification.

Google Play Developer Console: Google has been helping its huge Android developer network, and this yr’s convention brought the fillip to it.

App Translation Service: The localization help team from Google allows you to avail yourself translation services for a nominal fee and put up the strings to be translated into the language of your preference. If required, it activates the apt localization string in the app snapshots, APK, or the About the product sections. This sooner or later allows developers attain out to a wider target audience.

Analytics and Monetization: Keep track of the overall performance of an app grow to be less difficult. Google Play and Google Analytics provide complementing offerings like app views and downloads, and engagement metrics. Google has introduced the order repute API to permit builders to view the order reputation of an in-app from their servers. It has also decided not to fee take a look at bills for in-app to look at purchases.

Alpha and Beta trying out and Staged Rollouts: Google has introduced the alpha-beta checking out to let builders break up their apps into variations, alpha, and beta, and get them tested by exclusive person corporations. If wanted, testers for Google+ also can be added to test these variations.

Henceforth, developers can roll out updates best to their apps to a batch of customers to gauge their remarks. Developers can set the percentage of customers who could be the use of the update.



Perhaps for the ones waiting for Android handiest chants at the Google I/O 2013, it might be a dampener. But for the ones familiar with the maverick that Google is will vouch for the intelligent manner are gone about indulging the Android community. Updates to Google Play, its offerings, the launch of the Android Studio, cloud messaging, and the capability to signal into Google services sans OS or hardware requirements are significant game-changers. In brief, it’s miles about updating functions sans the want to replace OS.

Google’s I/O 2013 changed into an Android winner in a hush-hush manner!

*Androider= keen on Android who swears by it anytime, anywhere!

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