The ultimate guide to travel on a tigh-budget

With the festive season kickstarting, it’s autumn paving the way for the chilling winter – the perfect time to pack your bags and travel. It may be possible that after traveling during two consecutive long weekends this year, you are hardly left with enough money to splurge on exploring places. But, this doesn’t mean you should give up on traveling till the next appraisal. Manmeet Ahluwalia, Marketing Head of Expedia India, believes Indian travelers are turning more experimental, whether they are a couple, family travelers, FIT, or a group of backpackers. With this newfound desire to explore the world, the concept of travel intelligence is catching up with Indian travelers. Here are some tricks and tips he shares to travel within a budget and give that credit card a break.

Travel n Tour

Fix your budget

Set a budget while you plan your tour. Based on this, you can look at the kind of trip you want – a weekend getaway, long vacation, or backpacking trip. Now make a list of possible destinations and also the length of stay. Load your phone with apps Download travel apps on your smartphone. They update you in real-time on airfare sales no sooner than they have kicked off. Get app-exclusive deals that will be more attractive than web deals.

Travel after sunset

Travel at night, as it helps you to save on the hotel cost. Try taking an overnight train/flight journey. It is suggested to book the flights well in advance- 5 to 6 months for international and 2-3 months for domestic travels.

Choose business hotel

Business Hotels are more affordable on weekends, and leisure hotels are more cost-effective on weekdays. Use budget hotels for stop-overs.

Prefer homestays

If you are willing to explore the destinations and spend more time with the locals, you can also opt for a homestay.

Buy passes

Buy a visitor/tourist pass. Most countries have a 2 – 5 days visitor pass that helps you save money on public transports, F&B, attraction tickets, and city tours.

Use public transport

If you decide to use public transports, passes are more economical. It is valid for 3 – 10 days and includes trains, buses, trams, ferries, and other modes. It’s better than buying single tickets each time, and you end up saving both money and time.

Book hotels in advance

If you are booking months in advance, you can easily bag up to a 60% discount on hotel stays. Before booking a hotel, read the reviews, and you can understand its hospitality. Additionally, many cities offer discounts of up to 40% when buying tickets for 3 or more activities together.

Say yes to mailers

Subscribe to e-mailers, RSS feeds, etc., from your preferred travel website so that you are informed of deals and offers as soon as they are announced.

Never deal offline

Use online websites to negotiate a better deal due to the volume of sales and keep the transaction transparent. Buying flights, hotels, and activities together get you a higher discount.

Hotels near airport/ train station

Look for hotels closer to the airport or railway station to eliminate taxi expenses. Avoid renting a car where you have a good public transportation system.


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